Chinese cat Li Hua or Dragon Li: description and pet care

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Chinese cat Li Hua or Dragon Li: description and pet care
Chinese cat Li Hua or Dragon Li: description and pet care

Historical information about the Li Hua cat breed, the official characteristics of the appearance, the characteristics of the character of the pet, health, care and maintenance at home, the price of a kitten. A cat of the Chinese-Li-Hua breed can also be found in sources under the names Dragon Li or Dragon Li, Li Mao or Li Hua Mau, Li Hua Mao. We can say that we will talk about one of the most ancient breeds of the feline world, whose native lands are considered to be China. Today, there are very few such animals, and if you wanted to have a pet with such an ancient pedigree in your home, then you should learn more about it.

Historical background about the Li Hua cat breed

Two cats Chinese Li Hua

This Chinese cat breed has been known in the Chinese lands for centuries. There is a version that the variety arose due to the domestication of one of the subspecies of Chinese wild cats, which is called the Wild Mountain Cat. However, internationally, this species is called "Dragon Li". Ancient texts containing records of such a furry animal date back to the first century AD, during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), one of the best periods in Chinese history, in the Chinese lands. It was then that the Chinese-Li-Hua cats were allowed to be owned by middle-level officials. This, apparently, became the key to the widespread distribution of these unpretentious pets.

If we talk about the Chinese, they are very fond of their aboriginal breed of cats and even arrange real wedding ceremonies for a couple of li hua. Despite the entire ancient history and the fact that these pets are mentioned in ancient Chinese manuscripts, the Dragon Li cats received official recognition only since 2004. It was at this time that the representatives of this species were seen by the audience and participants of the exhibition, which was held in Pikin from December 30, 2003 to January 6, 2004.

Only after a couple of years the breed standard was officially developed and approved, it happened in 2005 under the auspices of the CAA (Cat Aficionado Association). This year was significant as Needy, owned by Mr. Dan Han, took first place in its category and was awarded the CAA Champion title. Since then, the Li Hua cat breed has attracted the interest of international felinologists and its popularity has begun to grow. After that, in 2010, Li Hua Mao's pets were registered as a separate species in the CFA, an association that breeds and breeds new breeds.

Two Dragon Li cats were taken from the exhibition to distant America, these animals are named Zhong Guo and Nao Nao. They currently live in Palm Spring, California, and in the spring of 2011, two more Lee Mao cats - Sem-Howe (Sam) and Dee Dee - became residents of Georgia and South Dakota, respectively.

Today, it is customary to raise these rare animals not only in their historical homeland, but according to rumors there are breeders across the ocean, in America, conducting Li Hua Mao cat breeding robots. It is curious that the literal translation of the hieroglyphs from the Chinese language of the name of this breed sounds like "fox flower cat".

It can be noted that kittens of the Li Hua breed grow very slowly, and until they reach a year they cannot be transported, since their body is very weakened. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to acquire such an animal outside their home territory, although, in principle, non-specialists in the field of felinology may be surprised, since outwardly these cats resemble an ordinary courtyard murka without special breed designations.

Description of the appearance standard of the cat Dragon Li

The appearance of the Chinese Li Hua

All representatives of the breed are distinguished by a muscular and strong constitution, although they are owners of medium size. So the weight of the cats is 3.5 kg, but the males will be larger, their parameters do not exceed 5 kg.

