How to remove the rings of Venus around your neck?

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How to remove the rings of Venus around your neck?
How to remove the rings of Venus around your neck?

What are the rings of Venus on the neck, the main reasons. How to get rid of horizontal wrinkles and folds: filler correction, taping, exercises, peels, photorejuvenation.

The rings of Venus are horizontal grooves and folds that form in the neck. They can appear at a young age, although more often the problem occurs over the years. To eliminate a cosmetic defect, you have to deal with the root cause. Most often, you have to use a set of measures to restore the smoothness of the neck.

What are the rings of Venus on the neck?

The rings of Venus on the neck

In the photo, the rings of Venus on the neck

The Venusian rings are the horizontal folds that form on the front of the neck. Transverse creases are considered a cosmetic defect, although many cosmetologists argue that they do not need to be dealt with - good skin care is enough.

Often the rings of Venus on the neck are called wrinkles. However, not all experts say that this is the correct wording. Wrinkles are exclusively age-related, and teenage girls also have horizontal lines and creases on the neck.

To understand the problem, you need to get acquainted with the structure of the neck. It is covered with muscles that come in different lengths: some are longer, and some are shorter. From above, the musculature is covered with a kind of connective tissue sheath - fascia. These "cases" also have a different structure: sometimes the muscles are wrapped in a single cloth, and sometimes in separate pieces. All this forms the appearance of the neck, determines how it will change with age or under the influence of other factors.

The so-called wrinkles or rings of Venus appear in places where the superficial fascia is connected to the skin. Fibrous cords attract the skin to the muscles. Wrinkles occur where the fibers are taut. But they are almost imperceptible, or they appear more clearly. The junction of the fascia with the skin is most clearly manifested if the subcutaneous fat layer of the tissue is well expressed, and vice versa, if the fat is sorely lacking. Striking examples can be seen on the infant's neck. By the way, sometimes these folds remain in a person for life from birth.

The main causes of the rings of Venus on the neck

Age-related changes as the cause of the rings of Venus on the neck

In search of the reasons for the formation of the rings of Venus, one cannot discount the individual characteristics of the structure of the neck and genetic predisposition. But you can reduce the risks of early and rapid appearance of creases if you take into account the factors that aggravate the condition:

  • Incorrect posture… This is a real scourge of our time, when people spend long hours sitting at computers or with gadgets in their hands. A stoop occurs involuntarily, the muscle frame changes, adapting to the position of the body. The neck is constantly tilted forward and downward, so that creases appear spontaneously.
  • Lack of physical activity… Although the neck itself is difficult to train, if the overall muscles are weak, folds develop and deepen much faster.
  • Improper nutrition… In particular, with an abundance of fatty, spicy, smoked food, with a lack of vitamins and minerals. As a result, the fatty layer grows, and the skin loses its elasticity, sags, becomes flabby due to the lack of valuable substances.
  • Low skin density by nature… In this case, proper care of the epidermis is doubly important.
  • Age changes… As we age, muscles tend to shorten, and the vertebrae fall inward. The neck gradually comes to a position tilted 30-40 degrees. Because of these reasons, the rings of Venus on the neck appear more and more clearly.
  • Small layer of subcutaneous tissue… Like the naturally low content of melanocytes, this factor contributes to early photoaging.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis… When salts are deposited in region 7 of the spine, a compensation mechanism is triggered, and the so-called "widow's hump" is formed, and the neck is pushed forward. Therefore, sometimes the rings of Venus on the neck mean nothing more than degenerative processes in the spine.

It is important to take into account the specifics of the skin on the neck when caring for this delicate area. Japanese scientists call her more sensitive than her face! Therefore, she reacts much more sharply to violations of the rules of care. Illiterate selection and application of cosmetics provokes accelerated aging of the skin, which will inevitably lead to the formation of horizontal folds.

How to get rid of the Venus rings on your neck?

Cosmetology recommends combating the rings of Venus in a complex manner. It is best to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age, eat right, and not acquire bad habits - then the likelihood of pronounced folds is reduced. Moderate physical activity is also required. It is imperative to take care of the skin of the neck, and correctly, taking into account the specifics of its structure, the features of the epidermis. If there are already transverse creases, then a variety of techniques are adopted - from hardware procedures to special exercises from the rings of Venus.

