Chantilly Tiffany cat: breed history, care tips and photos

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Chantilly Tiffany cat: breed history, care tips and photos
Chantilly Tiffany cat: breed history, care tips and photos

The history of the origin of the Chantilly Tiffany breed, a description of the standard of the cat's appearance, the characteristics of the character of the pet and its health, the rules for keeping an animal at home, the price of a kitten. Chantilly Tiffany (Tiffany Chantilly) is a cat breed that has appeared recently and conquered many people with its majestic and excellent appearance, attractive character and ease of care.

The history of the origin of cats of the Chantilly Tiffany breed

Chantilly Tiffany for a walk

Representatives of this species of cats appeared in our world relatively recently, around the end of the 60s of the last century. Thanks to this, all information about the pedigree of these amazing purrs has been preserved. The native land of these pussies is the United States of America, it was there, in New York, that one of the local cat breeders Jenny Robinson, by a lucky chance, looked into one small pet store, where she bought two adorable kittens of different sexes, but so similar to each other. The lady could not help but pay attention to their unusually beautiful long coat, which is painted in a rich chocolate shade. Jenny named her newly minted pets Shirley and Thomas.

The kittens lived very comfortably and happily, and upon reaching puberty they had babies who inherited all their remarkable features from their parents. The result of such feline love impressed the owner, and she decided to try to breed adorable pets, but Jenny Robinson was more of an amateur breeder and in order to bring the breed to the big world she had neither the skills nor the proper connections. For this reason, she decided to show her, at that time already quite numerical, feline family (the first representatives of the Chantilly Tiffany species) to a local, professional felinologist Sijin Lund. This woman was much more experienced in breeding cats, since she had already formed a fairly large and prestigious cattery in which they were engaged in breeding Burmese cats.

Sijin Lund was fascinated by these animals and without a single drop of hesitation bought all the kittens, and, "rolling up her sleeves", began breeding work. After a very short period of time, the breeder had already presented her furry wards at one of the major exhibitions in New York, and both visitors and organizers liked them incredibly. At first, they decided to name the new breed, somehow unusual and called it "foreign long-haired cats." As soon as the new representatives of the feline world began to be studied by members of the commission of the International Association of Cats, the name of the breed was criticized to smithereens, allegedly there is neither specificity, nor any individuality.

After much deliberation, the view still got its loud, elegant and majestic name - Chantilly Tiffany. But the unusual name did little to help these seals, most of the feline organizations of the world scale unanimously considered these purrs to be purebred, but there was one "but", they were recognized exclusively as one of the varieties of Burmese cats. And no matter how they tried to prove that Chantilly Tiffany and the Burmese had nothing in common, except for the territory of residence, the members of the organizations were unshakable. Felinolog refused to continue working on these cats, considering their further breeding unpromising.

Fortunately, the cats of the new breed met on the way of their life a cat breeder from Canada Tracy Oraas. The woman was so fascinated by the appearance and intellectual data of these animals that she simply could not leave them to their fate. In the early 80s of the XX century, a new wave of work began on the breeding and promotion of these pussies. It took Tracy Oraas a huge amount of time and effort to prove to all members of feline organizations that Chantilly Tiffany are individuals and in no case can they be compared with anyone. As soon as the felinologist achieved a positive result, she decided to improve the variety a little. To participate in the breeding work, only the most "chocolate" individuals of this breed were selected, and such cats as the Nibelungs, Havanas, Somalis and even Angro cats. The result of such work was not long in coming, and by the mid-90s of the last century, Tiffany Chantilly were thoroughbred with all documents from most organizations confirming this fact.

