Where to celebrate the New Year in Sochi

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Where to celebrate the New Year in Sochi
Where to celebrate the New Year in Sochi

How to have fun celebrating New Year 2020 with family and friends in Sochi? The most interesting ideas for the celebration.

Sochi is a great place to spend New Year's Eve. Here you can cheerfully meet 2020 for people of any age and income level. Festive events are held both in expensive restaurants and in the city square. Therefore, come to the Krasnodar Territory and enjoy the atmosphere of celebration and magic.

How fun is it to celebrate the New Year in Sochi?

How to celebrate the New Year in Sochi

Residents of Sochi are used to celebrating New Year's holidays without crisp snow and hard frost, often in rain and strong winds. For visitors to the city, this weather can be an unpleasant surprise. However, soon after arrival, you will not notice the weather conditions, because during this period the resort town simply shines and shimmers with the lights of garlands, Christmas balls and festive illumination.

Different weather awaits guests of Krasnaya Polyana. There is a layer of fluffy white snow in ski resorts and reserves. Children and adults can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, throwing snowballs, making a snowman. Therefore, you will have to celebrate the New Year in Sochi in a waterproof jacket and boots, and guests of Krasnaya Polyana should take comfortable clothes for active winter holidays with them.

To relax in the New Year 2020 in Sochi inexpensively, you need to take care of the venue in advance. Book tickets, hotel rooms and restaurant tables back in October-November, and you can save a significant amount of money to later spend on gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

The best places in Sochi, where to celebrate the New Year 2020

In Sochi, you can celebrate the New Year in different ways. The most budgetary option is walking through the squares and fairs, striking with an unusual combination of palm trees and Christmas lights. On Krasnaya Polyana you can enjoy a winter fairy tale with fluffy snow and fun fun. And each restaurant and hotel complex has its own unique New Year's program, in which there is no time for boredom for either adults or children.

New Year in Sochi Park

New Year in Sochi Park

Sochi Park is a place of entertainment for adults and children of all ages. Its attractions, cafes and playgrounds are open all year round, and during the New Year period, a special program is held with the theme of winter, magic and fairy tales. From January 1 to January 18, 2020, Sochi Park is open from 14.00 to 20.00. On New Year's Eve, it works from 20.00 to 02.00.

Children will be especially happy to celebrate the New Year in Sochi Park. In the afternoon, they will enjoy a festive parade, in which the heroes of Russian fairy tales will march to the sound of a drum. You can refresh yourself in the Roller attraction restaurant, where dishes are delivered to the table without waiters through special troughs, or in the family café "Syty Bear".

Then it is better to go to the Estate of Santa Claus and see with your own eyes how grandfather lives with his granddaughter Snegurochka. Another option is to come to Baba Yaga's holiday and take part in decorating an unusual Christmas tree, funny contests and fun, seasoned with magic and witchcraft.

And after dark Sochi, the park lights up lights and garlands. The show "Make a Wish" opens, where you can see soap bubbles blazing with ice and fire, which fly into the night sky. And at the New Year's Disco-Christmas tree, Snegurochka and Santa Claus invite children and adults to a fun and perky disco.

After celebrating the New Year 2020 in Sochi Park, you can get to the city by high-speed electric train Swallow, bus or minibus. During the trip, it is pleasant to enjoy the view of nature (during the day) or the New Year's lights of the city (in the evening).

New Year in Krasnaya Polyana

New Year in Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is the most famous Russian ski resort.But, in addition to the ski slopes, this beautiful and cozy village has modern hotels, restaurants and other places where you can celebrate the New Year 2020 in a fun and unusual way.

Before traveling to the resort, check out the program of events for the New Year 2020 in Sochi on Krasnaya Polyana. So, at the end of December, a large and luxurious New Year tree is installed on the main square of the village of Rosa Khutor, near which a free festive program for adults and children will be held.

New Year can be celebrated at any resort in Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. For example, the residence of Father Frost and Snow Maiden opens in Gorki Gorod. Every day from 10 o'clock children can visit the estate, receive or make a gift. In the daytime, a fabulous show program, snowball fights, tug-of-war, skiing and sleigh races await them. In the evening, guests enjoy a grand pyrotechnic show.

Krasnaya Polyana is primarily a ski resort. Therefore, people stay there for several days in order not only to meet New Year's Eve, but also to enjoy the wonderful winter nature. On the slopes you can ski, sleigh, snowboard. And in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, go for walks, ride snowmobiles.

New Year at Aqualoo

New Year at Aqualoo

Akvaloo is a hotel complex located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Black Sea coast. It includes comfortable rooms, a water park that is open all year round, an entertainment center (restaurants, beauty salons, a children's room, billiards, a concert venue).

Holidays in Akvaloo in Sochi for the New Year will be remembered for a long time by all family members. It's so nice to be in the warm atmosphere of the water park in the middle of winter.

Its attractions include:

  • 4 paths for children (height - 5 meters, length - 25 meters);
  • 4 adult tracks (height - 16 meters, length - 76 meters);
  • track for descent on inflatable rings (height - 14 meters, length - 122 meters);
  • slide for children in space style.

In addition, there are many pools with clean and warm water on the territory of the water park.

