How to decorate a stroller for a stroller parade?

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How to decorate a stroller for a stroller parade?
How to decorate a stroller for a stroller parade?

The wheelchair parade is a spectacular sight. See how to decorate boy and girl stroller to transform these vehicles into plane, carriage, car, ship, cake.

Every year, a parade of strollers takes place in various cities. This is a real holiday not only for parents, their children, but also for all spectators. You don't have to spend a lot of time decorating your baby's vehicle. The main thing is to come up with a creative idea and implement it. For this, you can use materials at hand.

How to decorate a baby girl's stroller - simple ideas

The little one will look wonderful in her own mobile carriage if you decorate her stroller.

We decorate a stroller for a girl

You will create such a decoration literally in half an hour. To do this, take a transparent light-colored fabric such as tulle, use a hot gun to glue foamiran flowers on it. You can take white, then paint the core with yellow. Then you get these daisies.

Think in advance what the child will be wearing, since the theme of decorating the stroller should be combined with the image of the baby. It would be nice if the parents also correspond to the conceived idea, so that they dress in suitable outfits.

We decorate a stroller for a girl
  1. In this case, the young mother put on a dress, headdress, to resemble a girl from Ancient Greece. As you can see, you need a light solid color fabric, which you need to decorate with gold braid. You can make a nice collar and hem the scarf with a blue ribbon.
  2. To decorate the parade stroller, decorate it with an Egyptian pyramid. To do this, you need to take a cardboard box, disassemble it so that the bottom remains free. Further, excess wedges are cut off from above so that the roof of this structure is pointed. The bottom of the pyramid can be decorated with a yellow fringe.
  3. Such an Egyptian pyramid does not even need to be decorated. After all, the color of this cardboard repeats the color of this structure.
  4. It is also necessary to cut a window on the box, process its edges. To do this, they need to be bent and pasted over with tape. Hang yellow curtains here to decorate the window.
  5. All that remains is to put this pyramid on the vehicle.

Here's how to decorate a baby girl's stroller. Although this idea will work for a boy too.

Children are flowers of life. You will be convinced of this once again when you look at the baby, whose stroller is decorated with a lily.

We decorate a stroller for a girl

Make a green leaf from foamiran of this color. And the petals can be made either from this material, or from whatman paper. If they are paper, then you first need to paint them. Make a cutout on the piece of paper and slide it over the top of the stroller. Attach the petals here, after which you can go to the stroller competition.

You can quickly decorate such a vehicle in another way. To do this, take a rectangular box, decorate it with flowers, stars, bows. Write that this is a doll and indicate the name of your daughter.

Make a cutout in the front, which will become the window.

You can even use a box lid for this kind of work. Secure it to the stroller, but make the window large enough to fit your child here.

Dress the girl appropriately so that she looks like a doll.

We decorate a stroller for a girl

If you need to quickly decorate a stroller for a stroller parade then grab disposable plates. Paint them green and fix them to the vehicle so that they resemble the shell of a turtle. And you will create her head from fabric that needs to be filled with filler. Place the wire inside to bend the neck of this animal as needed.

We decorate a stroller for a girl

If you need to quickly decorate a stroller for a girl, keep the general color scheme, use colors that suit. Take a light green fabric, sew flowers from satin ribbons to it. It's very easy to do this. It is enough to roll the satin ribbon on one side and roll it into a roll, you get a rose. You can fold her petals.

To make everything look wonderful, decorate the side wheels with tulle and satin ribbon flowers. It will be enough for a child to put on a headband, which is also decorated in this style. Then you will need to take a fabric of a suitable color, wrap a head hoop with it. You can complement such a rainbow picture with the sun and a rainbow made of fabric. It will be enough for her to sew a few strips of satin ribbons so that they repeat the rainbow.

We decorate a stroller for a girl with our own hands

Use a variety of tools to decorate your stroller. If you can get a lot of plastic cups, then create this wonderful chicken.

First, make the base of the future chicken. Now cover it with cups using a hot gun. You need to glue their bottom. After that, it remains to make eyes out of cardboard, a beak of a paw and glue on this charm.

We decorate a stroller for a girl with our own hands

Transform your baby into a mermaid. To do this, make a tail from an elastic fabric. It will be worn like tights. In order not to hinder the movement of the child, make a slit for the feet at the bottom.

At the end of this tail, glue the piece cut out of cardboard. Give your child a foil crown. Roll a trident out of the wire, also wrap it with foil. Then it will be seen that this is the daughter of the king of the sea.

We decorate a stroller for a girl with our own hands

Let the girl turn into a floating butterfly for a while. Then take a stroller. It will be necessary to make a cover out of yellow fabric, attach the head of a butterfly made of cardboard on top. Seal it with sheet filler, put the fabric on top, secure it at the bottom. Glue the eyes here, mouth. Make butterfly wings out of thick cardboard, paint them.

We decorate a stroller for a girl with our own hands

If you are going to a stroller parade and need to quickly issue a baby vehicle, then you can use the following idea. Inflate a lot of balloons, some of them will be the background and others will turn into flowers.