  1. Body characterized by proportionality, the body is slender, while it resembles a rectangle with a wide chest in outline. In length, the body exceeds the parameters in height. If you look at the cat from the side, then its back should appear almost completely straight.
  2. Head Li Hua cat has an elongated shape with a rounded forehead. It is curious that the corners of the pet's mouth stand out with a black color, which gives the impression that the cat is constantly smiling.
  3. Eyes rather large, their contours resemble an almond, the eyes are set obliquely (the inner corner is always higher than the outer one). Their color stands out very clearly against the background of wool - it takes on shades of green or yellow.
  4. Ears they are medium in size, widening at the base, while their apex is rounded.
  5. Limbs the length of the animal is equal in length or the anterior ones can be inferior in length to the hind ones, differ in straight outlines and muscularity.
  6. Paws Li Hua Mau cats are large, oval and wide. There are five toes on the front legs and only four on the hind legs.
  7. Tail slightly inferior in length to the body, at the base it has a thickening, which gradually tapers towards the end.
  8. Wool Dragon Li cats are short, smooth, soft and silky to the touch. The undercoat is very poorly defined. The coat is dense and has two layers. Usually females have softer hairs than males.
  9. Coat color representatives of the species Li Mao only chocolate broken tabby-merkel or brindle black tabby. There are stripes on the body and head of the animal, the chest, as if decorating a necklace (at least one continuous stripe), black lines also follow from the eyes and lower outlines of the part of the cheeks leading to the neck, the belly is all in specks of black tone, the tail process has black ring marks that also move to the limbs. Legs above the wrist take on a brown color scheme. At the top, the tail is black. Because of these patterns, Li Hua's cat looks quite bright, as the tabby pattern stands out clearly on the ticked coat. All this is due to the fact that each individual wool has a color from the encircling stripes, which are black in the root zone, the middle zone with a light shade, and at the top it changes to a chocolate tone. Full maturation of an animal is possible only when it reaches the age of three. Dragon Lee kittens are offered for sale only when they reach a year or 16 months. Then they can not only be transported, but also taken out to exhibitions.


Although the representatives of the Li Hua breed are similar to yard cats, there are also signs by which they can be disqualified - an incorrect bite, the presence of extra toes on the paws, defects in the tail process, the coat is elongated or its waviness is present, the color of the paws is whitish and of the same color the muzzle, the tip of the tail is not black, the nose is lightened, there are no necklace-like stripes on the chest.

Character of the cat breed Chinese Li Hua

The color of the Chinese Li Hua

The character of this dragon-eyed animal is independent and strong, but at the same time, the Dragon Li cat is very calm. These pets are moderately active and curious, but they show remarkable love of freedom. Since the species is rooted in mountain wild cats, Li Hua are considered unsurpassed hunters and will very quickly rid their homes of rats and mice. This should be taken into account by those families who already have pets of this kind: mice, hamsters, guinea pigs or birds. All these cute "neighbors" can be seriously hurt by Li Mao's claws and teeth. Although there is not too much aggressiveness towards them, anything can happen.

Important! These cats do not like moving very much, and it takes quite a long time for them to adapt to a new place of residence. The animal is very social and attached to its owners, so if your work involves moving or a long absence, then this pet is not for you. It is necessary to pay attention to the cat several times a day. Li Hua cats are very loyal, although they are tolerant of children, they still can not stand their pranks and use their claws, so it is better to have such an animal for a family without children. They can get along with other pets, such as dogs or cats of a different breed. If the owner lives in a small apartment, then there will not be enough space for Dragon Lee, it is preferable to keep him in a private house because of his activity in games.

Many owners of Li Hua cats note the increased intelligence of their ward. It is easy to accustom him to a scratching post, because because of wild ancestors they simply love to sharpen their claws about everything they see. In order to avoid these problems and damage to property, it is better to immediately show the cat the device that he is allowed to "shred". But usually, if the cat is not left alone for a long time, then he will not do anything bad. When guests come to the house, this animal will not let itself be squeezed, although it will not run away from strangers.

Li Hua cat health

Chinese Li Hua plays

Cats of this variety have excellent health, since nature itself was engaged in the selection. But due to the fact that cats of the Li Hua breed have short hair and have practically no undercoat, the pet reacts very badly to a decrease in temperature and drafts. Many compassionate owners put on their pets in the cold season, clothes designed for the representatives of the feline world.

Moreover, if all the conditions of care, and this is timely vaccination and deworming, are carried out, then cats with dragon eyes are very hardy, strong with good immunity. Of the drugs for internal parasites, Drontal-plus or Cestal can be recommended, but here it is important to give the remedy in accordance with the weight of the animal and the recommendations on the package. If you need to get rid of fleas, then both drops on the withers and collars are applicable. The first can be the Stronghold drug or the like, and it is recommended to choose collars from the Hartz company. It is important to use quality products and not save on them, since among a large number, some drugs can cause allergies, hair loss in a cat and even dermatitis.

When spring or autumn passes, a decrease in immunity is noted and it is necessary to use complex vitamin preparations that will help support your pet's body. These are: Beafar Top 10 Cat or Brevers Excel Brewers Yeast 8 in 1.

