The right dinner for weight loss

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The right dinner for weight loss
The right dinner for weight loss

Features of slimming dinners. Permitted and prohibited foods, dietitian recommendations. TOP 10 Diet Dinner Dishes.

A Slimming Dinner is an evening meal that is tailored to your weight loss needs. In dietetics, there are often calls not to have dinner, so as not to overload the stomach and not provoke excess body fat. But lately, nutritionists are increasingly realizing the importance of evening meals and the right approach to preparing them. Let's figure out what they eat for dinner while losing weight.

Features of the right weight loss dinners

The right dinner for weight loss

Many people know about the importance of breakfast. It energizes, saturates the body, allows you to stay full until lunchtime. Why dinner is needed, not everyone understands. Sometimes they prefer to skip it in order to lose weight, but this cannot be done.

Like breakfast and lunch, dinner plays a big role in metabolism:

  • Eliminates starvation. Prolonged abstinence slows down the metabolism, forcing the body to store nutrients in reserve.
  • Prevents deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Relieves insomnia: it is more difficult to fall asleep on an empty stomach.
  • Supports metabolism at the desired level.
  • Helps to recuperate after a workout or a hard day.
  • Relaxes, calms.

Important! In the recent past, the warrior diet was developed, in which the main role is assigned to dinner. This is the most nutritious meal and is considered a must.

For food to be absorbed and not deposited in the form of fat on the body, dinner must be properly organized and prepared.

Nutritionists endow it with the following characteristics:

  • Light. A PP dinner for weight loss should not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, otherwise sleep will be restless. It is necessary that the food is completely digested and absorbed.
  • Useful. The right weight loss supper supplies the body with vitamins and minerals. It is not stored in the body as excess fat.
  • With a minimum amount of calories to promote weight loss.
  • The portion of a simple dinner for weight loss is minimal so that there is no heaviness in the stomach.
  • Balanced, containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a 40/20/40 ratio.
  • Nutritious to satisfy hunger.

Eat before 7 p.m. so that the food has time to be partially digested and absorbed. If you eat late, most of the nutrients are not absorbed, and the food is stored in fat in unnecessary places.

To make a dietary supper for weight loss truly useful, follow the recommendations:

  • Eat your vegetables first. They prepare the stomach to digest heavy food.
  • The volume of vegetables should be 2-3 times larger than protein products.
  • When losing weight, the calorie content of dinner is 300 kcal. If your weight is normal, but you strive to eat right, you can increase the calorie content to 400 kcal.
  • Eat at the same time. Although the general recommendation is not to eat after 7:00 pm, keep breakfast in mind. At least 10 hours should elapse between morning and evening meals. If you're having breakfast late, shift your dinner too.
  • Use gentle processing of food. Eat vegetables and fruits raw if possible. Bake meat, fish, stew or steam. Eliminate fried foods.
  • Chew thoroughly to help you feel full and help your stomach.
  • Do not limit dinner to only yogurt or kefir, as many losing weight do. These foods will not be able to saturate the body and provide it with the necessary elements.
  • Take a walk an hour and a half before your evening meal to burn some of the calories.
  • If you are hungry before bed, eat an apple, drink tea without sugar or kefir.
  • Leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.
  • Drink half an hour after eating: water washes away gastric juice and impairs digestion.

Dinner today is a meal, when the whole family gathers at the table. But often it turns not into a heart-to-heart conversation, but into watching TV with eating fast food and junk food. If you are trying to lose weight, do not follow this habit.

What can you eat for dinner while losing weight?

