Wedding anniversary 17 years - ideas, gifts, congratulations

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Wedding anniversary 17 years - ideas, gifts, congratulations
Wedding anniversary 17 years - ideas, gifts, congratulations

You can celebrate 17 years of your wedding if you get acquainted with the presented ideas for decorating tables and making gifts with your own hands for a pink wedding. And a few recipes for rose sauce.

Find out 17 years of the wedding, what kind of wedding and what is given on this day. Then you can make the decoration of tables and rooms with your own hands, observe all traditions and present gifts.

What you need to know about your 17th wedding anniversary?

Rose bud and rings

This date is called pink or pewter. Rose is a beautiful flower that is a symbol of romance. It is she who may be missing after 17 years together. The name of this date reminds spouses to remember about romantic relationships.

This date is also called pewter. If you remember, then the 10th wedding anniversary is also called. Tin is a rather malleable material, and by this time the spouses had learned to be more flexible in relationships, to yield to each other.

This date is not widely celebrated. But at least in a narrow family circle or together, mark the necessary.

On this day, pink must prevail. Many women love just this, so they will be able to decorate themselves with pleasure or order the decoration in a restaurant in these colors.

Nicely decorated restaurant

If you and your assistants decide to decorate the place of celebration on your own, it will be quite simple to do. First of all, hang the pink curtains, lay the tablecloths of this shade. If you have unnecessary wooden chairs, sand them, then you need to prime them, paint them with three coats of pink paint, each layer drying in between. The paint can be inexpensive water dispersion or acrylic paint.

And such a rose tree, which the table is decorated with, is also easy to make with your own hands. The next master class will tell you how to make something like that.

How to make a tree of roses for 17 years of wedding?


  • corrugated paper of the desired colors;
  • scissors;
  • a tin can;
  • glue;
  • threads;
  • reliable wooden stick;
  • paper or a foam ball.

Take a stick or straight branch and wrap it with flesh-colored threads.

The branch is wrapped in thread

If you have a foam ball, punch a hole in it along the diameter of the branch, add glue here and fix this stick. If there is no such round base, then make it out of paper and glue using the papier-mâché method.

Insert the branch into a round base

From crepe or corrugated paper, cut strips 25 cm long and 3.5 cm wide.

Here's how to make a paper rose. Start by wrapping the strip at one end first. Having rolled up about 2 cm, bend the top edge by 3 mm and then continue folding this workpiece again.

Twisting a paper rosebud

Make a rose out of paper in this way, grease its bottom with glue to fix the tip of the tape. Since 17 years old is a pink wedding, you can make these flowers from paper of this color, as well as light red. But a set of blue and pink will also work. Start gluing these blanks to the previously prepared ball.

Glue roses on a round base

Alternate colors and place them close to each other. Think about what such a rosewood will stand in. A tin can is perfect for this. It needs to be painted with white acrylic paint, then glue the top of the napkin using the decoupage method.

You can use a napkin that has a wedding symbol or an image of a rose on it.

Tin can on a napkin

To glue the napkin neatly, place it right side up on the file and pour in just a little water. Straighten the napkin well. Now gently place it on the jar, which has been pre-applied with a little glue.

Decoupage banks

To keep the trunk well and decorate the surface of the container, you can pour beautiful shells here.

Filling the container for stability

If you wish, tie a ribbon around the tree trunk and you can decorate your festive table with this accessory. It will also be a great gift for 17 years of wedding from children. Parents will be pleased with such a sign of attention, and the guys will be able to make such a wonderful gift.

Ready-made decoration for a 17th wedding anniversary

Check out other ideas for decorating the hall, places of celebration. You choose for yourself one for the implementation of which you have the materials and you will like this option.

Workshop and pictures for the 17th wedding anniversary

Festive table

An excellent and inexpensive option for decorating a room. But this table decoration looks very impressive:

  1. If few guests are expected, simply cover the table with a white tablecloth. If there is a lot, then you can spread it out or put two side by side, and then cover it with a tablecloth. Buy satin ribbons in bright pink, light pink, and blue. Group them and decorate the tablecloth.
  2. Place the white cutlery on each plate, place a folded napkin on each plate. Each top is adorned with a pink butterfly. These you will cut out of colored paper of this color. To fix the butterflies on napkins then make small tails that will need to be put inside a certain rolled tube. The wings will be on the outside and this will keep the insects in place.
  3. As you can see, the bouquets are dominated by pink flowers. It can be zinnias, lavender, phlox. You can decorate the composition with greenery and a small amount of blue flowers. Place them in vases, and if there are no suitable containers, then regular glass jars will do. Outside, you decorate them with colored paper and tie them with hot pink ribbon.

It's so easy to decorate a room to celebrate 17 years of your wedding.

