How to strengthen nails with acrylic?

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How to strengthen nails with acrylic?
How to strengthen nails with acrylic?

What is acrylic for nails, how can they strengthen the nail plate? Pros and cons of the procedure, possible contraindications. Strengthening nails with acrylic in the salon and at home, real reviews.

Acrylic for nails is a special polymer-based powder that is widely used in manicure. With its help, you can strengthen the nail plate, build it up. The tool is considered safe, it is relatively simple to work with. Provided that it is used correctly, it can help prevent lamination of nails, make them stronger, and protect them from destructive factors.

What is acrylic nail strengthening?

Acrylic Nail Powder
Acrylic Nail Powder

In the photo, acrylic powder for strengthening nails

Strengthening nails with acrylic is a procedure aimed at increasing the strength of the nail plate. For this, a powder is used, in which the ester of methacrylic acid or, in other words, ethyl methacrylate predominates.

Such a substance under normal conditions is nothing more than a colorless liquid. But for manicure, synthetic resins are made from it. Ethyl methacrylate concentrates the following qualities, thanks to which he came to the offices to perform manicure:

  1. Curing under the rays of the LED lamp;
  2. Uniform texture;
  3. Easy mixing with liquid (monomer).

This substance has replaced its "relative" - methyl methacrylate. But the predecessor was recognized as hazardous to health and banned. Thanks to this, it was practically possible to eliminate harm to health and the risk of an allergic reaction. In addition, the old formulas were frightening with too strong a smell.

Advantages and disadvantages of strengthening nails with acrylic

Acrylic powder on nails
Acrylic powder on nails

Coating nails with acrylic is a relatively simple and safe procedure that some girls perform at home very successfully. Its main advantage is that it allows you to strengthen the nail plate so that you can preserve the manicure and the well-groomed look of nails for a long time.

With the help of special powder, it is easy and simple to protect the plate from numerous harmful factors:

  • Ultraviolet radiation;
  • Low temperatures;
  • Household chemicals, detergents;
  • Dust and dirt;
  • Mechanical stress.

After the procedure, the nails become obviously stronger and more resistant. They are very hard, practically do not break or exfoliate. Moreover, this is a purely mechanical strengthening, since synthetic material does not penetrate into the body, does not cause any chemical reactions that can lead to unpredictable consequences.

After acrylic nails look healthy, well-groomed. The surface is perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch. A big plus is that this effect, like manicure in general, lasts for a long time.

Acrylic powder comes in a variety of colors and textures. Therefore, it is possible to embody any creative fantasies, in parallel with strengthening.

Manicure work takes relatively little time. True, it must be borne in mind that the compositions differ in the rate of polymerization. In order not to sit for a long time, you need to buy funds that have the “high speed” mark.

It is logical to compare the procedure with similar ones in order to understand which option to choose. The first thing that comes to mind is the use of regular gel polish. Acrylic is definitely stronger, it significantly increases the period during which the manicure will remain flawless. Gel polish itself is much more fragile. Nails very soon become covered with microcracks, and then chips form.

Acrylic also benefits from the fact that it practically does not shrink. To remove it, you do not need long-term machining. Therefore, the nail plate is not damaged, as is the case when removing gel polish, when your own nails become even weaker and more brittle.

Another advantage, in comparison with gel polish, is that after such strengthening, you can touch up the surface if defects appear on it.

It is important to know that after strengthening with acrylic, the surface becomes hard, does not stick literally within 3-5 minutes, however, the final polymerization process is completed after 1-2 days. Therefore, during this time, delicacy regarding manicure will not harm.

As for the shortcomings, in general, there are claims to the artificial origin of the material. Although the risks of allergies are minimized, the likelihood remains. Acrylic is hazardous when inhaled! In this case, a cough begins, a burning sensation in the airways. Dizziness and headaches are possible. Do not allow the substance to get into the eyes, as a result, lacrimation and pain will occur. In general, subject to the elementary rules of application and safety precautions, all these consequences do not threaten either the master or the client of the manicure room.

Polymer powder is considered absolutely harmless, since it does not touch the actual structure of the nail. The effect on biochemical processes in the body is excluded. The layer is applied to the nail from above, and the composition does not penetrate inside. However, there are exceptions. The method is not used in such situations: if a person is sick with diabetes mellitus, with herpes in any form, fungal infection of the nails, the presence of skin diseases.

Sometimes it makes no sense to resort to strengthening with acrylic, since the method turns out to be ineffective. This is due to the special structure and composition of the nail plate. Clients complain that the material does not hold, no matter what experienced masters do manicure, but everything is explained by individual characteristics. And in such a situation, it is better to refuse the procedure, choosing an alternative.

How to choose acrylic for nail strengthening?

How to choose acrylic nail powder
How to choose acrylic nail powder

Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to study the variety of cosmetic products and find a solution that best suits the goal. First of all, you can buy acrylic in the form of a powder or use a liquid composition. The first option is also suitable for home use. The second requires more dexterity to use, so professionals resort to it.

Manufacturers offer different formulations:

  • Transparent - a universal solution that is used not only for strengthening, but also for building, creating a French manicure.
  • Colored - This is mainly an option for nail design, but the tool also has a firming effect.
  • Camouflage - together with strengthening, the product perfectly masks the imperfections of the nail plate. Moreover, you can apply it in the thinnest layer.