We decorate a stroller for a girl with our own hands

Tie the blanks to the stroller, it will seem that your daughter is sitting practically in a flower bed.

How to decorate a stroller for a parade with your own hands - a master class

Look at step-by-step photos that will certainly help you win a competition or take a prize.

The look of the cake will not leave anyone indifferent.

  1. Surround the vehicle with plastic, for this take a strip of cardboard and roll it up in this way. You can also use leftover polycarbonate.
  2. Attach this base to the stroller with tape, furniture stapler. Now you need to decorate such a cake. To do this, mix semolina, cocoa and PVA glue. We decorate the surface of the cake with such a crumb.
  3. And to make a piece of jewelry, you can take small colored stones, beads and glue them to make an appetizing sprinkle.
  4. You can simulate whipped cream by using a white silicone sealant. Place a curly nozzle on the tube to make such roses from this material. They will adhere well to the prepared surface.

Also, on the basis of a semicircle made of cardboard or polycarbonate, you can create a ring for a stroller in the form of a teapot. Then you will need to make a spout out of cardboard. Then you will create a case for this base. The lid of the teapot can be made in the form of a child's headdress. To do this, cut out a circle of cardboard of a suitable size, put a synthetic winterizer on top and sew this blank with a cloth.

Wrap the edges inward, turn them, stitch and insert elastic here. Then the headdress will not fall off. At the top in the middle, you need to sew a pompom of the same color, which will imitate the handle of the lid.

If you have two children, then the girl can take a stroller for dolls to the competition.Decorate this vehicle in the same way so that it resembles a kettle.

We decorate the stroller for the parade with our own hands

The next master class with step-by-step photos will help you make a motorcycle. This will decorate the stroller. Remove the cover from it. Make motorcycle parts from plywood. Some can be made from cardboard. Then collect them, paint your creation.

Master classes and step-by-step photos clearly show how to carry out these works.

If you do not take a stroller with you, but a large stroller, then you can turn it into a ship.

Make it a plywood base. Fix the material. Assemble this body. Paint Izolon appropriately and glue it to the outside of the plywood. Also, cut an anchor from the isolon, which will be attached to the chain.

It will be great if the parents dress appropriately to resemble sea wolves.

Another master class and step-by-step photos for it will show how to make a car out of a stroller. This will also require plywood. You need to cut it out, draw the details. Then cut them out with a jigsaw and sand them. After that, it remains to assemble such a structure, and in the end it will be necessary to paint it.

How to decorate a stroller in the form of a carriage for a stroller parade - photo

If you know how to saw out with a jigsaw, then we suggest making a carriage-carriage.

Decorating a stroller in the form of a carriage for a stroller parade

For this, you will only need to save the base of the stroller with wheels and the side metal part.

Then you will need to cut out the details of the carriage from the plywood. Collect them as in the photo. But first you need to grind and paint the details. Then you will need to decorate these elements with patterns cut from plywood. You will paint them in a different color. If the carriage is red, the trim will be yellow. Decorate the wheel axles in the same way.

It can be made even easier. Attach plywood or cardboard horse strollers to the front. Use the same material to make wings for these pegasus. Decorate the sides of the stroller, make wheels with axles out of gold paper here. Tuck some pretty white tulle-like fabric into your stroller to complete the look of this stroller parade craft.

We decorate a stroller in the form of a carriage for a parade of strollers

You can make two sides of cardboard, glue decoration elements here. The function of a real horse will be performed by a colored inflatable.

Decorating a stroller in the form of a carriage for a stroller parade

Here's how to make a carriage type.

How to decorate a boy's stroller with your own hands?

If you need to do this quickly, then take regular thin foam rubber and cut it into strips. Then fasten the first row at the top along the perimeter of the stroller. Pass the vertical strips through here. Begin weaving to create a kind of knitting basket, and shape the handle in the same way. Place large balls and thick knitting needles here for reliability.

We decorate a stroller for a boy with our own hands

The ship is a great idea for a boy. Make this creation out of heavy cardboard or plywood. Attach this blank to the stroller. Create a steering wheel from the same material.

Take a rope, make a frame out of it on the sidewalls. After that, it remains to inflate the balls of white and blue so that they resemble the sea.

We decorate a stroller for a boy with our own hands

To decorate the boy's stroller, you can turn it into a helicopter. Attach one piece of cardboard to the sides, cut and decorated accordingly. And on top, attach a propeller made from scrap materials.

We decorate a stroller for a boy with our own hands

If you have a lot of cardboard boxes and cardboard, parents will turn them into a bulldozer, so you can decorate a stroller for a boy. You will make the lighting for this structure from foil.

We decorate a stroller for a boy with our own hands

Of course, the kid can turn into a pilot for a while. To do this, you need to decorate his stroller with a plywood plane. Saw parts out of this material, then sand and paint them green. Attach the propeller in front.

We decorate a stroller for a boy with our own hands

It remains to put on the child a military cap and you can go to the parade. If you want to see how this spectacular performance goes, then do it right now, because it is better not to postpone a pleasant viewing.Then you will get a lot of additional ideas, you can implement them.

And here is how the parade of strollers went in Belorechensk.

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