Best eyelash oils - properties and uses

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Best eyelash oils - properties and uses
Best eyelash oils - properties and uses

Useful properties, possible contraindications. The best natural oils to grow, strengthen and nourish eyelashes. Application features, real reviews.

Eyelash oil is a natural remedy that can transform your eyelashes beyond recognition. With regular and correct application, as well as due diligence, the result will not be long in coming. Oil formulations will help awaken dormant bulbs, thereby activating the growth of hairs and accelerating their renewal, cope with the problem of fragility and loss of eyelashes, restore their structure, make them extremely strong, smooth and shiny, as well as return them to a rich color.

Useful properties of eyelash oils

Girl applies oil to eyelashes

In the photo, oil for eyelashes

The trend for doll eyelashes is gradually fading into the background, and today naturalness in the image of a girl is again appreciated, be it nails, hair or eyelashes. The appearance and health of the latter depends on many factors. These are weather conditions (temperature drops, UV radiation), and numerous cosmetics (mascara, eyeliner, shadows, micellar water, eye cream and gel, eyelash dye), and salon procedures (biowave, extension). Under the influence of the external environment, the hairs become dull, lifeless, become thinner, their structure changes, the problem of fragility or, even worse, rapid loss occurs.

Natural oils for eyelashes will help to correct such an unsightly position, which, as a rule, are multifunctional and act simultaneously in the following directions:

  1. Nutrition… Natural oil mixtures are rich in composition, fatty acids occupy the lion's share in it. They also contain numerous vitamins (A, groups B, C, E, PP), minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, nutrients. They penetrate deep into the hair, restore its structure, moisturize, as a result of which the cilia transform literally before our eyes: they become smooth, soft, silky.
  2. Accelerating growth… Penetrating deep into the hair, oil formulations stimulate blood circulation in the eyelid area, awaken dormant bulbs, as a result of which the growth of eyelashes increases, their renewal is faster.
  3. Strengthening… Natural oils are useful for eyelashes in that they can affect their structure. The hairs are reliably restored after negative external influences (temperature changes, the sun, the use of mascara, painting, biowave, the use of tongs, eyelash extensions, low-quality cosmetics), and due to the presence of minerals in natural liquids, they become thicker. In addition, the problem with their loss and fragility is solved.

Natural oils are absolutely safe and, if used correctly, do not bring any harm to eyelashes, delicate mucous membranes and delicate skin of the eyelids.

Contraindications to the use of eyelash oils

Allergy as a contraindication to the use of eyelash oils

Before using eyelash oil, it is important to make sure that you have no contraindications for its use and to eliminate the risk of an unwanted reaction. To do this, conduct an allergy test: drip a little of the mixture on the wrist or the inner bend of the elbow and evaluate the skin reaction after 20-30 minutes. If there are no discomfort, redness, irritation, you can carry out the procedure.

Before buying, pay attention not only to the price of eyelash oil, but also check its expiration date. It is forbidden to use an expired or spoiled product.

Next, evaluate the composition of the product. Only natural oils are useful for eyelashes. And if petroleum jelly is present in their composition, this is a product of oil production.Yes, it visually improves the condition of the hairs, makes them thicker and longer, but this happens due to the creation of an oil film around the eyelash, and this effect disappears after you wash off the mixture.

In addition, before you start using a particular remedy, carefully study the instructions and information regarding possible contraindications. Each product has its own list.

For allergy sufferers and owners of sensitive skin, it is better to buy pure oil that does not contain foreign additives for eyelash care.

Best eyelash oils

Our eyelashes, tired of daily tinting, curling, extension procedures, need careful care, strengthening, and restoration of the structure. Natural oils do an excellent job with this task. Plus, as a bonus, you get an improvement in the appearance of the hairs and their rich color. There is a wide range of such products on sale, so we will find out which eyelash oils are most effective and how to use them correctly.

Eyelash Growth Oils

Burdock oil for eyelashes

Cilia have a certain lifespan, so their loss is a natural process. However, if the hairs began to fall asleep rapidly, and new ones do not have time to grow back, you should pay attention to this problem. Natural oils will help to enhance their growth: they awaken dormant bulbs and stimulate their cells to divide.

