DIY children's crafts for March 8

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DIY children's crafts for March 8
DIY children's crafts for March 8

Creative materials and tools that your child can use. The best ideas on how to make children's crafts for March 8 with your own hands. Advice to parents and children.

Crafts for March 8 are a great opportunity for children to prepare in advance for the holiday and stock up on gifts for mom, grandmother, teachers. But adults should not be condescending to such creativity, in addition to the fact that the child invests strength and time in crafts for March 8 with his own hands, he also gets acquainted with the properties of various materials, develops fine motor skills, expands the boundaries of fantasy and learns to make dreams come true. In order for children's crafts for March 8 to bring pleasure and benefit, kids and their parents are encouraged to try out as many new techniques as possible and implement as many creative ideas as possible.

Features of making children's crafts for March 8

Making children's crafts for March 8

International Women's Day began to be celebrated not so long ago. The official history of the holiday begins at the dawn of the 20th century. And although March 8 is based on a difficult period in the history of mankind - the struggle for equality of opportunity, already in the middle of the 60s of the twentieth century, the holiday became truly bright and warm.

At the beginning of spring, it is customary to present girls, girls and women with flowers and sweets, to wish love and prosperity. The smallest donors make gifts for their relatives on their own. The tradition of homemade presents was actively cultivated in Soviet kindergartens and schools. But behind the desire to please a mother or grandmother with a do-it-yourself craft by March 8, there is much more benefit than it might seem at first glance, not only for the gifted, but also for the child.

Research by psychologists and neurophysiologists shows the invaluable benefits of applied labor at an early age. For babies under 3 years old, homemade products are the development of fine motor skills, involuntary massage of the fingertips, in which a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated, the development of neural connections and creativity, as well as acquaintance with the world around them through contact with new materials. By creating the simplest crafts, the child learns colors, shapes, animals. Of course, you need to understand that at such a young age, children's DIY crafts on March 8 will be far from complex artistic creations, but if you evaluate the child's capabilities and the level of their development, creativity will undoubtedly bring considerable benefit.

For children of preschool and primary school age, applied art also plays an important role. To make a craft, you need to think it over well, choose colors, connect the details. Preparing for the holiday, children learn to plan and divide tasks into stages, to bring their ideas to life, but what is important, they learn to think and take care of others. The baby is faced with an important task - to come up with and make a gift that is intended for another person.

As you can see, crafts themselves play an incredibly important role in the development of a child. March 8 in this case is another great reason to show your creative skills, because the main gift is created for the closest woman - mother. Of course, the child's father plays an important role in preparing for the holiday and creating crafts. Joint creation of a gift for mom builds a close relationship between dad and children, introduces family traditions and values.

Note! Often, crafts for March 8 in the kindergarten are made together with parents for a pre-holiday exhibition, in which case it will not be superfluous to involve the whole family (mom, dad, brothers and sisters) in the preparation. Making an exhibition copy with the whole family is much more interesting. If the craft is intended for household members, then it is better to do the craft so that the gifted person does not know about the upcoming surprise.

What material to use for creativity, first of all, depends on the age of the child and his capabilities.For babies, paper and finger paint are suitable as the first creative materials. For the first crafts, it is better to use thick white office paper, and choose only safe paint that fully corresponds to the child's age. Pay close attention to the expiration date of the materials and the child's behavior while working with such paints.

Crafts for March 8 for mothers, together with the youngest, can also be made from salt dough. All the ingredients necessary for kneading the dough are in every kitchen (flour, salt, water, vegetable oil), and you can not be afraid that the child will accidentally pull the dough into his mouth. It can also be dyed with natural or food colors. And for older children, the starting material will be plasticine, modeling mass, polymer clay. In the lower grades, you can already actively use colored paper, scissors, glue, as well as specialized kits for creativity.

But in general, with a little imagination, you will find that at home there is everything you need to make an original craft. For example, a cocktail tube can serve as a stem for a homemade flower, and a beautiful button can serve as a pendant for a homemade decoration. Scraps of fabric, wrapping paper and even cotton pads, hygiene sticks and much more will be used.

When thinking about how you can adapt everyday objects for crafts for March 8 with your own hands for children, keep the main theme of the holiday. On International Women's Day, it is customary to give flowers and sweets, and this can be actively played up in creativity. Cotton pads, candy wrappers, decorative bows can be used as voluminous flower buds or petals, and the stems are created using ice cream sticks, wire or other materials at hand.

If an adult helps the child in his work, then the parent's task is to teach the child to think outside the box and go a little further beyond their capabilities. That's why you need to use non-standard tools at hand for creativity. But sometimes even adults find it difficult to come up with original crafts, in which case it is recommended to use ready-made master classes, which are freely available on the Internet.

Children's crafts for March 8 continue to be done as part of the school curriculum. The task of such creative activities will be not only to prepare for the holiday, but also to familiarize the kid with new techniques and technologies for working with materials. The main role in the learning process during this period is played by the teacher, but the attention and help of parents is also difficult to overestimate. In most cases, interest in elders will push the baby to creative development.

Note! Recently, by March 8, crafts have been created for the school for charity fairs. Souvenirs are sold to other participants and visitors of the fair, and the funds are donated to charitable foundations. Parents are also encouraged to take an active part in such events in order to foster compassion and a willingness to help their neighbors in their children.

