How to color tiger eye

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How to color tiger eye
How to color tiger eye

What is a tiger's eye, general rules for this type of dyeing, various methods of applying paint, rules for hair care after dyeing. Tiger eye coloring is a technique of applying warm caramel and chocolate shades in a specific order. At the same time, the hair looks more lively, lush and well-groomed. Optimally, this coloring is suitable for brown-haired women of dark colors and clean brunettes.

What is tiger eye hair coloring

Hair coloring tiger eye
Hair coloring tiger eye

Hair coloring called "tiger's eye" has nothing to do with the animal world. This technique took its name from a natural stone with a similar name. Its shade range is in warm honey-chocolate tones. Smooth transitions between colors, transferred from stone to curls, look rich and very decorate the hair.

The author of this hair dyeing technique is the hairdresser Corey Tuttle. She has invented the optimal color scheme that is perfect for dark hair of all shades. In fact, this is highlighting, performed according to the classical technique, but using certain colors.

Usually, paint of such colors is used to create the effect of a tiger's eye - honey, copper, caramel, milk chocolate, golden chestnut. This is a fundamental difference between this method and similar balayazh, amber, shatusha and others. In the latter, shades such as blond, red, as well as various bright colors - orange, blue, red, and so on - can be used. Also, a significant difference between the tiger's eye and other highlighting options is that it is performed only on dark hair. For blondes, this option will not work.

Hair of various lengths can be dyed using this technique - from short to long. It also doesn't matter what your haircut is. The tiger's eye is perfect for a square, bob, cascade, hair with bangs and without it. Such staining looks equally good on even and curly curls.

The tiger's eye technique implies that the hair should not be dyed from the very root, but slightly below. Thus, even after a long period of time, the hair will look well-groomed and attractive, and coloring can be done less often.

This method of highlighting has several tangible advantages: the curls look lively, thick, lush, the mass of hair seems larger, the appearance visually rejuvenates, the image becomes more feminine, romantic, and facial features soften.

General rules for dyeing tiger's eye on dark hair

Hair coloring using the tiger's eye technique
Hair coloring using the tiger's eye technique

Before doing such a painting with your own hands at home, you need to decide on a shade of paint that will suit your natural hair color. As said, tiger eye is not suitable for blondes. The optimal color of curls for such coloring is from dark blond to more intense shades.

Brown-haired women, who have a natural color of hair from dark blond to chestnut, are well suited to colors such as cocoa, cinnamon, caramel. If you are a brunette, then opt for coffee shades, dark amber and milk chocolate.

Never choose contrasting shades. All paint colors should smoothly blend into each other on the hair, imitating the natural stone of the tiger's eye.

If you plan to radically change your appearance and want to use the tiger's eye dyeing method, then you can pre-dye your hair in a dark shade, and then carry out the highlighting procedure using this technique using suitable shades. True, in this case, the damage to the hair will be much greater than when dyeing only some of the strand on the natural color of the curls.

How to color tiger eye

In fact, the technology of applying dye to the hair when dyeing the tiger's eye is no different from the classic highlighting. It is only important to choose the right shades for a specific hair color. In addition, the skill of the hairdresser is important, who, ideally, should make the play between shades as smooth as possible.

Tiger eye staining scheme using foil

How to color tiger eye with foil
How to color tiger eye with foil

To carry out this manipulation, you will need the following tools and materials: a lightening composition (at least 10% oxidizer for very dark curls), paint of a suitable shade, a brush for applying mixtures, foil, a couple of combs for dividing hair into strands, gloves, a container for mixing compositions, old towel.

We paint according to the following instructions:

  • We cover the body with a towel.
  • Cut the foil into even pieces. Their length should be several centimeters longer than the length of the curls. Twist the edge of each piece of foil 1 centimeter.
  • We prepare the brightening composition according to the attached instructions.
  • Using a comb, divide the entire mass of hair into areas and pin each one with a clip.
  • Separate a thin strand from the hair section and put a piece of foil under it. Please note that unlike traditional highlights, in this case, the material should not be applied directly to the hair roots. It is necessary to step back two to three centimeters, depending on the length of the head of hair and the desired effect.
  • Lubricate the curl with a clarifier using a brush.
  • We wrap the colored strand in foil and seal it tightly so that the dye does not leak out.
  • We repeat this manipulation with the rest of the curls. We separate them in the frequency to which you are striving.
  • After about 20 minutes, wash off the clarifier from the strands and start toning the hair.
  • We again wrap each discolored strand in foil and apply paint using the same technique as before with the clarifier.
  • Leave the dye mixture to act for 20-30 minutes.
  • Remove the foil and wash your hair with shampoo. We treat hair with balm or conditioner.

Technique for dyeing tiger eye hair with a hat

How to color the tiger's eye with a hat
How to color the tiger's eye with a hat

This coloring option is suitable for the fair sex with short haircuts. If the length of your curls is no more than fifteen centimeters, then this option is optimal.