We present to your attention the best oils for eyelash growth:

  1. Burdock… It is the most famous product for eyebrows and hair. For production, the roots of an ordinary large burdock are used. Burdock oil for eyelashes has a thick, heavy texture and contains numerous beneficial substances. Among them are natural inulin, stearic and palmitic acid, protein, tannins, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its rich composition, it enhances the growth of eyelashes, strengthens and moisturizes them, making them silky. You can use the product both in pure form and enriched with valuable additives. The well-proven Floresan Burdock product comes in a convenient tube equipped with an applicator for easy application of the product. Burdock oil has a budgetary cost, on average, the price for 100 ml is 70 rubles. However, when using it, it is important to take into account that the substance is not easily washed off.
  2. Peach… Made from fruit seeds, saturated with numerous vitamins, in particular, A and B group, contains antioxidants and beneficial acids. Peach oil for eyelashes has a light texture, non-greasy, therefore it is easily washed off, it is hypoallergenic, as it does not cause allergies, does not provoke irritation and is suitable even for sensitive eyelid skin. Thanks to its use, the growth of hairs is enhanced, the cilia become voluminous, silky, shiny. The tool belongs to the products of the middle price category: the cost of 30 ml is 100 rubles. According to reviews, peach oil from GalenoFarm is of good quality.
  3. Almond… The oil is extracted from a mixture of bitter and sweet almonds. It has a rich composition of nutrients: these are vitamins E and F, and linoleic acid, and phytosterols, and amygdalin. The texture of almond oil for eyelashes is thin, but at the same time the consumption is economical, it is washed off quickly. It strengthens the hairs well, stimulates the growth of new cilia, makes them shiny and silky. The product is multifunctional, therefore it also helps to gently care for the skin of the eyelids and fight the signs of aging. Almond oil has a reasonable price - about 75 rubles. for 30 ml. The most popular products are GalenoFarm and Mirrolla, which are produced by domestic companies.

Eyelash strengthening oils

Castor oil to strengthen eyelashes

Under the influence of numerous external factors, our eyelashes become thinner, their structure is disrupted. Natural oils will help to strengthen tired hairs and improve their condition.It is enough to apply a little natural remedy daily on them, and you will soon notice the first results.

What are the best oils for strengthening eyelashes:

  1. Castor… The legendary remedy, which is also actively used in hair care, is extracted from castor bean seeds. Castor oil is a very fatty product: fatty acids make up more than 90% of the composition (ricinoleic, linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic). The product also contains vitamins A and E. Castor oil for eyelashes is distinguished by outstanding healing and regenerating properties: it strengthens the hairs and prevents them from falling out, activates growth, makes them soft, shiny, silky, dark deep color, makes the hairs thicker, protects against negative external influences. The product has a dense viscous texture, therefore it is consumed very sparingly, however, because of this consistency, it is difficult to wash off. Castor oil is an affordable product, the average price for 30 ml is 65 rubles.
  2. Usma… They are made from the leaves and stems of Vaida dyeing, which belongs to the Cabbage family. This tool is only becoming popular among Slavic girls, but Arab and Central Asian women have long appreciated it. Often in reviews it is called the best oil for eyelashes, as it strengthens, restores and nourishes them well. Contains a large amount of vitamins, alkaloids, flavonoids, linoleic, stearic and oleic acids, therefore it stimulates dormant hair follicles, which activates the growth of new cilia, increases their density, makes them strong and strong. Usma oil for eyelashes is non-greasy, of medium density, so it rinses off well. The product is consumed sparingly, is hypoallergenic, does not cause side effects, however, some note its specific smell. Usma oil is quite expensive: 30 ml costs about 500 rubles.
  3. From pistachios or walnuts… It has a rich composition (essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals), therefore it perfectly strengthens eyelashes, restores the hairs vitality, shine, splendor and rich color, lengthens them, protects them from harmful external influences, brittleness and loss. Peanut oil for eyelashes is fluid, moderately thick, so the consumption is low. The average cost is about 87 rubles for 45 ml. The best product is DNC oil, enriched with other useful substances and equipped with a brush for applying to eyelashes.

Eyelash nourishing oils

Sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes

Natural oils are rich in composition and contain numerous beneficial substances - fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, which deeply nourish and moisturize the weakened by daily tinting, curling and eyelash extension. In addition, regular use of such products adds smoothness and shine to the hairs.

