Art paintings and panels in 5 minutes

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Art paintings and panels in 5 minutes
Art paintings and panels in 5 minutes

After reading the article, you will learn how to quickly draw art pictures, make panels; you will learn how children's painting is created with paints, glue, salt and potatoes. You don't have to spend a lot of time to paint beautiful pictures. Others are created in just 5 minutes and become real masterpieces.

Art paintings

Art is translated from English as "art". It is customary for us to call this word original paintings created without any frills. Even a novice artist can draw this.

Art painting on the wall

To create it use:

  • plain paper, but thick or canvas;
  • acrylic paint in white and other colors;
  • construction tape;
  • brush;
  • scissors.

To make such a picture with acrylic paints, you need to draw strokes in one direction. Use bright colors for it to make the canvas look positive and joyful.

You can use the colors shown in the example. If you wish, pick up your other favorite shades to work with pleasure.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an art picture

The paint should cover the entire canvas so that there are no white gaps between the strokes. Let it dry well, while cutting a wide double-sided construction tape into equal rectangular pieces. It is better to use it, since the usual one has great stickiness, when you tear it off the canvas, you can also remove some of the paint.

When the canvas is dry, attach the strips of tape to it, placing them diagonally.

DIY art painting

After the whole picture is framed in this way, dipping a brush in white acrylic paint, cover the canvas with this layer directly over the tape. Let the work dry well. Then simply remove the strips of duct tape.

Removing adhesive tape from an art painting

As a result, you will get a picture that the art style helped to create.

If you want to paint a more discreet canvas, use just 2 paint colors. Such a picture can be hung in the office or presented to the boss, employee at work.

You will also need a minimum of time to make this art picture, and here's what else:

  • canvas or thick paper;
  • red and gray acrylic paint;
  • thin rope or thread.

Wind the thread in different directions around the fabric. Paint it red, leaving light places between several fragments. Cover them with gray paint. When the art is dry, remove the rope by coiling it in a ball.

Creating an asymmetrical art picture

Such art paintings look great both in the office for negotiations and in the dining room. The canvas fits into the surrounding environment, skillfully complementing it.

Asymmetric art painting on the wall

Quick drawing

If you have only 5 minutes of time, and you need to quickly make a gift with your own hands or draw a picture that will refresh your home environment, then use the following idea.

To implement it, you will need:

  • dye;
  • plastic bottle;
  • soup plate;
  • paper.

Draw a blank tree on the canvas, consisting of a trunk and branches. Pay attention to how the bottom of the bottle should be. It will help create flowers on the tree. Let it be cherry blossoms.

Dip the bottom of the container in pink paint and apply prints to and around branches. When the paper is dry, you can frame it and hang the painting on the wall.

How to create a quick drawing

And here's how to quickly draw such pictures.

Quick flower drawings on the wall

You can create any of the presented ones in no more than 5 minutes, not counting the time for the paint to dry. Before you start creating, you should have at hand:

  • canvas;
  • leaf from a tree;
  • blue paint;
  • brush;
  • gold paint in a spray bottle.

Cover the canvas with blue paint, make strokes so as not to leave white gaps. Let this background dry well.

Creating a drawing

Then place the sheet in the center of the composition, cover the canvas with spray from a spray bottle.

Performing this stage of work, make sure that the sheet does not move under the pressure of the jet, otherwise the contours will be smeared. You can first glue it onto double-sided paper tape, and peel off at the end of the work.

Finished drawing with herbarium imprint

When the paint from the spray can dries, remove the sheet and rejoice at how quickly you got such a picturesque drawing.

Original paintings can be created without even using paints. For this, you will need only old magazines for everything. The design of the paintings will help to make the room modern and stylish.

Art picture from glossy magazines

Cut photos, posters of glossy magazines into strips of the same thickness. Then combine them several at a time, trim them so that they become the same length.

Lubricate a rectangle of thick cardboard with glue, attach strips to it.

Art picture made of cardboard

Now take a sheet of black cardboard and paint on it. Cut along the contours with a clerical knife.

Cutting a panel on cardboard

Glue a piece of cardboard with the cutout pattern to the paper panel.

Magazines can be replaced with fabric by cutting strips out of it. Take canvases in bright colors, when gluing the stripes, wrap the edges inward so that they do not wrinkle and look good.

Art picture cut out of cardboard

It remains to enclose the canvas in a frame and you can make a few more to hone your skill and give your friends and acquaintances a handmade painting for the holiday.

Framed cardboard panel

The next decorative panel will become a vivid memory of the trip to the sea. Even if you did not manage to get out to the southern regions, if you wish, you will still be the owners of such a voluminous picture. After all, shells can be bought, and the rest can be found at home.

Marine panel

Panel in a marine style

Here is a list of what you need to have on hand to make a panel:

  • cardboard box;
  • cardboard to make partitions;
  • brush;
  • acrylic paints;
  • beads;
  • seashells;
  • glue;
  • pearl bead;
  • small sea pebbles;
  • sand;
  • varnish;
  • threads.

Take a box if you have a container in which there are partitions, then the time to complete the work is reduced. If not, then read how to make them.

Cut the strips so wide that they are 2 cm wider than the sides of the box. Make equal slots in each in two places. Connect them crosswise. Bend the long side of the strips 2 cm, apply glue, attach the dividers to the bottom of the container. Paint the box blue. Let it dry, put the shells in the resulting pockets to figure out how best to place them.

