Making Easter decorations - master class

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Making Easter decorations - master class
Making Easter decorations - master class

Make Easter decorations to decorate your table or apartment with. Make postcards for this bright holiday to present to your dear people. Easter decor will allow you to create an appropriate mood, decorate an apartment for a bright holiday or present such a beautiful thing.

Easter decorations - do it yourself

House with an Easter egg inside

Such a work of authorship looks very gentle and graceful. To create a similar one, take:

  • binding cardboard;
  • scrapbooking paper;
  • lace;
  • paper tape;
  • decoration elements.

From related materials and equipment you will need:

  • glue Titanium, Moment and Crystal;
  • ruler;
  • stationery knife;
  • mock-up cutting mat;
  • pencil;
  • scissors.

The following photo shows a table. From it you can see what size, what part should be.

A table with details for creating a craft

This is the largest house.

Scheme for creating an Easter house

Based on the markings, cut 7 pieces out of the cardboard. These will be:

  • lateral sides with part of the roof;
  • roof;
  • bottom;
  • side walls.

From scrapbooking paper, you need to cut out the sidewalls with the base of the roof and the sides.

Sheets of paper prepared for work

On one part, which consists of a roof and a sidewall, you need to draw a circle, this will be the entrance to the birdhouse. Make such a detail and identical, from scrap paper.

Two blanks with a cut out circle

Use instant glue super carpenter PVA for gluing cardboard parts. Using it, first attach the back wall, which is one-piece, with the roof triangle. Then attach the 2 side panels and the front wall, which has a round window.

Creating the frame of the house

Now strengthen all the joints by gluing paper tape to them. This is an excellent material that will help to adhere well not only to cardboard parts, but also to scrapbooking paper. Use a wide enough tape.

View of the base of the house from different sides

Also, using masking tape, you need to glue the two halves of the roof together, and then attach this part to the house.

House roof close up

To make further such Easter decorations, you need to decorate them with your own hands. But it's a fun and enjoyable mission. Glue scrap paper onto the birdhouse.

House decoration with scrap paper

In this master class, a needlewoman aged lace sewing using coffee. Now, using transparent glue Titanium, the stripes are first glued to one side of the roof, then wrap the top one and attach the sewing to the other side.

Easter house roof decoration

The entrance, which is also a window, can be decorated with a lace ribbon, but of a smaller size. Just glue it around the edge of the circular cutout.

House window decoration with lace ribbon

Flowers from satin ribbons, butterflies from cardboard, various beads can act as a decor. Decorate your creation with these elements.

Decorating a house with flowers from satin ribbons

He will not forget to glue the house on a stand, which must be pre-filled with scrap paper. Place a sisal nest inside the birdhouse and place a Styrofoam egg there. Here is such a wonderful souvenir for Easter.

What a finished Easter house looks like

Create a postcard, write warm wishes in it, congratulating dear people on a bright holiday.

How to make a DIY Easter card?

Homemade Easter card close up

This charm is created using the scrapbooking technique. You can make this postcard not only for Easter, but also for another holiday. It will be enough to indicate what exactly you are congratulating on.


  • colored cardboard;
  • scrapbooking paper;
  • tissue flaps;
  • sewing;
  • tea;
  • ready-made decorative window;
  • sisal;
  • glue gun;
  • flowers from fabric.

You will also need:

  • white acrylic paint;
  • palette;
  • brush;
  • leaves from fabric.

Fold the colored cardstock in half and place scrapbooking paper over it. Attach fabric, sewing, flowers, a window here and see how it all will look as a result.

Flower on a postcard in honor of Easter

Further, the postcard for Easter is done as follows. Pour white acrylic paint into the palette, use a brush to spray over the colors. When dry, cover the ends of the petals with glitter.

Homemade flower for a postcard close-up

It will turn out very gracefully. The next Easter card will also be delicate and beautiful.

Easter card with egg

It is made in the form of an Easter egg, so it is immediately clear for which event it was made. Place next to you:

  • pieces of crepe satin or other fabric without a pattern;
  • adhesive dense non-woven fabric;
  • white calico;
  • cobweb;
  • braid bindweed;
  • lace 1 cm wide;
  • small beads;
  • small artificial flowers made of fabric or satin;
  • guipure or tulle;
  • felt;
  • water-washable felt-tip pen;
  • fabric glue;
  • glue gun;
  • iron;
  • decor items.
Materials for creating a postcard with an Easter egg

Cut out two blanks from coarse calico and crepe satin. There should be 2 more non-woven parts of the same shape. Glue them onto blanks made of coarse calico and satin.

To make future postcards more rigid, it is better to use two layers of adhesive interfacing.

