Corporate gifts for clients for the New Year 2020

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Corporate gifts for clients for the New Year 2020
Corporate gifts for clients for the New Year 2020

What gifts are better to give for the New Year 2020 to corporate clients? How to choose the right present, how to package it? How to advertise your company and not disturb the New Year's atmosphere of the gift?

Receiving gifts is a pleasant part of the New Year holidays. Moreover, unexpected presents from companies and firms with which cooperation took place during the year, always cause joyful surprise, a desire to meet with them in the future. Consider what is most appropriate for surprises from business partners.

What to give clients for the New Year 2020?

What to give clients for the New Year 2020

Already from the first days of winter, the management of the companies is thinking about what to give customers for the New Year. The choice of presentation depends on the nature of the services and the overall budget of the firm.

Remember, the longer the collaboration lasts, the more valuable the presentation deserves a regular customer or user.

If the client is not a friend or good acquaintance, you should not give him things for personal use: cosmetics, a comb, socks. Exceptions are companies that provide cosmetic or dental services. In this case, a quality skin, hair or oral care product is appropriate and even preferable.

It is recommended to protect fragile items with a tight box. And then pack it in bright Christmas paper (red or green). This will enhance the feeling of celebration, show respect for the client.

Place a gift of any size in a paper bag with your company logo. Add a congratulatory card, a calendar or a business card with a phone number and an email address of the company to the bright package of the presentation.

Make sure people receive gifts before the New Years. Couriers can deliver gifts to regular customers. It is better to congratulate large business partners personally by preparing a personal oral wish.

What gifts should customers choose for the New Year 2020?

Some companies have introduced a rule to give gifts to regular and large customers. If it is canceled or violated, a person can change his opinion about your company, make such a decision only at his own expense. Therefore, it is better not to save money, but to continue this interesting tradition. Fill beautiful bags with the company logo with useful or creative presents and send them to your new and regular customers.

Calendars for 2020

Desk calendar 2020 as at to customers

The calendar is considered to be the most win-win gift for customers for the New Year. It can be placed on the desk in the office or hung on the wall in the apartment. And with each calculation of the date, a person will see your company logo. At the same time, experts recommend not to overlap the information with their advertisements, not to make the logo brighter than the rest of the numbers and letters.

Which calendar to choose as a New Year's gift for clients:

  1. Crossover… A desk or wall calendar book is an excellent advertisement and source of information about your company. On its pages you can unobtrusively tell about the services and achievements of the company. Such a gift is especially useful for clients of travel agencies, beauty salons, fitness centers. Indeed, considering beautiful slender people and exotic resorts, a person makes plans and sets goals for the future.
  2. Pocket… When making pocket calendars, you should stick to the mini-version format 86 × 54 mm. Such a corporate gift for the New Year fits in any purse, wallet, business card holder. It is better to put the company logo on two sides of the calendar. On one (title) - bright, catchy and large, on the second (with numbers) - neat and unobtrusive.Don't forget to write your phone, email, and regular address.
  3. Magnetic… The items represent a calendar on a wide magnetic base. It is convenient to attach it to the refrigerator door. Therefore, it is especially suitable as a gift for the New Year 2020 for regular customers of pastry shops, flower shops, tea and coffee boutiques. A beautiful image of goods evokes an appetite, a desire to try something new.
  4. Business calendar… Plans for 2020 are useful for office workers, students, busy people. In addition to the calendar, their pages have a place for a telephone and address book, maps of time zones, international phone codes. Convenient markup allows you to apply clarifications and notes for the day, week, month. The company logo can be applied to the title (brightly) or to each (unobtrusively) sheet of the product.
  5. Wood… It is appropriate to present such a gift to regular customers of the company. He looks solid, emphasizes a respectful attitude towards a person. Wooden "perpetual" calendars are made in two versions. The first is a set of cubes with numbers and names of months on the sides. The second is a stationary plate with numbers and a movable part with holes. Each product has a convenient stand on which you can apply an advertising logo.


Pencil sharpener as a corporatet for clients

Many companies have long ago solved the problem of what to give customers for the 2020 New Year. They chose stationery as gifts, since these items are constantly used in everyday life. The main condition is the high quality of products, the use of safe and durable materials. Therefore, do not buy too cheap disposable items.

