How UFC champion Conor McGregor trains

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How UFC champion Conor McGregor trains
How UFC champion Conor McGregor trains

Find out how the great UFC champion Conor McGregor trains in the gym and how he can adapt his training process to his sports goals. Conor's appearance is typical of the people of Ireland. This people is also characterized by intransigence and cockiness. To date, among all the UFC fighters, it is Conor who is considered the most dangerous rival. The guy is only twenty-seven, and the whole world sports community is already talking about him.

On the Internet you can find a lot of photographs of an Irishman, in which he either gives you his smile, or stares intently, as if he is ready to strike. Here he is in a stylish suit sitting in a fashionable restaurant, killing all the visitors with his charisma on the spot, when suddenly we see his almost animal grin. It's all about one person - Conor McGregor. Today we want to tell you not only about the training of UFC champion Conor McGregor, but also about his life path.

Biography of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor with glasses

Conor was born in 1988. According to astrologers who have studied his zodiac sign, he is full of aggression, pessimism and a desire to go all out to satisfy his deeds. As for the Year of the Dragon, then, together with the element "earth", Conor should be an excellent strategist. In many ways, all these predictions have come true.

As a teenager, Conor was a strong-willed and extremely active boy. The first sport that he began to play was football, which is quite natural, because in the British Isles it is the most popular. Khote his team and bore the status of an amateur. She was famous enough.

You can only become a member if you give yourself up to playing football. Conor has always been known for his ability to bring everything to almost complete perfection. It was this trait that allowed him to become a famous fighter as a result. No wonder today many people want to know about the training of UFC champion Conor McGregor.

Although McGregor was predicted a good future in football, he decided not to associate his future life with this sport. Conor realized that it is quite difficult to show your individuality in a team game. It is in individual sports that everyone evaluates you as a person, and not one of the "cogs" of a well-coordinated team.

The guy's interest was attracted by martial arts and he decided to prove to everyone, not just himself, that he can become an excellent fighter. It is clear that it took a difficult path from a beginner to a professional. Conor decided to become a member of the UFC after seeing the training of Tom Egan, who soon also became a professional fighter.

At 16, McGregor had already become a member of the SBG competition team. Its representatives took an active part in tournaments in mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and grappling. Conor liked that SBG lacked the ceremonial tradition that all classic martial arts have. The SBG team was created in the nineties on the territory of the United States and very quickly its halls appeared in different states of the planet. Today, the team is proud to have hosted UFC champion Conor McGregor his first training sessions.

Even then, experts noted a certain streak in the guy, which made all viewers in awe. At the same time, his military equipment was very good. We have already talked about the presence of a strong will in Conor, but if he had given up the slack at the age of 16, then for sure today we did not know anything about him. However, this did not happen, and McGregor regularly visited the gym and trained.

McGregor's mixed martial arts career began at the lightweight division. The thin boy could not evoke any serious feelings from his opponent. However, it quickly became clear that first impressions were deceiving, and he would stop at nothing until he achieved his goal. If you have already studied the statistics of Conor's fights at the beginning of his career, then you know about ten victories and only 2 defeats.

There is no doubt that McGregor is a very charismatic person. However, the duel is not a beauty contest and a victory is not awarded here for a white-toothed smile. A fighter must have tremendous fortitude and work hard in the gym. All training sessions of the UFC champion Conor McGregor were grueling, but this is the only way to reach the heights of sports Olympus.

Conor passionately wanted to be the best and that is why he was able to win eight victories in his first ten fights. He wanted to be the best and today we see that he managed to achieve this goal. McGregor is active not only in the ring, but also during press conferences. This is especially true of those in which his future rivals take part. His verbal blows on them are no less devastating.

At the same time, there are often people on the network who discuss Conor as a successful investment of funds. This primarily applies to outrageous behavior and large tattoos. In their opinion, McGregor is just a kind of person-brand, which is still being successfully sold, but it is not known what will happen to him tomorrow. However, remember what happened in the world of martial arts before. All famous fighters stood out for their outrageousness.

