How to celebrate a birthday in African style?

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How to celebrate a birthday in African style?
How to celebrate a birthday in African style?

An African-style party is a hot, fun celebration. Learn how to decorate Candy Bar, wall decoration appliques, sweets. Also for you a birthday script, fun games.

An African party will help you find yourself in a hot country in a cool winter. Such a holiday can be organized for children and so to celebrate the child's birthday.

African Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

See how you can decorate the Candy Bar for an unforgettable African party.

Birthday Party Decoration in African Style

You can decorate the party using colored paper and cardboard. To make a garland with animals, you will need:

  • cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • beautiful rope.

Print the figurines of the African animals you like. These can be elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes. Place the templates on colored cardboard and cut out. Then glue the missing parts by cutting them out of colored paper.

Take a marker of a dark color, draw zebra stripes, round specks of a giraffe. Now you need to glue these figures to a ribbon or string. Hang the garland in two rows on the wall. And the wall can be decorated in advance by hanging an ordinary burlap on it.

  1. These figurines will also help decorate the Candy Bar. To make a center carousel, take a plate and glue a cardboard circle onto it. Then holes need to be made around the edges of this circle. Later you will skip the ropes here.
  2. Place the folded cardboard in the center and glue it. Cut out triangles from the same material. Glue them together on the back with duct tape together to make a roof.
  3. Attach a bead and a flag on top. Connect the inside of the roof to the upright and tie the ropes here. All that remains is to glue the animal figures on the edge of these carousels.

You can also make a bag with handles from cardboard. Glue a picture of an African animal here. When making cakes, you can also fix such figures here, but smaller in size. You will glue each one to a wooden skewer, which you will then stick into these decorations.

Buy African-style napkins in advance. And you can decorate cardboard plates in this way yourself. To do this, you just need to glue here figures of African animals, cut out of cardboard.

You can also decorate a photo zone or a Candy Bar by making caps on which you will stick pictures of African animals.

In the same style, make a congratulatory garland. Also attach elements of African decor to drinks, bags, containers with treats.

Birthday Party Decoration in African Style

When you think about how to decorate the chairs, then you can attach an African animal mask to each. Then the child will be able to take his own, put it on, to feel like a beast of the wild savannah. Chair covers can be sewn. To do this, take a rectangle of fabric, wrap it 15 cm over the top, and sew these two sides at the sides to then secure this top to the top of the chair. On the reverse side, you need to glue or sew on an image of an animal in Africa.

Birthday Party Decoration in African Style

When you decorate the tables, then put some figurines here as well. Inflate yellow and orange balloons, apply zebra stripes on them. On others, you draw strokes that look like a giraffe or leopard coloring.

Birthday Party Decoration in African Style

When you have an African-style birthday planned, animal figurines from this continent will help a lot. You can put them in the Candy bar area and thus decorate the room.Such animals are easy to make from papier-mâché. See how to create African animals.

Birthday Party Decoration in African Style

How to make an elephant out of paper?

Paper elephant

For such work, paper towels or toilet paper are suitable. Tear them into pieces and fill with water. After 15 minutes, squeeze through cheesecloth, but not very hard.

Make a paste. To do this, put 4 tablespoons of flour in a suitable container, pour a glass of water and stir well until smooth. At this time, boil 500 ml of water, start pouring the flour liquid here little by little, stirring.

Stir the mass. When it thickens, remove from heat, cool and pour into prepared paper. Use a blender to smooth the mixture. Then add 3 tablespoons of PVA and stir thoroughly. Work with a spoon first, then with your hands. You should get a plastic mass, similar to soft plasticine.

To make an elephant out of paper, you will need:

  • mass for papier-mâché;
  • foil;
  • acrylic paints;
  • masking tape;
  • foil sleeve;
  • self-hardening paste or putty.

Take the sleeve and cut it into 4 equal pieces. Fold these blanks together to form a kind of rectangle. Hold them together with papier-mâché paste.

Paper elephant blanks

Now take a foil, form a ball with a trunk out of it. Attach this blank with papier-mâché to the legs you just made.

Elephant blank

An African party will be great with these decor items.

Apply papier-mâché paste on top of the foil. Then dry it. Make the ears. Stick them in place. Apply modeling paste on top, if not, then putty will do. When it's dry, sand it. Attach decorative pebbles that will become eyes.

Elephant blank

Paint this blank with brown paint, applying it only in some places. They are shown in the photo, and the paper elephant is created further in this way. Take some orange acrylic paint and apply it to some areas of this animal as well.

Paper elephant

Then use other paints. You can apply them not only with a wide brush, but also by taking a piece of foam rubber kitchen sponge. When the coating is dry, you can also draw flowers, circles on the elephant.

