Model diet - rules, menus, reviews

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Model diet - rules, menus, reviews
Model diet - rules, menus, reviews

Basic principles of the model diet. Permitted and prohibited foods, food ration for 3, 5 and 7 days. Results and reviews of losing weight.

The Model Diet is a specially designed type of diet, which involves avoiding sugar, flour, fried, simple carbohydrates. Girls who want to have a model appearance eat fractionally, not forgetting about the drinking regimen.

Features of the model diet

Slimming Model Diet

The model diet is exactly the type of food that overweight girls resort to in order to get rid of it as soon as possible. It allows you to lose 2-5 kg ​​in a short period of time and can be used as an express method of losing weight.

On a model diet, they exclude junk food, alcohol, drink more clean water, include a sufficient amount of protein in the diet, cut the daily calorie intake, and do not overeat.

Note! A little secret used by world-famous models: eat food in small portions from small plates.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to adhere to the basic principles of the Model Diet:

  • Fractional nutrition… Since this type of diet involves a significant reduction in daily calories, you may need to eat more often. In order not to feel hunger for a long time, it is recommended to consume healthy fats, protein and fiber for breakfast. Such food provides a long-lasting feeling of fullness and allows you to avoid nibbling throughout the day, provoking insulin spikes.
  • Avoiding sweets and simple carbohydrates… The exclusion of purchased sweets, pastries, sweets, cakes, pastries, simple carbohydrates, fructose, sugar substitutes from the diet is one of the key principles of the model diet. Without this rule, the result will be ineffective.
  • Cellulose… The diet must include vegetables, fruits, herbs, parsley, lettuce, various types of salad. Such products are rich in fiber, which acts as a natural sorbent, removes toxins from the body, and helps to reduce weight. Plant foods stimulate intestinal motility and restore stool. Regular emptying is the key to well-being and a quick normalization of body weight.
  • Drinking regime… It is important to remember to observe the drinking regime. The daily amount of required fluid is calculated by the formula: multiply 30 ml of water by body weight. You can add lemon, lime, rosemary to the water. It is better to refuse the use of sweet soda. You can also drink green tea, herbal infusions, unsweetened fruit compotes. If you feel hungry, it is also recommended to drink a glass of water and observe the body's reaction. If after 15-20 minutes the sensations persist, you can start eating.
  • Physical activity… To achieve the best results, diet is often combined with physical activity. But if you follow a model diet, it is better to reduce the load on the body, since this type of nutrition implies a significant reduction in daily calorie intake. Yoga, gymnastics, swimming, as well as cycling, walking are useful.
  • Preparation… In the preparation process, it is necessary to study all the dietary requirements and strictly adhere to them. According to various sources, the last meal should be at 16: 00-18: 00. However, it is important to observe the reaction of the body in this case. In any case, you should have dinner no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a model diet

Low Calorie Model Diet

As with any type of diet, the model diet has its advantages and disadvantages.A low-calorie diet is not suitable for women during lactation, professional athletes, and people with indigestion.

The main advantages of the model diet: the ability to get a quick result in a short period of time, the use of simple, familiar products that are inexpensive and freely available in any supermarket.

The disadvantages of the diet include: low calorie intake, bouts of hunger, which can lead to a breakdown. The diet may not be balanced enough for some categories of people, so that it can lead to a deficiency of vitamins, microelements, protein, which leads to a deterioration in overall well-being.

It is worth considering some restrictions for this type of food. For example, fractional meals will not work for people with metabolic syndrome and a sugar diet. For them, the best food option: 2-3 times a day, without snacks, with the maximum amount of fat and protein in the morning.

The model diet is also not suitable for people with severe disorders of the digestive system, as well as for pregnant and lactating mothers, in adolescence and old age. Before embarking on such a diet, you should consult with a nutritionist.

