Black face mask - benefits, recipes, application

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Black face mask - benefits, recipes, application
Black face mask - benefits, recipes, application

What is black face mask? Useful properties, possible contraindications. Effective recipes for black masks based on activated carbon. Application rules, real reviews.

A black face mask is a sensational cleanser that allows you to forget about visiting a beautician, as it cleans pores well, eliminates inflammation, comedones, and acne. When using a cosmetic product, along the way, it will be possible to get rid of wrinkles and tighten the oval of the face. Further, effective recipes for black masks, the nuances of their preparation and application features.

Useful properties of a black face mask

Activated charcoal face mask

Pictured is a black face mask

Black face masks have been at the peak of popularity for more than one year. Their use makes it possible to refuse from professional leather cleaning using special equipment.

The rich pigment of a cosmetic product is provided by the presence in the composition of unique natural ingredients with coloring properties, which also have an absorbing effect:

  1. Activated carbon… The main ingredient in black mask and detox classic. The action of an absorbent known to all, made from wood ash or coconut shells by special processing, is aimed at cleansing the body of toxins and harmful substances. Together with itself, it also takes away the impurities accumulated in the pores, regulates the processes taking place in the cells of the epidermis.
  2. Cosmetic clay… Responsible for the normalization of the process of sebum production, pore tightening and anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Therapeutic mud… It gives the mask plasticity, and saturates the skin with numerous minerals, regenerates it, and has an antiseptic effect.
  4. Gelatin… The composition of the natural component includes split collagen - a building material for the skin, as well as numerous minerals that saturate the epidermis. Gelatin is responsible for removing dead skin cells and deep cleansing them.
  5. Milk… Natural product makes the skin smooth, prevents drying out and loss of precious moisture.

Applying a black mask allows you to:

  • It is good to clean clogged pores from impurities, decorative cosmetics, exfoliated epidermal cells;
  • Remove toxins and harmful substances from the skin;
  • Narrow pores and make them invisible;
  • Normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and get rid of excessive oily skin;
  • Remove blackheads, acne, acne;
  • Relieve skin inflammation and soothe irritation;
  • Eliminate fine wrinkles and tighten the oval of the face;
  • Reduce the manifestations of such age-related changes as flews, sagging of the face;
  • Hide scars, traces of post-acne, smooth uneven relief;
  • Lighten pigmentation;
  • Get rid of facial puffiness;
  • Increase the elasticity of the skin;
  • Accelerate skin regeneration;
  • Improve metabolic processes in the epidermis;
  • Nourish cells with useful minerals;
  • Return the skin to a healthy color, a feeling of freshness.

Note! A black mask will not only help get rid of existing pimples and comedones, but also prevent the appearance of new ones.

Contraindications to the use of a black mask

Couperose on the face as a contraindication to the use of a black mask

Black mask is a very effective treatment for oily and problem skin. However, it dries quickly and has a strong tightening effect. That is why owners of a dry type of epidermis should use it carefully. In this case, it is recommended to introduce additional moisturizing ingredients - honey, sour cream, olive oil, egg yolk - into the recipe for homemade masks from blackheads made of coal.

When using the product, it is important to exclude overdrying of the skin and getting microtraumas during the removal of the formed film. Remember: black masks should not be overexposed on the face, otherwise they will adhere too much to the skin.

Before using a black face mask at home, it is important to test the product and rule out a possible allergic reaction. To do this, apply a little of the finished compound on your wrist and wait for a while. If there are no undesirable sensations, itching, burning, you can safely use the mask as directed.

In addition, it is prohibited to use the product if there is rosacea, purulent rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, wounds and other skin lesions on the face.

Note! Using a blackhead mask at home comes with additional hassle. The pigment contained in coal is capable of staining any surface it hits. Use the product carefully.

Black face mask recipes

Black clay face mask

In the photo, a black mask with charcoal and clay for the face

There are many recipes for black masks that address different problems and are designed to care for different types of skin. The classic version of the product, prepared on the basis of activated charcoal and gelatin, will help cleanse the skin, narrow pores and get rid of blackheads and acne. When additional ingredients are added to the recipe for a black mask made of activated carbon, it becomes possible to remove wrinkles and tighten the face contour.

