Swing legs in the lower block

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Swing legs in the lower block
Swing legs in the lower block

Find out how to do the most effective butt development exercise for men and women. Every girl dreams of having firm buttocks. There is a fairly large number of exercises aimed at working out this muscle group. One of the most effective movements is swinging the legs in the lower block. This is an isolated exercise that will allow you to tighten the muscles in your buttocks and make them firmer.

It should be said right away that the swings must be performed at the final stage of your lesson after squats and lunges. In this case, this movement will be as effective as possible. Swing legs back have a limited amplitude, which allows you to isolate the load on the muscles of the buttocks and almost one hundred percent exclude the hip from work.

Technique for swinging legs in the lower block

Performing leg swings in the lower block

To perform this movement, you need to face the machine and grab the handles to maintain balance. Be sure to keep your back straight and your head pointed forward.

Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and take the leg straight back, while lifting it as high as possible. In order for the muscles to be in tension all the time for maximum results, it is necessary to keep the leg on weight when moving in the opposite direction. You should feel how your muscles are tense throughout the entire movement. It is very important to monitor your breathing:

  • Exhale air as you swing your leg back.
  • Inhale as you bring your leg to your body.

Tips for Athletes on Leg Swings

The athlete performs leg swings in the lower block

Do not tilt the body too far forward, since in this case the load will go to the muscles of the lower back and the back of the thigh. To maximize the use of the glutes, the body should be tilted at an angle of 20 to 30 degrees. Use weights that do not interfere with technique. If you take a lot of weight, then due to the incorrect execution of the leg swings in the lower block, the efficiency of the movement will sharply decrease. It is very important that the leg is laid straight back and not twisted outward. Do the movement only with the effort of the gluteal muscles and do not use the inertia of the swing. Make sure that the body remains level throughout the entire set. To increase the load on the gluteus muscles, slightly bend your knee. When the leg is brought to the body, the knee joint should be lifted as high as possible so that the muscles stretch well. Do not rush to increase your working weight. Start with one that allows you to do eight to ten reps technically correctly.

In the extreme upper position of the trajectory, when the leg is abducted, one should pause for a second and only then begin to perform the adduction of the leg to the body. If after performing the movement you feel a slight burning sensation in the buttocks or this part of the body is hardened, then you did everything right.

What are the leg swings in the lower block?

Crossover Leg Swings

Almost every strength exercise has several varieties and kicks in the lower block are no exception. Let's take a look at all the types of this exercise:

  • Swing your legs back in the simulator. This movement is very similar to the one we discussed above. You also need to face the machine and hold onto it with one hand. The second hand at this moment is on the belt. The support leg should be firmly installed on the ground, and the working leg rests on a special roller. The technique of performing the movement exactly corresponds to the above exercise.
  • Swing legs back with weights. To perform the exercise, a special shin pad made in the form of a belt is used. It is equipped (most often) with pockets in which you can add cargo. To complete the exercise, you need to take an emphasis on an object in order to maintain balance. Otherwise, the movement is performed in the same way as the swinging legs in the lower block.

Also, in conclusion, it is worth recalling the most popular mistakes made by athletes. First of all, the conversation is about the need to perform the entire movement smoothly. You should avoid jerking and coasting. It is also important to perform a swinging motion with the leg, but at the same time unfolding the body. All this will greatly reduce the efficiency of the movement.

Once again, I would like to remind you of the correct choice of weight. Very often, beginners rush with the progression of the load, without even having time to master the exercise completely. If you want your workouts to be as effective as possible, and you do not waste your time, at first, special attention should be paid to the technique. Only then the movement is performed perfectly, you can begin to increase the load. This should become an axiom for you, not only in relation to leg swings in the lower block, but also to any other strength exercise.

Technique for performing leg swings on the lower block in this video:

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