If a lavish feast is planned, a separate table can be allocated to the heroes of the occasion.

Decorated premises for the celebration

It is very easy to sew such a tablecloth with your own hands. Take a rectangle of pink cloth that is slightly larger than the table top. Now use the same or silky fabric to create a lush ruffle around the perimeter. To do this, you will need quite a lot of canvas, since you will need to lay folds out of it.

To save money, you can use ordinary white sheets, which are already out of fashion and lie as unnecessary in the far corner of the closet. Outside, you will cover them with pink taffeta or tulle of this color.

In order not to buy tulle, you can also use white stored at home by painting it pink. A tree made of flowers can decorate places of celebration. In this case, it is not fixed on a wooden trunk, but on a metal base for a luminaire.

Decorated chairs

You can remind the young how they celebrated their wedding and that the 17th anniversary is a pink wedding. It's great if their children play musical instruments. They can meet incoming mom and dad with soulful music. The girlfriends of the daughter will also help out if they know musical notation. You can also invite musicians.

Chair covers need to be sewn from white fabric. Tie them up with knitted pink linen bows. Spread white cloth or unwanted sheets on the floor and sprinkle this makeshift rug with rose petals.

Mint and pink go well. You can take this into account when decorating the room and tables.

Decorating the table with accessories

Attach small mint-colored linens to the backs of the chairs. They will be decorated with fabric roses. Small bouquets can be made in the same shades, with which you will decorate the table. Cover it with a pink tablecloth.

Accessories will also help out. Your 17th wedding anniversary will take place in a beautiful setting if you tie up the candles with regular satin ribbons. And wide candles can be additionally decorated with a strip of lace at the bottom.

Place invitations of this color on the tables. These ideas will come in handy for those who want a pink wedding. Young people will be able to take them into service, in order to then embody.

Roses made of paper of red, pink, crimson color look gorgeous on a white background. They can be made from napkins, corrugated, crepe or plain paper.

Decor for the wedding anniversary of 17 years

Decorate the wall behind the young in this way, and at the top attach a monogram with the first letters of their names. Also, flowers will be appropriate on a light tablecloth. Attach them from the sides.

You can also decorate tables with handmade flower arrangements. Design paper, pink taffeta, floral sponge, flowers will do. They can even decorate desserts.

The heroes of the occasion will have outfits of this color, and the girl will have a bouquet in pink and red.

Spouses by the pond - ideas for a photo shoot

Napkins can be folded into bows. To do this, you need to roll each one several times so that it resembles a ribbon. Now bend the ends of this blank back and tie with a piece of satin ribbon.

You can use ordinary napkins of this color, put them on a plate for each guest, and place a small rose on top. After all, 17 years of a joint wedding symbolizes this particular flower.

In crystal or glass glasses, drinks of this color look gorgeous. You can make them from milk and berries and garnish with raspberries or strawberries.

Festive table setting

So that each guest knows where he is assigned a place, make these signs.

Individual plaques for each guest

To do this, you can use photo frames, putting a cardboard box on which a number is drawn in each painted blank. You can make it in another way. Take:

  • cardboard;
  • decorative elements for the foam ceiling;
  • scissors;
  • white and pink paint;
  • brush;
  • stencil letters.

Cut two oval rings out of the cardboard. Glue them together with a strip of cardboard that will go all the way through the sidewall. Cut decorative elements from the foam blank and glue each one on top of the frame. Paint this blank white. Separately cut an oval out of cardboard, paint it white. Now place the number stencil in the center and paint the background pink. When the coating is dry, glue this oval with a number inside.

To decorate a table for a 17 year wedding, take wood or metal candlesticks and paint them pink. Insert a floral or regular sponge soaked in water on top. Prune the roses so that each has a small stem. Stick them into the sponge.

Pink wedding table decor ideas

A sweet edible bouquet looks great next to such a floral charm. You make it out of marshmallows. Take:

  • white or pink marshmallows;
  • toothpicks;
  • sponge;
  • scissors;
  • cans;
  • wide pink satin ribbons and narrow crimson ribbons.

Finish the edges of the cans so they are not sharp. Wrap the surface of these containers with wide pink ribbons and then tie them up with narrow ribbons. Additionally, you can decorate with beautiful buttons or beads.

Using scissors to fit the diameter of the can, cut out the sponge. You can use floristic. String each candy on a skewer and attach to a sponge. Place sweets close to each other so that the background does not show through. Additionally, you can decorate the table with marshmallows made in white and pink tones.

Here are a lot of ideas to help you decorate the room properly, and your 17th anniversary wedding will take place in a posh location. At the same time, you will not spend a lot of money, since a lot can be done with your own hands, like gifts. See what you can give young people on this day. But first, learn the customs.

