Cheesecakes with banana and semolina in a pan

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Cheesecakes with banana and semolina in a pan
Cheesecakes with banana and semolina in a pan

Delicious and tender cheese cakes with banana and semolina in a pan without flour at home. Step-by-step recipe with a photo. Cooking secrets and video recipe.

Ready-made cheese cakes with banana and semolina

Cheesecakes are the simplest cottage cheese dessert that is prepared in a hurry. After all, all that is needed is to combine cottage cheese, semolina or flour, sugar and eggs. Then form small cakes and fry them in vegetable oil. Having mastered the classic recipe, you can experiment with it, adding any filling to your taste to the cheese cakes. Berries, chocolate, fruits, dried fruits and even condensed milk are perfect for cheese cakes. Today I will tell you a recipe for making lush cottage cheese pancakes with a slice of banana inside.

Banana cheese cakes are delicious, fluffy, with a delicate texture and characteristic aroma. Such beautiful and bright curd cakes can be served with sour cream, sweet sauce or fresh fruit. This is an ideal breakfast for the whole family, and especially little fidgets will be delighted. You can not only fry them in a pan, but also bake them in the oven! Try this recipe for cheese cakes with banana and semolina and I'm sure all eaters will like them.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 198 kcal.
  • Servings Per Container - 3-4
  • Cooking time - 30 minutes


  • Cottage cheese - 500 g
  • Eggs - 1-2 pcs. (depending on size)
  • Vanillin - 0.5 tsp
  • Bananas - 1 pc.
  • Semolina - 3-4 tablespoons
  • Baking soda - 1 g
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Vegetable oil - for frying
  • Sugar - 50 g or to taste

Step-by-step preparation of cheese cakes with banana and semolina:

Curd is placed in a bowl

1. Take cottage cheese not dry and not very wet, with a fat content of 5-8%. If it's too damp, put it in cheesecloth first. Tie its ends to make a "knot" and place the cottage cheese under the press for 2-4 hours so that the excess whey is glass. Then rub it through a sieve or interrupt with a blender if you want the cheesecakes to turn out with a uniform smooth texture. If you like to feel the curd lumps, then just mash the curd with a fork.

Eggs added to the curd

2. Place the curd in a deep bowl and add the eggs. My eggs are small, so I put 2 pieces. If you have large ones, then one egg is enough.

Semolina, sugar, salt, vanilla and soda are added to the curd

3. Next add semolina, sugar, vanillin salt and baking soda.

Curd mixed

4. Stir all food thoroughly and set the bowl aside. The dough for cheesecakes should be sticky, soft and viscous so that it can easily be collected with a slide into a spoon. If it's runny, add some semolina. Do this in small portions until the consistency is medium.

Bananas peeled and cut into rings

5. Very ripe bananas, peel and cut into rings about 5-7 mm thick.

A small cake is formed from cottage cheese

6. Form a small cake out of the curd dough for syrniki and place a slice of banana on it.

A piece of banana is laid out on a curd cake

7. Cover the banana with a small piece of curd dough.

Banana covered with curd dough

8. Twirl the cheesecake in your hands to give it a round and nice shape, and the banana filling was inside.

Formed cheesecake

9. Do the same for the whole dough, forming flattened thick banana cakes. Place them on a floured board.

Syrniki formed

10. Heat a small amount of oil in a large skillet. Place the prepared banana cheesecakes and fry on one side until golden brown for about 3-5 minutes over medium heat.

Cheesecakes are fried in a pan

11. Use a spatula to turn the cheese pancakes over and fry on the other side for 3-5 minutes until golden brown. Be careful not to burn them.

Cheesecakes are fried in a pan

12. To remove excess fat from the pancakes, spread them hot from the pan on a paper towel. After 5-10 minutes, carefully transfer the syrniki with banana and semolina onto a plate and serve with jam, sour cream or condensed milk. They can also be served in a very unusual way: stacked on top of each other in the form of a pyramid, sandwiching slices of fresh bananas.

Watch a video recipe on how to make delicious homemade banana cheesecakes

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