Allowed foods on a model diet

Allowed foods on a model diet

Healthy, low-calorie foods are included in the daily diet. For breakfast and lunch, eat complex carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you feeling full. For lunch, it is preferable to use light soups, fruits and berries with a sweet and sour taste.

Allowed foods on a model diet include the following foods:

  • Vegetables: cruciferous (broccoli, cauliflower, arugula), artichokes, various types of salads (iceberg, lettuce, romaine), bell peppers, parsley, dill, asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes.
  • Fruits: preference is given to pineapple, grapefruit, lime, lemon, pomegranate.
  • Whole grains: dishes based on brown and steamed risk, long-cooked oatmeal, buckwheat, millet.
  • Refueling: Sauces and dressings are prepared with the addition of balsamic vinegar, ginger, lemon juice, a little olive oil.
  • Dairy products: with good tolerance, the use of whole, farm (not store-bought!) milk, kefir, cottage cheese is allowed.
  • Protein: among meat products, chicken fillet is preferred, eggs are also used.

From the provided list of permitted foods, you can form a nutritious, varied diet rich in all the necessary substances - proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Prohibited foods on a model diet

Prohibited foods on a model diet

The ban includes sweets, starchy vegetables, "junk" food in the form of chips, crackers, semi-finished products, sweet soda, packaged juices and instant products. To achieve the best results, you need to reduce calories by eliminating harmful trans fats, refined foods.

It is recommended to remove the following food from the diet on a model diet:

  • Vegetables rich in sugar and starch (corn, potatoes);
  • Overly sweet fruits, including bananas, grapes, dried fruits;
  • Pasta and bakery products from premium flour, as well as soft wheat, loaves, baguettes, rolls, pita bread, dumplings, dumplings;
  • Purchased sauces with a lot of sugar, fats, preservatives, dyes (ketchup, mayonnaise);
  • All types of alcoholic beverages, especially beer;
  • Cakes, pastries, sweets, marshmallows, marmalade, jams, preserves, cookies, any other types of pastries, including butter and yeast;
  • Other sweets, sugar, including honey.

With full adherence to nutritional recommendations, you can not only normalize weight, but also improve overall health, as well as the condition of the skin, hair, nails, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Model diet menu

It is recommended to start observing a model diet from 3 days with a subsequent increase in duration to 5-7 days. This type of food should not be adhered to more often than 1 time in 30-50 days. If the three-day diet is well tolerated, then you can switch to a 5- or 7-day diet.

Model diet menu for 3 days

Low-fat cottage cheese for a model diet for 3 days

For those who are just planning to begin acquaintance with this type of nutrition, the use of the model diet menu for 3 days is shown. You can consume no more than 1000 calories per day. In 72 hours, it is possible to lose up to 4-5 kg, and most of the weight goes away along with excess fluid from the body.

But this type of nutrition is fraught with side reactions: headache, weakness, dizziness, decreased performance.

The model diet menu for 3 days is the best express option for those who need to quickly get in shape. This is the strictest diet option for which you need to prepare not only physically, but also mentally. Not suitable for people with severe deficiency conditions, lack of iron, protein, vitamins, microelements.

Menu # 1:

  • Breakfast - boiled egg;
  • Lunch - low-fat cottage cheese (200 grams) with green tea;
  • Dinner - low-fat cottage cheese (150 grams).

The last food premiere is no later than 16:00. It is important to remember about the drinking regime and in between meals, drink water, herbal teas.

Menu # 2 is more balanced and less strict:

  • Breakfast: long-cooking oatmeal (not porridge!), At least 40 minutes with a tablespoon of coconut oil, flax seeds. Such cereals are a complex carbohydrate that will provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety, and high-quality vegetable fat - vigor, reduce drowsiness and weakness.
  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast with cucumbers, lettuce leaves;
  • Afternoon snack: low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Dinner: boiled vegetables (excluding starchy ones) with olive oil, lemon juice.

