Maslov's bath: device and construction features

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Maslov's bath: device and construction features
Maslov's bath: device and construction features

The Maslova bath is a modern development that includes the main advantages of a Russian steam room, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam and even an infrared cabin. Among its advantages are not only fire safety and energy saving, but also a positive effect on health. Content:

  • The device of the Maslov bath
  • Temperature and humidity conditions
  • Features of visiting the bath
  • Construction of Maslov's bath

This type of steam room was developed by Viktor Maslov and presented to the public in 2000. He invented special electric heating panels for heating the steam room. Maslov's Russian Baths (RBM) have successfully passed all the checks and received international certificates. The inventor managed to combine all the advantages of the Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam and Russian bath, while getting rid of their shortcomings.

The device of the Maslov bath

The scheme of the Maslov bath

The steam room is one room that resembles a shower stall. This steam room is tiled entirely with ceramics, under which special heating devices are placed. The use of such a heating system allows you to significantly save electricity, in comparison with other heat sources, by almost 30%.

The devices for heating the steam room were invented by Maslov himself. These are infrared long-wave EINT panels, which are installed under the finishing material. It is their heat waves that improve the well-being of visitors. This has been proven by numerous medical examinations. The heating system does not burn out air - this is its main advantage.

A shower is also equipped near the lounger for taking contrast procedures. A heat generator is placed on the wall at a height of 1.5 meters. It is used when it is necessary to increase the humidity.

The steam generator, which is present in Maslov's bath, is a kind of rectangular heat-insulated box, lined in a general style. It is filled with stones that accumulate heat. A steel heating element is built inside the device, which heats the contents.

The steam room resembles a kind of stove, inside which a person gets inside. The soft warmth in the room comes from the walls, floor, sun loungers and ceiling. It shares many spectral characteristics with human warmth. The air heats up evenly.

Steam room sizes: for one person - 0.8 * 1.2 m, for two - 1.2 * 1.2 m, for three - 1.65 * 1.9 m, for six - 2.5 * 2 m. The height of the room can be arbitrary.

This type of steam room has a relatively low energy consumption. In a steam room with a heating area of ​​10 m22 power consumption of panels - 8 kW. Indoors with the dimensions of a standard shower stall (1.5 m2) - up to three kW. This is several times less than a standard electric heater, which is used in saunas and baths, consumes.

Temperature and humidity conditions in the Maslov bath

Temperature indicators in the bath according to Maslov

The bath heats up in an hour and a half. It is very easy to breathe indoors. This is the main difference between the steam room. The microclimate is very mild. The vacationer does not feel heat, only comfortable warmth. The temperature in the steam room is maintained up to + 40-50 degrees, the humidity is 10-50%. At the same time, the visitor sweats profusely.

It has been experimentally proven that the optimal temperature in the steam room is maintained when heated to such limits:

  • Floor - + 35-40 degrees
  • Sun beds - + 42-50 degrees;
  • Walls - + 45-50 degrees;
  • Ceiling - + 55-60 degrees.

If desired, the room can be warmed up to +80 degrees, and the humidity indicator can be increased up to 100%.Therefore, the RBM is considered a universal steam room.

In Maslov's Russian bath, you can take procedures not only when the steam generator is turned on, but also when it is turned off. Then the microclimate of the room will be similar to a Finnish sauna. If you like wet steam, you can turn on the device at any stage of the session. To increase the moisture index, it is enough to splash water from the ladle on the stones.

Features of visiting Maslov's baths

Procedures in Maslov's bath

First of all, Maslov's bath has a positive effect on the human body:

  1. Improves the immune system;
  2. Stabilizes metabolism;
  3. Normalizes blood pressure;
  4. Removes cholesterol plaques and salt deposits;
  5. Strengthens blood vessels;
  6. Restores flexibility of joints and spine;
  7. Helps get rid of blues and arthritis;
  8. Prevention of tonsillitis, sinusitis and cholecystitis;
  9. It has a beneficial effect on the respiratory and genitourinary system.

There are no contraindications to visiting. The procedures can even be carried out for pregnant women, children and the elderly. Overheating in such a steam room is impossible. The temperature and humidity conditions are fully adjustable here.

In the Maslov bathhouse, the visitor warms up in 20-25 minutes, and bath procedures in the steam room are taken in two stages:

  • In dry air mode… This process takes more time, since it is in such conditions that the maximum therapeutic effect is achieved. The resting body is fully warmed up with a temperature of + 45-50 degrees. Bioresonant radiant heat penetrates inside, opening pores and freeing the body from toxins and toxins through perspiration.
  • With high humidity… In the second stage, the steam generator is turned on. Its intensity and temperature can be adjusted by the amount of water supplied.

First, you can use essential oils in the steam room to cleanse the respiratory tract and lungs, and then, with wet steam, a broom to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

Such a bath is very easy to clean. Interior materials are durable and easy to clean.

Maslov's bath construction technology

What a bathhouse looks like according to Maslov

The equipment of a bathhouse according to Maslov will cost several times less than the construction of traditional steam rooms. Also, this room, unlike other types of baths, is completely fireproof.

For the construction you will need: galvanized sheet metal, wall gypsum panels, heat-resistant cable, temperature sensor, galvanized mesh, waterproofing material, natural stone for interior decoration, refractory tiles and a special heating element in a double stainless steel sheath for RBM.

We carry out the work in the following sequence:

  • We collect the frame from metal sheets. They must be necessarily galvanized to resist corrosion.
  • We fix the insulation to the base and the waterproofing material.
  • We sheathe the structure with two layers of heat and moisture resistant gypsum wall panels.
  • We lay out the red brick sunbeds.
  • We fix temperature sensors and heating elements of a heat-resistant cable inside the structure.
  • We cover the structure with a galvanized metal wire mesh.
  • We prepare a heat-resistant solution and apply it to the mesh.
  • We are waiting for the plaster to dry completely and apply a liquid waterproofing agent.
  • We equip ventilation ducts using plastic boxes with a diameter of 12-13 cm.
  • On the hood we fix the electric throttle valve and the condensate collector.
  • We carry out the decoration inside the steam room with natural stone - marble, soapstone, jadeite, shungite, zlatite.
  • We mount separate temperature sensors for each lounger.
  • We install a door frame made of metal or wood. The optimal material for the door is tinted tempered glass.
  • We fix it at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor opposite the heating elements for heating the thermo-accumulating stones.
  • We insulate the container with the heating element.
  • We make the lining of the steam generator using refractory tiles. The dimensions of the device are 0.5 * 0.4 * 0.3 meters.
  • We put flat solid volcanic stones inside.

The steam generator is also equipped with a temperature sensor. With its help, the temperature of the stones is regulated from +250 to +320 degrees. Maslov's bathhouse is a bit like a Turkish hammam from the inside, and for finishing all surfaces inside they use:

  1. Ceramic tiles… A universal option in terms of price and quality ratio.
  2. A natural stone… It will cost significantly more, but the effect is better.
  3. Glass mosaic… Has good performance properties. With its help, they embody various stylistic solutions.

A special removable ladder is equipped on the floor of the steam room, which provides a drain of water.

Watch a video about the arrangement of Maslov's baths:

The principle of operation of the Maslov bath differs from other types of hygienic buildings. There are no contraindications to visiting this steam room. On the contrary, the adoption of such procedures has a positive effect on the health and well-being of vacationers. It is possible to build a Maslov bath with your own hands. However, special heating panels must be used for production purposes. The use of other devices may result in increased wiring stress and shorting.

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