How to inject steroids correctly?

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How to inject steroids correctly?
How to inject steroids correctly?

Learn how to inject suspensions and oil solutions of steroids correctly and where you can inject this or that anabolic drug. Many novice athletes prefer to use pre-formulated AAS. Often they choose them not because of their high effectiveness or safety, but simply have no idea where and how to inject steroids. Today we will tell you about the rules for using injectable drugs. There are several rules that are extremely important to follow.

They are quite simple, but they must be followed strictly. First of all, we are talking about maintaining complete sterility. Before injecting the drug, you must make sure that the site chosen for the injection is clean and selected in accordance with all requirements. Always use sealed syringes. If the steroid is in the vial, wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. Remove the protective case from the needle and insert it into the bottle, which must then be turned upside down.

After that, you can collect the required amount of solution with a small margin. Remove the needle from the vial and tap the syringe with your finger so that the air bubbles are up. The excess part of the solution with air bubbles should be injected back into the bottle. Try not to touch anything with the needle so as not to infect the body. If you find that a little solution has leaked from the syringe, do not wipe it off immediately.

Hold the syringe in the same way as a dart and at a right angle, insert the needle deep into the muscle tissue. Pull the plunger back slightly, and if blood gets into the syringe, you damage a blood vessel. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the needle and repeat the introduction again. If blood does not enter the syringe, start slowly pushing on the plunger while injecting the drug. When no solution remains in the syringe, remove the needle and massage the injection site to reduce discomfort. It is not recommended to inject more than two milliliters of solution into the same place.

Types of steroid injections

Ampoule with steroids and a syringe for their introduction

Today, athletes actively use not only steroids, but also other types of sports pharmacology. Not all of these drugs are injected intramuscularly. We will now look at all types of injections used in sports.


A man holding a syringe with steroids in his hand

It is this type of injection that is used when administering AAS. We will describe in more detail the rules for their implementation below.


Injection of steroids into the arm

Some athletes inject drugs into targeted muscles to accelerate local growth. The best steroids for topical injections are testosterone propionate suspension and winstrol. However, in this way you can enter all anabolic steroids based on dough and nandrolone. But trenbolones and methenolone enanthate should be administered only systemically. Most often, bundles of deltas and quadriceps are used for local injections. However, if you have enough experience, you can similarly inject drugs into the triceps, lats, pectorals and traps. With biceps and calves, in this case, you should be as careful as possible. Local injections are also used to administer insulin-like growth factor and MPF.


Graphical representation of subcutaneous steroid administration

This type of injection is used with the introduction of almost all peptides and growth hormone. Most often, they are performed in the fatty tissue of the abdomen. Sometimes gonadotropin is also administered in a similar way, but this can also be done intramuscularly.

Where do bodybuilders need to inject steroids?

A man prepares to inject himself with steroids

The basis of the drug (oil or water) does not matter - the steroid must be injected intramuscularly. The best injection sites are the buttocks, deltas, and outer thighs.The fact is that these muscles have the maximum thickness, and steroids should be injected as deeply as possible. They contain a large number of fibers and the most extensive fascia.

If you don't know what fascia is, then it is the connective tissue that surrounds and separates all the muscles in our body. If the drug is injected into the muscles mentioned above, then the maximum absorption surface of the active ingredient is achieved. When making an injection, you should not easily insert the needle as deep as possible into the muscle tissue, but try to avoid touching the nerve endings and blood vessels.

From this point of view, the ideal site for injection is the so-called gluteus medius - the area located in the upper outer part of the buttock. This is due to the maximum thickness and minimum number of nerve endings in a given location. If you inject into the gluteus medius, the risk of injury to the sciatic nerve (located in the middle and lower part of the buttocks) is minimal. If this happens, then the person will experience severe pain and may even be paralyzed for a while.

Rules for choosing a syringe for steroid injection

Five different sized syringes

Talking about where and how to inject steroids, it is simply impossible to get around the topic of choosing the optimal syringe volume. We recommend using a five-cube syringe for this. The length of the needle will be large enough for maximum penetration, and its diameter will allow the oil solution to be drawn easily. However, you can also use a two-cube syringe.

Its needle has a slightly smaller length and diameter, which will slightly reduce pain. It should also be recalled that before entering the drug into a syringe, the solution should be heated to a temperature of about 37 degrees. As a result, the oil will become more fluid and it will be easier for you to pick up the steroid and inject it into the muscles. If you are using a two-cube syringe, the needle must be fully inserted into the muscle tissue. When choosing a syringe for five cubes, incomplete needle insertion is allowed.

