DIY autumn fashion 2019

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DIY autumn fashion 2019
DIY autumn fashion 2019

Autumn fashion 2019 can be created with your own hands. See how to sew a Victorian blouse, trousers. Check out fashion trends.

To be known as fashionistas, it is not necessary to leave large financial resources in stores to buy a new thing. Many things can be sewn with your own hands, having learned about the main fashion trends for the fall of 2019.

Fall Fashion 2019 - DIY Victorian Blouse

These clothes are now all the rage. Victorian blouses imply the presence of various flounces, ruffles, frills on these clothes. Moreover, shuttlecocks can be very diverse to help you create a unique image.

DIY Victorian blouse

Such finishes are called snail shuttlecocks. The first photo used a full curl, while the second only used a quarter of it. You can see how you need to fold the fabric to get such a blank. If you are not quite sure how to do this, then pay attention to the following ruffle pattern.

DIY blouse pattern

First you need to decide on the size of the shuttlecock, then, based on them, draw a circle on a paper pattern. Draw the next circle in the center, it is smaller than the first circle. You will have a wide ring.

Now draw a line from the small to the large circle and find the middle on this segment. Put the letter A here. The easiest way to do this is to first draw two lines perpendicular to each other.

Then put the letters B and C on the right horizontal line, marking it in this way. Draw a semicircular line from A to B, and the second from A to C. Then the outlines of this shuttlecock repeat the outlines of the outer and inner circles. Cut along these markings and put this ruff on the fabric to make such a snail shuttle already out of it.

Fall fashion 2019 in your collection will be replenished with such a stylish thing. If you want the ruff to go through the front of the blouse, then we suggest cutting out a snail like this. The pattern clearly shows this detail.

DIY blouse pattern

When you cut it out of fabric, overlock the outside edge with an overlock. And the inner edge will need to be tucked up, pinned to the designated spot on the front of the blouse, and then sewn here.

To make the work look neat, it is better to process the second edge of the ruffle with an overlock.

If you want to decorate the bottom of the sleeves, then cut out a ring from a suitable fabric, its inner diameter should be equal to the diameter of the bottom of the sleeve to which you will sew this part. This blank does not need to be cut, pin it with pins to the bottom of the sleeve, aligning the purl of these parts, then stitch it in.

DIY blouse pattern

It is better to make a shuttlecock from a thin knitted fabric that stretches well, then it will drape better.

If you want to make a ruff like on the blue blouse on the right, then also cut the ring out of the fabric, but then you need to cut it from one side along the markings. After that, round off the ends of this workpiece on both sides, as shown in the photo.

Fold the ruff in half and find the middle. Determine the middle of the neckline in the same way. Match these two parts, then sew the shuttlecock to the right, and then from the middle to the left. The result is a Victorian sweatshirt like this, and your fall 2019 fashion will be even more stylish.

And here's another ruff you can take on board.

DIY blouse pattern

Cut the ring to the desired diameter, this goes for the outside and inside. Then make some of these blanks. Cut each one on one side and sew in pairs all the blanks, having previously connected them on these sidewalls.

You will get a very lush flounce, which you then decorate your blouse with.

You can make ruffles not only on the basis of a circle, but also on the basis of a square. Cut it out of a suitable fabric, draw a circle in the middle and cut it out as well. Then make a cut on one side of the square, as shown in the photo.

Straighten the resulting part. You can sew two of these on each sleeve or create several ruffles, sew them with the sides and decorate not only the skirt, but even such a beautiful wedding dress.

Do-it-yourself ruffles for a dress

By creating such ruffles from knitted fabric, you can decorate a blouse or T-shirt with them. To do this, sew some ruffles to the neckline. You need to create two of the rings of different diameters. You will stitch the wider one at the bottom, and the narrower one at the top.

Then make a few more of these shuttlecocks and sew them in the middle of the product. To neatly process the neckline, you need to take a bias tape from the same knitted material and sew it on this place. With the help of such frills, you can decorate not only the front of the blouse, but even the sleeves. That's the way.

Blouse pattern

Then you will need to cut out two rings of the required diameter, then sew each in the area of ​​the shoulders, gathering along the inner one.

Autumn fashion is stylish and warm at the same time. If you want to make a Victorian jacket, then make a pocket flap like this. As you can see, you need to cut out a rectangle, then cut it across almost to the end. On the reverse side, you will sew the same fabric to create the folds. You can cut a half ring, sew it on as flaps for pockets.

Victorian blazer

Watch a short workshop that shows you how to sew a Victorian blouse. Then your wardrobe will be replenished with one more original item.

Blouse pattern

This ruff is sewn first vertically to the middle of the shelf, then runs horizontally on the right side of the front, after which it turns into a sleeve and turns out to be on the right side of the back. The following pattern will help you create such a thing.

Schema patterns

The blouse is sewn on the basis of a yoke. First cut it out of the base and lining fabric. Finish the seams. The yoke is located in front and behind, moreover, in front it is one-piece, in the back it consists of two symmetrical parts. It is on the back that the fastener will be located. Treat the neckline.

Victorian pattern

Then you need to iron the seams. Sew on the left sleeve.

Victorian pattern

Make a double-sided shuttlecock and start sewing it to the back at the bottom of the shelf.

Victorian pattern

Stitch the lining, lining the bottom of the right sleeve and the armhole.

Victorian pattern

Finish off and you have a wonderful Victorian blouse. Check out what else fall 2019 fashion has to offer.

Fall fashion 2019 - how to sew flared pants for women

They will become the trend of the fall 2019 season. They will also be fashionable in 2020.

You can sew women's trousers according to the usual trouser pattern, complementing it.

Scheme of sewing flared women's trousers

Then draw a line down from the top dart. Gradually make it more flared. This way you can create any width of the pants. Cut them out of the fabric, then sew.

Autumn fashion trends 2019 - what to sew with your own hands

As for the skirts, rather long options to the knees or below are fashionable now.

If you are thinking which color is the most fashionable this fall, then for evening wear it is silver. But gold is not the trend of this season.

For everyday fashion, purple, orange, burgundy colors are characteristic. You can use a checkered pattern.

Autumn and winter are cold seasons, so you can't do without sweaters. The trend of this season is such warm clothes with long sleeves. It is good if the sleeves will go to the middle of the fingers or to their tips.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

If the sleeves get in the way, you can simply lift them up, wrap them up, or coquettishly tie the sweater like this.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Autumn 2019 also says that trouser suits are now very fashionable. Therefore, in addition to trousers, you can sew a cardigan. It is better if it is fitted and will fit the figure.

Coats can be bulky, like jackets, sweaters.This is what the modern fashion of 2019 is talking about. Well, if your parents' sweater is lying around in the closet, which is too big for you, you may well wear it to be known as a fashionista.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

As for hats, there are no strict rules, the main thing is that they go to you. It can be hats, caps, berets - leather and fabric.

Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Here's what fall 2019 fashion looks like. Watch a fashion show to help you see these and other trends.

And the second video will help you sew a blouse with ruffles, which is very fashionable now.

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