DIY toys - master class, photo, video

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DIY toys - master class, photo, video
DIY toys - master class, photo, video

Show your child how to make a toy with their own hands in the form of a rocket, for active games, edible. It will be interesting for a child to learn how to draw with his hands, feet, homemade gel paints.

After learning how to make a toy for children, you will probably want to plunge into this creative process. You can make entertainment for your child in just half an hour from scrap materials.

DIY Rocket Toy

This is an old game. This toy is called bilbock-rocket. The task is to hold the inverted container in your hands and try to catch the toy located on the lacing in it. You can have fun in this way for one, two or several children at once. You can make teams of guys and compete. During the New Year holidays, there will be a lot of time, adults with children will play, having made a toy with their own hands.

Rocket Toy


  • paper cup;
  • egg Kinder surprise;
  • rope;
  • colored paper;
  • spray paint;
  • a needle;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

The rocket toy is created with the necessary preparation. Then you can start creating. It's great if parents want to make a toy with a child. With your own hands, you need to draw circles on the glass, which will become portholes. Then they are cut out with small scissors.

Blank for toys

Find the middle at the bottom of the cup and make a small hole with scissors. It is better to let the parents take over this stage of the work so that the child does not get hurt with scissors.

Cutting out a toy from a glass

It is also better for adults to cover the work with paint in a spray can. While it dries, cut a circle out of colored paper, the diameter of which is 14 cm. Draw 2 perpendicular diagonals inside this shape. You have 4 sectors. Cut out one, and from the remaining material create a cone by gluing the opposite edges.

Blank of the upper part of the toy

Now pass a needle with a large eye through the string, stick the needle into the glass. Bring it out through its outer part, then pull it also into the created paper cone.

DIY toy

Glue the bottom of the glass, only then pull on the string to attach the cone here. Secure it with a knot to keep the thread in this position.

Glue the top to the toy

Do not pull the needle out of the string, but pass it now into the transparent packaging from the Kinder egg. Tie a knot inside and cut off the rest of the thread. Its length should be 40 cm. Then put the toy inside, close the lid. The rocket toy for children is done.

We connect parts for a toy

You can make a toy in the form of a rocket and from a plastic bottle. See how beautiful it will turn out.

Rocket toy for children


  • plastic bottle;
  • colored paper;
  • colored cardboard;
  • multi-colored tissue paper;
  • scissors;
  • paints;
  • brush;
  • Scotch;
  • glue.

Cut a round porthole in a plastic bottle with scissors and cut off the bottom of it. Draw a circle on cardboard, cut out one of the four sectors in it, use glue to make a cone. This will be the tip of the rocket and will need to be glued to the top of the bottle.

Blank toys from a plastic bottle

Then cut four identical pieces of cardboard that will need to be glued to the bottom of the rocket, also cut out the window frame from this material. Color these parts, glue in place. You will also need to paint the bottle. You can make some parts silver by attaching foil here. Cut strips out of multi-colored tissue paper, glue them to the bottom of the ship. They will be a flame of fire.

This is how a toy rocket is made. Such a craft will come in handy for Cosmonautics Day or simply to entertain a child.

By the way, on this day you can make an edible rocket. To do this, cut pineapple pieces in the form of a trapezoid, cut rectangles from papaya and watermelon, peel the kiwi and cut it into circles. Remove the seeds from the watermelon and cut it into triangles. These blanks will help make the tip for the rocket. String them onto the tops of wooden skewers, and then the rest of the fruit, completes the delicious picture of a pineapple trapezoid.

Dried fruit rockets

How to make a toy for children for active games?

It is difficult for children to sit in one place for a long time, sometimes they need to move. Make toys for them to captivate the kids.

Toys for active games

For this you will need:

  • bottle caps;
  • strong thread;
  • hot glue gun;
  • wooden skewers;
  • foamiran trimming;
  • a piece of wire or a metal ring with a leg;
  • scissors.

