How to get rid of fungus on the ceiling

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How to get rid of fungus on the ceiling
How to get rid of fungus on the ceiling

The reasons for the appearance of fungus on the ceiling, the harm of mold to human health, a radical method of cleaning, quick folk methods of cleaning the ceiling from the fungus. An obvious reason for the appearance of fungus is also constant humidity in the room, for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Fungus harm to human health

Fungus on the ceiling

Black mold on the ceiling, that is, the fungus, feeds not only on organic matter, but also on mineral components. The growth of the fungus over time leads to the destruction of the ceiling, as building materials begin to crumble.

But the main harm is caused by the fungus to human health. Spores that fly in the air in a room with a fungus enter the human lungs through the respiratory tract. Over time, mitoxins contained in disputes cause the following diseases: dermatitis, asthma, various allergies, liver diseases, cancer, conjunctivitis, thrush.

A person who lives in a room with a fungus constantly feels headaches, suffers from insomnia. A cough, which we often perceive solely as a symptom of a cold or SARS, can also be a dangerous signal of the harmful effects of the fungus on the body.

Fighting fungus on the ceiling with special means

Treatment of the ceiling area affected by the fungus

The sooner you diagnose the problem on your ceiling, the sooner you get rid of it. In order to completely remove the fungus on the ceiling, you need to make some effort. Simple cleaning with detergents in this case is helpless. To get rid of the trouble completely, more radical methods are needed.

For cleaning the fungus on the ceiling, the following products can be used: Natura Antimantar antiseptic primer, Biolavatio anti-mold disinfectant, Homeenpoiste - hypochlorite solution for concrete and wood, S-Hydrotex-P - powder mixture that is suitable to combat fungus in any room (bathroom, kitchen, toilet).

These tools have strict instructions that you need to carefully study before starting work. You will also need protective equipment (mask and gloves).

To completely remove the fungus on the ceiling, we follow this scheme:

  • We remove whitewash and plaster from the areas of the ceiling affected by the fungus (15-20 cm more than the affected area). We leave only the floor slabs. To make the removal process easy, first moisten the ceiling with water from a spray bottle and let it soak for 2-3 hours.
  • We prime the cleaned surface with an antiseptic primer or disinfectant. We try to carefully work out small cracks with a narrow brush.
  • After the antiseptic primer has completely dried, apply a layer of primer. This penetrating mixture will strengthen the ceiling and improve adhesion to the filler.
  • With the help of acrylic putty, we prime all cracks and potholes.
  • We grind the surface with a grinder.
  • The plastered parts of the ceiling are re-primed or treated with a disinfectant.

After all the work has been done to destroy the fungus, you can start finishing.

How to get rid of the fungus on the ceiling with copper sulfate

Preparation of a solution of copper sulfate to combat fungus

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive special antiseptics, you can use an old and proven folk remedy - copper sulfate. It is a turquoise-colored crystal.

We use it like this:

  1. We dilute with water in the proportion of 100 grams of vitriol per 1 bucket of water. Stir with a brush or roller.
  2. Apply to the concrete surface after preliminary cleaning with a roller.
  3. We process small seams with a brush.
  4. We leave the mixture for a couple of hours, after which we cover the ceiling with a primer for better adhesion to a fresh layer of plaster.
  5. Then we follow the classic scheme (plaster, putty, painting).

This method is ideal for removing fungus from the ceiling in the bathroom. However, do not forget that after such a mini-repair, you will have to observe the mode of using the room. It includes: frequent airing, drying the room after taking a shower or bath, as well as wiping surfaces from water.

Use to fight fungus on a whiteness ceiling

Whiteness from the fungus on the ceiling

The radical method for cleaning the fungus from the surface of the ceiling is not suitable for everyone. It takes time. For quick cleaning of the fungus on the ceiling, we need the following protective and chemical means: respirator, rubber gloves, protective plastic glasses, Whiteness.

The basis of the domestic remedy "Whiteness" is sodium hypochlorite. It is a good antiseptic and kills fungus on any surface without leaving any residue. This cheap tool is suitable as a one-time cleaning of the ceiling in the early stages of the development of fungal mold.

We saturate the entire ceiling in an infected room with Whiteness, observing safety rules (respirator and gloves). It makes no sense to treat individual zones, because the fungus multiplies by spores that are not visible to the naked eye. Having cleared one section of the ceiling, tomorrow you will see fungus on another.

Folk ways to fight the fungus

Ceiling fungus baking soda

Among the time-tested recipes for combating fungus, the following substances are also used: vinegar, soda, bleach. These funds inhibit the development of colonies of the fungus, but they are not strong enough to kill it completely. How to get rid of the fungus on the ceiling, folk experience will tell us.

There are three recipes for mixtures for cleaning surfaces from fungus:

  • We mix 1, 5 kg of copper sulfate with 10 liters of water.
  • We mix 1, 5-2 liters of vinegar with 10 liters of water and 1-1, 5 kg of copper or iron sulfate.
  • Mix 1, 5 liters of vinegar with 10 liters of water and 400 g of boric acid.
  • Mix 1 bucket of hot water with half a pack of baking soda and 3 tablespoons of washing powder.

After applying one of these mixtures to the surface of the ceiling, the room must be warmed up and then ventilated. Only after that you can do cosmetic repairs.

How to remove fungus from the ceiling - watch the video:

You can effectively fight the fungus on the ceiling with the help of professional products, as well as homemade formulations. Any method implies compliance with the temperature regime, as well as control of the humidity level. It is very difficult to deal with the common overgrown mycelium, therefore the first measures must be taken immediately after the diagnosis of the problem.

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