Raising and caring for fila brasileiro

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Raising and caring for fila brasileiro
Raising and caring for fila brasileiro

External features of fila brasileiro, their behavior and health, how to raise a dog, take care of: hair, ears, dental cavity, organize food and walks. Puppy price. Such a Brazilian mastiff will bring order to the house. Returning from work, the owners will definitely find their home destroyed, and their neighbors will regularly complain of loud barking and howling. In addition, the dog will become overly excitable and nervous. These giants love daily walks, but they really crave the opportunity to roam freely in safe territory. Fila brasileiro should be allowed to patrol the fenced yard for a long time and most of them are very poor at adapting to a city apartment.

Potential owners should be aware of several characteristics of the variety. Fila brasileiro will bark at almost anyone or anyone that is noticed. Their loud voices are more likely to lead to noise complaints. In addition, this breed is not suitable for overly fastidious people. Fila brasileiro is often quite drooling, especially in warm weather. Such dogs are also very sloppy in their food intake. Although the species has significantly fewer flatulence problems than the short-faced mastiffs, some individuals can emit smelly fumes.

Education and photo fila brasileiro

Fila brasileiro training

As is the case with most guardian breeds, the Brazilian Mastiff poses significant difficulty in training. This breed absolutely does not live to train, preferring instead to pursue its own goals. Many fila brasileiros are extremely stubborn and outright defiant. Under no circumstances will such dogs obey the commands of anyone they consider inferior to them in social hierarchy.

This implies the absolute preservation of a constant position of dominance by the owners, but does not mean that the fila brasileiro cannot be trained. It's just that breeders will have to spend significantly more time and effort than with another variety, and the end result may exceed expected. Even the best trained members of the breed are often reluctant to obey commands and usually require diligent practice. Despite the difficulties, parenting is very important to avoid serious problems in the future.

Brazilian mastiffs, specially grown for a characteristic known in Brazil as "ojeriza", which loosely translates to xenophobia and describes a strong suspicion and distrust of strangers. This is perhaps the only dog ​​whose breed standard indicates that it should not tolerate the approach or touch of strangers. Proper preparation and socialization are absolutely essential for this species. Without it, the fila brasileiro is likely to become extremely aggressive. If something goes wrong in training or training, the dog has the potential to become a killer.

Fila brasileiros are extremely protective, naturally suspicious. They are constantly on high alert - excellent qualities for a watchdog. Many experts consider them to be the best in the field. It would be extremely foolish for an intruder to ignore the warning barking and growling of such a breed, because their reaction is almost always lightning fast. Some individuals will try to threaten at first, but others will rush to bite without hesitation. They are said to have no fear and no man, beast, or machine to make these dogs retreat. Dogs are great for personal protection.Under no circumstances would a member of the species physically harm a member of their family, and anyone who tries to do so will be immediately attacked.

The Brazilian Mastiff has a mixed reputation for other animals. Although he is less harsh on his brethren than on humans, most dogs have problems with dog aggression. Many of the "softest" representatives are completely intolerant of their "cousins" and will never tolerate domination.

It is advisable that owners keep the Fila Brasileiro as a single pet, or at most with one individual of the opposite sex. When kept with other creatures such as cats from childhood, most dogs will be tolerant of them and will actually become their protectors. However, the hunting trend will cause these giants to chase, attack, and kill creatures ranging in size from mouse to deer.

Fila brasileiro puppies price

Fila brasileiro puppy

It is very important for potential owners to understand that fila brasileiro is definitely not an ideal choice. In fact, this is a very big responsibility and a "difficult burden" for the vast majority of dog breeders. Such a breed should only be kept by those who have significant experience with large protective canines and the ability to manage them. With the right upbringing, this species will make an outstanding guard, but if its owner is inexperienced, keeping the dog is likely to turn into a big problem.

The price for puppies is from $ 1000 to $ 1300. For more information on the Fila Brasileiro breed, see the video below:

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