Glue the plugs three at a time. Insert the cut wooden skewer into the middle cork. String a trapezoidal foamiran figure on it, which will become a sail.

If you do not have foamiran, use a rubberized canvas or a piece of colored cardboard as a sail.

Stick a leg from a metal ring into the resulting base or construct this part from pieces of wire. Tie a thread here, wind the opposite end of which around another wire. Now the child will be able to lower the sailboat into a container of water, into the bathtub and play. Also, a similar toy will entertain on a walk, if you use a puddle or a shallow pool as a small reservoir.

Here's how to make a toy for kids for the next kind of active play.

Boy with a blank for a toy

For this, you only need:

  • paper;
  • scissors;
  • cocktail straw;
  • glue.

Cut two strips of different sizes out of the paper. Form rings out of them. Glue one piece on one side and the other on the other side of the straw. You can also use tape for fastening. You will get a flying plane.

An interesting toy for active games will be if you take:

  • 2 cardboard disposable plates;
  • 2 ice cream sticks;
  • balloon;
  • hot glue.

Glue the sticks to the plates. Inflate the balloon. You will have wonderful tennis attributes.

The child plays

Before making a competitive toy for kids, take:

  • disposable paper cups;
  • sheets of cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • paints;
  • brush.

Step-by-step master class on creating:

  1. Color the cups outside. While they are drying, cut the cardboard sheets in half. Then you can invite the guys to the game. They will need to build the tower so that it is as high as possible.
  2. The one under whose hands the tower collapses will lose. It can be a family game. If the child wants, then he can build a low tower and settle the heroes of the kinder surprise here.
  3. You will succeed in the next active game if you take three ropes and make the same number of circles on the floor, but of different sizes. Have the child move a sufficient distance from this target and try to hit the ball with the ball. This game trains manual dexterity and allows you to have fun.

You can also play classics at home. Take a lace in a different color. Add a specific number from each segment. If you have linoleum in a box or such a pattern on a rug, then put a number in each. And intermediate numbers can be located between two rows.

Child plays classics

And here's how to make a toy for children so that you can get plenty of soft pom-poms or marshmallows. Take:

  • plastic cup;
  • balloon;
  • scissors;
  • pom-poms or soft candy.

Cut off the bottom of the cups, make these places smoother with sandpaper or by scorching them with fire.

Make a cutout in the ball and pull it over the wide side of the cup. Tie a knot on the back of the ball to leave a small ponytail.

You will put a soft bullet inside, then pull on the tail and release it. Under mechanical stress, candy or pom-poms will fly as intended.

Kids toys

Another active game will turn out if you take:

  • shoe box;
  • glass balls;
  • crayon or felt-tip pen;
  • scissors.

Make the cutouts at the bottom of the box slightly larger than the balls.

If the box is dark, then write the numbers above the holes with chalk, and if it is light, then with a felt-tip pen.

Have the child put the balls in a bowl and roll them one at a time into the holes they have made.

The child plays a game

The next active game will be created with just a few items. Take:

  • plastic bottle;
  • sock;
  • scissors;
  • food colorings;
  • dishwashing liquid;
  • water;
  • Scotch.

Cut off the bottom of the bottle, pull a sock here. Dip it in food coloring. In a separate bowl, make a foamy product by mixing the dishwashing solution with water.

Now let the child dip a sock into this foamy liquid and blow into the neck of the bottle. Then you get such beautiful rainbow air bubbles.

Child blows soap bubbles

Better to take a terry sock. Make sure that the child blows air out of himself, and not in himself, so as not to swallow the liquid.

The other toy will not need to prepare a solution, but it will also allow the child to develop lungs.

Cut the straws together with it into paired identical parts. Place them on your work surface according to their height. Secure this tool with tape. So a children's toy is ready, thanks to which the child will be able to extract various sounds from ordinary objects.

Children's toy made of straw

The kids will have a lot of fun when you tie pillows to them. Put on big T-shirts on top of the children so that the children turn into sumo wrestlers for a while.

