Obsidian amulet for good luck and love

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Obsidian amulet for good luck and love
Obsidian amulet for good luck and love

What is a black obsidian amulet for good luck and love, what are its magical properties? What is it made of and what symbols does it have? The price of Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon, features of use, reviews of the cult magnet.

The obsidian amulet for good luck and love is a powerful miraculous item for attracting success, money, love and health, made of magma glass and decorated with a composition of carved magic symbols. Each of the four images is known for its special magical power and is often used as an independent symbol, however, in combination with each other, their beneficial effects are multiplied. This amulet has a long history. The first mentions of him appeared in the chronicles of the Middle Ages. Then not everyone could use its power, but now everyone can experience its miraculous power.

Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon Price

The appearance of an obsidian amulet for good luck and love

You can buy an obsidian amulet to attract good luck and love via the Internet by placing an order on the manufacturer's official website.

The price of an obsidian amulet for good luck and love in Russia is about 1,500 rubles. Very often, the manufacturer holds promotions that allow you to buy 3 amulets for the price of two. If you order it with delivery from China, then one amulet will cost about 800-900 rubles.

This amulet cannot be purchased on the TutKnow website, information is provided solely for the purpose of informing about the history of its origin, properties of goods, rules of use. Here you can find out what a volcanic glass amulet is for, in what situations it can be used and what results can be expected, as well as how to distinguish an original from a fake.

What is the obsidian amulet for?

Obsidian amulet Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon

In the photo there is an obsidian amulet Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon for good luck and love

Many people in their lives often face difficulties and failures when health fails, loved ones do not justify expectations, life goes by in constant lack of money, and any undertakings fail. Sometimes it seems that the black streak is endless, and there is no hope for improvement. In such situations, many find salvation in the use of various amulets. One of the strongest is Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon, which brings its owner success in business and helps to improve his personal life.

The black amulet Phoenix and Dragon is a powerful magical talisman that combines the energetic power of the most powerful ancient symbols and the mysterious properties of obsidian that emerged from the bowels of the planet. It is not known for certain who exactly originated the idea of ​​creating such a mysterious composition, and when the first amulet appeared, but the first mentions of this attribute say that in the Middle Ages the talisman was made by a Tibetan lama for a Chinese prince. As a result of its application, the situation in the principality improved significantly: the fertility of the lands increased, the families got wealth, people began to get sick less, the power of the warriors, the defenders of the lands, also increased, so any clashes ended in their victory.

Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon patronizes people and helps get rid of many problems, improve your life, protect yourself from the magical effects of ill-wishers, and make your dreams come true.

Under what circumstances is it worth seeking help from the obsidian amulet:

  • Low wages, constant lack of money and the need to borrow until payday, bad debts, constant bad luck in the lotteries.
  • Failures in the professional field, lack of prospects for improving the situation, all things end in failure.
  • Problems in personal life, inability to find a soul mate.
  • Deteriorating health, constant stress.
  • Unjustified hopes, when all dreams remain only dreams and do not come true.
Obsidian amulet Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon for luck and love

Now, many can use the power of the volcanic glass talisman. The Phoenix & Dragon obsidian amulet works in several directions and helps to solve many life problems in a complex. Already from the first days after this amulet appears in life, you can notice its miraculous effect.

What to expect from using Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon:

  • Sudden winnings in the lottery, accidental monetary finds, return of old debts, inheritance, salary increases;
  • Career advancement or success in private business;
  • The onset of harmony in the family, the birth of a long-awaited child;
  • Retreat of serious illness.

As a basis for creating an obsidian amulet for good luck and love, a natural material with the beautiful name of obsidian was chosen. This is one of the varieties of volcanic glass. This igneous rock is formed by the rapid cooling of molten rocks, lava, therefore, it is formed exclusively in areas of volcanic eruptions, where the area has a special aura. This explains its exclusivity and value.

Obsidian amulet Black Amulet Phoenix & Dragon to attract good luck and love

According to legends, the rock has supernatural powers. She is called the scorched wings of an angel, who with all his might tries to save a person from falling into the underworld. It is believed that a piece of obsidian itself serves as a powerful talisman and protects its owner from defeat, disease and death.