The average duration of Li Huang cats is 14-15 years.

How to keep a cat of the Dragon Lee breed - care rules

Chinese Li Hua sits
  • Wool. Although the animal has a short coat, it should still be cared for. So that furniture in the house and clothes are not covered with small cat hairs, it is recommended to carry out daily combing. Since the cat loves attention very much, it will be a joy to him. This procedure is especially necessary when the animal begins to shed. A cat with dragon eyes is bathed once every three months, or if it gets dirty, then more often. To avoid drying out the skin and other troubles for washing, it is recommended to choose only proven and high-quality shampoos intended for animals. This is due to the fact that the acidity of the skin in humans and cats is different and if you do not follow this rule, you can provide your pet with itchy skin. Shampoos come in both dry and liquid form. Among the former, the most popular is the Trixie Trocken Shampoo of the German manufacturer TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co KG, the liquid agent can be 8 in 1 Perfect Coat.After the animal is washed, then it must be thoroughly dried with a towel or hairdryer, since the cats of the Li Hua breed do not tolerate drafts and can get sick. Well, there can be no question of letting such a pet out into the street even in warm summer weather.
  • Ears. Over time, secretions may build up in your cat's ear canals, Li Hua, which can lead to blockages and inflammation. To avoid this, it is necessary to clean the pet's ears once a week with products specially designed for this purpose. You can use the product "Nature SaniPet", which is applied to a cotton swab with a stop. Such cotton swabs are used to clean the ears of children, they do not allow injury to the eardrum. The AVZ Bars remedy or the Hartz lotion, which includes aloe and lanolin, has proven itself quite well. For the prevention of inflammatory processes in the auricles of the animal, you can take the spray "Auricap".
  • Eyes cats need to be cleaned regularly with special products. For example, you can take Cliny C lotion (which contains silver ions that serve to disinfect) or SaniPet, which allows you to remove morning discharge from the animal's eyes, not only for hygiene purposes, but also acting as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. All such drugs will help eliminate tearing and swelling of the eyelids. It is important to remember that each eye is wiped with a separate cotton pad that has been moistened with lotion. If you cannot buy such a hygienic product, then herbal decoctions or strong tea leaves will do.
  • Claws in cats of the Dragon Lee breed, they are pruned every 3-4 weeks, but only those that are not on the street. In another case, the animal has many opportunities to solve this problem on its own. Only a couple of millimeters are cut off, since a blood vessel goes further and, by touching it, you can cause incredible pain to your pet and it is unlikely that he will then allow you to repeat this procedure. If you are not confident in your skills, you should contact your veterinarian.
  • Nutrition. Even in nurseries, Li Hua's cat is fed both dry and wet food. Their super premium class is selected, for example, English Arden Grange, Canadian 1st Choice or the like. Many owners teach their pet to eat natural food, consisting of lean meat, sea fish, dairy products, eggs, a small amount of cereals and vegetables. But unlike ready-made feeds, the owner will have to take care of vitamins.
  • General advice on care. It is better to choose a vertical scratching post, because it is such a device (for example, plant trunks) for cats that is more natural. It is desirable that a rope made of natural fibers be wound around it. If the animal does not know how to use the scratching post, then you can drop a couple of drops of valerian on it.

In the property of a cat of any breed should be 2 bowls, one for water or other liquid, the second for food. The tray should be immediately selected with high sides, so that when carrying out the toilet, the cat Dragon Lee does not spill the filler on the floor.

Price and purchase of a kitten of the Chinese Li Hua breed

Chinese Li Hua kitten

Since this species of the cat world is quite rare and its acquisition is very problematic, which, accordingly, was reflected in the price of the animal. And because of its usual appearance and high cost, despite its considerable age, the breed did not become widely popular. There are many Chinese catteries that breed Dragon Li cats, there are several animals in the United States, and there are practically no breeders.

Therefore, if there is a desire to have a kitten Li Hua with dragon eyes, you will have to pay about $ 200. e. (sometimes called the figure of 30,000 rubles), while the delivery from the Chinese breeder will fall on you. But they say that although it is possible to purchase such a pet outside of China, the price will increase several times.

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