Women's pajamas: fashion trends and secrets of choice

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Women's pajamas: fashion trends and secrets of choice
Women's pajamas: fashion trends and secrets of choice

How to choose women's pajamas? The most practical fabrics, popular styles, cuts and décor, color schemes. Secrets of buying a beautiful and convenient kit.

Women's pajamas are clothing designed for sleep and everyday use. It is important to take her choice seriously, because the quality of a night's rest depends on her convenience. Manufacturers offer customers a fairly wide range of models made from different materials - from suits with short sleeves to long shirts with trousers, so it is not surprising that such a variety is easy to get confused. That is why below we offer a detailed guide to choosing women's pajamas.

Material for making pajamas for women

Silk pajamas for women

Pictured is silk pajamas for women

Pajamas are no longer only sleepwear, but are generally intended for everyday use, but when choosing it, it is important to pay attention not only to the style and colors, but, first of all, to the fabric from which it is made. It should be convenient and comfortable in it, only in this case complete rest and healthy sleep are ensured.

If the pajamas are uncomfortable, and the fabric is unpleasant for the body, pricks, irritates, then you will wake up in a bad mood, and there will be no talk of any kind of cheerfulness. And the reflection in the mirror after such a dubious rest will not please. Therefore, when buying pajamas, keep in mind that it should give not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a feeling of comfort.

Both natural and artificial fabrics are used for the manufacture of pajamas, but the best option is a set made of mixed material, when the basis is a natural thread with the addition of synthetic fibers. Such clothes are very comfortable, pleasant to the body, and the fabric is highly wear-resistant.

What material are pajamas for women made of:

  • Cotton… Models designed for the spring-summer season are sewn from thin jersey, and winter ones - from fluffy terry. The fabric is practical, breathable and hypoallergenic. The products are pleasant to the touch, comfortable, comfortable in them, but whimsical to care for. Cotton is afraid of high temperatures and synthetic detergents. If not properly cared for, the item may become discolored or stretch.
  • Cotton with synthetic thread… In order to extend the life of women's home pajamas and prevent its rapid wear, manufacturers add synthetic thread to cotton, for example, polyester, lycra, elastane. Sleepwear made from a blended fabric is more durable and can last for several years. It is important to control that the content of synthetic additives in the composition of the material does not exceed 10-20%.
  • Silk… Natural fabric, which is distinguished by its brilliant appearance in the literal sense of the word. Silk pajamas are simply gorgeous, look elegant and romantic, unlike artificial counterparts, they do not generate static energy, but they are demanding in care. In addition, such products wrinkle easily.
  • Satin and satin… A budget option for women's silk pajamas, however, products made of synthetic thread are not inferior to natural ones in appearance. These fabrics do not wrinkle, but when worn, there is a "sticking" effect. To neutralize it, you should use a special antiseptic spray.
  • Fleece and microfiber… Man-made polyester or polyamide fabrics. Sleepwear made from them is lightweight yet dense. It is warm in it, and after washing it dries very quickly. Fleece has one unique ability: it resists pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.But microfiber is highly durable and does not need ironing. Pajamas for girls, made of fleece and microfiber, are very warm, so they are more suitable for the winter season. As a rule, these are sets that consist of trousers and long-sleeved sweaters. In addition, such warm pajamas can be used not only for sleeping, but also as clothes for the house, however, it is important to exclude contact with synthetics and pry off underwear made of knitwear.
  • Modal… A faux fabric that is used to make pajamas for summer. It is also lightweight, hygienic, does not wrinkle, and is pleasant to the touch. The material is resistant to mechanical damage, and no shrinkage occurs during washing. It looks great and is cheaper than silk pajamas or 100% cotton clothing.
  • Viscose… This fabric is artificial, but it is great for the production of summer clothes, including pajamas, as its characteristics are not inferior to natural materials. Viscose is a breathable and antiseptic fabric that has another unique ability to absorb moisture.

Note! When buying women's pajamas and fabrics, consider the season. In winter, cotton, warm knitwear, terry sets, fleece are relevant; for sleeping on summer nights, choose models from silk or viscose.

Styles of women's pajamas

Short pajamas for women

Photo of short women's pajamas

Of course, the main selection criterion is material, but the fashion industry dictates its own rules, as a result of which a wide variety of models of different styles are available to women.