Description of the standard of appearance of cats of the Chantilly Tiffany breed, photo

Photo of Chantilly Tiffany
  1. The torso. Representatives of this species may visually seem to be very large and powerful, but this impression is formed solely due to the gorgeous wool of the cats. In fact, these are miniature and sophisticated animals, whose body weight does not exceed 5–5, 5 kg. Cats are slightly smaller than males. The body of pets is slender, slightly elongated along, very strong, due to the excellent development of muscle tissue. The animal's shoulders and hips are in one straight line.
  2. Limbs in Tiffany Chantilly cats, in relation to general body parameters, they are rather long, no less muscular, extremely stable. The paw pads are round in shape, medium in size, end with sharp and strong claws.
  3. Tail process in Chantilly, Tiffany is rather long, wide in the projection of the base part, but gradually tapers to a narrower tip. The tail is covered with very thick and long hair, which gives the animal an even more majestic appearance.
  4. Head of these "chocolate" cats of medium size, the configuration resembles a slightly modified wedge. The forehead area is very wide and rounded. The cheeks are not very prominent, the mustache pads are well expressed, rounded in shape. The chin is strong, located in one clear line with the nose. If you look at the pet in profile, you will notice a slight bend on the bridge of the nose. Vibrissae are very thick and long.
  5. Auricles at first glance, they may seem very small and neat, but this is not entirely true. The true size of the auditory organs of the purr is carefully hidden by a thick layer of fur. In fact, the ears of these cats are large and deep, located very far from each other and at a slight angular inclination, the base of the ear is placed rather low. The tip of the auricle is slightly rounded.
  6. Eyes Chantilly Tiffany, according to the breed standard, can be either oval or almond-shaped. Large in size, well open. They are located close to each other, which gives the look of the animal some special penetration and expressiveness. The eye color of these cats can be anything within the golden color range.
  7. Wool Representatives of this species of cats, in truth, are simply luxurious and you cannot call it otherwise. The hairs are very long and there are a lot of them, in addition, they are completely devoid of undercoat. In the area of ​​the hind legs and neck, the fur is noticeably thicker and longer, thus, you can see the most beautiful "pants" and "collar" in the cat. It is very soft and velvety in texture. Many owners of these purrs note one peculiarity: their fur does not get tangled and very rarely gets dirty.

As for the color, before they began to make some adjustments to the exterior of these animals, Chantilly Tiffany's fur coat was shaded only in chocolate color and in no other.But over time, they decided to diversify the "wardrobe" of cats and the breed standard approved such color options as fawn, cinnamon, lilac and blue. In addition, in some individuals, you can see "decoration" on the coat in the form of tabby and mackerel patterns.

Features of the character of cats of the Tiffany Chantilly breed

Chantilly Tiffany sits

These fluffy Murziks are extraordinary pets. Such an animal for periods can simply shock with its seemingly endless stream of energy. This is especially true for kittens up to one year of age, they are very active and extremely inquisitive. Therefore, it is better for the owner to carefully look after his pupil of the Chantilly Tiffany breed, he would not have done anything. If a kitten is properly educated, then he will know exactly how to have fun, and what is already considered hooliganism. By virtue of their intelligence, these cats quickly learn how to behave in the house, and such things as a litter box, scratching post and other cat attributes.

Adult cats still love to play, conquer peaks, walk along the street and have fun in every possible way, but not for so long. With age, they spend more and more time basking on the couch or on the windowsill, bathing in the sunlight. The pet loves and respects all family members equally, but this will not always be the case. With reaching a more mature age, the cat usually chooses a best friend for himself and in every possible way shows him that in the eyes of Tiffany Chantilly this person is special, so that such trust must be earned over the years.

They play with children with pleasure and often “close their eyes” to not always understandable children's pranks. Such a pet will never use its force against a child.

Other pets will also become friends and companions for this purr, especially if no one is at home.

Chantilly Tiffany: health and photos

Chantilly Tiffany plays

Nature has endowed these amazing cats not only with an attractive exterior, but also with quite good health and strong immunity. Cats of the Tiffany Chantilly breed - most often turn out to be long-livers and, with official care, please the owner for an average of 15-18 years, but it happens even longer.

Never neglect vaccinations or vaccinate yourself. Before the introduction of the drug, the pet must be shown to the veterinarian for a general examination and to determine the desired agent and its dosage. There are many contraindications for vaccine administration and should always be taken into account. Among them are colds, helminthiasis, or a history of deworming less than two weeks ago.