Paper elephant

Paint the decorative stones with white, then paint the pupils here. Attach some papier-mâché mass to the string, fixing this ponytail in place. When the mass is completely dry, the work is completed and you can decorate the African party venue with this elephant.

Paper elephant

How to decorate walls with African Birthday Applique?

If you have an African-style birthday planned, then you can make the decor items for this yourself with the children. It will be interesting for kids to create works that they can be proud of in front of the guests.

Zebra harvest

To make an applique, take:

  • thick sheet of watercolor paper;
  • wax crayons;
  • cotton pads;
  • plasticine;
  • glue;
  • paints.

Before making a zebra, first draw it on a piece of paper with a simple pencil. Cut out.

Draw colored stripes on this character with wax crayons. They can be yellow, purple, crimson.

DIY zebra

Now you need to paint the top with black watercolor. Let the zebra dry until it dries. In the meantime, you will take cotton pads, cut each in half and cut out a fringe at the end. For the tail, for this you need to guide the scissors diagonally. On the mane, these are straight stripes, and for the bangs, take a figure folded in half and cut its edges with a fringe.

Zebra blanks

Glue all these parts in place. Cut out a round protein from the remainder of the white paper, blind the pupil from black plasticine and glue it to this eye, which needs to be attached in place.

DIY zebra

Now take a green wax crayon and use this tool to draw some grass on a piece of paper. Then paint this background with green watercolor paint. When it's dry, glue the zebra in here.

Take white paper, cut out five petals for each flower and glue them in place.Now roll up plasticine balls and attach them as cores to these flowers. You can draw leaves, after which a beautiful African-style applique is ready.

African Style Birthday Appliques

You can make several of these works and decorate the place of celebration with them.

See what other applique can be.

African Style Birthday Appliques

It is large in size. You draw the main motive on the sheets of whatman paper, fastening them together on the back side with adhesive tape. You can also paint on a white cloth using textile paints. And if you succeed, then buy a piece of fabric on which African motives will be captured.

You can make such a picturesque frame. To do this, take green corrugated paper. Fold a strip of this material into a stack in the form of an accordion, cut out the sheet. At a time, you will get several pieces at once.

Now make the leaflets more authentic. To do this, you need to bend them a little and cut the edges with a fringe. Now hang the paper on the wall first. And then attach these leaves around its perimeter.

Such a panel looks great near the Candy bar or in the photo zone.

African Style Candy Bar - Birthday Treats

And you can arrange a wall near such a zone in a different way. To do this, take a suitable canvas, collect it on top with an elastic band. Then hang it on the wall. And if you have a window here, and curtains of a suitable color, then it is enough to close them to get such an African mood.

Lay a green tablecloth on the table, attach artificial leaves along the edge. You can make papier-mâché sidewalls so that they look like the African countryside. And put a papier-mâché elephant and giraffe next to it, or you can take an inflatable one. If possible, use a branch of a tree, fix it here to create the motif of the African savannah.

Birthday Treats

You can also place here not a branch of a tree, but a palm tree. To do it, take a sturdy wire or stick, on which you need to string inverted peat cups for seedlings. You get the trunk of a palm tree. Now tie green palm leaves made from thinner wire and green paper to the end of the wire.

To do this, you need to put two sheets of paper one on top of the other, put the wire inside and glue it between them. Now cut this palm leaf along with the wire and trim the edges with a fringe.

When you think about how to design a Candy bar, then use the materials available. You can paint the balloons to continue the festive atmosphere. Secure them to a papier-mâché elephant. As you prepare your treat, create some African animals from Sweet Fast.

To create a lion's mane, roll out a strip of mastic, cut it with fringe on one side and glue it on the head of this animal. It is also easy to cut flowers and other items of delicious decor from mastic.

To please children at their birthday, take paper bags in advance, glue the images of some African animals here, and put a treat inside.

Birthday Treats

If you are going to have a Safari-style children's party, then you can take the following simple idea into service.

Birthday Treats

As you can see, the table can be covered with regular burlap. Hang a piece of green paper or material of that color on the wall. But it should only be in the middle. On the sides, you will make a wood appliqué. To do this, draw a tree trunk, then glue the leaves cut from colored paper here.

Place small bansai trees to add greenery to the area. And if you have toy African animals, then place them right there. Set up a treat that's also African-inspired.

You can draw characters from the cartoon Madagascar on a Whatman paper or buy fabric that will depict these characters. You will use it to cover the walls, and from the other you can sew tablecloths. Don't forget to make ruffles for them, which can be made from burlap.

African Style Birthday Treats

African-style Candy BAR includes drinks. Then glue the printed pictures of these animals to the juice bottles. And if you have a birthday in the Lion King style, then you will need to print a drawing of this character. You will also glue small pictures on top of the straws.

