Maintenance and care of the Chinese dog Chongqing

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Maintenance and care of the Chinese dog Chongqing
Maintenance and care of the Chinese dog Chongqing

The appearance of the Chinese dog Chongqing, its behavior, upbringing and health, how to care for: hair, ears, dental cavity, organization of food and walks. Puppy price. The Chongqing Chinese dog is known as a very quiet breed. These dogs bark quite loudly when they encounter an intruder, sound the alarm or hunt, but they usually do so much less than most breeds. This predisposition, combined with moderate exercise and average size, makes the Chinese Chongqing dog a good choice for urban and suburban residents. Although the species is best lived in a small yard, it adapts easily to apartment life. In a country house for a dog, you need a particularly reliable fence, as it will try to chase any potential prey seen. In addition, pets are powerful, intelligent, and athletic enough to easily get out of most structures.

Raising the Chinese dog Chongqing

Chinese dog Chongqing near the owner

The experience with training the Chinese Chongqing dog is very varied. Many experts working with the breed claim that its representatives are able to learn much longer and faster than other Asian species. However, most of the people who train such dogs are highly qualified canine trainers with many years of practice. For the vast majority of potential owners who do not meet these criteria, it will be difficult to raise a Chinese dog Chongqing.

Everyone agrees that this is an incredibly intelligent and adaptable breed with a lot to teach. However, the species also tends to be somewhat dominant. Many Chinese Chongqing dogs, especially males, will regularly challenge their owner's credentials, requiring him to maintain a constant position of leadership. These canines also tend to be somewhat stubborn, preferring their own actions rather than following someone else's instructions. Owners of such pets should devote more time and effort to working with them in order to get the desired results. Proper training is especially important to keep their natural hunting and protective instincts under control.

Chongqing Chinese dog cost

The price for puppies is from $ 2000 to $ 3500.

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