Review of the experiences of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding

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Review of the experiences of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding
Review of the experiences of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding

It is impossible to achieve high results in sports without pharmacological support. Find out what sports pharmacologists have learned from research. Everyone understands perfectly well that in modern sports it is impossible to do without the use of pharmacological preparations. This applies only to AAS, but also to other means. Today you can get acquainted with an overview of the experiences of sports pharmacology in bodybuilding. We'll talk about the results of two studies that you might find useful.

Experience # 1: Caffeine Can Enhance the Effects of Oxandrolone

Caffeine Benzoate Solution

This information will be primarily of interest to those athletes who use anabolic steroids in moderation. If, for example, you conduct solo Oxandrolone courses from time to time, you can learn a lot of useful things for yourself.

The study, which will now be discussed, was carried out in Portugal. Scientists from this country have found that the effectiveness of a solo course of Oxandrolone can be increased due to the use of caffeine. The subjects took Oxandrolone along with caffeine and achieved good results.

The reason for starting the experiment was information about the increase in the absorption of paracetamol with additional intake of caffeine. The subjects took the minimum dose of anabolic, 0.4 milligrams. Caffeine was consumed with three cups of coffee. Oxandrolone and caffeine were taken daily for obvious reasons.

After that, scientists measured the concentration of Oxandrolone, Epioxandrolone (a negative metabolite of the steroid) and caffeine in the urine. Then, the next day, they consumed 0.3 grams of caffeine in tablet form. This led to an increase in the concentration of Epioxandrolone and Oxandrolone. This fact suggests that caffeine can increase the effectiveness of Oxandrolone even if the anabolic is taken in small doses. So far, scientists have not investigated the effects of caffeine on the effectiveness of other AAS.

Experience # 2: Oxymetholone burns fat and accelerates muscle growth

Oxymetholone tablets

Oxymetholone is today considered one of the most dangerous drugs among all AAS. It has a fairly large list of side effects, which has been confirmed in the course of scientific research. At the same time, it has not been proven that this steroid promotes fat gain.

Today, scientists pay a lot of attention to the problems of maintaining health and maintaining a sports form of the world's population. They want to create drugs that can increase life expectancy and improve its quality in old age. Scientists at the University of Southern California decided to find out the effect of Oxymetholone on the body of the elderly. The study involved men aged 65–80 years, who were divided into three groups. Representatives of the first used a placebo, the second - 50 milligrams of Oxymetholone every day, and the third - 100 milligrams of steroid.

At the same time, the daily diet of all study participants contained protein compounds in the amount of one gram per 1 kilogram of body weight. No weight training was conducted. Let's also say that the study lasted for three months.

As a result, scientists found that representatives of the third group were able to gain more than four kilos of quality muscle mass. Representatives of the second group gained 3.3 kilograms of mass. At the same time, the fat mass decreased by an average of two and a half kilos.

Most of the fat loss was seen in the abdomen.The subjects also then did three exercises with weights, and the scientists noted an increase in physical performance.

It is also important to note that there were no negative effects of the anabolic on the body of the participants in the experiment. With the exception of one participant in the experiment, who drank a glass of wine before testing, all changes in the analyzes were insignificant. Although the results have been positive, today it is too early to recommend the use of Oxymetholone for all elderly men over the age of 60 years. Scientists need to do more research to make sure this therapy is effective and safe.

In particular, it is necessary to determine the recommended dosages of the anabolic and to conduct longer studies. This is the only way to establish the presence or absence of side effects, as well as the benefits of the new therapy. In addition, scientists want to work in this direction with elderly women. So far, there have been no such studies and it is difficult to say what results they can bring. At the very least, the use of Oxymetholone by men after 60 years of age seems to be very promising.

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