Two egg-shaped card blanks

Now write congratulations on this bright holiday. Better to do this at this stage.

Congratulatory text on the inside of the egg card

Draw the letters X and B on cardboard or heavy paper, then transfer them to the card. Attach the tape to it.

Decorating the outside of the egg postcard

Glue the small elements with superglue, then fold the lower part of coarse calico from the top and crepe satin. Place a spider web between them. Using a heated iron, glue these elements to each other.

Cut out an oval egg blank from tulle and baste it temporarily to the top of the postcard with a basting stitch. Then sew narrow lace around the edges.

Decorating the edges of the postcard

Now you can remove the stitches and decorate your Easter card. To do this, sew on artificial flowers, beads, and sweep up a ribbon in the form of a loop, for which you can hang this product.

What a finished egg card looks like

Easter wreath and garland

Easter wreath close up

Surprisingly, you can make such beauty from junk material. After all, the main element of such a garland will be egg trays. Here's what will be needed:

  • empty cardboard egg trays;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • brush;
  • corrugated paper threads;
  • small decorative elements.

You need to cut off the protruding parts from the egg tray.

Blanks from elements of egg packaging

The larger your wreath is, the more such elements will be needed. Now you need to give the blanks the shape of flowers and nest them into each other, in order to figure out for now how many such components to cut.

The initial stage of creating an Easter wreath

Make leaves and stems out of crepe paper. Nest these elements between each flower.

Decorating the base of the wreath with flowers and stems

You can glue artificial flowers, decorate the Easter wreath with rhinestones, sparkles or other small elements.

If you want fresh flowers to decorate it, attach them. To do this, make a base of pussy willow. The twigs of this plant need to be bent to give the shape of a ring and fixed with a thin wire.

Easter wreath with eggs and bunnies

Attach flowers on one side, tie them with a burlap bow. You can also decorate the wreath with figurines of hares, chickens, plastic or styrofoam eggs.

Even burlap will help create a unique holiday atmosphere. First, take a ready-made wreath base or twist it from branches or wire. Cut the burlap into strips, drape, decorate the base. Glue testicles made of artificial materials here.

Easter wreath with pink bow

You can make an Easter wreath entirely from artificial or natural flowers. Decorate it with eggs and a bow. Such decoration for Easter looks simply amazing and festive.

Easter wreath hanging on the door

Such products are usually hung on the door. You can decorate the walls of the room if you make a garland.

Easter bunny garland

To create one, you will need to take:

  • thick paper of beautiful colors;
  • thick thread or thin tape;
  • white fur pompons;
  • scissors.

Use a stencil to make such a garland. With it, you can create several blanks at once.

Fold the paper in half or four. Attach a stencil on top and circle it with a pencil.Now, when you cut out, you will have two or four bunny shapes at once. Make punctures on their ears and, threading the tape here, collect on it. Glue the pom-poms as tails, after which you can hang the garland.

The process of creating a garland of bunnies

You can decorate your house for Easter in the most unusual way. Take:

  • flower pots;
  • polystyrene or construction foam;
  • tree branches;
  • paint;
  • styrofoam eggs;
  • glue.

Place styrofoam in flower pots and fix a twig in the center of each. You can also use foam for this. If you wish, pre-paint the branches white, these look elegant.

Decorate the foam eggs, giving them a yellow, pink, green color. When they are dry, make a hole in each hole with scissors or an awl and slide over the appropriate branch. You can also decorate flower pots with these Easter attributes.

Trees with Easter eggs on branches

Tie strings to each plastic or foam testicle and hang these decorations on the twigs. In the same way, attach the birds made of cardboard and colored paper.

Easter tree in a bucket

If you live in a private house, you can decorate the tree with an egg garland.

Street tree decorated for Easter

Decorations for Easter can be very different. Place tulips in an old watering can, place greens and colored egg shells here. This composition has a very interesting look.

Easter decorated watering can

You can make a bouquet of gerberas and roses by making an Easter composition.

Painted easter eggs in a jar

To create one, you need to apply a little trick. Place a narrow container in the center of a wide glass container. Then place dyed and unpainted eggs between these two dishes. Pour water into a small vase and put flowers.

Weave a basket of willow. Place a flower pot inside with planted spring flowers. Cover the surface with moss, decorate with painted cones. You can put candles in the middle. When you start lighting candles, the composition will look simply irresistible.

Three candles in a basket

If you have flower pots, you can add an Easter mood to them by placing empty egg shells here.

Two pots with flowers and Easter eggs

But place them with the holes facing down so that the slices are not visible.

You can serve colored eggs in an unusual way. Weave a nest from thin branches and put these Easter attributes here.