The main rules for performing an injection

Injection of steroids into the leg

So we come to the description of the most important rules that must be strictly followed if you want to know where and how to inject steroids.

  1. Decide in advance on the drug, its amount, syringe and injection site.
  2. It is imperative to check the expiration date of the steroid.
  3. Gather all the necessary tools and supplies together.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, as well as the injection site.
  5. If the anabolic is in a vial, remove the protective cap and wipe the rubber cap with alcohol. If the drug was packaged in an ampoule, then using a special file (should be included with the AAS) cut the neck in a circular motion and, moving away from you, break it. In order not to damage your hands with glass, we recommend that you wrap the ampoule with a napkin.
  6. The syringe and needle must be sealed. If the steroid is in the vial, pull back the syringe plunger to the volume you require and insert the corner into the container with the solution. Pressing the plunger, release air into the bottle and turn it upside down. After that, slowly begin to draw the solution into the syringe. If the drug is in an ampoule, then you do not need to inject air into it, but immediately collect the amount of anabolic you need.
  7. Point the needle up and tap on the syringe to knock air bubbles off the side of the syringe. If the active ingredient of the steroid is dissolved in oil, this process can take about ten minutes. When all the bubbles have risen to the top of the syringe, gently push the plunger to dispose of them.
  8. Wipe the injection site with rubbing alcohol and insert the needle into the muscle tissue in one quick motion. Note that the needle must be inserted three-quarters of the total length. If it breaks off accidentally, you can quickly remove it.
  9. After that, be sure to pull the plunger slightly towards you. If there is blood in the solution, you have damaged a blood vessel.In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the needle and insert it elsewhere. The solution must be injected slowly at a rate of about a quarter of a minute for each cube of the drug.
  10. When all the steroid has been injected, remove the needle and rub the injection site with alcohol. Then massage it. If at this moment the puncture site bleeds slightly, then this is normal and you should not be afraid.

These are all the basic rules for the introduction of injectable AAS. You could see for yourself that there are no big difficulties in the procedure, and you will be able to master it quickly enough.

What is the correct way to administer Gonadotropin?

Jar with Gonadotropin and packaging for it

We told you where and how to inject steroids. However, athletes often need to inject gonadotropin. Recall that this drug is intended to stimulate the synthesis of endogenous testosterone during strong anabolic courses. Before giving this adjuvant, you must open the ampoule of the solvent and draw it into the syringe.

After that, open the container with the powder and gently inject the solvent into it. Then stir the contents in a gentle circular motion. It is very important not to shake the powder container while stirring it. The ready-to-use gonadotropin solution should be transparent without visible particles of undissolved drug. After completing this procedure, draw the solution into a syringe. After that, you just have to perform your described manipulations for the introduction of gonadotropin.

What complications can there be after steroid injections?

Injection of steroids into the back of the shoulder

Although the procedure for injecting drugs is so complex, breaking the rules for administering drugs can lead to several complications.


Graphical representation of the tumor after steroid injection

Often, after injection, a seal appears at the injection site. This is a normal physiological reaction of the body to a foreign substance. Most often, bumps appear due to the overly hard oil used to create the steroid. The most striking example here can be primobolan. If this drug is often injected in the same place. It will not work to avoid the appearance of tumors.

If you have a lump, do not inject more steroids into it. Otherwise, the harmless lump can become an abscess. In addition, all the oil introduced into the capsule created by the body will not be absorbed, which will lead to an increase in the size of the tumor. You can get rid of bumps by heating, compresses, applying an iodine mesh, etc.


Hematoma on the arm after steroid injection

It occurs when a blood vessel is damaged, and is a blood clot. If the size of the hematoma is small, then it will quickly dissolve on its own. Otherwise, a bump may appear. To get rid of a hematoma, apply cold for the first two days, and then warm it up.


Graphic representation of an abscess in the pectoral muscle region

The most difficult complication after injections. An abscess is a purulent inflammatory process of muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue. Most often, it appears as a result of ingestion of an infection. In addition, an abscess can be caused by impurities contained in the steroid, if it was poorly cleaned during production. Most often, the inflammatory process is accompanied by an increase in body temperature and severe pain. If the situation is not kept under control, surgery may be required.

For more information on where and how to inject steroids, see the video below:

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