Instructions for creating a sea panel

Lubricate one cell with glue, sprinkle with sand, glue a small shell here. Glue a pearl bead into the open shell, place it in another pocket. In the third, glue a small skein of yellow thread, and a shell on it.

Step-by-step creation of a sea panel

The next cell will be filled with sea pebbles, also put them on the glue. Using the same material, fill in the gaps between them by placing small beads here.

Cover sinks and stones with varnish to make them look wet. If desired, highlight the upper edges of the partitions with white paint to give the product a contrast.

Instructions for creating a panel in a marine style

The work is completed, now you can hang the panel on the wall.

Watercolor art painting - an easy way

Watercolor art paintings

To create such original paintings will help:

  • canvas;
  • watercolor paints;
  • glue;
  • rock salt.

Cover the canvas with watercolors just the way the shower demands. You can use 2 or more colors, brush strokes in random order. While the drawing is still wet, drip some clear glue onto it and sprinkle with salt.

Applying glue to a watercolor painting

When dry, it absorbs the pigment from the paint and thus creates a very interesting effect. These are the beautiful pictures that come out as a result. Children will feel like real creators when they work in this technique.

Watercolor art paintings

Let them make a frame for their creation. Help them in this.

How to frame a picture?

For her, you need to prepare:

  • thick cardboard;
  • stationery knife;
  • salty dough;
  • a toothpick;
  • plastic knife for plasticine.

Cut out the cardboard frame yourself, since the clerical knife is very sharp and small children should not be given such a tool. But they can make the dough themselves. If you don't remember his recipe, you can use one of the following:

First recipe for salt dough:

  • wheat flour - 1 glass;
  • water - 1 glass;
  • fine salt - 2 cups;
  • dry wallpaper glue - 1 tbsp. l.

Second recipe:

  • wheat flour - 2 cups;
  • water -3/4 cup;
  • fine salt - 1 glass.

According to any of the recipes presented, you first need to mix dry bulk ingredients, then add water and knead a thick dough. It is better to first pour out not all the liquid, but more than half. Then add more as needed.

The dough needs to be kneaded very well, then it will become elastic, will not stick to hands and tear during work. Do not store salted dough for a long time, otherwise it will acquire a grayish tint. Roll it into a rectangle 5–7 mm thick, attach it to the frame, cut off the excess with a knife. From the rest, let the child form a "sausage", giving it an oval shape, then cut pieces from it 8 mm thick, give them the shape of leaves. Then, using a plastic knife or toothpick, draw veins on them.

You need to cover the picture with a frame made of salt dough, and then moisten the contact points with water and stick the made leaves here, and on top - flowers made of the same material.

Creating a frame for a panel

It remains to dry the elements of the frame and you can put a picture into it.

Salted dough frame

Children painting

Talent can and should be developed in children from an early age. Here is a picture painted by a girl who is only 2 years and 7 months old.

Children's drawing in gouache

And children 3-4 years old will be able to create such a topic on this topic.

Bullfinches painted in watercolor

The technology for making detailed pictures is very interesting. First, prepare the following materials with your child:

  • a sheet of A3 paper;
  • palette;
  • gouache;
  • a jar of water;
  • saucer;
  • foam rubber poke;
  • brushes No. 5–8;
  • potatoes;
  • paint brush;
  • a rag;
  • glass of a size that is larger than a sheet of paper.
Tools needed to create a detailed picture

Let's get down to an interesting action. Here's how to paint a picture in an original way. Moisten the glass with water, let the kid cover it with a brush with strokes of white and blue gouache, while mixing the colors a little. Until they are dry, cover the glass with a sheet of paper, press it over the entire surface, and then separate and lay the gouache up.

Creation of a pictorial drawing

Now we need to draw black branches on which the bullfinches will sit. You can make this activity even more interesting. Kids will love drawing such children's pictures if at this stage they play catch-up with their mother.

Let one of the elders paint one branch with paint, and the child, as if catching up with the brush of adults, will follow his own path, and learn to draw a tree and branches.

Instructions for creating a detailed drawing

The next step on the path of drawing a child's picture will be no less interesting. Take small and large potatoes, cut each in half. Pour the red gouache into a saucer. Have the child dip a root vegetable into it, cut down, and make prints on the sheet. At the same time, a large potato will help create the bird's body, and a small one - its head.

Do not remove the roots from the sheet, let the baby now paint the backs and tails of the bullfinches with blue paint. The child will not go beyond the inner borders, since the lying potatoes block this path, so the head and chest of the birds will remain red.

Panel creation

Now you need to draw black legs for the bullfinches, and depict the snow with a poke. Dipping it in white paint, you need to leave light prints on the sheet with point movements.

Bullfinches on a branch, painted in gouache

Here's how to draw quickly and interestingly such children's pictures, which can then be edged with a frame made of salt dough and hung in a prominent place in the house.

If you put your palm in the paint and then make a print on paper, you get a tree trunk. Have an adult do it using brown. Then the children will be able to turn their palms into leaves, forming a crown out of them.Such children's pictures will unite people of different generations if they create together. The frame can be made of any material, including puff pastry.

Original art painting

If you want to visually see how to do them, watch the video:

The second will tell you how to draw a picture in just 1 minute!

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