Introvert personality type - signs and behaviors

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Introvert personality type - signs and behaviors
Introvert personality type - signs and behaviors

Determination of the type of personality introvert. The main features of people, distinctive features and behavior. Recommendations for building relationships and communicating with them.

How to communicate with introverts

Patience with an introverted teenager

Features of human behavior, which predetermines this type of character, can cause some difficulties in communicating with him. Very often, it is they who become the cause of many disagreements in teams, families and among the public in general. A certain secrecy and absorption of their own experiences contributes to the fact that not all people can find a common language with their opponents. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to do this, and for some it is completely impossible. To prevent such behavioral features of introverts from getting in the way of normal coexistence of all members of the public, you need to remember a few tips:

  • Show interest… First of all, you need to make the person understand that his presence does not bother, but only makes you happy. During a conversation, try to concentrate your attention on the interlocutor as much as possible, gesticulate and willingly maintain a dialogue. You should not use inappropriate jokes and caustic phrases, but at the same time try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Do not hurry… The nature of an introvert is designed in such a way that a quick reaction to any stimuli is almost impossible. They always want to think a little more, rethink and live with some idea before taking the decisive step. Therefore, in order to achieve a positive answer to the desired question, it is worth taking some time to process it. The same advice applies to elementary fees for a walk or a trip to the cinema.
  • Encourage activity… For these secretive people, expressing their own emotions or ambitions is always difficult. Such shyness in character requires the interlocutor or friend to be more careful in communication. He himself has to push the introvert to any actions or conversations. It is also important not to miss the opportunity to show your curiosity and appreciate the relevance of the meeting.
  • Be tactful… An introvert's personality type always includes vulnerability. These people react very sharply to any statements or phrases. Therefore, one should try to avoid such moments. Before you say something, you should think about whether it will offend a person's feelings. Speech should be as accessible and intelligible as possible, but at the same time not sharpen the attitude to what was said.
  • Choose the available types of communication… Modern technologies allow people from all over the world to communicate using various devices and gadgets. Some of them are even very helpful for introverts in building relationships with other people. They prefer to write a message, talk on the phone or even Skype, but are afraid to express their opinion live. It is worth remembering this and going to a meeting in order to make life easier for another person.
  • Be patient… Each person has his own unique type of temperament and character as well. Someone can solve all their problems in a few seconds, while others cannot decide on the choice of sweets in the supermarket within an hour and a half. Because of this, misunderstandings and conflicts often arise, because the more nimble cannot withstand such slowness and scrupulousness.To prevent this from happening, you must always remember about such traits of a person and show your politeness in the form of calm waiting, instead of a fussy cry.

Who is an introvert - look at the video:

Every person should know how to communicate with an introvert. Not only in order to establish communication with him, but also to develop subsequent actions, if such signs were found in himself. Such a vulnerable and shy personality type requires special attention and attitude, but if desired, a person can absolutely calmly adapt in society at the required level. These people are excellent performers in any area, which is achieved due to punctuality and scrupulous attitude to business, domestic wives, and also faithful husbands.

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