How to choose a camera?

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How to choose a camera?
How to choose a camera?

A short article on choosing the right camera: what to look for, what troubles await you when buying. As well as the features of using the camera. Knowing that I am fond of photography, acquaintances often turn to me asking for help in buying a camera. I will tell you about the features of operation and possible troubles that you may encounter when buying, and also indicate what you need to pay attention to when choosing.

Do you need a camera?

One fine morning, you suddenly realize that the holidays are coming up and it would be very nice to have a camera with you, which for one reason or another you do not have. And now, when you made the final decision that you still need a camera, you ask yourself, which one to buy?

What kind of camera do you need?

The correct choice of the camera depends primarily on how you understand for what purpose you will use it. Usually the answer to this question is quite simple, you need to ask yourself the question: "What will I photograph?" Family, landscapes, portraits, etc. Actually, any device can cope with these tasks, the second question is, how will it do it, how high-quality will your images be?

1. Super compact

For example, you need a camera for shooting corporate events, birthdays, christenings, etc. And you absolutely do not understand anything about taking photos, and you also do not plan to use modes other than automatic. In this case, the choice should be stopped on conventional ultra-compact cameras. Considering that such cameras are usually "always with you", their dimensions are very small and often their size is not much larger than the size of a mobile phone.

Super compact

2. Classic compact camera

If you need a camera for the same purposes as in paragraph 2.1, but at the same time you need control over the shooting parameters, and still want a compact device.

Then it is worth paying attention to the classic compact cameras. In fact, these are cameras of clause 2.1, but they have added the ability to manually control the photo shooting modes.

Classic compact camera

3. Pseudo-mirror

Do you need a camera that allows you to take high-quality pictures and want to master all the subtleties of photography? Then you should definitely take a closer look at this class of technology. As a rule, such a camera can be distinguished by its increased dimensions, as well as the lens that is not hidden in the body. In such cameras, a larger matrix is ​​used, as well as higher-quality lenses, which undoubtedly provides an improved quality of the resulting photographs.


4. SLR camera

A DSLR camera is primarily intended for manual photography. The main task of a SLR camera is to obtain a high-quality image. Therefore, a high-quality matrix is ​​installed in SLR cameras, as well as fairly good lenses. Conventionally, SLR cameras are divided into three classes: amateur, semi-professional and professional.

Reflex camera

A little about the purchase

I recommend buying cameras from well-known manufacturers in official dealerships. So the likelihood that you will find yourself on a low-quality device, as well as the likelihood of problems with service, will be minimized.

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