Children playing in costumes

Even when it's warm outside, you can always have snow, from which the child will be happy to make snowballs. To do this, mix the shaving foam with cornstarch. If you add a little food coloring here, then this mass becomes colored.

Children playing with artificial snow


    • 120 g butter;
    • a little vanillin;
    • 20 g heavy cream;
    • 3 or 4 cups powdered sugar
    • optional food gel color.

    Remove the butter from the refrigerator ahead of time to soften it. Whisk it together with the cream, and gradually add the icing sugar. Then add vanilla, stir. Now divide this cream into parts, you can add a little food coloring to each and then make this mass more homogeneous. You can leave it white.

    Give the child a rolling pin, molds so that he can roll this dough, cut letters and figures out of it.

    It is pleasant to knead such dough, the child will be able to eat it, because it is edible. Perhaps then he will want to devote his adult life to cooking, or he will just cook well.

    Food toys

    Other edible toys can be made with children. Then you and them will hang the toys on the tree. Take:

    • wafer sheets for cakes;
    • one egg or 2;
    • icing sugar;
    • food colorings;
    • brush;
    • toothpicks or wooden skewer;
    • toy templates.

    Place the toy templates on a waffle sheet. Then cut using a toothpick or the edge of a wooden skewer.

    Waffle Sheet Toy Templates

    It can be mushrooms, fruits, figurines of animals and insects, Christmas tree decorations.

    Toy templates
    1. Using a stick or toothpick, make holes in the upper part of each figure, insert a lace here, tie it so that you get a loop.
    2. Take a chilled egg, separate the yolk from the white. Add 100 to 120 g of powdered sugar to the protein and mix well. Do not beat it so that there are no bubbles.
    3. Put 2 drops of refined essential or vegetable oil into this mass to make it more flexible. Then, when dry, this glaze will not crack. Add vanillin here if you like.
    4. Now take this glaze with a teaspoon and apply it to the figures. Then you need to place the workpieces on a horizontal surface and dry them.
    5. When this happens, turn the toys over to the other side and cover here with icing as well. This must also be done so that the toy does not bend when it dries.
    Glazed toys

    When the frosting is completely dry, you can start painting edible toys.

    Mix the powdered sugar and protein again, divide this mass into portions and add food coloring to each. After you stir the mixture until smooth, you can start painting. To do this, use a food syringe or pastry bag with a nozzle.

    Painted edible toys

    When this coating is dry, you can hang toys on the tree. In this technique, the child, together with his parents, will be able to create other edible toys. Then you can draw on a round waffle sheet or on a rectangular sheet, and also cut out a blank of any shape from it.

    After painting with glaze, there will be a commemorative inscription here. Such a toy will become at the same time a very pleasant gift for parents or children.

    Toy lettering

    Let children learn the basics of cooking from an early age, because it will probably be useful to them in the future. The following edible game will turn out if you take:

    • balloons;
    • chocolate bars;
    • a needle;
    • berries;
    • whipped cream.

    Melt the chocolate in a water bath. Inflate the balloons. Pour the chocolate into a suitable container and place a balloon on top. Wait until the chocolate has completely hardened, then just burst the balls with a needle. You will have edible bowls.

    Cooking chocolate toys in the form of bowls

    Let the children now show their imagination and squeeze whipped cream from a can into these containers, decorate with berries or fruits. You can show how to make a cream so that they decorate the chocolate plates with this mass.

    Many kids love to play Lego. Make an edible version with them, then they can not only build, but then eat the items of their creation with appetite.


    • gelatin;
    • water;
    • corn syrup;
    • food colorings.

    If you do not have purchased food colors, then use different juices: orange, red and black currant, apple.

    Food colorings

    Dilute the gelatin with water according to the instructions, but add a little more of this ingredient to make the Lego bricks strong. If necessary, soak the gelatin first, but sometimes you just need to fill it with water and immediately put it on fire. Do this, then cool this mass. Add corn syrup, food coloring, pour into different containers beforehand. Stir and pour the prepared solution into special Lego silicone molds.