Today, all sports are maximally commercialized and mixed martial arts are no exception. There was a time when UFC champion Conor McGregor was not interested in training, and he himself was on the other side of the ring - in the gym. So that they don't think about him, Conor was able to go a long way. At twenty, he lived on unemployment benefits, which was $ 235. Today, just for the appearance in the ring, McGregor is ready to pay half a million. Yes, most likely his behavior is dictated by a desire to sell himself at a higher price, but there is no doubt about his skill in the ring.

Features of training for UFC champion Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor in a special gym

Conor advises that all the exercises that will be discussed today should be performed as smoothly as possible. Perform the complex in 1-3 circles. If you have a strength training scheduled for that day, then there will be one cycle remaining. During the execution of the movements, it is necessary to breathe deeply so that the muscles can relax after straining; if you cannot immediately take the necessary position, then continue to stretch until you reach your goal.

Knee flexion

Stand on your knee joints and rest your hands on the ground. The ankle of the left leg should be located behind the right knee joint. Sit as low as you can and start moving your hips slightly to the sides. The movement is performed for one minute, after which you should change legs and repeat it.

Deep lunges

The right leg is in front, and the left leg is extended backward in a lunge. Begin to lean forward, resting your hands on the ground on one side of your front leg. In this case, the right elbow joint should be near the knee. Try to keep your hips as low as possible. Feeling at the same time how the muscles are stretched. Move in each direction for a minute.

Deep side lunges

Assume a lateral lunge position with your left knee bent and your right leg extended to the side. Leaning forward, rest your hands on the ground. Push your hips as low as possible. In each direction, the movement is performed for one minute.

Deep toe squats

Get into a squat position with your feet side by side and your heels slightly raised. Place your fingers on the ground to maintain balance.When performing the movement, it is necessary to feel the stretch of the muscles of the thigh, lower back and ankles. Do the exercise for one minute.

Back squat

Keeping your legs straight, begin to roll your hips. As a result, you have to keep your back straight and grasp the toes of your feet with your hands. At this point, the hamstrings should be extended. Hold this position for five counts. After that, start lowering your buttocks and deep squats. Keep your body as dewy as possible. Pause again for five counts, and return to the starting position. In total, the movement must be performed ten times.

Dead hang

Grab the bar with your upper grip and hang from it. In this case, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks so that the legs move slightly forward. It is necessary to breathe deeply and evenly, feeling the stretching of the back muscles.

Monkey steps

You have to cover a distance of 25 meters. Get into a squat position, but not deep. Keep your leg muscles in constant tension. Extending the knee joint of the left leg, but at the same time, without lifting completely and keeping the other leg in a bent position, take a step forward with the right leg. Hands should be down while moving.

Acceleration sprint

The distance of the races is 50 meters. Once in a standing position, begin to move forward and work intensively with your hands with each step. These runs will make your heart work hard.


This is a somewhat simplified version of the classic movement. It is used by many fighters when preparing for a fight. Take a standing position and jump out of it backward, taking as a result a prone position. Unclenching your body like a spring, return to the starting position. Do the movement five repetitions.

Duck steps

Get into a deep squat position and begin to move forward in small steps. In this case, it is necessary to keep your back straight. You need to cover a distance of 25 meters.


Stand on your knee joints in front of the wall. Lowering your head and arms to the ground, keep your knee joints bent. Then begin to stretch your legs back until they rest on the ground with their toes. Raise the lower limbs up so that the whole body is in a straight line. Hold the headstand for one minute and then return to the starting position.

Shadow duel

Practice different combinations of punches to increase your heart rate. Work for one minute.

Hanging corner

Grasp the horizontal bar with an overhead grip and raise your straightened legs in front of you. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Perform two sets of half a minute each.


This exercise should be familiar to many from school physical education. To make it easier to maintain balance, you need to rest against the ground with the outer and inner sides of the foot, as well as the heel. Begin to descend into the squat with a backward movement of your pelvis. Only then can you begin to bend the knee joint of the working leg. Make sure that the knee does not go far beyond the level of the socks.

Conor McGregor's open training session before the fight with Floyd Mayweather:

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