The best ideas for children's crafts for March 8

Postcard for March 8

If you are new to needlework, it is recommended to start with your child with the simplest crafts - painted postcards or pictures. On a sheet of white paper, draw a stem with green paints, and a child with his fingers can draw the petals of such a flower. To simplify the work, the coloring blank can be printed using templates found on the net.

It is a little more difficult for little children to draw an eight, but this makes the work only more fun. And if you completely dip the baby's palm or foot in the paint and put two marks on a sheet of paper, then with one stroke it is easy to draw the butterfly's body to similar palm-wings. If you repeat such a craft by March 8 with your own hands every year, you will get a kind of metric for your child.

Crafts for March 8 in kindergarten are mostly made as a gift to mom or grandmother.Children learn to cut blanks with office scissors and glue appliques. A classic example is the number 8 cut out of cardboard, decorated on top with voluminous paper flowers (each petal is glued separately). You can complicate the craft if you carefully cover the cardboard base with a satin ribbon.

In older groups, children's crafts for mom on March 8 are created in the form of voluminous postcards and souvenirs. For the basis, an A4 sheet or cardboard is taken. Such a sheet should be folded in half in width. A beautiful figure eight or a bow, a flower is drawn on the title page, and flowers folded like an accordion are glued to the spread. When mom opens such a card, a beautiful bouquet of paper will unfold in front of her.

It is also easy to make voluminous crafts from colored paper. A green rectangle is glued together with narrow sides, forming a tube, glue the bottom to it - and you will have a wonderful basket. You can put paper flowers made using origami technique inside the basket. And such a basket made of thick cardboard can be used as a stand for pens or cosmetic brushes.

In the senior group of the kindergarten, salted dough is also an excellent material for creativity. Mixed together flour, table salt and cold water in a ratio of 2: 1: 1 give a tight, but non-sticky mass. Unlike plasticine, the dough is much softer and more pleasant in the hands, but it also holds its shape well, and after drying it becomes strong.

Children's craft for March 8 from salt dough can be made in the form of a flower. To do this, small pieces of dough should first be rolled into balls, and then rolled out on a flat surface and shaped into petals, the middle of a flower and leaves. Having connected all the details of the workpiece, add colors by painting the dough with watercolors. The finished flower is put to dry in a hot oven or on a battery. A child should only use an oven or microwave to dry under the supervision of an adult.

Using the same technology, you can make jewelry for mom from salt dough: large beads for a bracelet, pendants for necklaces or earrings in the form of flowers, key rings.

DIY crafts for March 8 are appropriate to do not only from paper and mass for modeling, but also felt, yarn, wire. So, on a felt base cut out in the shape of a heart, you can stick voluminous flowers made of cotton pads - you get an unusual soft postcard. And thick yarn, dipped in glue, is laid out in the shape of a figure eight or in the shape of a heart. When the glue dries, you get a very unusual postcard base.

You can also make voluminous pom-poms from yarn that act as flowers, and then fasten them on a wire covered with green thread. Unusual solutions for crafts for March 8 can be found in any scrap material.

Important! At some stages, children may need help or guidance from an adult. But even when working in the simplest technique, you cannot leave your baby unattended. Adults (older siblings, or father) should take care of the child's safety during such creative moments.

Tips for parents and children

A child makes a craft for March 8

When creating crafts for March 8 with a child, it is very important for parents to choose materials and equipment in accordance with the age and hobbies of the baby, but also to introduce new unusual ideas. So, for example, if a girl likes to sew, then offering her to create crafts from wood is at least illogical.

If you still want to broaden your child's horizons with non-standard materials or techniques, start with small master classes or combine familiar ideas with new ones. For example, ask the little girl to embroider a small flower or a heart on a wooden base for her mother - sewing for a girl will be a familiar technique, but working with wood is a novelty.

Of course, you will have to prepare the base made of wood yourself (drill holes, grind the corners).Seeing the genuine delight of the mother and those around him from such a non-standard gift, it is likely that the child will have a new original hobby, as well as a desire to look for non-standard combinations and new solutions for familiar things.

If we are talking about preparing for World Women's Day, then the father should become the main assistant or initiator of creativity. But the mother can also show her care for loved ones by her own example - together with her son or daughter, prepare a gift for the grandmother.

When working on a children's craft with your own hands on March 8, give the initiative to the baby, controlling mainly the safety of work, but also helping in especially difficult moments. This will allow you to quickly develop the skills and abilities required by the child, but since you are near, the baby will be safe from cuts, injections, accidental glue on the mucous membrane and other minor troubles.

How to make a children's craft for March 8 - watch the video:

Crafts for March 8 are a great opportunity to acquaint the kid with the traditions of the holiday, but also to form a close trusting circle of "parent-child" communication. Applied creativity will help him develop fine motor skills, and in school-age children, imagination, patience and endurance. Crafts for March 8 in kindergarten and school not only develop, but also simply delight loved ones, because, as a rule, a child gives a thing created with his own hand to his relatives (mother, sister, grandmother). Such a manifestation of love gives incredible emotions and warmth.

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