Four nests with colored Easter eggs

Painted eggs for Easter can also be served in transparent glass containers, these will also look great. Place them on a chest of drawers or on a table, placing other dishes of this holy holiday next to each other.

How to decorate an Easter cake?

The most common way is to apply a protein glaze.

Easter cake close up


  • 300 g icing sugar;
  • 3 egg whites;
  • 1 tsp orange or lemon juice.

First you need to beat the cooled egg whites with the juice. Then you need to gradually add powdered sugar, without stopping the whipping process. The glaze should have a firm consistency. To make it shine better, it is applied to freshly baked hot cakes. The products are left to cool completely, decorated with various colored sprinkles, edible flowers from mastic or marzipan.

Easter cake wrapped in ribbon

You can decorate the Easter cake with strawberries, which are laid on top of the protein glaze.

Easter cake with strawberries on top

If you have marshmallows, garnish your cake with a few of this sweetness.

Simple Easter cake

If you want your baked goods to be bright in spring, then you can decorate them with dried lavender petals, roses, dried fruits, pine nuts, almond petals

Beautiful decor on Easter cakes

Decorating can be done with icing sugar, taking 2 tablespoons of milk, water or juice per 100 g of powdered sugar. Sift the powder, add liquid here and mix thoroughly. Then decorate your creation.

You can quickly arrange cakes by melting chocolate and pouring this mixture over the top of the baking. While the glaze is warm, attach nuts and dried fruits here.

Easter cake covered with chocolate and nuts

You can also decorate the cake by preparing the mastic according to the following recipe. Take:

  • 100 g butter;
  • 200 g of fatty sour cream;
  • 4-5 Art. l. powdered sugar;
  • 4 tbsp.l. cocoa powder.

Put butter and sour cream in a small container, melt this mixture over low heat, but do not boil. Add the icing sugar and cocoa by sifting through a sieve. Heat the mass, then cool slightly and pour over the cakes. Decorate with powdered sugar.

Two wrapped Easter cakes

You will also be able to decorate the cake well if you make packaging for it.

You can make a beautiful napkin holder for Easter cake, put it in the center, and put colored eggs in the pockets formed.

Easter cake on a beautiful napkin holder

Watch a master class with step-by-step photos that will help you do this work. Take:

  • dense fabric;
  • scissors;
  • braid;
  • ruler;
  • crayon.

If the fabric is dense enough, then you will also need an adhesive interlining for the finished product to have its shape. Cut 6 identical circles with a diameter of 40 cm. Fold two so that they touch each other on the wrong side. Tape the workpiece with tape. Also prepare other paired circles.

Blank circles

Put the 3 obtained double blanks one on top of the other, divide the upper one with a ruler and chalk into 8 identical parts, drawing 4 diagonals. Place a round object, such as a saucer, in the middle. We need such that its diameter is 2 times less than the diameter of the napkin.

Scheme for working with blank circles

Now sew all three circles together along the marked lines. You need to make 2 stitches around the inner circle to insert the ribbon between them. You will need to pull on it to raise the edges.

Close-up of a blank circle

Here is what a beautiful packaging for Easter cake and eggs will turn out.

Colorful packaging for Easter cake and eggs

You can create it from two fabrics that match the color. Use braid of a similar color.

Orange-yellow packaging for Easter cake and eggs

Elongate the outside of the pockets if desired.

Easter eggs and cookies on a beautiful stand

For this, you need to make two circles of the same size, and the third one to look like a flower with petals.

Pink base for cake stand

Check out another master class with step-by-step photos that will teach you how to make beautiful egg coasters. If you are baking small cakes, you can also put them in these beautiful packages.

Miniature coasters for individual Easter eggs


  • napkins;
  • wineglass;
  • paint;
  • brush.

Pull the four corners of the napkin towards the center so that you have a smaller square than it was.

Forming a square blank from a napkin

Now flip this workpiece over to the other side and fold the four corners back to the center again.

Re-folding the corners of the napkin towards the center

Repeat this manipulation two more times. Press the corners in a stack, in the same way the folds are fixed. But be careful not to tear the napkin.

Fixing the folded corners of the napkin

Now start to peel back the petals, one by one. One layer will open first, then the next.

Forming a flower stand from a napkin

Help yourself with your work with a glass. If you want to make rainbow flowers, then use napkins of different colors.

Ready-made coasters for Easter eggs of different colors

Making Easter decorations - video

And what other decorations for Easter you can make with your own hands, the following video reviews will tell.

The first will tell you about the many ideas that photographs show.

In the second video, a master class awaits you, in which the craftswoman will tell you how to make an Easter composition in a teacup.

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