To carry out the manipulation, you will need the following tools and materials: a bleaching compound, paint of the required shade, gloves, a brush for applying mixtures, a polyethylene cap with small holes, a comb with a long handle, a container for mixtures, an old towel.

If you do not have a special cap for painting on hand, then you need to make it yourself. Use a swimming cap or a standard plastic bag. Small holes should be cut in them in random order.

The staining scheme is as follows:

  1. We throw a towel over the body.
  2. We put a hat on our head and pull out small locks of hair into the holes with the end of the comb. The more often the holes are, the more intense coloring you will get.
  3. We prepare the bleaching mixture according to the instructions.
  4. Apply with a brush to all the strands of the clarifier.
  5. Leave to act for 20-30 minutes, depending on the intensity of the natural pigment.
  6. Without removing the hat, we wash the strands with warm water.
  7. Apply a dye composition to the treated hair.
  8. Leave for staining for twenty minutes.
  9. Remove the hat and wash your hair with shampoo. We process the hair with a balm or mask for restoration.

Technique for dyeing the tiger's eye with a fleece

How to paint tiger eye with fleece
How to paint tiger eye with fleece

This technique of applying paint is called shatush. With the help of fleece, paint of any shade can be applied. A similar technology is used to achieve the "tiger's eye" effect.

To work, you will need such tools: a hair clip, a comb, a towel, a bleaching compound, paint, a brush.

The staining procedure is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • We separate several strands with a thickness of about two centimeters. We do this in no particular order. We fix the curls with clips.
  • We strongly comb one curl at the root and apply the clarifier on it with chaotic strokes. In this case, we retreat a couple of centimeters from the roots.
  • We repeat the procedure with the rest of the strands. Try to stretch the paint smoothly, like brushing on canvas.
  • We leave the clarifier on the hair for a certain amount of time, which is indicated in the instructions for the tool.
  • Thoroughly rinse the preparation with water after a lapse of time.
  • Apply paint to combed hair according to the instructions.
  • We wash the head with shampoo and soften the hair with a balm.

Coloring the tiger's eye using the California highlighting technique

How to color the tiger's eye using the California highlighting technique
How to color the tiger's eye using the California highlighting technique

This type of staining is done without the use of foil strips. Experts believe that it is the exposure to open air that makes it possible to achieve smoother transitions between colors and the effect of curls slightly faded in the sun.

To carry out the manipulation, you will need such a tool: a clarifier for curls, hair dye of a suitable shade, a paint brush, a comb, gloves, a towel, a container for mixtures.

The procedure follows the following scheme:

  1. We throw an old towel over the body.
  2. We carefully comb the hair and separate the strands about one and a half centimeters thick. We carry out this randomly, but only in direct parting.
  3. We prepare the clarifier according to the instructions.
  4. Apply the composition to the hair with soft brush strokes. In this case, we hold the tool parallel to the strands. You need to apply very carefully so that the clarifier does not get on the rest of the curls.
  5. If it is inconvenient to carry out staining without isolating the strands from each other, you can shift them with thick paper napkins.
  6. We maintain the bleaching composition on the hair, according to the instructions.
  7. We wash off the composition with water.
  8. Select the discolored curls and paint them with paint. For convenience, you can also transfer them with napkins.
  9. We wash off the mixture at the end of the time indicated in the instructions. Apply a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Features of hair care after dyeing the tiger's eye

Thermal hair protection spray
Thermal hair protection spray

Coloring using the tiger's eye technique is quite non-traumatic for curls. However, after exposure to bleaching and dyeing compositions, the strands need additional care. Before doing tiger eye, make sure that you have the right care products for your dyed hair at home.

It is recommended to use special masks and balms with a regenerating effect.

Avoid visiting the pool and sauna immediately after staining. The heat and bleach will eat away at the color, and you will easily lose the beautiful caramel-chestnut shimmer. For the same reason, try to be less exposed to the sun without a hat after painting.

Use curling irons, irons, hair dryers as little as possible. So you will keep your hair color, health, splendor and elasticity of the curls. If it is impossible to do without these devices, use a special thermal protection agent.

If possible, after staining, go through the procedure of biolamination or glazing of hair. So you will provide reliable protection for the curls from destruction.

Keep in mind that if you do not like the staining result or it is not intense enough, then you can repeat the procedure no earlier than two or three weeks later. Otherwise, you can cause irreparable damage to the hair follicles.

How to make tiger eye staining - look at the video:

Coloring tiger eye 2017 is a newfangled trend. Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Jessica-Parker and others have already experienced it on their hair. Ideally, a tiger's eye should be done by a professional hairdresser. However, using the highlighting technology and paint of a suitable color, you can carry out the procedure at home.

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