Allowed foods for a weight loss dinner

The list of foods for a light weight loss dinner is quite wide, so everyone will find in it something to feast on in the evening:

  • Protein foods… They take a long time to digest, do not leave a feeling of heaviness, and are a source of proteins and calcium necessary for building body tissues. It is allowed to eat cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, boiled or stewed lean meat (chicken, turkey), fish, seafood.
  • Legumes… It is a plant-based protein source. They also leave a person full for a long time, therefore, they are recommended before a long night break in meals. Beans, lentils, chickpeas will do.
  • Spices with a mild flavor… Avoid spicy foods that are invigorating and lead to insomnia. But spices, not too hot spices will soothe, relax and promote digestion (cardamom, ginger, coriander).
  • Sprouted grains… It is a source of many useful substances and a colossal amount of energy.
  • Greens… Not a single meal of weight loss is complete without fiber. It aids in the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients. For food for dinner with weight loss, onions, dill, parsley, amaranth are suitable.
  • Mushrooms… Although they are considered heavy food, small amounts will help satisfy hunger and provide the body with valuable protein.
  • Vegetable oils… Used as a source of unsaturated fat.

You can also season dinner with 10% sour cream or apple cider vinegar. For drinks, give preference to herbal tea, fermented milk products, smoothies or juices. Natural red wine in small quantities is allowed.

Important! The volume of liquid drunk at night should not exceed 1 glass, so as not to overload the urinary system.

What can not be eaten for dinner while losing weight?

Corn as a prohibited food for weight loss dinner

There are a number of foods that are not suitable for a weight loss dinner on the right diet. They cause flatulence, heaviness in the stomach, too high in calories, so there is a risk of excess fat deposition in the body.

Undesirable foods include:

  • beans and peas (cause bloating);
  • cream, fat milk, sour cream;
  • starch-rich vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots);
  • corn;
  • fatty meat (goose, duck, pork);
  • flour products (pasta, baked goods, fresh white bread, pancakes or pancakes);
  • sweets;
  • dishes and semi-finished products from meat and dough (dumplings, dumplings, pizza, sandwiches, pasties, belyashi, etc.);
  • cornflakes;
  • fast food;
  • smoked meats, pickles;
  • nuts, fruits (fresh and dried).

Of the drinks, soda, tea or coffee (they invigorate and lead to insomnia), alcohol are not suitable for dinner.

These foods are considered heavy and are not suitable for low calorie weight loss dinners. But there are foods that are controversial about their use in the evening.

Cabbage causes flatulence, but has a low calorie content and is rich in vitamins, it cleanses the intestines well. It is recommended to add it to salads in small quantities.

Grains are slow carbohydrates that fill you up quickly. They are also good for health, contain many minerals. But if they do not have time to digest overnight, the excess will go to the "fat depot" of the body.

Nutritionists do not recommend eating cereals at night for women who are losing weight. But for men, people who have regular physical activity, the use of complex carbohydrates is necessary for energy. They are allowed to eat some porridge before bed.

Important! When composing a menu for dinner, take into account the individual characteristics of the body, pay attention to your condition.

TOP 10 right dinners

Greek salad for dinner for weight loss

Choose recipes for weight loss dinners according to your own preferences and capabilities.Opt for a protein-rich meal for weight loss as a satisfying and optimal way to fill up and lose weight. But if there is no meat or fish in the refrigerator, choose the one that suits you best from the available products.

There are several dinner combinations to suit different types of people:

  • Low calorie… Ideal for those who are losing weight. The composition of the dishes includes stewed or fresh vegetables, vegetable cutlets, greens. This dinner is ideal for vegetarians.
  • Protein… A high-protein meal is good for both women and men. Stew or boiled meat or fish, eggs, salads with seafood are prepared for him. Use white cheeses, cottage cheese, mushrooms.
  • Drinking… If you are on a strict diet, drinks and liquid meals are suitable: juices from vegetables or unsweetened fruits, smoothies, chicken broth, herbal tea, or compote.
  • Carbohydrate… This dinner option is recommended for people with increased physical activity. It allows a combination of meat, fish with beans or lentils, rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, rye bread, avocado, durum wheat pasta.

