Crossfit pre-workout complexes

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Crossfit pre-workout complexes
Crossfit pre-workout complexes

Many CrossFitters today use energy pre-workout supplements. Find out if you should take these supplements before a hard workout. If you like to read specialized magazines, then you have probably seen a large number of advertisements for various sports nutritional supplements. All of them can be bought in sports farm stores, of which there are a lot of them now. Often, marketers at manufacturing companies use catchy slogans. To attract potential buyers. Today we will consider the feasibility of using pre-workout complexes in CrossFit.

Are pre-workout complexes necessary in CrossFit?

CrossFitter takes a pre-workout routine

Very often, pre-workout supplements include caffeine. One serving of the supplement can contain 100-300 milligrams of this substance. Let's say a cup of strong, aromatic coffee contains 90 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to increase the performance of all major body systems. First of all, this is due to his reaction to the intake of this substance, which the body seeks to remove as quickly as possible.

Scientists have found that high doses of caffeine can cause a number of problems. In addition, the body gets used to it and at the same time the sensitivity decreases. This forces coffee lovers to constantly increase their doses. But it should be noted that pre-workout supplements containing caffeine can be beneficial for athletes. It is important to take them right and not overuse them. If you decide to use them, make sure they fit into your training strategy.

More recently, a study was conducted at a university in the United States that confirmed the effectiveness of these supplements in sports. The subjects showed improved results in several exercises. It should also be noted that caffeine is an excellent fat burner, especially when used in conjunction with ephedrine. Of course, there are other substances in the pre-workout complexes that can be useful to athletes. These include arginine. It is one of the most powerful nitrogen donors in the world to help accelerate muscle growth.

Since in most cases this type of sports supplement speeds up the work of the heart, it is not worth using them on the eve of high-intensity loads. This can lead to not very good consequences. To eliminate the addictive effect. You need to use them reasonably.

They are best suited for heavy strength training when maximum concentration is required from you. It is also necessary to take pre-workout complexes in cycles so that the body has time to rest from them. For obvious reasons, if you are using these supplements, then you should refrain from drinking coffee.

CrossFit pre-workout benefits

Pre-workout complex
  • Increase concentration;
  • Increase the body's energy reserves;
  • Increase strength indicators;
  • Accelerate lipolysis.

Disadvantages of pre-workout complexes in CrossFit

Crossfit training
  • Can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • The load on the adrenal glands increases;
  • Can lead to depletion of the body.

Overview of Igor Gostyunin's pre-workout complexes in this video:

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