Effective black face mask recipes:

  • Classic… The easiest way to prepare a skin cleanser and anti-comedone product. Grind 2 activated charcoal tablets to a powder and then mix with 1 tbsp. gelatin. Pour the ingredients with 1 tablespoon. hot water or milk, which must be preheated. As a result, you should get a thick mass with a uniform consistency. Apply a black mask from blackheads to the face and hold until completely solidified, then carefully remove the resulting film and remove the remaining product using a cotton pad moistened with water.
  • With sea salt… Black mask is a remedy aimed at eliminating current inflammations, acne, acne and preventing the appearance of new ones. The classic recipe based on the use of gelatin and activated charcoal can be enhanced with the addition of sea salt, aloe juice and tea tree oil. To prepare a black mask for acne, mix 5 g of gelatin with milk and, after the mixture is infused, heat in a water bath. Crush 5 tablets of activated carbon and add to the heated liquid. You can also replace the charcoal with black clay (1 tsp). Stir the mixture and add 3 g of sea salt to it, drip a couple of drops of tea tree oil, 1 tsp. aloe juice and wait for the mixture to cool slightly. Then apply the mask for acne and blackheads on the face and soak for 20-25 minutes, then gently remove, rinsing off the remainder with warm water. The procedure is completed by applying a moisturizer.
  • With honey… A mask to combat the imperfections of dry skin, eliminate flaking and irritation. Due to the presence in the composition of such components with moisturizing properties as honey, egg yolk, the drying effect inherent in activated carbon is neutralized. To make a homemade black mask, prepare fresh cabbage juice, add 10 g of gelatin to 1/4 cup and wait half an hour for the mixture to swell. After this time, the mixture must be heated in a water bath or in the microwave so that it acquires a liquid consistency, and add 1 tsp to it. honey, 1 egg yolk, pre-whipped into foam, a little olive oil and 3 tablets of coal, ground into powder. Also, the last ingredient can be replaced with black clay. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply on face.After 30 minutes, remove the mask and apply a moisturizer.
  • With sour cream… The classic black gelatin and charcoal mask tightens the face well. To enhance its effect, it is customary to add additional ingredients to the composition - sour cream, olive oil. To prepare the product, mix 10 g of gelatin with warm milk (50 ml) and wait until the mixture swells. Then heat it in a water bath, add corn flour (5 mg), add sour cream (1 tsp), activated carbon (3 tablets, ground into powder), olive oil (1 tsp). Stir the mixture and apply the black charcoal and gelatin mask on the face and neck, taking a horizontal position. After 30 minutes, remove the formed film, remove the remnants of the product with a cotton pad dipped in water, and apply a greasy nourishing cream to your face to level the drying effect.
  • With clay… Mud masks have high cleansing properties, tone and even out the complexion. To prepare the product, you will need various types of cosmetic clay sold in pharmacies - black, white, blue, green. Mix 1 tsp each. for each type of clay, add 1 tablet of activated carbon, crushed to a powder, and dilute with warm water. After thoroughly kneading, apply the black charcoal and clay mask to the face and soak for 15 minutes. Prevent it from drying out quickly: to do this, periodically moisten the skin with water. After removing the mass, do not forget to apply a moisturizer.
  • With green tea

    … Means for high-quality skin cleansing, combating various rashes, acne, pimples, blackheads. Before making a black mask at home, brew green tea (1 tsp) in hot water. At this time, grind 1 tablet of activated carbon into powder and mix with

    1 tsp dry clay. Stir the ingredients and add 1 tsp to them. aloe vera gel. Dilute the mixture with green tea, which has already been brewed, and can be applied to the face. Withstand the mask from blackheads with charcoal for 10 minutes, and then carefully remove it with a cotton swab dipped in water. After the procedure, a moisturizer is applied to the face.

  • With lemon juice… Another effective recipe for cleansing the skin, fighting acne and blackheads. To prepare a black film mask, grind 1 tablet of activated carbon into powder and mix with 1 tsp. gelatin. To dilute the ingredients, use milk (2 tsp) and lemon juice (1 tsp). The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath, and then 3-4 drops of orange essential oil are added. Allow it to cool slightly before applying the mass. Spread over the face using a brush, with a layer of 3-5 mm and wait for complete drying - about 15 minutes. After this time, remove the black mask from black spots with gelatin, picking up the formed film in the chin area.
  • Cinnamon… A means for cleansing the skin from impurities, which is also good at reducing oiliness, eliminating acne, acne and inflammation, smoothing the effects of acne, and removing toxins. Thanks to the use of glycerin, it prevents the skin from drying out and the loss of precious moisture.Before making a gelatin mask from blackheads, grind a cinnamon stick in a mortar. Add 1 tbsp to it. activated carbon powder and 1 tsp. bentonite clay (you can use yellow or white). Add 1.5 tsp to dry ingredients. glycerin and the same amount of avocado oil and stir well until smooth. If it is too thick, dilute with water. Massage the blackheads and charcoal gelatin mask onto your face and leave to work for 10 minutes. Please note: the mass, due to the content of cinnamon, tingles a little, therefore, owners of sensitive skin are advised to replace it with cane sugar.
  • With apple cider vinegar… To prepare the product, grind the activated carbon into powder and 1/2 tsp. add 1 tsp.dry clay. Dilute the ingredients with apple cider vinegar - about 1 teaspoon, drip a few drops of tea tree oil. Stir the composition thoroughly, if it turns out to be very thick, you can add a little water. Apply a homemade acne and blackhead mask to your face and wait until it is completely dry. After removing the product, be sure to apply a moisturizer to your face.

