Biceps on the block

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Biceps on the block
Biceps on the block

Learn how to properly shape your bicep peak with a block machine isolation exercise. Curling the arms for training biceps on the block belongs to the group of isolated exercises. It should be an auxiliary movement that should be performed at the final stage of the lesson. This will allow you to effectively complete the muscle training. Today you will learn how to properly swing biceps on the block.

Already from the name of this movement, it becomes clear that the targeting muscle is the biceps. Also, in addition to him, the brachial muscle (brachialis), pronator round and brachioradialis muscle are involved in the work. With strict adherence to the technique of performing the movement, the main load will fall on the biceps. The movement should not be performed if there is damage to the elbow joint or wrist.

How to correctly perform curls for biceps on the block?

Standing biceps workout

The exercise can be performed in a crossover in a standing or sitting position, as well as on a horizontal bench lying down.

How to do crossover curls?

Muscles involved in flexion of the arms in the crossover

First, you should attach the semicircular handles to the treadmill. Take them with a reverse grip and position yourself strictly in the center of the machine. It is advisable that the blocks are placed about 30 or 40 centimeters above your shoulder joints. Bend the elbow joints slightly, while the arms should be in the same plane with the racks of the simulator.

Turn your hands slightly towards you and try to maintain tension in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and wrists throughout the movement. Ignore this advice, then the risk of joint dislocation will significantly increase. While straining your biceps, begin to pull the handles towards you until the hands are in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe temples. In this position, a pause of one or two seconds should be sustained.

Make sure that during the movement, the arms from the shoulder to the elbow joints are in the same position, namely, they are parallel to the ground. This will eliminate other muscles from work and improve the quality of the target muscle.

How to do a horizontal bench curl?

Biceps workout on a block on a horizontal bench

Place a bench near the support of the machine and attach a straight handle. Get into a supine position and grab the handle with a reverse grip. It is necessary to position your head towards the rack. Rest your feet on the ground, and your head should hang slightly off the bench. Secure your wrist and shoulders, making sure your shoulder joints are perpendicular to the ground. While contracting the biceps, begin to pull the handle towards the forehead, while bending only the elbow joint. In the extreme position, you must pause.

This version of the exercise for training biceps on the block is very convenient, since the body is located in a horizontal plane and fixed. An EZ stick can be used instead of a straight one.

We have already said that this movement must be performed in the final phase of your session. You shouldn't use it as the main one, as it will be more effective after the basic movements. You should also use light or medium weights, as the muscles were already very tired during the previous movements. Do 3 to 4 sets of 10-15 reps each.

The most common mistakes when training biceps

Muscles involved in lifting the biceps in the block trainer

Some athletes find it difficult to perform this movement with full amplitude. As a result, they do not fully extend the arms in the lower position of the trajectory; this is a rather serious mistake, since it does not allow maximizing the load on the target muscle.

If a lot of weight is used, then the body of the athlete can begin to sway, which as a result significantly reduces the load on the biceps.Try to keep your body straight or do the movement on a bench. Only slight backward tilt of the body is allowed, but not to the sides or forward.

If, when performing other movements for the biceps, when performing flexions on the block, the elbow joints remain mobile. At the same time, they should not sway, but only their slight forward movement in the upper extreme position is allowed. It is also necessary to make sure that the exercise is performed by muscle power, and not due to the movement of the hands.

As with any movement, you need to carefully monitor your technique. Of course, this primarily applies to beginners, who are often in a hurry to progress the load without fully mastering the movement. You must understand that only a technically correct movement can benefit you. Moreover, if you break the technique and at the same time use large weights, then the likelihood of injury will increase dramatically. Only by performing the movement for the biceps on the block is technically competent, you can get the desired result.

Check out the block machine biceps technique in this video:

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