It also has a beneficial effect on the energetic level - it stimulates the opening and normalizes the work of the Sacral Chakra, allowing you to enhance sexual energy, external attractiveness, improve reproductive function and get rid of frigidity and impotence.

The power of volcanic rock allows you to fight inner demons, eliminating aggressiveness, irascibility, anger, negative emotions and sinful thoughts. It is black obsidian that helps to eliminate the volcano of emotions in the best way.

Symbols of the obsidian amulet for good luck and love

Symbols of the obsidian amulet for good luck and love

The Phoenix & Dragon magma glass amulet combines a lot of magical properties of the individual symbols depicted on it. They work synergistically - each performs its function and multiplies and complements the action of others.

What symbols provide the Phoenix & Dragon amulet with power and generosity:

  • Dragon and Phoenix Figures… The most powerful mythical creatures - the phoenix and the dragon, looking at each other - help to bring inner energy into balance and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Normalization of energy allows women to get rid of frigidity, and men - to restore masculine strength. Figures eliminate the streak of failures in relationships, bring love and fortune into life, restore the fire of extinguished passion and increase marital happiness. A person develops intuition, shyness is eliminated, self-confidence increases and hidden talents are revealed.
  • Magic octagon Ba-gua… This is a unique scheme of the ideal world arrangement, where constancy and harmony reign. With its help, feng shui analyzes the location of the dwelling and its impact on life. This symbol not only helps to change the configuration of the house, but is also intended to protect the home and family from offenders and ill-wishers. Serves as a protector against unforeseen circumstances - flooding, fires, robbery.
  • Yin-Yang Astral Sign… This sign is the fundamental model of all that exists. His concept is based on the constant mutability of the world and the mutual complementation of opposites. This symbol gives a person energy balance, helps to find true love and build strong relationships, and also protects the biofield from the evil eye.It gives knowledge, multiplies inner strength, enhances creativity, helping to achieve success in any endeavors. It allows you to change the perception of the world for the better and creates reliable protection against dark forces.

How to use obsidian amulet for luck and love?

How to use the obsidian amulet for good luck and love

Before putting on Phoenix & Dragon for the first time, you need to ensure its maximum benevolence, clearing it of other people's energy and attuning it to yourself.

Tibetan religious teachers tell in detail how to use the obsidian amulet for good luck and love correctly:

  • Amulet activation… First of all, dip the magic attribute in clean, slightly salted water and hold it for a few minutes. To proceed further follows on the basis of what sign of the zodiac were born. The signs of water - Fish, Cancer, Scorpio - must dip the amulet in water 7 times. Fire signs - Aries, Sagittarius and Leo - light a candle and carry it 7 times through its flame. Air signs - Aquarius, Libra, Gemini - fumigate with incense. Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - sprinkle with earth and hold for a few minutes. To activate, you must visit the Holy Temple and perform a prayer.
  • Attracting love and good luck… Hang the amulet on a reliable chain and wear it on your body to attract good luck in business and happiness in personal relationships, improve your health and protect yourself from the negative energy of spiteful critics.
  • Raising money… Place the amulet in your wallet and protect it from loss in order to improve your financial situation and not be afraid to make the desired purchases.
  • Attracting family happiness and well-being… Place the amulet on the wall on the left side of the front door to protect the house from various troubles and restore mutual understanding and prosperity in the family.
  • Attracting success in work… Place Phoenix & Dragon in your desktop drawer to accelerate promotions, improve productivity, get a raise in your salary, or be successful in your personal business.

Note! You can get the most benefit by using multiple amulets.

You need to clearly understand what the obsidian amulet is for good luck and love. Of course, it can be a unique decoration, because it looks very beautiful - the deep black color of volcanic glass and a perfectly designed composition of magical symbols. However, it is impossible to flaunt him, preserving the mystery of his patronage. Try not to tell anyone about it, and even more so do not over-give it. Be sure to keep it clean, do not spoil it.

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