What to give clients for the New Year from stationery:

  • Stand for pens… Products can be multifunctional and laconic, bright and comic, have the shape of cheese (the Rat is a symbol of 2020) or products that your company produces. The best option is considered to be a simple product in the shape of a glass of neutral color, made of high-quality material.
  • Pencil sharpener… This stationery is often used by schoolchildren, students, office workers. A stylish sharpener with a laconic design in a set with a few simple pencils with your company logo printed on them is suitable as a gift. Such a present is especially appropriate from construction companies, firms with the services of a designer, designer.
  • Diaries and notebooks… All kinds of notebooks are the win-win gifts for the New Year for corporate clients. If it is not possible to purchase leather-bound products, do not buy dermantine ones. It is better to choose diaries with a cover made of high-quality cardboard or plastic with convenient springs and a secure binding. Insert a pocket calendar for 2020 with your company logo between the pages.
  • Note paper… This stationery can be extremely beautiful, creative, or stylish. Find the most interesting model and put the company logo on it. Note paper usually has an adhesive layer, so it sticks to a computer, mirror, closet. Customers will always find a use for it and will often remember your company.
  • Gift pens… For regular customers, you can buy an expensive gift pen. Branded products are of high quality, have a stylish design, and are packed in a beautiful box. Many of them are equipped with precious metal inserts for easy engraving. It is better to give such a gift in person, adding wishes for a Happy New Year.

Gifts with New Year's symbols

New Year's souvenirs as at to customers

Festive souvenirs are a good idea for corporate gifts to clients for the New Year. In addition to the Christmas theme (candles, Christmas tree decorations), images of winter (snowflakes, balls with a snow-covered city), rats (cheese, mice) are suitable.Presentations should be discreet, not fragile, small in size, packed in a box.

The best gift ideas for corporate clients with a New Year theme:

  1. Aroma candles… Beeswax products have their own honey aroma. They can be lit not only on New Year's holidays, but also on any day of the year. Mineral wax does not have its own smell, but perfectly conveys the shades of essential oil. But paraffin candles are considered less useful, as they are made from petroleum products. The most successful form of products is a cylinder, a barrel, a ball.
  2. Christmas decorations… Modern Christmas tree decorations look like a full-fledged gift. They are hand-painted, decorated with sequins, packed in boxes. For a presentation to regular customers, it is better to choose a traditional balloon. From a huge assortment, you can choose a translucent, monochromatic, shiny, bright product, as well as with the image of a rat - the symbol of 2020.
  3. Christmas gifts… Such decor items can be placed on a desk, a shelf in the hallway or a cabinet in the kitchen. Thus, customers will often remember the gift and tell their guests about your company. As a present, you can choose a statuette in a Soviet, neutral, fairytale style. But it is better not to choose comic images, since everyone has a different sense of humor.
  4. Christmas house… This is a great New Year gift idea for clients. The product is a ceramic house with a hollow interior. A scented washer-candle is placed in the "room" of this statuette. With dim lighting, the doors and windows of the house are illuminated from the inside with a beautiful shimmering color, and the aroma of essential oil disperses throughout the apartment.
  5. Christmas gifts… A special attitude towards large regular customers can be emphasized with the help of a gift set. It includes several high quality souvenirs made in the same style. They are packed in a box (usually wooden) with grooves for parts of the kit. Such presentations require a personal presentation with the wishes of a Happy New Year.

Edible gifts for clients

Chocolate figurines as a corporatet for clients

The main requirements for edible corporate gifts for the New Year 2020 are high quality, freshness, compliance with storage rules. It is better to buy a small sweet, but in a store specializing in similar products that have all the certificates of conformity. After all, this present will most likely be given to the child.

What edible gifts to choose for corporate clients:

  • Chocolate bar… Chocolate has not been a faceless gift on duty for a long time. Today, there are tiles on sale that have their own unique taste and design. But when buying presents, it is better not to experiment with exotic fillers. Choose a sweet with a milky flavor, with added nuts or raisins. Pay attention to the integrity of the packaging, the date of manufacture of the chocolate.
  • Dried Citrus Fruit Slices… For a gift to friends, you can dry the fruit yourself in the oven. But for a presentation to customers, it is better to buy a set in a store. In addition to the guaranteed adherence to the drying technology, such a gift is always beautifully packaged (in a paper bag or a box with a transparent window). Subsequently, the slices are used to make mulled wine, desserts, or just eat a bite with chocolate.
  • Chocolate figurines… Chocolate is sold not only in candy and bar form. On New Year's Eve, you can find interesting sweet figurines wrapped in multi-colored foil in the store. They have the shape of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a Christmas tree, and fabulous animals. There are products with the addition of alcohol that have the shape of a bottle with this drink. Do not buy hollow figurines as they can wrinkle and lose their appearance as a gift.
  • Gingerbread… In December, many pastry shops bake honey or gingerbread in the shape of a Christmas tree, mittens, a snowman, snowflakes, and a rat. They are decorated with colorful glaze and packed in neat bags.Such products have a long shelf life, therefore, they are suitable as a gift for a corporate client. But you should not buy voluminous gingerbread houses, as they require special conditions for transportation.
  • Sweet set… It is better to give a set of sweets to large regular customers. It includes several high quality products. In addition to chocolate, the box may contain a bottle of champagne, a Christmas tree toy, or a mug. All products are made in one theme, have an exquisite design, create a festive atmosphere. Such a gift will emphasize a special attitude towards a person, respect and a desire for prosperity.

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