Menu No. 3 implies the use of water, tea and other drinks exclusively in a warm (not hot!) Form:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, chicken fillet, a glass of warm water;
  • Lunch: baked fish, seasonal vegetable salad with arugula, lettuce, sour apples, a serving of green tea without sweeteners;
  • Snack: warm chamomile broth;
  • Dinner: gluten-free green buckwheat bread with a slice of butter, rosehip broth.

Menu number 4 is the most satisfying and is suitable for girls who find it difficult to adhere to too strict food restrictions:

  • Breakfast: quail eggs or boiled chicken fillet of your choice, a glass of green tea;
  • Snack: a slice of rye bread with butter, a glass of warm water;
  • Lunch: boiled fish, salad with fresh vegetables, herbs, boiled chickpeas;
  • Snack: unsweetened berries with coconut flakes;
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge, a large portion of salad with olive oil, sunflower seeds and flax.

To make it easier to adhere to the basic principles of a healthy diet, all meals can be recorded in a special food diary. This practice provides an excellent opportunity to track the daily calorie intake, the number of meals. In the diary, you can also note the body's reactions to a particular food.

Model diet menu for 5 days

Vegetable salad for model diet for 5 days

The 5-day model diet menu also includes cutting back on calories and eating a lot of fiber. Simple carbohydrates are minimized; fats must be present in the diet.

Day 1

  • Breakfast: buckwheat in water with a small piece of butter, salad with seasonal vegetables and herbs, olive oil dressing with black pepper and lemon juice;
  • Lunch: steamed broccoli and cauliflower mixture, rye bread with natural curd;
  • Dinner: brown rice, boiled fillet.

Day 2

  • Breakfast: long-cooked pearl barley with cabbage and beet salad, cucumbers, fresh herbs, balsamic vinegar dressing;
  • Lunch: vegetable broth with whole grain bread, a slice of butter and cheese, a boiled egg;
  • Dinner: millet groats with vegetables, a small piece of pineapple.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: boiled eggs with buckwheat porridge and fresh vegetable salad, dressing with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice;
  • Lunch: baked fish, brown rice, a large salad without tomatoes;
  • Dinner: whole grain bread with cottage cheese or just a glass of herbal tea (choose according to your overall health).

Day 4

  • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with bread, rosehip broth;
  • Lunch: chicken broth with brown rice;
  • Dinner: baked chicken fillet, large salad.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: boiled eggs with millet porridge or oatmeal with savory berries;
  • Lunch: boiled fillet with a large portion of salad;
  • Dinner: a glass of kefir with bacterial sourdough.

During the model diet for 5 days, it is important to drink plenty of water, as well as a decoction of rose hips, chamomile. Green tea is best consumed in the morning as it has a tonic effect.

Model diet menu for the week

Cabbage and mushroom stew for a model diet for a week

The 7-day model diet menu allows you to lose up to 8-9 kg with the right approach and strict adherence to all dietitian recommendations.


  • Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit;
  • Lunch: cabbage soup, whole grain croutons;
  • Dinner: salad with fresh cabbage, carrots, beets, seasoned with lemon juice, gluten-free bread, orange.


  • Breakfast: granola in vegetable milk, ripe banana;
  • Lunch: stewed offal, boiled egg, natural goat milk yogurt;
  • Dinner: goat curd with yoghurt and milk.


  • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, a slice of ham;
  • Lunch: boiled beets with olive oil, steamed brown rice, fresh vegetables, lettuce;
  • Dinner: vegetable moussaka with whole grain crisps.


  • Breakfast: gluten-free bread with a slice of butter, half a grapefruit;
  • Lunch: vegetable stew with brown rice, a glass of green tea;
  • Dinner: salad with chickpeas, seasonal vegetables, icebergs, lettuce, rosehip broth.


