Butterfly on a plasterboard ceiling: instructions for making

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Butterfly on a plasterboard ceiling: instructions for making
Butterfly on a plasterboard ceiling: instructions for making

Butterfly on a plasterboard ceiling, tools and materials necessary for work, installation of a two-level ceiling with a volumetric figure and its decoration. Hidden illumination of a butterfly on the ceiling with your own hands can be done using an LED strip. All electrical work should be done at the stage of installation of the main ceiling frame.

Features of finishing the ceiling with a plasterboard butterfly

Plasterboard butterfly painting on the ceiling

After the completion of the installation work on the ceiling, it is the turn of its finishing. First you need to glue all the joints between the gypsum board with a serpyanka tape and putty them. The same procedure must be repeated at the joints of the volumetric figure with the ceiling surface. The hats of the fasteners must be deepened by screwing into the thickness of the drywall by 1-2 mm and the grooves must be repaired with putty.

After completing these works, the surface of the first level and the second in the form of a butterfly should be coated with a primer. Then you need to carry out a continuous ceiling putty. When it dries, the surface must be sanded with an abrasive mesh, cleaned of gypsum dust and primed again.

Such preparation will be sufficient for those sections of the ceiling that will be pasted over with wallpaper or self-adhesive film. Areas for painting must be putty again with a fine-grained finishing putty, and the subsequent procedures must be repeated.

It is better to paint the ceiling in a children's room with water-based paint, adding the necessary pigments to it to create shades on the coating. Such paint is absolutely harmless to health, strong and durable. The figure of a butterfly on the ceiling should not "live" by itself. Its colors should be in complete harmony with the tone of the wallpaper, curtains or interior items of the room.

Watch a video about making a plasterboard butterfly on the ceiling:

If you figured out how to make butterflies on a ceiling that has two levels with your own hands, repeating the entire installation of any volumetric figure for a single-level ceiling will not be difficult for you. Using the play of different colors, your creative thinking and creativity, you can always create a unique interior in any room. Good luck!

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