How can you look younger than your age?

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How can you look younger than your age?
How can you look younger than your age?

Who among us does not want to seem younger than his age? Every adult woman should know a couple of beauty secrets that everyone around will admire … It is possible to determine a woman's age not by the number of years lived, but by her appearance. The beauty world knows a lot of secrets and methods with which you can look younger than your age. The impossible may well become possible, the most important thing is to be in harmony between your external appearance and your internal state. To achieve this, you must adhere to the advice of stylists and makeup artists. Here are the most effective ones currently in existence, to look younger.

1. The secret is in the hair …

If you are determined to look younger than your age, then the first changes should start with your hair. If your hair color is too dark, change it immediately. The fact is that too dark a color adds age to you. The paint chosen a couple of shades lighter than the usual color will help freshen up the face and you will look younger.

How you can look younger - the secret is in your hair, hairstyle

A very important and most visible part of our identity is stylish hairstyle… Pick it up with an experienced hairdresser. With the help of it, the natural beauty of the face should be emphasized and minor imperfections should become invisible.

pay attention to short hairmaking a woman much younger. And if you have beautiful long hair, you do not want to lose it at all and change your image, then we advise you to make bangs for you. It will help hide wrinkles on the forehead and the lower contours of the face will be less conspicuous.

Before you make yourself a bang, choose the one that suits you. It can be thick long bangs, short to one side or long to one side, ragged, asymmetrical or straight.

2. The secret in makeup …

Do not wear dark makeup shades - they can visually age you. To look younger, do not choose a brown lipstick or foundation that is not the color of your skin. Even powder can make even the smallest wrinkles visible, and therefore give preference to those concealers that are liquid-based. Eyes can highlight with light shadows, and eyelashes with black ink.

The next rule for applying makeup for those who want to look younger is eyebrow correction… With age, they begin to grow, so the face looks older. Remove overgrown hairs so that the eyebrow does not appear overly thin. Choose a medium brow width and a classic shape.

Those women who wear glasses should do their eye makeup brighter. For a beautiful face, accentuate your lips. But remember: to look younger, do not wear too bright red lipstick. Use peach or pink lipsticks or lip glosses.

How you can look younger - the secret in makeup, lipstick

For more information on choosing a lipstick, read the article "Which lipstick is better to choose?".

A couple more tips on how to look younger:

When choosing perfumes or eau de toilette, deodorants, give your preference to citrus or mint aromas. It has been proven that these scents can make us appear younger to those around us.

Another way to look younger is water! Drink plenty of water, as wrinkles and dry skin indicate that your skin lacks moisture.

And, of course, try to be always in a good mood - what could be better than a healthy and good state of mind!

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