Baby shower in our opinion - what is it, decor ideas, photo

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Baby shower in our opinion - what is it, decor ideas, photo
Baby shower in our opinion - what is it, decor ideas, photo

How to organize a baby shower party for a friend - interesting ideas for holding, options for decorating a room with a photo, contests and treats. What to give a friend for a baby shower?

Not so long ago, in the vastness of our dear and unforgettable, they began to celebrate the glorious overseas holiday, which officially bears the name "Baby shower" (from the English. "Baby shower"). Among the girlfriends-conspirators, his name is simply - "baby". What kind of holiday is this and how is it celebrated?

What is a baby shower and why is it needed?

Baby shower doll in lettuce leaves

To tell the truth, this is not a holiday at all, but a very cute women's party, to which men are usually not invited (unless they come across a male toddler among the girlfriends-mummies). They arrange it for a friend "in an interesting position" shortly before giving birth. What is its essence? By and large, such a holiday is a way to tell a pregnant girlfriend how everyone loves her, appreciates and looks forward to meeting her baby. Thus, everyone seems to pump up the future mother with a mass of positive emotions that are so important to her on the eve of an important event. And all this happens interspersed with giving gifts, entertainment and treats.

If you have a suitable pregnant girlfriend and a circle of friends who are ready to please her, there are 2 ways to organize a party.

In the first case, you can do everything openly: order a nice, quiet cafe or go to nature together, write invitations and invite guests (by the way, the guest list can be estimated together with the hero of the occasion). However, there is a second option: secret. Its essence is that the girlfriend does not know about the holiday until the last, and even when, under some innocent pretext, it is possible to "as if by accident" lure her into the very epicenter of the evening's events - there is "Surprise!" And "Hurray!", and happiness on the faces of friends, and a frozen expression of complete delight on the face of a pregnant woman. In short, the second way is a classic surprise party that everyone secretly dreams of. Only taking into account the "interesting situation", give up firecrackers and firecrackers, as well as loud shouts, so that this does not provoke a premature meeting of the future mother and her child.

Organizing such a party is both simple and difficult at the same time. Let's go through the main points to figure out what's what.

Who should you invite to the baby shower?

Friends of the future mother at the baby shower

First of all, you need to determine the circle of invited (or involved in the event) people. Call everyone with whom the future mother communicates and is friends, as well as those whom she would be sincerely glad to see. You can create a group chat in Viber or Votsap to notify everyone about any plans and changes with one click.

Place, time and cost of the baby show

Baby shower table set outside

It is necessary to determine in advance the venue of the holiday. Will it be some kind of cafe or apartment / house of one of your friends? It would be nice if this place was familiar to the hero of the occasion, so that the visit to it would not arouse suspicion. By the way, you can always find an innocent excuse: "Darling, I need your help!" or “I missed you so much, come to chat.”, “Only you understand me; I need your advice. " and so on. Women's fantasy is truly unlimited! It is better to plan a baby shaure for the period of the last 3-4 weeks before childbirth. However, no one knows for sure when the baby will decide to be born, so don't delay too much!

Interior decoration for baby shower celebration

The venue of the holiday prompts the question about the budget of the party: do you need to pay rent for the hall and treats, or can you cook something delicious for everyone and bring with you? And can throw off and joint efforts to bungle something grand? Do I need to order a photographer or can I limit myself to cameras on mobile? Does everyone bring a gift from themselves or do they buy something from everyone? All these questions need to be discussed with friends.

Baby shower party decoration ideas, photo

Congratulatory inscription for the expectant mother at the baby shower

Decorating the party venue is one of the important points not to be overlooked. Create a mood.If you know for sure the gender of the unborn baby, you can choose the traditional pink-blue color scheme or limit yourself to neutral light green or green, yellow or silver-gray, or you can arrange a real explosion of colors to turn the party literally into a bright event.

Baby shower decoration can be entrusted to professionals and contact one of the event agencies. On the other hand, you can do it yourself: cut flowers and flags out of paper, make paper garlands, inflate balloons and hang everything on the walls.

Baby shower treats

Sweets for the baby shower

Treating is another important aspect. What is a holiday without a festive table? However, do not forget that a meal on a "baby" should not be a feast. This is a feast for women, which means that the treat should be light.