On New Year's Eve, a festive tangerine-style program was prepared at Akvaloo in Sochi:

  • Tangerine show… The restaurants "Kalikh" and "Paradise" invite families with children of any age. The program includes the work of animators, gymnastic and dance performances, live sound, delicious New Year's meals.
  • Mandarin retro… The Yantarny restaurant invites guests to a party in the style of the 80s and 90s. The program includes hits of these years, dancers and illusionists perform. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden come out to the chimes, the holiday ends with a colorful fireworks.
  • Mandarin Cabaret… The Opera restaurant has prepared a surprise for fans of France, cabaret and cancan. The organizers have prepared a show program in which you can take part in dance numbers, listen to the amazing sounds of the saxophone.
  • Mandarin Paradise… The Lost Paradise karaoke bar invites adult guests to the Go-Go beauty show. The best DJs will take you to the Deep House atmosphere. And besides the New Year's menu, you can order cocktails, cigars and hookahs. A festive fireworks will be launched at midnight.
  • Tangerine Open air… A large New Year tree is installed on the square of the first building. From 21.00 to 02.00 there will be a festive program with cheerful hosts, fire shows, professional vocalists and dancers.

After celebrating the New Year, vacationers in Akvaloo can enjoy the mild climate and picturesque places of the Black Sea coast.

New Year's festivities in Sochi squares

New Year on the square in Sochi

Inexpensive and interesting New Years can be seen in Sochi at Flag Square and Arts Square. People come to these places with families, friends, colleagues. They have fun, take pictures, get to know each other, give and accept wishes for happiness.

Flag Square is located in the city center and is surrounded by the Museum of Sports Glory, the main building of the State University, the Sochi Plaza hotel complex.In the second half of December, they set up and decorate a New Year tree, near which all kinds of events are held: holidays for schoolchildren, a parade of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens, fireworks, fireworks.

Arts Square is located in the resort area of ​​Sochi, near the Art Museum. Despite the fact that there is no Christmas tree in this place, people are happy to spend evenings of Christmas holidays here. After all, the square shimmers with multi-colored lights and garlands. Fountains, pillars, trees, shop windows and cafes glow with lights.

Before you celebrate the New Year on the square in Sochi, visit the Christmas markets that are open on pl. Flag, at Hero Park, at the Waldorf School. On them you can buy New Year's paraphernalia (including handmade), refresh yourself, drink coffee, take a master class, participate in sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries.

New Year in the sanatorium "Sochi"

New Year in a sanatorium in Sochi

The Sochi sanatorium is a complex of several luxurious buildings located in a park with subtropical plants. It was built on the personal instructions of Stalin, and now it belongs to the structure of the UD of the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the health resort has a monumental look and the highest level of comfort.

A ticket for the New Year's program at the Sochi sanatorium costs 10,000 rubles, but this amount includes a festive dinner and a wonderful show that will remain in the memory of guests for a long time.

The Sochi New Year's program for 2020 includes the following events:

  • Original productions of charming girls from show ballet.
  • Light show of fire and plastics, including modern acrobatics and choreography. The artists dance in costumes with LED elements and use reflective props.
  • Dancing numbers alternate with vocal ones. Professional vocalists perform live world and national hits to the accompaniment of musicians and DJs from Sochi.
  • The highlight of the evening will be a bright show in the style of the Brazilian tropicana. To the fiery rhythms of samba and lambada, guests will dance with pleasure, get to know each other and chat.

Santa Claus and Snegurochka will not let the guests get bored, they will arrange funny flash mobs, holiday surprises, contests with nice gifts for all participants.

New Year at the Bogatyr hotel

New Year at the Bogatyr hotel in Sochi

The Bogatyr hotel complex is located near the Rosa Khutor mountain range. This location allows you to use ski slopes, hiking in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, attractions in Sochi Park as entertainment (free for guests at the hotel).

And on the territory of "Bogatyr" there is a place to spend time. The whole complex of buildings is made in the style of a medieval castle. Even on an ordinary night, the illumination creates the effect of a magical palace, and on New Year's this illusion is amplified many times over. The beautiful nature and many playgrounds, swimming pools, SPA zones and restaurants allow you to spend a pleasant and unforgettable Christmas holiday.

Many events are planned for the New Year in Bogatyr in Sochi. Little vacationers go to watch the fairy tale "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Further, they will find a children's disco and entertaining animation. The whole family can go to a snow, music or choreographic show. And adults will see a concert of the Soyuz cover group.

In addition, on New Year's Eve, all guests will have a gala dinner with congratulations from Santa Claus and Snegurochka. And on the territory and in the buildings of the hotel there are many Christmas-style photo zones for creating beautiful photos in memory of visiting the Bogatyr complex.

New Year in Sochi restaurants

New Year in Sochi restaurant

On the Black Sea coast at the hotel "Pearl" there is a restaurant "Crystal". On New Year's, its doors are open to all guests of the city. For a festive dinner there you can order dishes of European and Russian cuisine. And in 2020, Sergey Lemokh and the Carmen group will entertain vacationers.The show parody "Veranda" helps him, the program of which perfectly cheers up and makes you laugh heartily.

Even a big company can celebrate the New Year in Sochi restaurants. So, on the territory of the Green House hotel there is a wonderful restaurant complex "Europe". On New Year's Eve, he accepts orders from both couples in love and from large groups of friends. The cost of a corporate banquet includes an excellent menu, a fun entertainment program, a beautiful photo zone, and individual gifts from the hotel.

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