    Blank in hand

    If you do not have these, then wash the elements of the constructor, turn them over and pour the gelatinous mass here. Put it in the refrigerator.

    When the bricks are solidified, remove them from the base and you can start building.

    Gelatin toys

    Speaking about how to make a toy for children with your own hands of the following kind, it should be noted that it is also created on the basis of gelatin, and can also be edible. Take:

    • balloon;
    • gelatin;
    • juice;
    • a small toy - a plastic dinosaur;
    • sugar.

    Step by step cooking:

    1. Dissolve the gelatin in the juice according to the instructions, then heat it with the added sugar. Maintain this mass by heating over a fire so that the sugar and gelatin melt, but the liquid does not boil. Turn off the heat, put the mass to cool.
    2. When this happens, pour it into a balloon, after placing a dinosaur figurine here. Tie a ball and place in the refrigerator to freeze. You can also use a round container.
    3. When the jelly hardens, burst the ball, remove it. Now you and your child will have an interesting game. After all, you will need to absorb delicious jelly in order to excavate and find a dinosaur as a result.
    Ball of gelatin and juice

    Thus, it is useful to feed the child, give him not only sweet jelly, but also jellied, prepared on the basis of meat or fish. In addition to these ingredients, you can add boiled carrots, an egg, a slice of lemon and herbs. But keep an eye out for the dinosaur to be found and retrieved.

    Here's how to make a toy for a child also from edible products, but so that it glows in the dark.

    Boy playing


    • flour;
    • some vegetable oil;
    • water;
    • vitamin B;
    • cream of tartar;
    • salt;
    • ultraviolet lamp.

    Take two vitamin B tablets, crush them into powder. And if vitamins are in capsules, then you just need to extract their contents. Add 4 tsp here. tartar. Pour in 340 g flour, also add 2/3 cup salt. It remains to add 200 g of warm water, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil.

    Mix everything thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to a saucepan, cook, stirring occasionally, until the dough stops sticking to the bottom and sides of the saucepan. Let it cool down. After that, you need to turn off the light, turn on the ultraviolet lamp. The child will be delighted with how such plasticine glows in the dark.

    How to make a toy with your own hands - unusual drawings

    Show your child how to play and draw while doing this. Mix the following ingredients:

    • hair gel;
    • sequins;
    • food coloring;
    • confetti.

    You will get paints of different colors. You can make a foam brush. The child will be able to create amazing drawings thanks to such an interesting composition of paints.

    Paints of different colors

    Help your child draw a roadway, paths, and crossings in a large cardboard box. Then the kid will play and learn the rules of the road at the same time. You can place houses here, animals made of plastic, make people from a constructor, and other figures.

    Child plays in a cardboard box

    Children love to draw and especially in unusual ways. Gather the leaves with your child, clean them with a cloth and iron them with an iron. Then place the sheet between two leaves of paper and use pastel crayons or soft pencils to paint over the sheets. Then they will be printed on paper, its veins of different sizes will be visible.

    The next game is no less exciting. After all, you can even draw with your hands and feet. Prepare the paint for the children according to the previous recipe, where you will use the hair gel. Let them now leave their footprint or handprint on a piece of paper. When this base is dry, look with the children to see what you can turn it into. Such an activity will develop the creativity of children.

    Give your child:

    • a sheet of cardboard;
    • blue watercolor;
    • water;
    • brush;
    • pipette;
    • dark paper;
    • scissors.

    First, have your child paint over white cardboard so as to draw ocean water. Now pour some alcohol into a small bowl, put it in tweezers and give it to the child. Invite him to drip this solution onto the dried paint. You will get interesting circles and streaks that look like air bubbles in water.

    Let the child cut out the inhabitants of the deep sea from dark paper and glue them here.

    Read also about creating unusual games from scrap materials

    This is how to make a toy with your own hands, as well as interesting games.

    By watching the following plot, you can make three interesting games out of cardboard.

    You can make a lot of toys in the second video.

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