African Style Birthday Treats

You can cut palm trees out of paper, make them bulky, and put them on tables. Also, treats can be portioned. To do this, put hamburgers, fried potatoes, pies in special bags with African motives. Place glasses of drinks nearby. Hang garlands at the top where you can fix not only tinsel, but also balls, monkeys.

African Style Birthday Treats

How to dress for an African-style birthday party?

Many outfits are easy to create with your own hands, and the process is very fun.

African Style Birthday Clothes
  1. You will make such a suit from scrap materials. Take a paper bag, cut out the holes for the arms from the sides. Roll the envelopes using the same paper and glue them. These will be the pockets.
  2. Take two toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll and cut it in half. In the middle, glue a small cardboard blank onto which you will wind the string. These binoculars are worn around the neck. Therefore, you will need to attach a rope to it.
  3. It remains to put on shorts of a suitable color for the child, and the costume for the party is ready.

You can also use hats that are also suitable for this theme.

A girl can dress up as a tigress by taking a dress of this color. Then you will need to make a skirt out of taffeta, sew a tail here. She will sew the ears on the rim, and she will have to do a light cat's makeup.

African Birthday Outfits

The girl can wear national African clothes. To do this, you need to take a fabric of a suitable color, cut a rectangle out of it, fold it in half and sew it on the sides, leaving the armholes free. You process them so that the child can thread his arms here.

You also need to process the neck with an oblique inlay, and also tuck and hem the bottom. All that remains is to put on beads, tie such a cloak and make an adornment of a red and yellow satin ribbon on your head.

African Style Sweet Birthday Table

Children love various sweets. If you will be decorating a Candy bar, then place portioned treats here. You can make potato cakes yourself, then roll balls out of this mass and roll them in colored shavings. Place these treats in colored cupcake boxes.

You can make lollipops, wrap them with corrugated paper, on which images of animals will be pasted.

Take plastic or wooden skewers, attach popcakes at their ends. Perform sweets in the shape of the head of African beasts. Decorate with sweet icing.

African Style Birthday Sweets

Among the sweets, a fruit palm tree will also look good. To do this, take skewers and string on each piece of fruit. Then stick this treat into the Styrofoam base.

Bake cookies, cakes, squeeze melted black and white chocolate out of a syringe without a needle on them to make strips of two colors. This will be a zebra pattern.

Cut from magazines or print on a color printer figurines of the beasts of Africa. Then you glue these blanks onto toothpicks and stick them into the cakes. When you make the cake, cover it with sweet mastic; make ribbons for the cake from the colored strips of this delicious mass. Roll some blanks into a ball and decorate the bottom of the first and second tiers with such beads.

And the rest of the circles can be rolled out to stick them on the first tier, as shown in the photo. Then make animals from the marzipan mass, cover them with mastic of the desired color and decorate so that it is clear that it is an elephant, a giraffe, a monkey.

African Style Birthday Sweets

You can bake a biscuit, break it into crumbs and add butter cream here. Now knead the mass. It will be plastic. It is easy to mold such animals from it. Then chill them in the refrigerator. After that, it remains to grease the animals with butter cream again.Then you will need to apply sweet glaze here to decorate these figures.

Decorate the cake so that its coloring resembles the skin of a giraffe, a zebra. Cover the top tier of sweetness with white sugar mastic, add gray food coloring to another, stir the mass. Roll it into a layer, cut into uneven pentagons.

Then moisten them on the back with water and glue them onto a white blank. You will get a drawing that looks like a giraffe. And on a dark layer, you can attach white stripes to make it seem like a zebra has just run through here. Also make yummy figurines to decorate this birthday cake.

African Style Birthday Sweets

Here's what else you can cook for the holiday. When planning your birthday, do it in specific colors. Red and yellow dominate here. When making the cookies, prepare the red and yellow frosting. Decorate sweets with it. Blind circles of different sizes from such a mass, flatten them a little and attach to one side of the cake. And beads made of red mastic will help to decorate the tiers of this sweetness.

African Style Birthday Sweets

You can also bake monkey head cookies. When you take these sweets out of the oven, use a syringe without a needle to squeeze out the icing to paint the eyes, nose, and mouth with it. And the brown mastic will turn into ears and hair.

Provide plenty of small drink bottles for the kids to come and quench their thirst during fun games. String sweet treats onto wooden skewers and place them in boxes on trays. Then the kids will be able to eat too. This Candy Bar is additionally decorated with balloons that are made in the colors of Africa. A zebra-colored tablecloth will complement this picture.

African Style Birthday Sweets

Also, there must certainly be fruits and berries. Take a watermelon, remove the pulp from it with a special round spoon. You will get watermelon balls. Make sure there are no pits in them.

Now, using a knife, draw a hippopotamus face on the watermelon. Put watermelon balls in this mouth. You can also make them from melons or put other berries here. A 4 marshmallows will become teeth.

