How to arrange a gift?

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How to arrange a gift?
How to arrange a gift?

In the article you will find some ideas on how to wrap a gift. And for a baby, you can make a diaper cake and give it to happy parents. A person makes the first impression of a gift by its packaging. If you want to please a friend, relative, young parents, decorate a present with your own hands. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

Flowers from napkins for a gift

Instructions for creating a flower from paper

Even if you wrap a box with a gift with plain paper, the flower placed on top of it will make the seconds of presenting a presentation unforgettable. You will make such a decoration with your own hands very quickly, and a step-by-step master class will help with this:

  1. Take colorful napkins, do not unfold them, let them be folded 4 times, as they were sold in the store. Fold each diagonally, and then fold the resulting triangle in half again.
  2. Draw a petal on this element, cut it out, unfold it. Make a few more of these blanks. Stack the flowers so that the rose petals of the previous row are visible between the petals of the next.
  3. Make 2 punctures with an awl side by side, so that 2 holes are formed in each workpiece at the same distance. Thread a thread here, tie it on the wrong side with a knot. Spread out the petals and see what beautiful paper roses you have.

Decorating gifts with these flowers from napkins will also be ideal. See how easy this decorating element is.

Place the napkin as shown in the photo. Holding the corner of it, cut out 2 edges with wavy lines. Unfold the napkin. Beginning at the top edge, fold it accordion-like. Tie the resulting blank with a thread in the center. Connect the opposite edges, straighten the petals, after which you can decorate a gift with such a flower.

Diaper gift cake

And here is another interesting gift design option. Present such a diaper cake to the parents of a newborn, they will certainly be delighted with a useful gift, and even beautifully decorated.

Examples of diaper cakes

There can be several options for folding diapers, let's start with the first.

Diaper cake decorating

Here's what you need to make a diaper cake:

  • at least 84 diapers;
  • white tape;
  • double sided tape;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • items for decoration: pacifier, rattles, socks, booties, etc.;
  • optional - cake stand.

For this diaper cake we used Pampers Newborn Swaddlers - pack of 84.

Diaper cake ingredients

For the lower tier, take about half - 40-50 pieces. Lay each on the side, fold them in a spiral in relation to each other. Tie the tier in the middle of the white tape to hold it together.

Diaper cake tiers

If you want a wider diaper cake, insert a paper towel sleeve into the center of the cake.

In the same technique, make the middle tier, about 2/3 of this package of diapers will go to it, and 1/3 of it will go to the upper floor.

Diaper cake base

It's time to arrange a gift. Do this with a wide ribbon, braid. Measure their length according to the diameter of the tier, cut, sew the ends or tie on a bow. Tie nipples, rattles, booties here. These gifts for the baby will not only decorate the diaper cake, but will also be useful for the baby.

Decorated diaper cakes

Diapers for boys and girls will turn into an original cake if you also use diapers in addition to them.

Here are the materials you will need to decorate your gift:

  • diapers;
  • diapers;
  • clothespins;
  • wrapping paper;
  • stand for the cake;
  • socks, nipples, spoons.
Diapers and rattles

Take out the diapers one at a time, twist the belts from the elastic into a tube, and in order not to unfold, fasten with clothespins.Now take the first diaper, designed in this way, place another 6 around it. Tie this blank of seven diapers with a rubber band. Then fold the diaper, wrap it around this structure, wrap it with tape.

This will create a small top tier of the cake. To make it in the middle, lay six around one rolled diaper, tie the structure. Place 12 more diapers around it.

The components of the cake tier fixed with clothespins

They also need to be wrapped in a folded diaper, securing it. You have made a diaper bunk cake blank.

Diaper bunk cake base

If you want it to consist of three or four floors, then make the lower ones too. They form a little differently. To prevent the diapers from unrolling, fasten them piece by piece. Place six more around the first, secure with an elastic band. Make several similar blanks, lay them in a circle, tie with a ribbon.

Three tiers of different diameters for the cake

This is what a beautiful diaper cake you get.

Diaper cake

It remains to decorate the gift, decorating the tiers with artificial grass, putting baby socks and rattles between the diapers. You can decorate the top of the cake with a flower from a napkin.

Diaper cake decorated with socks and rattles

Other ideas for decorating a baby gift

You can buy diapers and present them in an original way, handing bath accessories with them. Here is a list of what you need to do to make a gift and decorate it in an original way:

  • diapers;
  • baby bath;
  • shower gel designed for babies;
  • 1 powder;
  • 2 teething rings;
  • 2 baby washcloths;
  • 1 baby lotion;
  • wire;
  • rubber duck thermometer;
  • rubber duck toy;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • ribbon.
Baby bath design

Place the diapers tightly together by hanging them over the edges of the small tub. Secure them with an elastic band, wrap with tape, the ends of which are tied on a bow. To make a faucet, roll 5 diapers into a tube, tie each with an elastic band. To fix it, first place several diapers in a bath on one side, then put a wire here, put the blanks rolled into a tube on it, giving them the shape of a tap.

