Asian tabby: breed description, care and maintenance

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Asian tabby: breed description, care and maintenance
Asian tabby: breed description, care and maintenance

The history of the origin of the breed of cats, a description of the standard of appearance, the features of the temperament of the Asian tabby cat, the health of the pet, advice on keeping a cat at home, the price of a kitten. Asian Tabby is often referred to simply as the Asian cat. This is a cat breed that appeared on our big planet thanks to the perseverance and hard work of many felinologists. Despite its mysterious Asian name, the first kitten of this species was born not in Asia, but in the territory of Foggy Albion. A huge amount of effort and material resources went from the breeders to show the world completely new purrs, with an aristocratic, mannered and majestic appearance, but at the same time with a very flexible character. And the result in the end was that the animals turned out exactly what the breeders wanted them to be, excellent, regal appearance combined with innate good manners, modesty and a very developed intellect.

All these traits and more make the Asian tabby the ideal pet that many people dream of. And although today this is not the most widespread and demanded breed, but who knows, perhaps in the near future these purrs will lead the ratings of the most popular and sold cats in the world, for this they have all the necessary data.

History of the origin of Asian tabby cats

Asian Tabby Walking

Felinologists from Great Britain in about the second half of the last century set themselves the task of developing a completely new species of cats. According to their "sketch", these should have been animals with a slender fit physique, which at the same time would be neat and sophisticated. With aristocratic, proud habits, but at the same time, the cat did not have to be arrogant and narcissistic. For such work, candidates for the ancestors of the breed were very painstakingly selected, but in the end the felinologists opted for two candidates. They turned out to be a Burmese cat with a beautiful, slender, muscular body and a Persian graceful cat with a chinchilla color. As a result of such crossing, kittens were born that were very beautiful and cute, but the breeders were not completely satisfied with the breed.

When the babies had already grown up and reached puberty, one of them was crossed with an Abyssinian cat, and then Persian purrs again took part in the selection work. As a result, the result obtained was not just what it was intended, but even surpassed all possible expectations. Kittens of the new variety have inherited all the best qualities from their eminent ancestors. The slender, beautiful body of Burmese cats, the excellent disposition of the Abyssinians, aristocratic habits and restraint of the Persian felines.

As soon as the selection was successful, felinologists began to work on increasing the population of their new cats. In the early 90s of the last century, one of these extraordinary purrs was shown at the next large-scale cat exhibition. The new purebred feline immediately won the hearts of both ordinary spectators and professional cat lovers. Since then, Asian Tabby gradually began to receive official documents confirming their pedigree from many feline associations.

To date, the Asian tabby cat breed is not very common in the territory of the CIS countries, due to this, the price of such a pet sometimes strongly "bites". But once you get to know the animal better, it immediately becomes clear that this is not just a pet, but a creature endowed with such inner qualities that cannot be bought for any material means.

Asian tabby: a description of the official standard for the appearance of a cat, photo