Egg and sausage snacks

A great idea is to organize a buffet with light snacks or desserts at the baby shower. Prepare vegetable platters with several types of dips, canapes, snacks and desserts. Instead of the traditional cream cake, opt for a lighter cheesecake. Instead of sandwiches, make tiny toasts, followed by light salads. Don't forget fruits and drinks.

What to give a future mom for a baby shower?

Table withts at the baby shower

Gifts can be very diverse, taking into account the main theme: a girlfriend is expecting a baby! Firstly, give everything that a child may need for the first time: creams, powders, ointments, shampoos - any children's cosmetics will be in place. A good gift - blouses, undershirts, bodysuits, socks, scratches, hats, as well as everything else you can put on a precious little one. A blanket, rugs, baby bedding, disposable and cloth diapers will not hurt.

Gift items for children for the baby shower

You can think about what to take the child from the hospital: an envelope and a set of clothes for discharge. If you decide to make one general gift for a baby shower from your friends, buy something more worthwhile - a crib, a high chair, a stroller, a bath, a walker, etc. Do not forget about mommy, clothes and underwear for feeding will do. discs for mothers during lactation, vitamins and cosmetics for the postpartum recovery period.

Gifts at the baby shower close-up

And here are cute neutral gifts for the baby shower: albums and photo frames, where you can then insert a photo from a holiday or from a maternity hospital, a set for making the first print of a baby's leg and hand, etc.

Examples ofts for the expectant mother for the baby shower

And of course diapers, diapers, diapers! This is really the most necessary and never superfluous gift. By the way, you can make a wonderful cake from the diapers on the baby shower and decorate it with children's toys and rattles. Before the main guest arrives, all gifts for the expectant mother and child are beautifully folded in a certain place, for example, on one of the tables in the room.

Baby shower snack table

Baby shower entertainment and contests

Baby shower competition task sheet

Don't forget about the entertainment program. Prepare in advance 3-4 contests or games that do not require special preparation. The main task is to chat, laugh and have a great time.

  • You can write practical or comic advice on pieces of paper, as well as wishes for the expectant mother. For example: “Do not forget to teach your husband to change diapers”, “Be sure to lie down to rest when the baby is sleeping”, “You are always the most beautiful - do not forget about it!”.
  • Play anagram game with the guests. Write a list of 10 words around the world and use a special online program to mix up the order of the letters in these words. Invite each of the guests to unravel all the anagrams at speed and guess what is encrypted there. Sometimes the simplest words can be misleading. (Example words: body, undershirt, stroller, cradle, bib, car seat, radio nanny, scratches, diapers, etc.).
  • If the mom-to-be has already chosen a name for her baby and is ready to share it, offer the guests a new game: let everyone make their own list of necessary things for the baby in the first year of his life. Pay attention to everyone that these words should begin with the letters that make up the name of the unborn baby.(For example, SOPHIA - Pacifier, Lots of diapers, Purple romper, Toys, Berry puree).
  • Play a guessing game. Let the mother-to-be and a few more of the blindfolded guests try to guess what they will feed the baby with. Prepare in advance jars of baby food, or ordinary food, but ground on a blender and arrange a battle of taste buds. The reaction to this competition will definitely be fun: all mashed potatoes are completely free of salt and spices, and it will not be easy for adults to swallow it.
  • M & M's and a bottle. Ask your guests to guess how many M & M's can fit in a baby bottle, and then all together you will count the candies and eat them.
  • Another bottle contest. Pour compote or milk into identical small bottles of juice or cola, put on the most common pacifiers and invite those who wish to drink a drink at speed through a nipple.
  • Organize a creative competition: remember your childhood and mold your baby from plasticine. Whoever gets the most similar gets a symbolic prize.
  • The most accurate eye gage. Give the girlfriends a thread and have each one measure by eye a thread that can cover Mommy's tummy. Whoever is closest to the goal will get a sweet prize - candy or gingerbread.

No matter how the baby shower holiday turns out, no matter how much effort, resources and efforts were spent on its preparation and organization, we will say with confidence: all this is worth it! Surely your friend will remember him forever and will also tell her son or daughter about what a surprise her dear friends gave her when she was expecting the most important event in her life - meeting her baby!

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