DIY Halloween makeup and costumes

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DIY Halloween makeup and costumes
DIY Halloween makeup and costumes

See how easy it is to make Halloween costumes, carve the traditional attribute of this holiday - a pumpkin, decorate the table and make yourself a terrifying make-up. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. This ancient holiday originated in Ireland and Scotland, and at the end of the 20th century it became popular in Russia and the CIS countries.

Symbols and traditions of the holiday

People at halloween party

Halloween dates back to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Scotland and Ireland. Celebrated on October 31st.

Many people know about one of the main symbols of this holiday - pumpkins-lamps. The tradition of making this attribute has Celtic roots. This people had the custom of making lanterns, which, according to legend, helped the souls of the departed find their way to purgatory.

Interestingly, in Scotland, turnips were used to create a magical lamp. But in North America it was replaced by pumpkin, which is a more affordable and cheaper vegetable there. Halloween costumes are scary, occult. It can be a witch, Kikimora, as well as characters from horror films - Frankenstein, a mummy. The decoration of the room also needs to be given due attention. Since the holiday is celebrated in the fall, this time of year must be reflected. For this purpose, pumpkins are laid out on the shelves, a scarecrow is placed. The colors of the holiday are orange, black.

People dressed up in Halloween costumes go from door to door and beg for sweets. This tradition is ancient. In the old days, the poor of Ireland and England on November 1 - All Saints Day, went to their homes, asked the owners for "spiritual cakes." For this, they promised to pray for the souls of the departed relatives of those who gave the treats.

Another interesting tradition of the holiday is fortune telling. Scottish girls used apple peels for this. They cut it off the fruit so that it was as long as possible, threw it over their shoulder. Then the fallen skin had to be examined to see what letter it looked like. It was believed that the surname of the betrothed would begin on it.

There is also a second traditional fortune-telling. A girl with candles climbs the stairs with her back forward in a dark house. Then she needs to move the candle in front of the mirror. It was believed that after a while the face of the future spouse would appear. And if, instead, a skull appears in the mirror, this foreshadows the death of a girl who will never marry.

Haunted attractions are organized in the USA and some other countries. Special attention is also paid to the festive table.

How to choose, cut, highlight a pumpkin for Halloween?

Halloween Party Pumpkin

It is not difficult to make this attribute of the holiday. If you have grown pumpkins in the country, use them. If there is no infield, then buy this vegetable at the market or in the store.

Pay attention to the fact that the pumpkin must be ripe - have a dry skin and a hard, dense, unbending "tail". Ripe, when tapped, will make an empty sound.

Halloween Party Decorations

The vegetable should not have cracks, cuts, dents. Halloween pumpkin can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you do not want to draw on it, cut it out, and the household has a drill, make holes with it.

If the pumpkin is thick-skinned, use a lightweight design method. To do this, take:

  • pumpkin;
  • metal cookie cutters;
  • hammer;
  • knife.

Wash the vegetable well beforehand, wipe it with a towel. Attach a mold to the skin, drive it in, tapping it with a hammer. Take out the form. Making deeper cuts will be easy using a knife.

Carving shapes in a pumpkin

Use a spoon to scoop out the pulp through the large holes. Place a candle or battery-powered light in the cavity of the pumpkin.

Ready-made illuminated pumpkin for halloween

Halloween pumpkin can be decorated in a different way.Print the image you like, corresponding to the theme of the holiday, attach it to the surface of the pumpkin. Make punctures along the contours with a needle, then mark them more clearly with a knife.

Drawing a bat on a pumpkin

If you have a large and small pumpkin, why not make such a composition out of them?

Composition for halloween of a large and small pumpkin

And here's another easy way to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween. For him, take:

  • pumpkin;
  • simple pencil;
  • small knife;
  • spoon.
Step by step decorating a pumpkin for halloween
  1. Draw a circle on the vegetable so that the "tail" is in its center. Also mark with a knife the eyes and nose, mouth with teeth.
  2. Relying on the basting, make cuts along the contours.
  3. Using the upper hole with your hands, sometimes helping yourself with a spoon, remove the pulp.
  4. It remains to place a highlight inside the vegetable and you can put a funny attribute of the holiday in place.

DIY halloween costumes

Depending on the availability of skills and time, you can sew a costume for the holiday or quickly make it from available tools. If both are lacking, craft a mummy outfit in 15 minutes.