Fillers for filling Venus rings

Fillers for filling Venus rings on the neck

If you have already drawn pronounced rings, you can make injections using special placeholders. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid show themselves in the best way. The advantage of the method is that it is highly effective with minimal effort. It is only necessary to find a good specialist who will select an individual remedy and give the correct injection. Moreover, the effect only increases with time, and lasts up to one and a half years.

But there are contraindications to the procedure, which must be taken into account when choosing a way to remove the rings of Venus. Injections are not done in such cases:

  • With individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • In case of violation of blood clotting;
  • During an exacerbation of a chronic disease or with an infectious disease;
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • For serious ailments, for example, cancer.

Good results are shown by injections of such fillers to fill the rings of Venus:

  • Belotero Soft … It is a highly cohesive agent. That is, the particles in the substance are held together, migration of the gel is excluded. The risks of side effects are minimized. The cost of an injection of 1 ml is within 14,500 rubles. or 5000 UAH.
  • Surgiderm… Another high viscosity filler that fills in wrinkles effectively. The average cost of such a tool is 13,500 rubles. or 4500 UAH.
  • Juvederm volbella… A French product that has proven to be effective in filling the rings of Venus. An excellent result appears in the first days after the injection, while there are practically no unpleasant side effects. The cost of such a tool is about 16,500 rubles. or UAH 6100

Tape from the rings of Venus

Tape from the rings of Venus on the neck

A new technology - taping - is finding an increasing number of adherents among those who want to delicately eliminate wrinkles on the neck. In search of a painless, non-injecting way to get rid of the rings of Venus, you can turn to this technique.

The bottom line is gluing a special plaster using a special technology. Due to this, the desired results are achieved:

  • The tape provides additional support to the muscles, restoring the so-called muscle memory… Having received the stimulus, the muscles begin to work more efficiently. Due to this, it is possible to prevent the appearance of new folds, deepening of old ones, and even reduce existing creases.
  • Taping helps to activate lymph flow… Due to this, excess fluid is more actively removed from the body, and with it toxins. Puffiness disappears, which can also further aggravate folds, and regeneration processes are started.
  • Venus ring tapes are also effective due to improved blood circulation… It transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, nourishing the cells, removing waste products. The muscles and skin in the neck area are also beneficial. Elasticity, firmness returns, folds go away.

Ideally, it is better to entrust the taping of the Venus rings to specialists. If there is no time or opportunity, you can apply the tape on your neck yourself, strictly adhering to the rules of procedure. This area requires special attention and meticulous adherence to instructions! The slightest violations of technology will only aggravate the condition.

First of all, you need to buy the right tapes: for such purposes, the products of the cosmetic line are used. Sports counterparts are not suitable, as they can damage the skin and provoke the formation of new wrinkles.

Then it remains to find and apply an effective and proven taping scheme. For example, you can stick with these options:

  • The tapes are applied to the area from the middle of the neck to the upper points of the jaw. It is important that they are glued with a slight stretch. This option provides the actual tightening effect.
  • A wide tape with one end is glued to the protruding edge of the clavicle, and the rest is cut into thin strips and fan-shaped, directed to the lower jaw, so that they are distributed from the left to the right ear. This method helps to improve lymph and blood flow to stimulate regeneration, rejuvenate tissues, and relieve puffiness.

For the correction of the rings of Venus to be effective, it is important to repeat the procedures regularly - even daily. Taping is effective if the application is kept within 2-8 hours.

Exercises from the rings of Venus

Exercises from the rings of Venus on the neck

In order not to have to puzzle over how to remove the rings of Venus around the neck, do not forget about physical activity. Including, special gymnastics is recommended, aimed at preventing folds. First of all, the complex of such exercises acts as a preventive measure. But he also supports in the case of combating existing creases. Cosmetologists recommend not to rely on gymnastics as the only way to get rid of rings, but to include it in a set of activities.

If you want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the neck and rings of Venus, it is enough to devote up to half an hour a day to such exercises:

  1. Warm up first. Perform 10 circular head movements in different directions.
  2. Next, the corners are gently lowered down with your fingertips. It is important to feel the tension in the neck muscle. Then you can start counting: slowly count to 20. Letting go of the lips for a few seconds, repeat the exercise again.
  3. Now you can simply push your head forward, then push it back. The exercise will be effective if the shoulders can be fixed in place. The back and forth movement is repeated 10 times.
  4. The next exercise is to move the head to the right and left without moving the shoulder girdle. To make it easier to understand the principle of the exercise, it is worth remembering the dances of oriental girls. It is important that every movement is fluid. Repeat the left-right shift 10 times.
  5. Next, tilt the head forward and backward 10 times. It is necessary to do this slowly but deeply, especially forward. When moving back, it is important not to throw your head back, but to stretch your chin towards the ceiling, feeling how the muscle on the front of the neck is stretching.
  6. Now they tilt to the left and right. In this case, you need to reach the maximum limit for yourself. The exercise is repeated 10 times in each direction.
  7. At the end, you need to relax the muscles. To do this, the head is smoothly rolled from shoulder to shoulder, relaxing the spine.