We offer TOP-10 dinner options for weight loss with recipes:

  • Greek salad… An ideal dinner dish that combines proteins and vegetables. It saturates well and does not cause a feeling of heaviness. For cooking, take 100 g of feta cheese or feta cheese, 1 piece each bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, onion and 3 cloves of garlic. Cut the vegetables and cheese into large slices and stir in a bowl, chop the garlic in a press bottle and pour into the salad too. Season the dish with olive oil, you can add a little 10% grape vinegar.
  • Turkey omelet… Boil 150 g of turkey fillet until tender, cut into slices. Grind the bell pepper into strips. Transfer food to a greased skillet. Beat in 2 eggs and simmer over low heat until tender. You can cook it in the microwave: then put the ingredients for the omelet on a fireproof dish. Serve garnished with herbs and lettuce.
  • Flounder with steamed vegetables… You can use any lean fish instead. Cut the flounder carcass into pieces and marinate in spices. 100 g of zucchini and eggplant, cut into slices. Chop 2 tomatoes and celery. Add a couple of crushed chives. Sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil. Place all food in a double boiler or skillet and simmer until tender.
  • Carrot cutlets… The recipe allows you to combine protein and vegetable products in one dish. Peel 0.5 kg of carrots, boil and grate. Boil 100 ml of cream and 50 g of semolina and leave for a while for the cereal to swell. Add the egg, salt, semolina to the carrots, mix. Pour the breadcrumbs into a dish, spread the minced carrot cake on them, put a piece of processed cheese inside. Form a patty and roll in breadcrumbs so that the cheese is inside. Fry the patties on 2 sides in a little oil.
  • Vegetable millefeuille… Delicious vegetable dish, ideal for a diet dinner. Put the bell pepper on a baking sheet and bake for 7 minutes at 200 degrees. Peel the eggplants, cut into thin strips and send to the pepper for another 6 minutes. Take out the baked vegetables, peel the peppers from the membrane and cut into 4 pieces. Hold the tomatoes in boiling water for a minute, remove, cool in water and peel. Stir soft cream cheese with chopped herbs. Spread the vegetables on a plate in layers, smear each of them with cheese and herbs. Place the dish in the freezer for 10 minutes. Remove it and sprinkle with grated hard cheese.
  • Bean salad with tomatoes… The dish is suitable both for a festive table and for a light dinner. Cook the beans until tender (the amount of the ingredient depends on the desired amount of salad). Peel the bell pepper. You can pre-bake it to soften the taste. Chop celery and tomatoes, red and green onions, parsley.Mix vegetables with beans in one bowl. Season the salad with olive oil, mustard, spices.
  • Salmon with broccoli… The dish is not cheap, but nutritious and healthy. Pour boiling water over 4 tomatoes, peel and grind in a blender. Add 3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 2 tbsp. l. vinegar, salt. Cut the fish into pieces weighing 100 g, put on a wire rack and send to an oven preheated to 250 degrees. Cook the broccoli until tender. Serve vegetables and fish with tomato sauce.
  • Red fish salad… A light dietary meal that will take no more than 5 minutes to cook. Place lettuce leaves on a platter. Cut the avocado in half, remove the middle and cut into rings. Cut 2 tomatoes into semicircles. Put the tomatoes in a circle on a dish with leaves, then the avocado. Chop 150 g of lightly salted red fish into thin slices and put on the vegetables. Mix 50 ml olive oil with 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice, salt, pepper and 1 tsp honey. Pour the prepared dressing over the salad.
  • Brass chicken meatballs… A great option for a protein dinner. The dish is prepared easily, thanks to the addition of onions, the meat comes out juicy. Optionally, you can put chopped bell peppers, carrots, herbs in the minced meat. Put the minced chicken in a bowl, add salt, pepper, egg. Peel and chop onions and other vegetables, if desired, in a mixer bowl or blender. Add oat bran, stir and form meatballs. Place on a baking sheet and bake for half an hour.
  • Cucumber salad with tuna… Fish with fresh vegetables is the best dinner option. Wash and chop 3 cucumbers. Put the tuna from a tin into a bowl and mash with a fork. Chop the parsley. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, pour with olive oil, lemon juice, sprinkle with black pepper, garnish with olives.

What can you eat for dinner while losing weight - watch the video:

Knowing what to eat for dinner while losing weight, you can always prepare a healthy light evening meal. These dishes have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, do not leave a feeling of heaviness, saturate the body with nutrients.

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