Quick Halloween Mummy Outfit

It requires:

  • bandages, gauze;
  • scissors;
  • watercolor paints;
  • brush.

Consecutively wrap the hands, feet, body with bandages of the future performer of the role of the mummy. For the head, you can use them and strips of gauze. Next, the outfit is covered with red watercolors using a paintbrush. The Halloween costume for this character can be made of strips of white cloth. For these purposes, an old light duvet cover is suitable.

Another version of the mummy costume for Halloween

A ghost costume is made just as quickly. To do this, you need to cut holes for the eyes in the sheet, and the outfit is ready.

Halloween ghost costume

For the evil doctor costume, you only need:

  • white robe;
  • red paint;
  • brush;
  • knife.

Color the robe, give the character a knife, and the image is almost ready. If the actor has long hair, comb it lightly to create a tousled effect.

Halloween evil doctor costume

If short, then cut a strip on the head from a light knitted T-shirt, stitch it on the side. Wash yarn on top, let it be hair. A wig will help out, like the next hero.

Halloween devil costume

The two horns of the devil are sewn onto the artificial hair. You can make horns in another way. Then take:

  • red cloth;
  • synthetic winterizer or cotton wool;
  • hair band;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

For each horn, you will need 2 crescent-shaped blanks. Let's start with the first one. Cut out, cut them out, sew on the wrong side from the sides, leaving 1.5 cm unstitched from the bottom on both sides. Turn the workpiece onto your face, fill it with padding polyester or cotton through the bottom hole. Make the second horn the same way.

Put these blanks on the rim, bend them over it. From the bottom on your hands, grind one, then the second horn so that their bottom wraps around the hoop, due to which the blanks will hold.

And here's how to quickly make a devil costume for Halloween with your own hands. To do this, take:

  • black pants;
  • red sequins;
  • black T-shirt;
  • braid;
  • dark fabric.

We adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Cut out a semicircular cape from the fabric, sew on its top - on one and the other side, ribbons to tie this cape around the neck.
  2. Cut out a tail from the remains of this canvas, it consists of a rectangle measuring 8x30 cm and two triangles with sides of 7 cm.
  3. Fold the rectangle lengthwise, stitch it from the top and the side on the wrong side, and turn it over to the right side. If you want the tail to be voluminous, stuff it with cotton, pushing it through with a pencil.
  4. You can also do with triangles, but first you need to sew them on the face, tucking the edges inward.
  5. Sew this triangular blank to the unsewn tip of the ponytail. And this Halloween costume piece is ready.
  6. It remains to decorate the cloak, trousers with sequins and you can go in such an interesting outfit for the holiday.

The costume of Koshchei the Immortal will also come in handy and can also be quickly made from black fabric. You can buy these stickers or cut them out of white paper or fabric and stick them yourself.

Koschei costume for halloween

Baba Yaga's costume is made even easier.

Baba Yaga costume for halloween

The kit consists of:

  • shirts;
  • sundress or skirts;
  • apron;
  • scarf.

We make a suit as follows:

  1. If you will be sewing a sundress yourself, attach a sleeveless dress to the fabric folded in half, outline. If the dress is tight, then you need to add from the sides.
  2. Lay a large ruler from the armpits to the hem, draw a straight, slanted line to keep the sundress flared. Do not cut the canvas with the dress pinned to it, otherwise it may be damaged. Therefore, first remove the dress, and then cut out a sundress.
  3. Stitch along the sides and shoulders. Do not process the armhole and neckline, then the Baba Yaga costume will be the most authentic. On the contrary, here you can slightly "ruffle" the fabric with a needle. And on the hem, make zigzag cuts.
  4. If you do not have a suitable apron, you can sew an apron from just two parts: a canvas and a belt. Gather the rectangular canvas a little by sewing a belt to it.
  5. Unleash your creativity by stitching pieces of fabric to the apron to become patches.
  6. It remains to tie the hair with a scarf, and the Baba Yaga costume is ready.

You can create the image of Kikimora if you twist the New Year's tinsel in a green shade. Put on your green dress and your Halloween costume is ready. It remains to decorate the headdress. A straw hat is suitable for this. Sew on it with green yarn, leaves cut from yellow fabric.

Halloween kikimora costume

And here are a few more outfit options that will help to make the scary Halloween colorful.