Rules for using a black face mask

Applying a black face mask

The photo shows how to use a black film mask for the face

The course of application of the black mask is 2 months with a regularity of 1 every 3 days. The product is kept for about 20 minutes until it is completely dry. However, it is forbidden to overexpose!

Features of using a mask from blackheads made of gelatin and charcoal:

  • Before applying the product, it is recommended to remove makeup, cleanse the skin with foam or gel, and wash your hands well.
  • You can enhance the effect of a cosmetic product by pre-steaming the skin. To do this, add useful herbal decoctions and essential oils to the bath. You can also use a damp warm towel for this purpose.
  • Prepare a black face mask for blackheads just before use. The product cannot be stored, and its remnants are disposed of after the procedure.
  • To prepare the simplest composition, mix 1 tablet of activated carbon, previously ground into powder, with 1 tbsp. gelatin, dilute with warm water or milk and stir thoroughly.
  • Spread the mask from blackheads with activated charcoal and gelatin over the face with a brush, avoiding the hairline, eyebrows and delicate areas - the area around the eyes and lips. It is recommended to apply several layers, otherwise the formed film will be difficult to remove entirely.
  • Withstand the product for 10-20 minutes or until it hardens completely. However, it is important not to overexpose it, otherwise it will be very difficult and painful to remove the film.
  • To remove the mask, pry the film along the edges of the chin area and gently peel off from bottom to top.
  • The remnants of the product are removed with a sponge dipped in warm water.
  • To restore the acid-base balance of the skin, wipe the face with toner.
  • The procedure is completed by applying a moisturizer.

Masks against blackheads and acne, prepared on the basis of charcoal with the addition of clay, are quite dense and heavy, this is important to consider when applying them. It is recommended to apply the product only on problem areas of the skin - most often it is the T-zone.

Important! Do not let the black mask get on the eyebrows, otherwise hairs will be removed along with the film.

The results of applying a black face mask

The results of applying a black face mask

The effect of using a black mask at home is noticeable immediately after the procedure. Clogged pores become cleaner, as they are deeply cleansed of accumulated impurities, makeup residues and exfoliated epidermal cells, at the same time the oily sheen disappears. The result of cleansing the face, as a rule, lasts for 1 week, and then the procedure must be repeated.

To calm your skin after using a black face mask for acne and comedones, use a toner prepared with 50 ml of peppermint hydrolate and 1 g of alum. It is also recommended to apply a moisturizer after the procedure.

After a month of regular use of a face mask for blackheads based on activated charcoal and gelatin once a week, the pores-craters in the T-zone contract and become invisible. And if you use the product once every 3 days, then the result will exceed all expectations!

Real reviews of black face mask

Reviews of black face mask

Black masks based on activated carbon have become a trend, and not only because of their original appearance, loud statements from manufacturers and ubiquitous advertisements from show business stars. Buyers themselves are preparing for impressive results by leaving positive reviews for black masks.The following are the most revealing ones.

Alena, 32 years old

I did not expect such a fantastic effect! I am always skeptical about any new products, especially if they are accompanied by an active advertising campaign, all the more I do not particularly like to make masks at home. However, a friend talked me into trying, and I can say that her recipe for a blackhead mask with sea salt really works. To achieve a greater effect, I pre-steam the skin: the pores expand, and the product draws out impurities better.

Olga, 28 years old

I thought to buy a black mask in the store, but it was not available - it was a very popular product. And then I wanted to try it even more, I think the girls will understand me. Therefore, I found a recipe on one forum, I liked the recommendations to add sour cream or olive oil to the composition so as not to dry the skin. I have already done the procedure 2 times, there is enough effect between sessions, but the pores have not yet narrowed. I really hope that the course application of the gelatin and charcoal blackhead mask will help make them less noticeable.

Lyudmila, 43 years old

My daughter bought a black face mask, but after opening the package she didn't want to use it: a terrible chemical smell, how can you put this on your skin! Therefore, I decided to prepare the product myself, because at home there are all the ingredients for this - coal, gelatin, milk, no preservatives and fragrances, and everything is done in 2 minutes. In general, no more store cosmetics!

How to make a black mask - watch the video:

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