African Style Birthday Treats

You can also make a watermelon turtle. To do this, you will remove the side of this fruit; now, using a knife, you need to scratch its outer rind so that you get a drawing of the tortoise shell.

Select her head, paws. Decorate the lower part too. Remove the pulp and place in the watermelon balls, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, or other seasonal berries.

You can make just such a shelf. To do this, attach 2 others vertically to the board. Drill a hole in the sides of each and glue a small round block horizontally here.

Take sweets with hooks on the ends, wrap them in corrugated paper. Tie these bags with ribbons and glue them on each African animal picture.

African Style Birthday Treats

Additionally, here you can glue green paper leaves, put a hippopotamus figurine or other existing toy on this topic.

African Style Birthday Fun - Fun Games

Download songs with African themes in advance. Of course, Chunga-changa will be the highlight of the program. To this and other fiery melodies, you organize various contests. See what they can be.

First you need to tell the kids the legend that poachers came to Africa and the animals fled. The presenter invites the children to go in search of animals with him. The children agree, and he invites the children to eat vitamins that will strengthen the immune system and prevent them from getting sick if someone is bitten by a harmful fly or snake while traveling.

You can give out emmems or candy of this type. The host says that you need to properly prepare for the trip. To do this, first he calls the children various riddles so that they can guess what kind of animals they are. Then it will be possible to check if the guys know who lives in Africa?

Whose footprints?

Since it is difficult to determine which animals ran where, you need to understand this in the footsteps. Take paper in advance, cut out traces from it, similar to the trail of an elephant, zebra, crocodile, ostrich, giraffe and other animals. Let the children guess whose tracks they are.

We walk through the desert

There is a lot of sand in the desert, there are often strong winds and it is difficult to walk, parents will help the children create such a picture. To do this, take a piece of fabric in yellow or brown shades in advance. Make cuts in it at a step distance. The parents will now hold this rectangle 10 cm from the floor. And the children take turns to pass, hitting their feet in the holes.

Feed the lion

Now the presenter says that he sees an African lion ahead. We need to feed him so that he will let the guys go further.

To do this, you need to cut out the face of this animal from cardboard in advance, make a large hole in the place of the mouth. The guys will throw small balls, you can use sandbags. Thus, they will "feed" the hungry lion. After that, they will again go on an interesting journey.

African Style Birthday Treats

We train dexterity

Now the presenter says that the further journey will be even more difficult. And only the most dexterous will be able to reach the goal. To train this quality, he offers the children the following competition. There are 3 of them in total.

  1. Pour some water into a shallow bowl, put small fruits. The children will take turns running up here, taking these fruits with their teeth and transferring them to a tray. As if they are catching aquatic creatures and carrying them to dry land.
  2. Blow up the balloons, take the kids into two teams. Give each team several balloons of a specific color. Then they will start tossing them to each other. After 5 minutes, you need to stop the competition and see which team has more balls left. The other will win.
  3. You can also stretch a rope between two opposite walls or chairs. Then you need to go under it, dropping lower and lower. You will tell the children that this is a vine, and the children should go under it to the music. It will be necessary to gradually lower this rope lower and lower, and whoever can overcome such an obstacle last will be recognized as the most dexterous.

Rhino game

Then, on this journey, the guys will discover a rhinoceros. To do this, print out its image in advance or draw it on a Whatman paper. Attach to the wall.

Cut out the horn of a rhinoceros from a triangle of cardboard, attach to it with tape. The guys will take turns throwing rings on this horn. The host will say that the rhino is very happy with the game, and the children can go looking for the next animals.

The most accurate

On the way, they will meet poachers. The facilitator will say that the children must defeat them. To do this, hang targets on the walls in advance. You will need to throw arrows with suction cups here.

You can also place paper poachers on the floor. Children will throw swords at them to knock them down.

The host will say that the guys won! Now you can have some fun. At the same time, the children will depict various African animals of this country.

  1. When showing the tiger, children will fold their fingers so that they look like claws and will growl loudly.
  2. Then the children will get up from their seats and show how the elephants walk. To do this, they will have to stomp, and with their fingers slightly pull off their ears. After all, these are elephants.
  3. Make a kind of campfire out of pieces of colored cardboard. Flames can also be made from satin fabric. The kids will jump around this fire as if they were antelope or zebra.
  4. Now the host will advise the children to show how the monkeys jump. This is the final competition.

At the end of the party, you will need to give the children sweet gifts as a keepsake, which they will certainly be delighted with.

African Style Birthdayts

This is how fun and exciting an African-style birthday party can be. Such a party will amuse not only children, but also adults. And so that you are imbued with the mood of such a holiday, watch the video.One of them shows you how to set up an African-style party.

Video number two will teach you how to make a zebra. And this will be the Zebra cake that you bake with your own hands.

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