Photo of asian tabby
  1. The torso. The representative of the Asian Tabby breed is the owner of a medium-sized body, the mass of its beautiful body ranges from 4 to 7 kg. Females differ in more miniature and sophisticated parameters, due to this, you can already see the difference between the sexes at first glance. In Asian tabbies, the body is rather elongated, very strong with well-developed muscle tissue. The bony skeleton is also strong and powerful. But, despite such strength, the body of the cat is devoid of sharp lines and transitions, all its outlines are smooth, soft and rounded. The line of the dorsal side of the animal's body is straight, the hips and shoulder girdle are located on one straight line.
  2. Limbs these charming purrs have medium lengths, correctly proportional to the overall dimensions of the body. Paws are no less strong, muscular and stable, ending in oval-shaped pads. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones.
  3. Tail process also in duration, average, straight, without kinks and flaws. In diameter, the organ of balance is relatively small, from the rounded tip, it slightly increases in width towards the basal part. The tip of the tail is often decorated with a tassel.
  4. Head representatives of this breed are of medium size, in configuration it resembles a slightly modified wedge. All outlines of the Asian Tabby's head are soft and smooth. All protruding parts of the skull are well visualized, the chin is powerful, strong cheekbones, which are well emphasized by cute cheeks. The animal's face is rather wide, but flat. The nose is small, the profile is even.
  5. Auricles not too large, located very far from each other, with a slight, barely noticeable slope towards the front. From the base, the ears taper markedly towards a rounded tip. Thick tufts of hair can be seen inside the ear canal.
  6. Eyes - This is probably the most prominent part of the body of an Asian cat. They are large in size, sometimes they seem just huge. The eyes are placed deep enough, at an average distance from each other and at a slight angle of inclination. The visual organs can be either rounded or almond-shaped in shape. As for the color of the iris, the breed standard allows for a range of shades from light lemon to rich golden. The most valuable pets with a rich amber eye color. The shade of the iris should always be in harmony with the tone of the color, or else be a contrast to it.
  7. Wool Asian Tabby cats simply have their wealth. It is most often represented by a thickening of thin, short hairs that tightly wrap the graceful body of the animal. The texture of their fur coat is soft and delicate, it glitters and shimmers very beautifully in the sun. Coat colors can be very diverse, there are individuals of light blue, reddish, dark red, apricot, cream, caramel, lilac, gray-blue, tortoiseshell, black and other shades.

The pet fur coat is always very beautifully decorated with a tabby pattern, which is noted in four main varieties:

  • Spotted tabby - this option assumes dark spots of various shapes and sizes on a light main background.
  • Marble tabby characterized by stripes on the lateral sides of the body, which are arranged symmetrically and have a spiral shape. From afar, you might think that these are some kind of divorce.
  • Tiger tabby - these are deep-dark parallel lines, located vertically on a light fur coat.
  • Ticked tabby This kind of ornament implies that each individual hair is decorated in several colors, light and dark in the correct order.

There is also a special pattern on the Asian Tabby cat's face. In the forehead area of ​​the animal, a pattern is drawn that resembles the image of a scarab beetle. The eyes, mouth and nose are outlined with a thin but very prominent black line. A "choker" is drawn around the neck, which has not been fastened.

Features of the character of the cat Asian tabby

Asian Tabby Lies

Representatives of this breed can truly boast of their temperament, we can say that sometimes they behave like English lords, but, of course, it also happens that they also have cheerful fervor.

The first thing to note is that Asian Tabby is very intelligent, reserved and well-mannered. Living with such a pet under the same roof is not at all a problem, since you can easily train him to use his personal restroom, scratching post, instead of upholstery and wall covering, and also not to poke your nose into bedside tables, wardrobes and other secluded places in the house. where it doesn't belong.

In relation to young children, Asian tabby cats show themselves from a very good side. Since Asian cats are very fond of active pastime, most often children are their like-minded people. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about, the pet will never offend the child, it will not scratch or bite, even in self-defense. If the child has violated the cat's comfort zone, then, most likely, the animal will simply leave the scene with its head held high.

These cats tolerate loneliness very negatively, they vitally need the attention of the owner. Such a pet will never bother and persistently beg to play with him, but this must be done. Games with Asian Tabby do not require a lot of effort and time, you just have to train yourself to give your friend less than half an hour a day every day and the cat will be overly happy. Some owners neglect this, but then why have a pet if you do not pay attention to it? If you are away from home for a long time, then the best option is to either get another pet, or equip your Asian cat with her own amusement park. Believe me, it will be better this way, otherwise, the animal will look for something to do on its own, and this is unlikely to please you. Even the most obedient and well-mannered pet can do anything out of boredom. Gnaw through the wires of electrical appliances, tear off the curtains, or worse, fall out of the window. So, it is better to think over the leisure of a friend of a cat of the Asian Tabby breed in advance, so as not to be surprised by the consequences later.

Asian Tabby Health

Asian Tabby Sitting

In general, representatives of this species of cats are among the long-livers, by nature and thanks to the efforts of breeders, these purrs do not have any hereditary diseases. They can also boast of immunity, and if we add timely vaccination with high-quality drugs, proper, balanced nutrition, regular walks in the fresh air and physical activity to these natural data, then the pet will live and be healthy for over twenty years, but this is not the limit.