Diaper bath base

Teether rings for teeth will play the role of valves. Fill the bathtub with pieces of padding polyester, which are visually very similar to foam. It remains to put bath accessories, ducklings on top of it, and you can give such a beautifully designed gift to the parents of the baby.

Baby bath of diapers with decorations

If you want to make a similar gift in the form of a cake, then do not put diapers in the center of its upper tier, but replace them with bath toiletries.

Diaper cake with bath accessories

If you do not know how to present a gift for a christening, for the birth of a baby, then these are very suitable. They can also be given on a birthday if the child is six months old, a year old. If you decorate a gift beautifully, even an ordinary towel will turn into a bunny, you will need one that shows the face of this animal.

Bunny pattern for a child

First fold the towel in two opposite corners to each other, then roll it into a roll and bend it into a ring. Step back a little from the two corners, which will become ears, fold and tie a part of the towel so as to indicate the animal's face.

Even soap for a child or as a gift for an adult can be packaged beautifully. Take a piece of paper or napkin folded in four. Draw a border of petals, cut out. Wrap the soap in paper, put it in the center of the openwork circle, lift its edges, connect, tie them on a bow. Add a stylish label and you can be handed this inexpensive present that is so well packaged and looks so much more expensive.

Paper flower fort decoration

How to wrap a gift?

There are also many options here. Take on a few, then you can quickly pack a present, give it for a holiday or birthday.

Originalt wrapping

To decorate a gift in this way, you will need:

  • wrapping paper;
  • scissors;
  • decorative ribbons;
  • double sided tape;
  • tape measure.

To find out how much wrapping paper you need, determine the length and width you want.Put a box in the center of it, wrap it up so that you get an overlap of 2-3 cm on all sides.

Gift wrapping

Fold back the right edge 1 cm, fix this fold and using tape. Blend this edge over the opposite edge, pointing them towards each other.

Gift wrapped in wrapping paper

To wrap a gift from the small sides, fold them as shown in the photo, first putting paper here on one side, then making corners on both sides. They also need to be bent in this direction, cover everything from above with paper from the underside of the sidewall.

Gift wrapping scheme from small sides

To fix the package in this position, glue the joint with tape. In the same way, secure the two sides of the paper with which you wrapped the box at the very beginning. Decorate the other side of the gift as well.

Gift wrapped

To decorate the package, cut a wide strip out of colored paper to match the wrapper. Wrap a box with it, cut off the excess, connect the ends with tape. Tie a decorative cord on top.

Wrappedt with ribbons

Gift decoration can be slightly different.

Wrappedt decorated with ribbons and rowan

If your wrapping paper is double-sided, you need to cut a lot of it. Then turn off the right edge by 5 centimeters, put it on the box, slip the left one under it.

Gift wrapping with double-sided paper

Then the side will get this beauty.

Side view oft wrapping with double-sided paper

All that remains is to decorate the packaging with cords and you can hand over such a beautifully designed gift.

Top view oft wrapping with double sided paper

Here's how to wrap a gift for a girl or woman. This design will surely please the fairer sex.

Whitet wrapping

Here's what you need to have on hand:

light-colored wrapping paper; • beads; • satin ribbons; • lace; • scissors; • double-sided tape; • stapler

Measure out the required amount of packaging paper. The photo shows that the gap between sides A and B should be 1–1.5 cm wide.

Making a whitet wrapping

Stepping back from the front side, referred to as B, 1.5 cm, glue double-sided tape. Remove the protective film from the top, attach the lace tape here, which should wrap the box packaging.

Gift wrapping in white paper

Here's how to decorate your gift further. To do this, fold the wrapping paper so that the lace is visible. On the small sides of the box, wrap it in the same way as described in the example above. It remains to make a double bow from a satin ribbon in this way and hoist it on top.

Instructions for creating a bow for decorating at

When ready, secure in the center with a stippler, hide this iron clip under a piece of tape, wound perpendicular to the tape.

Making a white bow to decorate at

You can decorate the top of the package with imitation pearls. It remains to pass the ribbon through the top of the box, connect its ends on the back of the bow.

Gift wrap

The video will help you arrange gifts in a stylish and interesting way:

And from this you will learn the details of how to make a diaper cake:

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