Peeling from the rings of Venus on the neck

Peeling from the rings of Venus on the neck

Understanding why Venus rings appear on the neck, it is possible to expand the range of measures, also involving peels - as a prophylaxis and in order to eliminate existing wrinkles. In this case, different means are used - both chemical and hardware.

It is better to perform such procedures with a professional beautician. He will study the condition of the skin, understand what the rings of Venus mean in this particular person. After all, folds are formed with both an excessive and an insufficient layer of subcutaneous fat. In the first case, peels are recommended, but when the skin is dehydrated, there is almost no fiber under them, the specialist will advise you to restore the condition of the epidermis. And only then, after nourishing the cells, you can resort to peeling.

The effect of such procedures is the deliberate, controlled trauma to the skin. In response, regeneration processes are started. The cells begin to actively produce collagen and elastin, so the elasticity and firmness of the skin returns.

Cosmetologists use laser peeling with such folds more willingly. The fact is that a specialist can fine-tune the device, taking into account the condition of the skin. Chemicals are sometimes unpredictable. Therefore, the risks of side effects are higher. On average, one laser session costs 7,000 rubles. or UAH 2500 But the price is predetermined by the type of equipment, duration of exposure and other nuances. The great advantage of laser peeling is that it gives a 100% result, and the effect lasts for about a year. Sometimes you need to do two resurfacing, and then only repeat annually to keep the skin smooth.

Photorejuvenation from the rings of Venus

Photorejuvenation from the rings of Venus on the neck

Another hardware procedure that attracts especially those who are afraid to fill the Venus rings on their necks with fillers. A huge plus is obvious - this is a non-invasive method, therefore, pain is excluded in most cases. The skin is exposed to light waves of different lengths, while the person feels only pleasant warmth and a slight tingling sensation.

The exercise helps to fight ringlets, as it helps to improve the tone and structure of the skin. In parallel, it activates the production of collagen and elastin. True, you don't have to count on an instant result. When people talk about photorejuvenation, they mean a prolonged effect. On average, the result becomes evident after 4-5 months.

Immediately after the procedure, the skin turns pink. At the end, the specialist applies a cream with a soothing and cooling effect. The cosmetologist individually draws up a schedule for the anti-aging course. On average, 3-4 sessions are needed, which are done at intervals of 3 weeks.

The cost of photorejuvenation is calculated based on the amount of work delivered. If up to 10 impulses are enough, then the service will cost 800 rubles. or 300 UAH. for 1 impulse.

True, there is a relatively extensive list of contraindications for such procedures. It includes:

  • Epilepsy;
  • Diabetes;
  • Cataract and glaucoma;
  • Severe hypertension;
  • Oncology and some other serious ailments.

Also, experts will not do photorejuvenation for a woman during pregnancy.

The results of removing the rings of Venus on the neck

The results of removing the rings of Venus on the neck

Increasingly, at a young and even at a young age, girls have to think about how to get rid of the rings of Venus on their necks. And practice shows that this can be very difficult. Even if you use the widest arsenal, from injections and hardware procedures to gymnastics. Although filler injections, peels and photorejuvenation can really please: there are numerous positive responses about them.

Very often, wrinkles quickly return, even if it was possible to completely remove the Venus rings at home or in a beauty chair.

To consolidate the result, it is extremely important:

  1. Take care of posture, paying special attention to strengthening the muscle corset on the back;
  2. Get into the habit of raising your smartphone to your eyes and putting your laptop or computer at the same level, and not constantly tilting your head to look at the screen;
  3. Take care of the skin of the neck, expanding the arsenal of used products and methods of care as you age.

Summing up, we can conclude: it is important not just to rejoice at the difference before and after the procedures from the rings of Venus, but also to take measures to preserve the result. Some experts say bluntly that a neck care course should be lifelong.

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