If the nails are not only weak, but also not the most even, it is better to take acrylic with a camouflage effect. It can be matched to a natural color, that is, nude with a pinkish tone. It is just that transparent formulations are ideal for strengthening. But if you want a bright and spectacular manicure, you can take colored acrylic, with glitter particles - glitter.

Strengthening nails with acrylic in the salon

Strengthening nails with acrylic powder
Strengthening nails with acrylic powder

In the photo, the process of strengthening nails with acrylic

Professionals use the product in the form of a powder and complete with a monomer or liquid. In the first case, the strengthening of natural nails with acrylic begins with applying a thin layer over the entire surface of the base under the gel polish, and then with acrylic powder, after which you immediately need to dry the nail plate under the lamp.

In the second, the powder is mixed with a colorless solution, which must be handled quickly, since it quickly solidifies from contact with air. Therefore, this solution is most often used when it is necessary to lengthen the nail.

But the powder also opens up wide opportunities for the embodiment of various design ideas. By strengthening the nails with it, you can create volumetric images on the plate. Naturally, this kind of work requires real skill. For example, nails are covered with powder not only completely, but also partially.

How the specialist will perform the procedures depends on the service option. Perhaps just strengthening, but the master is also ready to immediately apply gel polish, create an effective design.

Traditionally, the following set of actions is performed:

  • The master tidies up the nails: if necessary, removes the old manicure, gives the desired shape, removes the cuticle.
  • Next, he performs degreasing and coating with a base gel. The result depends on how correctly the nails are prepared: it is important that the powder is evenly distributed over the surface.
  • The master covers the plate with a dense layer of powder.
  • At the next stage, the acrylic is dried to start the polymerization process.
  • After hardening, the remains of the powder are removed, if the client wants a spectacular manicure, the master starts decorative work.

Despite the fact that according to the description there is nothing difficult about how to use acrylic to strengthen nails, it is easy to make a mistake at home. Not degreasing the plate enough, not putting it in order before working with powder, then the girls complain that the treatment disappointed with the fragility of the result. Therefore, for maximum effect, long-term preservation of manicure, it is worth contacting experienced masters.

Prices for strengthening nails with acrylic in salons differ, depending on the complex of work performed. The average cost of a procedure without spectacular nail art is 400-500 rubles. If you want to combine business with pleasure - transform your fingers radically, then the prices can be increased boldly 2-3 times. A complete manicure with an interesting design will cost an average of 3000 rubles.

How to strengthen nails with acrylic at home?

Strengthening nails with acrylic at home
Strengthening nails with acrylic at home

If you study in detail the procedure, the rules for its implementation, it is quite possible to strengthen nails with acrylic at home. The first thing to remember is a purely mechanical effect, that is, the composition will not make the nails healthier. They will look like this, but if there are serious problems with delamination and brittleness, then it is better to think about the causes of such phenomena and try to eradicate them by taking up health.

The procedure can be performed if you want to make your nails strong and firm. This requires:

  1. First, prepare the nails as a whole - perform a hygienic manicure, give the desired length.
  2. Degrease the nail plate.
  3. Apply a thin layer of gel polish base over the entire surface.
  4. Immediately, without drying, sprinkle the nail with acrylic powder.
  5. Dry the nail plate immediately under the lamp.

Next, it remains to gently remove the excess powder with a brush. Since acrylic in this form is very light, free-flowing, it is better to carry out the procedure directly above the jar of powder. Then the particles will fall back into the container.

After studying the instructions for strengthening nails with acrylic step by step, having mastered the procedure safely, you can add brightness to the manicure if, after completing the above steps, apply colored gel polish on top. But your nails will look great if you just cover them with a transparent top. Then they will acquire a glossy shine.

Real reviews about strengthening nails with acrylic

Reviews about strengthening nails with acrylic
Reviews about strengthening nails with acrylic

Before starting the procedure, it is quite natural to want to read reviews about strengthening nails with acrylic. The responses can be so different that it is difficult to know if the activity is really helping or if it is an unreasonable waste. But, as a rule, the negative is expressed by those girls who fell into the hands of inept masters. Experimenting on your own, it is also not always possible to achieve the desired effect.

Irina, 34 years old

I did a manicure in the salon using acrylic powder for strengthening. What can I say - on the third day on the edges I noticed the peeling of the varnish. Of course I was upset. Despite the fact that a friend recommended such a procedure, she herself boasted that she wears a manicure for a month with acrylic reinforcement. Together with her, we came to the conclusion that either the master I came across was inexperienced (I went to another, not to the fact that she walks), or something is wrong with the materials.

Yaroslava, 46 years old

I always do it myself. I see nothing complicated in how to strengthen nails with acrylic at home. I somehow naturally have thin, soft plates. Therefore, as I discovered acrylic for myself, I use it constantly. At first it was scary - I read articles on the Internet, they say, it is harmful. But I experienced it myself - absolutely no consequences. And even when I give my nails a rest for a while, I see from them that there is no harm to them.

Diana, 23 years old

Cool procedure, nothing complicated, I do it regularly. I really like how the manicure is worn. No chips, cracks. In general, it lasts until I decide to take it off myself.

Before you strengthen your nails with acrylic, it is important not only to study the algorithm of the procedure, but also to buy high-quality materials. The result mainly depends on these two factors.

How to strengthen nails with acrylic - watch the video:

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