How to lose weight quickly by running with your dog?

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How to lose weight quickly by running with your dog?
How to lose weight quickly by running with your dog?

Find out how to choose the right dog for your morning run and what criteria your pet should have for active sports. When you decide to get a dog, you need to prepare yourself for the daily walks. Moreover, your mood here is no longer of fundamental importance. If you want to start jogging for weight loss, but there is no free time in the daily schedule, then this can be done while walking the dog. Of course, now we are talking about active breeds of dogs that can withstand at least 20 minutes of running. Learn how to run your dog for quick weight loss.

How to run a dog for quick weight loss: recommendations

The dog runs next to its owner
  1. The pet must be healthy. Before you start running with your four-legged friend, you should take him to the veterinarian and make sure that there are no diseases. If your dog is still young, check with your doctor if he can run with you. This is because jogging on hard surfaces, such as asphalt, traumatizes bones and prevents them from developing normally. For a run, you should take a pet whose age is at least a year and a half. However, not every breed of dog is suitable for jogging. We are not talking about pocket pets, which can only be used by you as a weighting agent. You should not make long runs with dogs that have short legs and a flattened muzzle.
  2. Train your pet in basic commands. Your dog must be trained at least three commands: "Fu!", "Near!" and "Sit!" Otherwise, you won't even be able to walk normally with her, let alone jogging.
  3. Get the right leash. For jogging with your dog, it is best to use short leashes. As a result, it will be easier for you to hold and control your pet. Without a leash, you can only jog in uncrowded places.
  4. Don't forget about water. During a run, the thirst will torment not only you, but also the dog. Be sure to bring water with you, as it will allow your dog to cool down faster. Heat transfer processes in animals are somewhat different from ours. If a person sweats and this allows the body to regulate body temperature, then in dogs this is due to an increase in respiratory rate.
  5. Do not eat yourself before jogging or feed your pet. You can eat food for your dog an hour before and after a run. However, you can take a light treat with you for a walk to please your four-legged friend.
  6. Pay attention to the condition of the paw pads. If you run on hard surfaces, the pads can quickly wear off. In addition, the dog can step on glass or other sharp objects. If you plan to run in winter, then avoid roads that are sprinkled with salt. If it's hot outside, run in the shade. This is due not only to the rapid overheating of the dog, but also to the high risks of injuring the paws when exercising on hot asphalt.
  7. Check your dog for ticks. In the spring and summer, there are risks of tick infestation. Even if you are using insect repellent and collar, it is best to double-check.
  8. Increase the load gradually. Dogs love jogging, but don't take them to a marathon. They prefer shuttle running, and long distances are difficult for them. Before running, play with your pet for five minutes, which will be a great warm-up for him.

How to run for weight loss?

The girl looks at the dog running next to her

We've got acquainted with the basic recommendations on how to run with a dog for quick weight loss. However, you yourself must follow certain rules.It only seems at first glance that there is no sport that is easier to learn than running. You probably want not only to jog, but also to quickly lose weight at the same time. Now we will talk about how to run correctly technical to combat excess weight.

It is pointless to argue that jogging can be a great way to lose weight. However, this is only possible if a few simple rules are followed:

  • 60 minutes before the start of the run, you need to replenish the carbohydrate supply.
  • Do not drink large amounts of water during the session.
  • Breathing should be calm and measured.
  • Maintain the correct posture.
  • The knee joints should always be slightly bent.

By following these rules and exercising regularly, you can effectively lose weight.

Weight loss benefits of running

Running girl close up

Many aspiring runners are interested in exercise frequency and running rules. It should be said right away that your jogging should be regular. This is the main secret. You should remember that the basic rule of losing weight involves the need to burn more energy than the incoming one. This suggests that you need to revise your nutritional program.

We have already talked about how to run a dog for quick weight loss. As a reminder, your pet also needs to eat right. We recommend using a special food for active dogs. However, do not overfeed your pet. Let's go back to the benefits of running for weight loss and note the main ones:

  1. During running, a large number of body muscles are involved in the work, which increases the energy consumption of the body.
  2. Under the influence of physical exertion, the processes of utilization of adipose tissues are activated in the body.
  3. To start running, you do not need to spend a lot of time preparing and just remember a few simple rules.
  4. Running is a natural form of physical activity for humans.