  • Breakfast: bread with cheese and green tea;
  • Lunch: cabbage stew, zucchini, stewed mushrooms, a few unsweetened apples;
  • Dinner: baked fish, 250 grams of natural yogurt;


  • Breakfast: homemade cottage cheese with bread and chamomile tea;
  • Lunch: boiled chicken, fresh salad with herbs and chickpeas;
  • Dinner: broccoli baked in the oven and seasoned with olive oil and lemon, bread, a glass of green tea.


  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, fresh seasonal vegetables, homemade cottage cheese;
  • Lunch: soup with vegetable broth with rye croutons, fresh salad from seasonal vegetables;
  • Dinner: baked chicken, homemade cottage cheese, herbal tea.

It is important to follow the drinking regimen during the model diet for a week and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This will start metabolic processes and speed up the process of losing weight.

Model Diet Results

Model diet result

The results of the model diet depend on the strictness of adherence to all prescriptions, baseline body weight, and metabolism. With strict adherence to all recommendations, it is possible to quickly normalize weight, without physical and psychological discomfort.

In some cases, the expected result can be achieved in 3-5 days. The 3-day diet is often used as a quick fix before important activities.

To consolidate the obtained result, it is important to make the right way out of the model diet. To do this, it is necessary to gradually return to the usual menu, completely revise the diet and exclude junk food, not only for the duration of the diet, but completely. From 4-8 days after the completion of the diet, light meals can be introduced into the diet - cereals, salads, fruits, vegetables.

It is important to continue to maintain a drinking regime to ensure the elimination of toxic substances and their decay products. This helps maintain optimal weight and wellness.

Real Reviews of the Model Diet

Model diet reviews

There are various reviews about the model diet. Some women find it more difficult to adhere to dietary restrictions due to physical and psychological discomfort. In other cases, a quick and pronounced result of weight loss is noted.

Marina, 24 years old

She switched to a model diet immediately after completing the "Favorite" diet. Immediately I liked that there is a clearly marked list of permitted and prohibited products, you can find many options for a useful and varied menu. I decided to start by following a three-day diet in order to watch the reaction of the body and evaluate the result. I left low-fat cottage cheese and chicken eggs in the diet. At the evening control weighing, I found out that 0.5 kg had gone in a day. This is a very good result, considering that there was no feeling of hunger or discomfort. Immediately, the abdomen decreased and tightened, the mind is clearer, the working capacity is at a height. For all 3 days she ate only cottage cheese and eggs. On the third day, such a meager diet is already boring, and there were even thoughts of including other foods. But I managed to overpower myself, and as a result, it took 1.5 kg in 3 days. Not a bad result, considering that there was not much excess weight. The diet turned out to be not at all hungry and quite bearable. I plan to use it further as a method of express weight loss.

Irina, 29 years old

The Model Diet turned out to be an easy way to quickly shed 2 extra pounds. I carefully studied the list of permitted and prohibited foods, learned how to get out of the model diet, and decided to start. I bought food in advance for the 3-day ration, so that in the process I would not go shopping and accidentally "break out" on prohibited food. The initial weight indicator is 77 kg. For a long time I tried to cope with these indicators, I tried many types of food, but all to no avail. In addition to adhering to a dietary diet, this time I tried to include physical activity. She rocked the abs, squatted, jumped rope, tried to nurture at least 10,000 steps a day. By the way, this habit remained after the end of the diet, and thanks to it, it was possible to get rid of compulsive overeating and constipation. I also tried to walk up the stairs. When I saw that 1 kg had gone on the very first day, there was no limit to joy. I specially took pictures before and after the model diet, I was very pleased with the results, I plan to continue to follow this diet periodically.

Veronica, 35 years old

The model diet did not fit at all, or the diet was incorrectly compiled, or the body was not ready, but at the end of the first day I felt severe fatigue and headache. Perhaps this is a coincidence, and such a sharp deterioration in well-being was caused by something else, but she did not tempt fate and the next day she returned to the traditional diet. I met a lot of positive reviews and results of the model diet, but this type of nutrition did not suit me.

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