Internal parasite prophylaxis is also carried out regularly. Many people think that worms are trifles, but this is not so, and these pests can sometimes lead to very deplorable, and sometimes fatal consequences. Therefore, once every six months, you need to show the animal to a doctor, in a veterinary clinic you need to pass all the necessary tests for the presence of parasites, their type and degree of infection. Based on the results obtained, the specialist will be able to choose the most effective remedy for the Chantilly Tiffany cat. Veterinary pharmacies can often advise on “good and effective medications,” but you cannot believe everything and you cannot carry out prescriptions made in absentia. Remember that there are remedies that kill one type of helminth, but at the same time contribute to the development and reproduction of another species. So a preliminary examination is necessary, at least so that you, thinking that you are treating a friend, in fact do not feed his "killers".

If the prevention of helminthiasis has been carried out, but the Tiffany Chantilly cat has symptoms of infection with worms, such as general malaise, significant loss of body weight, with increased appetite, or, on the contrary, the absence of the latter, you should also contact your veterinarian.

For representatives of this breed, there are primordially their problems - this is the accumulation of wool in the gastrointestinal tract.These cute murziks shed very profusely, no matter how hard you try to comb them, you cannot remove all unnecessary hairs, and a considerable part of them ends up in your cat's stomach, and this is already a problem. In order to prevent this unpleasant situation, Chantilly Tiffany should be fed with special feed for removing wool during the molting period. Also, a paste for removing hairs shows good performance and it can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy at an affordable price. Special greens for cats will not be superfluous either.

Hair in the stomach is a serious pathology that can not only cause discomfort for your pet, but also serious consequences. It is important to know the main signs that a purr is full of wool. The first thing to look out for is appetite. If it is reduced in a cat, but at the same time the animal walks in circles around a bowl of food - this is an alarming sign. This suggests that there is no room in the stomach for food, but the brain requires food. A cough with frequent urge to vomit will also notify you that your pet has a lump in the stomach, it is trying to push it out, but the size of the hairball does not allow it to pass through the diameter of the esophagus.

The most serious symptom is long-term constipation, this can be triggered by the fact that the kitten eats little, but most often the reason for this is the blockage of the intestinal lumen with a woolen ball. Intestinal obstruction is an extremely dangerous condition, if you suspect that something is wrong, immediately go with the cat to the hospital. Since this is fraught with the death of the intestine with the rapid development of peritonitis, which often leads to serious toxic shock and even death of the animal.

Grooming Chantilly Tiffany Cat

Chantilly Tiffany lies
  • Hair care. Since Tiffany Chantilly's fur is not prone to knotting, they do not need frequent combing, the only exception is the shedding period. Cats shed for a long time and very abundantly. At this time, the pet needs to be combed often, preferably daily, and, if possible, several times a day. Thus, you will protect this fluffy pet from "dining" with your own wool and keep order in your house. Otherwise, all surfaces of your home will be securely wrapped in thick woolen carpets. As for bathing, it should be borne in mind that the cats of Chantilly Tiffany are not lovers of taking a shower, so they need to be bathed as needed, which happens extremely rarely, since their wool practically does not get dirty. In order to keep the coat clean and fresh, it is more than enough to wash your pet once every three to four months.
  • Hygiene. Your cat's ears should be cleaned about once a week. This should be done with cotton swabs and ear lotion. Teeth also need careful care, they should be cleaned as often as possible, at least once or twice a week. Tiffany Chantilly is not very fond of these procedures, so it is better to accustom the animal to them from early childhood. The kitten, of course, will not love them, but there is hope that he will humbly stand during the operation. The eyes are the weak point of these purrs, their discharge is abundant, requiring more careful care. The cat needs to wipe his eyes every day, using cotton pads (separate for each eye) and a disinfectant solution. For daily use, tea leaves or a decoction of chamomile are suitable, but it is still recommended to use a solution of boric acid or potassium permanganate once a week. If you notice that there is no discharge - run to the doctor, this is a signal that the lacrimal passages are blocked.
  • Nutrition. Experts recommend feeding Chantilly Tiffany cats with ready-made food of high quality, with occasional addition of vitamins and minerals.

Tiffany Chantilly kitten price

Chantilly Tiffany kitten

Kennels of this breed are rare in Europe, and in Russia there are none at all. The starting price of a purebred kitten is $ 500. That is, excluding transportation costs.The cost may vary depending on the gender, color and class of the animal.

Video about Chantilly Tiffany's cats:

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