How to make paper flowers?

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How to make paper flowers?
How to make paper flowers?

Materials for making crafts. How to make paper flowers for March 8? Secrets and recommendations.

Paper flowers are a great gift for a grandmother, mother, aunt or close relative. Such a surprise will remain for a long time as a memory of you and this holiday. Today we will give you a master class on how to make paper flowers.

What kind of paper do you need to make flowers?

Colored paper for making flowers

Simple paper flowers are one of the most common gifts for March 8th. At school, children start making them long before the holiday. You can make a gift in the form of an applique, volumetric products, paintings, etc.

Any paper is suitable for crafts. Beautiful paper flowers are obtained by using corrugated sheets. But ordinary double-sided colored paper is also useful.

If you are thinking of making a flower using the quilling technique, stock up on thin paper strips. To make bouquets or figurines, the stripes are wound on a thin stick in a spiral, and the edge is glued to the base. The figurines can be used to make applications for a holiday card or picture.

Important! Any paper is suitable if it matches the type of product and looks good in the finished flower.

To make the products look beautiful, follow the rules:

  • Make sure the paper is not curled or torn in the work area.
  • If using glue, dry your hands regularly to avoid staining your craft.
  • Work on a flat surface covered with oilcloth.
  • Proceed carefully: working with paper does not tolerate fuss.
  • If you have an individual intolerance to the smell of glue, open the windows before starting work. It is worth ventilating the working area if there are children in it.
  • Use sturdy wire or sticks for the stems. They should not bend or break.

Note! Flowers look beautiful if the bouquet is wrapped in transparent wrapping paper.

Master classes of paper flowers

To make paper flowers for March 8, prepare the necessary materials and tools. There should be enough paper for the craft. Think about what shade of paper sheets are suitable for your product. You will also need scissors, a clerical knife, PVA glue, a pencil, sometimes a ruler or compasses are required. If everything is ready, consider how to make a flower out of paper.

Multicolored tulips

Multicolored paper tulips

Making a paper flower with your own hands is very simple. Stock up on double-sided sheets of different shades: yellow, orange, red. You will also need green paper for the stem and leaves.

We start making paper flowers step by step:

  1. Take a square piece of paper. Fold it in four and unfold.
  2. Do the same, folding the sheet diagonally and joining the corners. Expand: 8 lines should radiate from the center.
  3. Cut the lines on the sides halfway.
  4. Overlap the edges of the cuts and glue. It turns out a bowl of tulips.
  5. Roll up a tube of green paper.
  6. Cut and straighten the edges to make a sepal.
  7. Glue the tulip on it.
  8. Make several colors in different shades.
  9. Combine tulips into a bouquet and tie with a ribbon.

You can present a bouquet of flowers made of colored paper as a gift or put in a vase for decoration.

Origami tulip

Origami tulip

A spring flower can be made from double-sided square-shaped paper. Choose the shade you like and start making.

How to make an origami tulip:

  • Fold the sheet horizontally, then vertically to outline the middle lines.
  • Also fold the sheet diagonally by connecting the corners. Make sure that they are clearly connected to each other.
  • Expand the square.
  • Connect the upper part with the lower, at the same time right the side parts inward.The result is a triangle with internal pockets.
  • Bend the bottom corners of the top layer of the triangle to the top.
  • Do the same manipulations on the other side. The result is a triangle with a diamond in the middle.
  • Flip the right part of the rhombus to the left, then vice versa, so that in the middle you get a fold.
  • Work in the corners of the top layer. First bend the left corner, going slightly beyond the center, then the right corner.
  • Open the right corner and insert the left into it.
  • Turn the product over and do the same manipulations on the other side.
  • You have a triangle with a ledge at the bottom.
  • Bend 4 petals to the sides.
  • At the bottom, find a hole in the flower and inflate it to add volume.

The paper tulip is ready. You can put it on a paper stem.

Spring bouquet

Spring bouquet of paper flowers

Luxurious large paper flowers come out using curled and cut paper squares. They are planted on the stem, imitating small buds gathered together.

To make flowers out of paper with your own hands, follow the instructions:

  1. Roll the green sheet of paper into a tube. This is the stem. Glue the edges so that the product does not unwind.
  2. Cut a square sheet of pink or blue into 4 equal squares.
  3. Fold each of them in half, glue and make cuts at the bottom.
  4. Twist one of the squares into a tube, glue the edges.
  5. Place the flower on the stem.
  6. Expand the petals.
  7. Wrap the next square on the stem slightly below the previously set bud. Glue the edge, unfold the petals.
  8. Repeat the process with the remaining squares, gradually working down the stem.
  9. Make 2-4 more of these flowers.
  10. Fold them into a bouquet, tie with a ribbon.

Cocktail tubes with flowers

Cocktail tubes with flowers

If you are planning a holiday party, surprise your guests with flowered cocktail tubes. For manufacturing, you will need colored paper, glue, scissors, plastic cocktail tubes.

Using paper flower templates, cut out several pieces of different shades. Glue them together so that the petals of the lower ones do not coincide with the upper ones. Decorate the middle with a bead or beads.

Pass the tube through the middle of the flower. Cut a petal out of green paper. Use a paper loop to attach it to the straw. Place the flowered straws in the cups.

Use a paper egg tray to make a flower bed of straws. Paint it green, make some holes and insert tubes into them. Let the guests choose the one they like!