Best Nourishing Eyelash Oils:

  1. Apricot… The product obtained from the seeds of the fruit contains oleic and linoleic acid, numerous enzymes, phospholipids, vitamins A, groups B, C, F, due to which it is multifunctional: it nourishes the cilia well, restores their structure, restores vitality and softness, takes care of the area around the eyes, refreshing the skin of the eyelids and smoothing out fine wrinkles. Apricot oil for eyelash restoration has a greasy, viscous texture, medium density, is consumed economically. The price of the product is quite democratic and amounts to 60 rubles per 10 ml. The best reviews were given to Aspera brand oil with an additional vitamin-antioxidant complex.
  2. Sea buckthorn… First of all, it is a source of provitamin A and fat-soluble vitamins K, E and F, it also contains valuable minerals and antioxidants that enhance each other's action. Therefore, it is an ideal product for nourishing eyelashes, which, in addition, will give them healthy strength, elasticity, and shine.But when buying it, make sure that it contains at least 180 mg of carotenoids, only such a tool will be truly useful for nourishing eyelashes. It has a light texture and moderate consumption, but also has a rich orange color, therefore, before smearing your eyelashes with sea buckthorn oil, pay attention to the fact that it is very easily soiled. The price of the product is 50 rubles for 50 ml, the products of Biask and Mirroll are recognized as the best.
  3. White camphor… This is an essential oil that is extracted from the wood of Japanese laurel, therefore, unlike the previous ones, it cannot be used in its pure form, it is necessary to combine the product with a base oil (3 drops per 1 tablespoon, respectively). The unique composition allows you to nourish eyelashes with useful substances, enhances blood circulation in the area around the eyes, which stimulates hair follicles and enhances hair growth, prevents hair loss, brittleness, restores structure, restores their length and density. White camphor oil has a flowing, rapidly evaporating texture and very low consumption, although the price of the product is decent. You can buy eyelash oil (30 ml) for 200 rubles. The product of the Botanika brand received good reviews.

Other eyelash oils

Eyelash care oils

The range of useful oils for the growth and restoration of eyelashes is not limited to the above means. Pay attention to the following options:

  • Argan oil. This product is considered to be truly elite and expensive. It is obtained from the seeds of argan fruits. It has a particularly rich composition: tocopherol, retinol, B vitamins, carotene, fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic), ferulic acid, fungicides, triglycerides, sterols, triterpene alcohols, shottenols, alpha-spinasterols. Thanks to the unique components, this oil will come in handy for thickening the eyelashes, it also restores their structure, nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens the bulbs, enhances growth, returns rich color and shine.
  • Coconut oil… This remedy has been prized since ancient times, especially by women in India, who are known to be famous for their long, thick hair and lush eyelashes. Contains a large amount of fatty acids - lauric, myristic, caprylic and capric. Easily penetrates hair follicles, nourishes with useful substances, helps to strengthen, stimulates their growth. Coconut oil for eyelashes also makes them shiny and soft thanks to its deep conditioning effect.
  • Wheat germ oil. Another well-known agent in cosmetology. Contains a useful complex of minerals (zinc, selenium, iron), numerous vitamins (A, E, group B), antioxidants, a complex of amino acids. Useful properties of the product help to strengthen the eyelashes, restore their structure, accelerated growth, rich color and radiant shine.
  • Jojoba oil. If you are interested in which oil is best for eyelashes, pay attention to this option. The product is extracted from the fruits (nuts) of a branchy shrub, and in fact, by its chemical structure, is a liquid wax. He has earned the title of "gold of the desert" and "elixir of youth" in cosmetology. Contains wax esters, numerous fatty acids - oleic, gadoleic, erucic, amino acids, reminiscent of collagen, protein, high concentration of vitamin E. Eyelashes before and after jojoba oil are significantly transformed: hair follicles are activated, which stimulates their growth, restores the structure, density, color and luster.
  • Macadamia oil… Extracted from the fruit of the walnut tree. Possesses unique properties and rich composition. Contains vitamins of group B, E, PP, fatty acids (stearic, oleic, palmitic, arachidonic, linoleic), numerous minerals. Therefore, the question of which oil for eyelash growth will benefit will not arise if the girl has macadamia oil in her arsenal.It has a positive effect on the structure of hairs, restores after external negative influences, enhances growth, retains deep color.
  • Broccoli seed oil… Contains vitamins A, C, K, minerals (potassium, iron, calcium), numerous fatty acids (stearic, oleic, palmitoleic, eicosene, linoleic, palmitic, erucic, linolenic). First of all, it enhances the natural shine and softness of the eyelashes, without making them heavier, since its effect is similar to that of silicones, but at the same time it does not harm the hairs. Therefore, if you are interested in what oil to apply to your eyelashes to enhance their shine, give preference to broccoli seeds. Also has nourishing and moisturizing properties.
  • Hemp oil… Do not be alarmed, this product does not contain narcotic substances! Up to 80% of its composition is occupied by essential fatty acids, this is the highest figure among plants. The most valuable are Omega-3 and Omega-6. It also contains vitamins A, groups B, C, D and E, phospholipids, proteins, phytosterols and antioxidants. Thanks to such a rich composition, it ensures a noticeable growth of eyelashes, restores the structure of the hairs and nourishes them with useful substances.
  • Sacha Inchi oil. Europeans learned about this tool and its beneficial properties relatively recently. It is obtained from the fruits of the South American palm, which are called "Inca peanuts." The oil has the longest shelf life without oxidation among all known and rich composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, namely Omega 3, 6 and 9. It also contains tocopherol and beta-carotene, tryptophan. Responsible for the elasticity and flexibility of eyelashes, beautiful graceful bending, prevents breakage, strengthens, gives softness and restores structure.