Let's consider the most popular ones:

  1. Classic pajamas… This is a set consisting of a loose shirt with buttons and wide-leg trousers. This style is similar to the man's. Some types of pajamas instead of a shirt contain a long jacket, and instead of trousers - breeches with an elastic band located at the bottom of the leg. They are very comfortable, they are comfortable and warm in winter.
  2. Long pajamas… The embodiment of elegance and comfort is a set of long pants and a fitted top, for example, a blouse or a T-shirt, but you can also buy pajamas with a tight top with straps. Models made of silk and with a long sleeve look the most elegant.
  3. Short pajamas… These are modernized sets for summer, consisting of a tank top or tee and shorts. Other variations are possible, for example, boxers or capri pants, which are combined with a top made in the form of a top. Such products are sewn from light thin fabrics, for example, silk or viscose, you can also buy beautiful cropped satin pajamas. The style creates maximum comfort, since it does not pull anywhere, therefore it is very popular, especially among young people. Short pajamas are produced in both sporty and romantic styles; various prints like cartoon characters, flowers and butterflies are applied to the products.
  4. Pajamas jumpsuit… One-piece pieces that are ideal for use in the cold season and are usually made from fleece, velor or terry cloth. These sets are ideal for girls who are tossing and turning in their sleep.
  5. Kigurumi pajamas… This is a costume sewn in the form of an animal or resembling a character from Japanese cartoons. They appeared in the 90s in Japan and were intended for animators, and now this style is leading in the list of preferences of creative personalities. Sleep models are made of lightweight fabric, while outdoor sets are made of fleece or terry. Thanks to the free cut, such beautiful pajamas can be worn by girls with any type of figure.
  6. Feminine Pajamas… Their job is to seduce. These are beautiful, revealing models that emphasize the wearer's femininity. They are sewn from thin and translucent materials. Viscose, silk, satin are used for their manufacture, as well as numerous lace inserts, satin trim and a wide variety of exquisite decor.When choosing a model, keep in mind that a flirty pajamas with shorts and a top will charm more than a closed-cut product consisting of long pants and a closed blouse. At the same time, clothes should match your image, regardless of color and prints.
  7. Sports pajamas… Popular with young girls. These sets resemble a tracksuit and are produced in different versions. As a rule, they consist of shorts and a T-shirt, training trousers and sweaters with a long sleeve. These are the best pajamas for both sleep and home use.

Cut and decor of women's pajamas

Fitted women's pajamas with buttons

In addition to the actual style, pay attention to the cut and decor. The size of the pajamas should be appropriate. Too tight, it will not be comfortable, the same can be said about a very wide suit, it will not be comfortable either. It is ideal to choose a product with a free cut, that is, the set should be one or two sizes larger. Thus, it will not hinder movement and create discomfort.

Take a look at the decor before choosing your pajamas. Zippers and buttons, especially if there are a lot of them, will press on the body at night, and sleep will spoil. Ideally, buy a model with a minimum number of fasteners if you are in the mood for a comfortable stay.

The elastic on the shorts or the narrow armhole of the sleeves can also rub: they should be wider than in ordinary things. Do not take a product with hard seams, they should be soft, but well finished, especially when it comes to silk pajamas, as the material can creep.

Color solutions for women's pajamas

Pink womens pajamas with print

We figured out the fabric and fashionable styles, but also when choosing pajamas, one more criterion should be taken into account - the color scheme. And it's not just about aesthetic pleasure. According to psychologists, color can influence mood! The following colors are famous for their pacifying effect: green, blue, pink. White and milk will help to calm down after a hard day's work. But it is better to refuse black, because it can worsen the mood.

However, not so much psychologists dictate their own rules as fashion designers. Each new season has its own trends. Nowadays, both plain pastel pajamas and seductive outfits in juicy colors are relevant. Purple, cherry and chocolate remain real hits, while the most courageous individuals are advised to pay attention to the bows of pajamas in yellow, salad or blue coloring.

Models with a floral pattern are very popular. As a rule, oriental motives are chosen by subtle natures. Pajamas in a cage or strip, with other geometric ornaments are also considered relevant.

They also choose the color of the sleep kit depending on the invented image. Fruit and floral tones will help to add tenderness to it. But in order to give their appearance brightness and intrigue, they buy models of saturated colors. Bright red pajamas look passionate and bold, and lilac, lavender, pink remain sophisticated classics.

How to choose women's pajamas - watch the video:

And finally, I would like to add that the ideal pajamas for sleeping is one that is practically not felt on the body.

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