Halloween costume options

If you want to quickly make a feminine outfit, you can use the wedding dress, which is gathering dust in the far corner. You can simply make it shorter by zigzag the hem. Let the veil hang on the side of your head. All that remains is to do the makeup, and Frankenstein's mesmerizing bride can go to the party.

Womens halloween outfits

For a vampire, it can be minimal:

  • chalk your face;
  • paint your lips with red lipstick;
  • put an artificial plastic jaw with protruding fangs in your mouth (this is sold in stores along with sweets).
Halloween vampire costume options

More on Halloween makeup will be discussed in the next section, but for now, check out how easy it is to make a vampire costume. For him, you only need to sew a cape with a high collar, and black trousers, a shirt, you can use your own.

On Halloween, you can turn into a doll or become an insidious sorceress.

Halloween doll costume options

For the latter, use a tailored dress. All that remains is to make the hat. For her, take:

  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • black cloth or paper.

We make a sorceress costume according to the following instructions:

  1. Cut a triangle out of cardboard, roll it up with a cone, glue the edges. Make exactly the same out of black paper or fabric, stick it on a cardboard blank.
  2. Place the cone on the cardboard, sketch out. Step away from this small circle, draw another parallel to this. These are the brims of the hat.
  3. Attach them to a black fabric, cut out the same blank of them, glue them to cardboard.
  4. Glue the brim to the cone and the hat is ready.

After cutting out the margins, step back from the small circle upward by 2 cm. This allowance is needed for gluing the margins to the cone. A bodysuit can be used for a sexy cat costume. The ears will be a bow that needs to be tied on the hair at the crown of the head. You can sew them and stitch them to the rim.

Halloween cat costume options

Halloween makeup

Based on what kind of character you want to create, the makeup will be the same. If this is an image, then the face will need to be painted so that it looks like a bat, a cat.

Halloween cat makeup

For a feline look you will need:

  • black eyeliner pencil;
  • gray and white shadows;
  • fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • light powder;
  • brush;
  • glutinous sequins.

Makeup application:

  1. Using a brush, apply a light powder to your face.
  2. Adjust the line of the eyebrows, outline the nose. With the same black pencil, you need to make the eyes large and slanted. False eyelashes can also be used.
  3. Apply gray eyeshadow around the eyes.
  4. Paint the tip of the nose and lips with the same lipstick.
  5. Cut antennae from the fishing line, attach them with glutinous sequins.

Pay special attention to your eyes when doing your Halloween makeup. Highlight them with pencil and shadows. Use professional acting makeup if you like.

Halloween makeup options

You can draw a cobweb around the eyes.

Halloween eye makeup options

Pay attention to your lips when doing Halloween makeup. They should emphasize the created image. You can cover them with a light tone, with the help of a dark one, make unnaturally large outlines of the lips and teeth "a dentist's dream."

Halloween party makeup options

Depending on the chosen image, the lips can be narrow or, conversely, plump, to convey the bloodthirstiness of the character.

Halloween Party Lip Makeup Options

You can only put scary Halloween makeup on one half of your face. The effect will still be overwhelming.

Halloween half face makeup options

Male makeup, to create the image of the devil, you will make using red and black paints. Horns can be attached or painted on the forehead. Black eyeliner will highlight the eyes.

Halloween makeup for men

What dishes to cook for Halloween?

Halloween party dish option

Halloween is celebrated in the fall, when apples are just harvested, so many dessert dishes are based on these fruits.

This is how a sweet table can be, prepare:

  • apples in syrup (nuts can be added);
  • caramel from this fruit;
  • apple toffee.

In North America, they prepare candy korns, candy pampkins, decorated in the form of pumpkin, corn, respectively.

Halloween candy korn

Candy korn are candies made from:

  • corn syrup;
  • Sahara;
  • binders;
  • artificial colors.

Candy pampkin is created according to almost the same recipe. The main difference between these sweets is in the addition of honey, marshmallow, low-fat cream.

Another traditional dish is barmbrak bread. In Ireland, it is prepared for various holidays, including Halloween. A piece of wood, peas, a piece of cloth, a ring and a coin were hidden in the dough. It was believed that these objects predict the future: a chip portends the troubles of family life, peas will say that you do not have to wait for a quick wedding, a piece of cloth promises poverty, and a coin, on the contrary, is wealth. The ring will tell you about the imminent wedding.

Now you can sew a Halloween costume, make up, cook delicious meals and have fun celebrating a mystical holiday! And to make it easier for you to cope with this task, watch the video.

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