Bouquet of egg boxes

Flowers from egg boxes

If there are many paper egg trays left at home, use them to make party bouquets or flower-shaped home decorations.

For crafts you will need:

  • cardboard egg tray;
  • paints;
  • fishing line;
  • corrugated paper;
  • buttons;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Preparation method:

  1. From the egg tray, cut out circles with egg slots.
  2. Give the edges of the blanks a curly shape like flower petals.
  3. Color the blanks and let them dry to prevent paint from coming off.
  4. Make a hole in the middle of the flower. Thread the line through it.
  5. At the end, fasten a button to match the color of the flower center.
  6. Wrap the fishing line in green corrugated paper, decorate with petals.

A paper flower on March 8 is not the most elegant, but easy to make, and materials for it can be found in every home.

Origami glade with snowdrops

Paper snowdrops

We offer to make flowers from papers for beginners. Even a child can handle snowdrops using the origami technique. You can make an applique with them to congratulate your grandmother or mother.

Consider how to make paper flowers in stages:

  • To make a snowdrop, you need a white square sheet.
  • Fold it diagonally by joining opposite corners.
  • Now grab the top of the triangle and lower it over the bottom base. Run your hand along the fold.
  • Fold the side corners downward to resemble snowdrop petals.
  • Craft 3 of these flowers.
  • To make an applique, use a blue cardstock or piece of paper as a base.
  • Use a strip of green paper to make grass by making small cuts.
  • Glue the imitation grass around the edge of the base.
  • Cut the stems out of the green paper strips and glue them in random order.
  • Glue voluminous flowers.

The postcard is ready. You can give it to the addressee.

Sakura branch

Sakura twig made of paper

Bulky paper flowers can be placed on a real tree branch. Then the composition will look even more natural. For manufacturing, you need corrugated paper of pink shades.

Let's figure out how to make flowers from corrugated paper:

  1. Prepare some small, natural twigs. Try to keep them thin and graceful.
  2. Cut a large square out of the crepe paper.
  3. Fold it several times to make small squares.
  4. Draw the outline of the cherry blossom on top.
  5. Cut along the contour: you will have several blanks of flowers.
  6. Repeat the manipulation with a sheet of paper of a different shade.
  7. Apply 2 patterns in different shades so that the petals do not overlap. Glue the blanks.
  8. Make 8-10 more of these flowers.
  9. Flatten the pieces slightly to give them volume.
  10. Spread the sakura flowers evenly on the branches and attach with a glue gun.
  11. Make some of these branches.
  12. Put them in a vase or give them to the addressee.

The workpiece looks delicate and unusual. Such crafts are especially loved by young girls and women.

Paper rose

Paper rose

For this craft, you will need paper color schemes. Roses are made using templates. You can draw or print them. You will also need red colored paper.

How to make a paper rose:

  • Cut out the prepared petal patterns.
  • Number them so as not to be mistaken when collecting roses.
  • Attach templates to colored paper, outline and cut out the blanks.
  • Bend the petals of the future rose slightly with the edges of the scissors.
  • Take a toothpick, wrap the number one petal around it and secure with PVA glue or a glue gun.
  • Repeat the same with other blanks according to their serial numbers.
  • Do not try to wrap the lower petals tightly: they should resemble cones.
  • When you collect all the petals, the rose is ready.
  • Cut a shamrock out of green paper.
  • Fold each petal in half lengthwise.
  • Pass through the middle of a toothpick and attach with a glue gun to the flower.
  • The rosette can be attached to a fishing line, twig or long skewer. Wrap the stem in green paper.

A bouquet of roses looks spectacular if you make large flowers and wrap them with gift paper.

Paper lilies

Paper lilies

Even a child can handle such a bouquet. To make lilies, you will need white plain paper, green and yellow corrugated paper, some wire or sticks instead.

How to make paper lilies:

  1. Place your palm on a white piece of paper and trace with a pencil.
  2. Cut along the contour. Make 2 more blanks.
  3. Twist the "palms" into a cone, glue at the base. Expand the edges by drawing the edge of the scissors.
  4. Wrap a piece of fishing line in yellow paper.
  5. Wrap a green stick or thick wire or stick in green paper.
  6. Attach the yellow blank on top of the green stick. You will get the middle of the flower and the stem.
  7. Trim the lily at the base to fit it on the stick.
  8. Secure the flower with glue.
  9. Do the same manipulations with other lilies.
  10. Collect the bouquet and wrap in gift paper.

Corrugated paper carnations

Corrugated paper carnations

Ball-shaped carnations look graceful and cute. Making them is not difficult, even if you have never done paper flowers before. You will need light-colored paper, wire, green stem paper, red and purple felt-tip pen.

How to make paper carnations:

  1. Fold the crepe paper several times to form a square. A circle with a diameter of 7.5 cm should fit on it.
  2. Draw the outline of the circle and cut out the blanks along it.
  3. Secure them with clothespins on both sides so that the circle does not fall apart.
  4. Touch up the edges of the paper with felt-tip pens.
  5. Pass the wire through the middle, wrap the top and bottom with green paper.
  6. Release the layers of crepe paper one by one, flatten them on different sides to form a ball-shaped flower.
  7. Place the finished carnations in a bouquet.

How to make paper flowers - watch the video:

Following our advice, you can make an original gift for your beloved ladies on March 8th. The holiday is just around the corner. Hurry up to please your family with a surprise made by yourself.

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