Running myths for weight loss

Running girl on the background of the city

If you decide to start running seriously, then you have probably heard very contradictory statements about this sport. Now we will tell you about the most common myths:

  1. Classes should be carried out only on an empty stomach. This statement is fundamentally wrong, because the body needs energy. All sports medicine and nutritionists recommend eating a small serving of complex carbohydrates approximately 30 minutes before starting your workout.
  2. Running only promotes fat burning in the legs. The body is not able to pointwise utilize adipose tissue and this process proceeds evenly throughout the body. Thus, in order to lose weight in a short time, jogging should be combined with strength training.
  3. Fat burns faster when you run slowly. Jogging at an average pace allows you to get rid of fat faster, as the body uses oxygen more actively.
  4. Day runs are healthier than evening runs. In the morning, time is needed to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system. Running immediately after waking up can be harmful to your health.

If you want to know how to run with a dog for quick weight loss, then you need to remember one nuance - overly active running training can lead to the destruction of muscle tissue. To avoid this, running must be combined with strength training.

Who shouldn't go jogging with a dog for quick weight loss?

Girl running with her dog on the beach

Any sport has certain contraindications. If we talk about jogging, then you should not do them if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system and heart muscle, the presence of varicose veins, the period of pregnancy, high blood pressure. In order to lose weight while jogging and at the same time not harm the body, doctors advise to do as follows:

  1. When running, do not use counting to control breathing, as it should be natural. An excess of oxygen also negatively affects the body. As well as its deficit.
  2. Occasionally, beginner runners may develop asthma symptoms during exercise. To avoid this, train away from busy highways.
  3. Avoid running on asphalt, as in such a situation the load on the articular-ligamentous apparatus is high.

Running dog technique for fast weight loss

A girl and her dog are running along the side of the road

If you have serious problems with being overweight, then you must strictly follow the rules of running technique. Moreover, it is worth starting at all with walking. The fact is that with a large body weight, the load on the joints is extremely high and you can easily get injured. If you have not previously played sports. It is also worth starting with hiking for several days. This will prepare the body for future stress.

We offer you to get acquainted with the basic rules for organizing classes for beginners:

  • Trainings must be carried out at least twice a week.
  • At the first stage of training, you should not run at a distance of more than two kilometers.
  • Combine running with brisk walking to increase your stamina.
  • Make a training program and stick to it strictly.

It is extremely important to breathe correctly while running. This will slightly reduce the load on the cardiovascular system and provide the tissues with a sufficient amount of oxygen. Although there are general guidelines for breathing, you should keep in mind the individuality of each organism. Depending on the running technique you use, there are two main types of breathing:

  1. Even breathing - great for exercising in parks with a quiet run. Try to breathe into your full chest, alternating breaths in and out every two or three steps.
  2. Deep and sharp breaths - used during interval training or sprint races when breathing is difficult to control.

You may remember that even from school we were taught to breathe through our nose while running. However, this claim is often disputed today. First of all, this is due to the fact that such a breathing technique does not allow supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen to the body. As a result, hypoxia may occur, and you will quickly get tired. However, during classes in urban conditions and in the cold season, you still have to breathe through your nose in order to prevent dust and microorganisms from entering the body, and also to warm the air.

One of the most discussed topics when talking about jogging is the time of training. Many people think that jogging should be done only in the morning, but just as many runners believe otherwise. There is no definite answer to this question, and it is worth training when you have the time for this. If you want to run in the morning, then start your workout no earlier than 30 minutes after waking up. It takes time for the body to activate all systems after a night's rest.

Today, people not only jog to lose weight, but also use interval training, sprint runs, and shuttle running. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. Scientists suggest that the process of utilizing adipose tissue will be more active with interval training. However, for beginners, regular jogging can be recommended, since their bodies are not yet ready for serious stress. After that, you can choose one of the above types of training or a combination of them. Conduct an experiment that will allow you to find the optimal workout for your body.

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