Ginseng Kianpi Pil - mechanism of work and action of capsules

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Ginseng Kianpi Pil - mechanism of work and action of capsules
Ginseng Kianpi Pil - mechanism of work and action of capsules

Learn the mechanism of action of Ginseng Kianpi Pil, what the Chinese supplement consists of and what side effects it has. What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? It is quite obvious that using the scandalous doping ginseng kianpi pil in bodybuilding is possible only at your own peril and risk. We are sure that this dietary supplement should be discarded. At the same time, laudatory reviews are often found on the network. Most likely, they were left by novice builders, confident that every kilo produced is muscle mass and nothing else. However, above we have actually proved that it is impossible in principle to gain high-quality mass with the help of this additive.

Ginseng Kianpi Pil side effects

Ginseng Kianpi Pil capsules

Based on the experience of athletes using the supplement, the most common side effects can be identified:

  1. A feeling of extreme drowsiness, which is sometimes impossible to overcome. Most likely, it is caused by the presence of an antihistamine component in the dietary supplement. Only one fact of the presence of drowsiness on the course already contradicts the manufacturer's statement about the stimulating properties of the product. Do not forget that long-term use of antihistamines can cause the development of glaucoma. Many athletes note that when using the controversial doping Ginseng Kianpi Pil in bodybuilding, they face a sharp decrease in visual acuity.
  2. Pain in the stomach. This is probably due to the presence in the composition of the irritating effect on the mucous membranes of some ingredients of the dietary supplement.
  3. Acne - definitely a consequence of the work of corticosteroids. Also, sometimes this effect is explained by a sharp increase in appetite, which forces the athlete to consume large amounts of fats and simple carbohydrates.
  4. Significant increase in pancreatic activity. On one of the most popular specialized forums there is a builder's review, which speaks of a sharp increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood, close to the state of diabetes. Also, athletes are faced with an increase in estrogen levels, with all the ensuing consequences.
  5. Corticosteroid obesity. We have already said that substances in this group contribute to the accumulation of fat reserves. This process is most active in the abdomen and on the face. In addition, it is necessary to remember about their negative impact on the adrenal cortex. As a result, the risks of developing serious metabolic ailments, for example, Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome, increase.

As you can see for yourself. The supplement is capable of causing relatively few side effects. Besides. Most of them are completely avoidable. Due to the significant increase in appetite, some athletes begin to consume a lot of water. Others prefer simple carbohydrates. Both approaches to solving the problem are wrong. To eliminate hunger, it is necessary to introduce into the diet foods that are sources of healthy fats (boiled meat or fish), as well as complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, etc.).

Differences between the counterfeit and the original Ginseng Kianpi Pil

Two jars of Ginseng Kianpi Pil and their packaging

Fake products are not rare on the market and it is very easy to get fake. Let's see how you can distinguish the original from the low-quality scandalous doping Ginseng Kianpi Pil in bodybuilding.

Let us draw your attention to the fact that this product is still extremely poorly understood. There is no scientific basis that dietary supplements can help you gain quality muscle mass. In addition, the risks of developing side effects are quite high. If we add to this the use of a fake product, then the situation will be completely sad. There is no doubt that the manufacturer was prepared for a large number of counterfeits to appear on the market. Several steps have been taken to combat this:

  1. The presence of a barcode on the package. If the product is original, the barcode will disappear for a while under the influence of high temperature. This does not happen on fakes.
  2. Hologram. On the packaging of a quality product, the identification mark has a round shape, and on a fake it is rectangular.
  3. When the can is opened, there must be a plastic plug on it. Fake products are sealed with regular foil.
  4. Each capsule of the original supplement has a small label with the inscription. It is quite obvious that fake products are devoid of this identification mark.

However, this is all in theory. Now there are a lot of rumors that the market simply does not have a division into original and fake dietary supplements. However, we still recommend using our tips for determining the originality of the supplement. However, most often the product is sold through online stores after one hundred percent prepayment. Thus, it is possible to detect a fake only after receiving the parcel, and in any case, you will have to rely on the seller's honesty.

Is it possible to gain muscle mass while using Ginseng Kianpi Pil?

A man pours Ginseng Kianpi Pil capsules into his hand

There is no doubt that athletes purchase a supplement in order to gain quality muscle mass and increase strength characteristics. We have something to tell you in this regard:

  1. Do not expect serious results after the course. To progress in natural bodybuilding, special attention should be paid to nutrition and training. It is these elements that can bring maximum results. The use of additives such as the controversial doping ginseng kianpi pil in bodybuilding is most often disappointing.
  2. Now you can buy a large number of natural preparations that are well studied and have proven themselves in sports. Do not trust new products, the creators of which promise "mountains of gold". At best, you will only spend money without getting any benefit. However, it is quite possible that the body will be harmed after using such drugs.
  3. If you need to increase your appetite, there are many proven and safe ways to accomplish this task.

You can search the net for reviews of the supplement. They meet quite often and there will be no problems with this. However, after reading this article to the end, it becomes possible to draw a certain conclusion that there are very few positive opinions about the product. Most of the reviews left by builders are negative. In fairness, we note that there are positive ones. However, no one can guarantee that they are real.

It is up to you to decide on the advisability of using the scandalous doping Ginseng Kianpi Pil in bodybuilding. However, we believe that such a step, to put it mildly, is not the most reasonable one. This is due at least to the fact that even steroids have a much more voluminous evidence base for their effectiveness. Using anabolics, the athlete clearly understands what positive and negative effects can be expected from the course of AAS. In the case of Ginseng Kianpi Pil, there is no such certainty.

For more information on using Ginseng Kianpi Pil, see the video below:

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