Whey Protein PGP Review

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Whey Protein PGP Review
Whey Protein PGP Review

A detailed review of the fast protein PGP from the bodybuilding pros. Find out all the advantages and disadvantages of PGP whey. Now we will talk about PGP whey protein. This is a young domestic manufacturer, whose full name sounds like PowerGymProduct. For the first time, its products appeared on the market only in 2013. And then the brand was different, namely - "World of Sports". One year later, the company's management decided to rename. Up to this point, the manufacturer was engaged in the packaging of additives produced in Germany. Now PowerGymProduct is creating a unique recipe on its own. Whey Protein PGP is packaged in bags.

Whey Protein PGP Composition

Description of whey protein composition

Like all supplements of this type, PGP Whey Protein has a complete amine profile. The supplement can be used at any stage of the training process. At the production stage, the additive goes through a multi-stage purification system. The supplement is 33 grams per serving. Of these, more than 23 are protein compounds.

A serving is 2.3 grams of fat and 3.3 grams of carbohydrates. Let's also note the indicator of calorie content of a portion, which is equal to 125 calories. You can compare these parameters with any product of well-known global brands and make sure that PGP whey protein is in no way inferior to them.

Since additives with several flavors can be found on the market, in addition to the above ingredients, the product may contain cocoa powder, lecithin, sucralose. For the production of the supplement, high-quality, low-temperature processed whole milk was used. This made it possible to preserve the indicator of the biological value of protein compounds. With the help of ion substitution and microfiltration technologies, cholesterol and lactose were removed from whey.

What effects should you expect from PGP Whey Protein?

Bodybuilder and Whey Protein Pack

The product is made only from natural ingredients of excellent quality. Even sweeteners and flavors are not synthetic. Among the features of the supplement, it should be noted:

  1. It is quickly absorbed in the intestinal tract.
  2. Complete amino acid profile.
  3. One serving contains about five grams of BCAA.
  4. It dissolves quickly in water and takes only a few seconds to prepare a cocktail in a shaker.
  5. Do not contain cholesterol.
  6. The fat content is minimized.

How To Take PGP Whey Protein Properly?

Bodybuilder is about to take whey protein

The supplement can be taken in an amount of two or three servings per day. We recommend taking into account the amount of protein compounds entering the body from other sources when calculating the dosage. To make a cocktail, you need to dissolve one serving of powder in 0.35 liters of liquid. For athletes wishing to increase the calorie content of the product, we recommend using milk. Otherwise, water is the best choice.

To increase the effectiveness of PGP whey protein, you can take it along with other sports supplements such as creatine, amino acid complexes, pre-workouts, etc. Since the product contains whey protein, it can be taken regularly, without using a cyclic scheme.

If you are an ectomorph, then you may need to increase the energy value of the cocktail. We have already said that you can use milk when diluting the powder. If this is not enough, then add fruit, honey, etc. to the cocktail.

Whey protein PGP - testimonials from experienced athletes

Whey Protein Rack

Quite a lot of well-known domestic athletes have already collaborated with PGP. Although the company is young, we can get the professional's opinion on whey protein.The network already has reviews and fitness enthusiasts, but professional opinion carries much more weight. None of the athletes talk negatively about supplementation. Athletes focus on high quality workmanship and product efficiency. If we talk about cost, then the additive is somewhat cheaper than the products of well-known world brands, but at the same time it is not inferior to them in quality.

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