Traditions for a pink wedding

They are very interesting:

  1. Since this anniversary is also called tin, let the spouses present each other with souvenirs or jewelry made from this material. Commemorative engraving on these items would be very appropriate.
  2. Decorate the celebration area with roses. You can decorate the table and the room with paper and fabric flowers, place fresh flowers in a vase. You can use the dishes on which these flowers are painted.
  3. Guests shower the heroes of the occasion with rose petals.
  4. The wife will show what kind of hostess she is, because she should prepare the main dishes and serve pink sauce with them.
Bouquet of pink roses

You can make pink sauce quickly. To do this, it is enough to mix quality mayonnaise with good tomato paste. Various seasonings are added here. You can add a little nutmeg, ground pepper, basil. If you like the smell of garlic, put some of this minced vegetable here.

If you're serving fish, here's a pink seafood sauce you can make.

Pink fish sauce


  • 1 tbsp. l. mayonnaise;
  • 1 tbsp. l. sour cream;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • 1 tbsp. l. tomato paste;
  • half a red sweet apple.

Chop the peeled garlic using a press. Grate the peeled apple on a fine grater. In a bowl, mix mayonnaise with sour cream and tomato paste, add apple with garlic and mix again. You can serve this sauce with seafood dishes.

If you decide to have a party where the main dishes are sushi, you can make this or another sauce, it will be more spicy. This sauce is loved in Japan. To prepare it, you need to mix only three ingredients:

  • half a glass of mayonnaise;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sirach;
  • 1 tsp lime juice.

You need to mix this sauce well.

If you won't be serving the Japanese sauce straight away, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Sauce in a square plate

If herring is on the menu, then serve another sauce with it. It consists of:

  • a quarter cup of chopped nuts;
  • half a glass of tomato paste;
  • 3 minced garlic cloves;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper to taste;
  • chopped greens.

But first you need to dilute the tomato paste with water, and only then add the prepared ingredients. Stir and pour over the herring for 2 hours, then serve this fish directly in this sauce.

If there are meat products and vegetables on the table for 17 years of the wedding, then the following sauce is ideal for them. Take:

  • 2 tbsp. l. ketchup;
  • 4 tbsp. l mayonnaise;
  • 1 tbsp. l whiskey, brandy or cognac;
  • 1 lemon or medium orange.

Combine mayonnaise with lemon juice, alcohol, and ketchup. Add some Tabasco sauce if you like. Then put this dish in the refrigerator, and after an hour you can serve it.

Now you won't be asking yourself what the 17th wedding anniversary is called. You know she's pink. Therefore, we suggest making a very interesting sauce from this flower. It is lightweight and goes well with fish and meat.

For the sauce, it is best to take tea rose petals from your garden or from a plant grown with your own hands on a windowsill. After all, the purchased colors may contain chemistry.


  • three rose flowers;
  • big green apple;
  • champagne in the amount of 100 ml;
  • 2 tbsp. l. soy sauce.

Finely chop the rose petals and dip them in champagne for 10 minutes. Grate the apple finely and mix with the soy sauce. Rose steeped. Now you need to strain the champagne and add it to the apple sauce. Stir and serve.

Everything is ready, it remains only to think over the question of pleasant presentations.

What are the gifts for 17 years of wedding?

The presentations can be different. Depends on who is presenting them.

If the spouse gives to his wife, then a bouquet of 17 pink roses would be an excellent option. You can scatter petals of these flowers in the room before waking up. Also, a good gift for a 17-year wedding will be eau de toilette with a similar smell, of course, if the spouse loves one. An attentive husband can present her with a pink peignoir, a piece of jewelry of this shade, a telephone, or a more expensive gift.

A wife can give her husband a set of tin soldiers, cufflinks made of this material, or present a fashionable shirt of this color or a belt. She can buy a good quality rose wine in advance and present it to her husband.

Here's what guests can give for their 17th wedding anniversary:

  • bed linen, curtains with roses;
  • a set of dishes on which this flower is painted;
  • household appliances of this color;
  • a beautiful rose in a flower pot;
  • a set consisting of 17 items;
  • a pillow or T-shirt in the amount of 2 pieces, where there will be an image of the spouses on a pink background.

If a husband and wife would like to receive a kitten or a puppy as a gift, give them an animal by tying a pink bow on its neck.

The dance of the spouses

From so many gifts, you will surely choose the one that you will bring on this day. You can buy it or do it yourself. If you want to see how to make a similar present, then check out one of the options. He will tell you how to make a topiary from roses. It is not for nothing that the topiary is called the tree of happiness, and beautiful rose petals from satin ribbons will be the elements for it.

Congratulations on 17 years of wedding will tell you the following video. By the way, these words can be said on other anniversaries.

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