In addition to the primordially feline problems, from which vaccinations were invented, almost all animals are faced with such a nuisance as infection with helminths. In order to prevent such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to regularly conduct preventive courses of anthelmintic therapy. Before such prevention, you need to pass some tests that will show whether there are parasites in the body of the Asian tabby, if so, what kind. Microscopy of the animal's stool is usually done. This can not only confirm the presence of parasites or make it clear whether the pet poses a threat to the owner in terms of infection.Such an analysis will be most informative if the material is delivered to the laboratory no later than 12 hours after defecation.

Depending on the type and extent of distribution, the veterinarian will be able to prescribe the necessary drugs in optimal doses. Among such drugs, there are: drontal, milbemax and dirofen. If there is no contamination, then the specialist will select an individual medicine for the prevention of a wide spectrum of action.

When, due to some circumstances, prophylaxis for the pet has not been carried out, but there are suspicions that something is wrong, then it is important to know the main signs of helminthiasis. The first thing to look for is your cat's appetite. It can be significantly reduced, or increased, but at the same time, with obvious gluttony, the animal noticeably loses weight. In addition, changes in the nature of the stool can be observed, scarlet blood can be found in the pet's waste products, in more advanced cases, the parasites themselves can be seen in the tray. Some types of helminths can settle in the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract, in such cases, the cat may have frequent urge to vomit, and in the vomit there may also be blood elements or worms.

Nutrition and Grooming Tips for the Asian Tabby Cat

Asian tabby sleeping
  • Hair care. The fur of these cats is just a dream for lazy owners, it is short, not too thick, besides, there is no undercoat either. Therefore, caring for her is minimal, all you need is to comb your pet about once a week with a soft massage brush or a special rubber glove. During the molting period, the optimal combing frequency is considered to be two to three times a week. If we talk about bathing, then some advise to wash the Asian tabby cat as urgently as necessary, but since these cute purrs are extremely clean and neat, this need never comes. And you can't do that. So it is most optimal to bathe the animal approximately once every six months. Although this Asian cat is not too cowardly about washing, you should not abuse water procedures. And you only need to wash your pet with high-quality shampoo with predominantly natural ingredients. Since the skin of the Asian Tabby cat is prone to allergic and inflammatory reactions.
  • Hygiene. Once a week, the cat needs to clean its ears, this must be done, since excessive accumulation of earwax and dirt particles can lead to acquired, mechanical hearing loss, and later to total deafness. Ears are cleaned using children's ear sticks equipped with a stopper, or you can buy them for cats at a pet store, but they are practically no different. Ordinary cotton swabs will not work, especially if you are inexperienced in this procedure, as there is a high chance of damaging the sensitive eardrum and other structures in the middle ear. As an auxiliary substance, experts unanimously advise the use of special solutions for cleaning the ears of cats. Eyes should be wiped once a week with cotton pads, or with pieces of soft, lint-free cloth soaked in boiled water, or tea leaves.
  • Nutrition. Asian cats never go over their food, but you shouldn't feed your pet food from your dinner table to avoid digestive problems. Therefore, it is best to give preference to ready-made dry food of high quality, you can combine it with wet food. Although such feeds do not appear in advertisements, and sometimes are not even mentioned, the following premium products are distinguished among them: Royal Canin and Hills, also note the quality of Purina ProPlan, Advance and Iams. If you feed your cat only dry food, then it is important that he always has free access to drinking water. Among wet food and canned food, the products of the companies are popular: Pro Plan, then Acana, and the top three are Royal Canin, Bosch Sanabelle and Hill's.

Asian tabby cat price

Asian tabby kitten

You can find out how much an Asian tabby costs directly in the nursery. The average cost of such a cat is 800–1000 USD, depending on color, pedigree, and most importantly, from the place of purchase.

Video about the cat Asian tabby:

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