Note! Essential oils will also be helpful for eyelashes. The best are tea tree, rosemary, sandalwood, lavender, Scots pine. However, remember: they cannot be used in their pure form and, before applying the essential oil to the eyelashes, it is always diluted in the base. Otherwise, you face irritation of the delicate mucous membrane and eyelid area.

How to apply eyelash oil correctly?

How to apply eyelash oil

The photo shows how to apply the oil to the eyelashes.

The eyelids are the most delicate area on the face, so when using eyelash oil, it is important to be careful and act carefully so that the substance does not get on the mucous membrane. Otherwise, irritation may occur.

For maximum effect, it is worth using eyelash oils in a course, making oil masks daily for 1 month. Then it is important for the cilia to rest for 1-2 weeks to prevent getting used to the product. To simply make the lashes silky, oil masks are done 2-3 times a week.

The best time for such a procedure is evening. But in the morning this is clearly not worth doing, otherwise it will be difficult to do high-quality makeup later. However, at the same time, remember that you should not leave such a mask all night, otherwise you may encounter the problem of eyelid swelling in the morning.

First, before using the eyelash oil, we will choose what to apply it directly. To do this, you can use a special new brush or adapt the old one from the mascara, but in the second case, it must be thoroughly washed with soap and water. It is better to choose a tool with soft bristles, but it is better not to take a plastic hard product. In addition, if nothing is at hand, you can use an ordinary cotton swab: in this case, after use, dispose of it immediately and do not reuse it.

Before carrying out the procedure, be sure to remove makeup. If you wear your lenses, you need to remove them.

To get the maximum effect and benefit from the procedure, before using the eyelash oil, it is recommended to warm it up a little and apply the substance in a warm form.The mixture is heated in a water bath to a temperature not exceeding 35 ° C, so as not to spoil it.

Now we dip the brush in eyelash oil, squeeze it out a little and run along the hairs. It is not recommended to scoop up too much oily liquid, as its excess turns into swelling and redness of the eyes. It is recommended to apply the oily liquid, starting at the ends, waiting for it to spread and drain to the base. We carefully comb each hair, without treating the roots, otherwise the oil may get into the eyes.

The oil mixture is kept on the eyelashes for at least 1 hour. Remove residual oil with a dry cotton pad. You should not wash your face after the procedure.

Note! Natural oils need to be stored properly. It is better to choose a container made of dark glass. Close the container tightly, place it in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Real reviews of eyelash oils

Reviews of eyelash oils

Eyelash care oils are selected according to individual sensations. However, it is also useful to examine what other customers have to say about the different formulations. Here are some indicative reviews about eyelash oils.

Oksana, 25 years old

My problem is that the cilia are light at the tips, because of this, part of the length is visually "lost". A friend advised me to buy burdock oil. It really returns a rich color to them, but you need to wait a little: the first results will be noticeable after about 3-4 weeks.

Olga, 33 years old

Yes, it is possible to grow eyelashes, and a simple penny remedy - castor oil plant, which can be bought at every pharmacy, will help. But immediately you need to tune in to long-term use, otherwise there will be no sense.

Irina, 37 years old

Against the background of hormonal disruption, I was faced with a rapid loss of eyelashes. I bought expensive cosmetics, but it seems that they only exacerbated the problem. I decided to turn to the experience of Arab women and buy usma oil, it is very much praised. I hope for the result!

How to use eyelash oil - watch the video:

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