How to choose a USB extension cable?

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How to choose a USB extension cable?
How to choose a USB extension cable?

Tips to help you choose a USB extension cable. What is it for. What is this active USB extension cable and how does it differ from the usual one and what you should pay attention to when buying. And so, we have a task - to buy a USB extension cable. Let's say right away that it is very easy to choose such a seemingly complex subject correctly. The main thing is to know the nuances of this choice. Do you want to solve the problem at five? Read the article on to the end!

To begin with, let's determine why you still need a USB extension cable?

First, let's say right away that this extension cord is not just a cord, but a whole device capable of transporting a port over various distances, for example, between a computer and an external HDD. Are you familiar with the situation when you need to connect a USB flash drive to the USB port on the back of your PC? Have you encountered a short webcam cord? In the first case, you would have to climb under the table when connecting and disconnecting the flash drive. I think such situations have arisen often. If you use a modem to access the Network, then the presence of a USB extension cable will allow you to amplify the signal by placing the modem, for example, at the cornice. In all such cases, a USB extension cable is the solution to the problem.

I think that a USB extension cable is a really necessary thing, you are convinced. Then all that remains is determine the criteria for its selection… The only important criterion for choosing a USB extension cable is its length… In other words, only she is indicated on the package. When purchasing such a device, determine in advance the required extension cord length. Have you identified? Choose a device model with exactly this length or close, but not more. Choosing "forward-looking" will mean throwing away the already purchased extension cord and buying a new one. Why is that? There are concepts such as attenuation. The longer the wire, the higher the attenuation and the lower the data transfer rate. Simply put, in terms of data transfer rate, a meter extension cable will exceed six and even more so an eight meter.

Active USB Extender

There is still active USB extension cable, its advantage over the usual one is that it has a built-in USB transceiver, thanks to which it does not reduce the data transmission signal. Such a cable will cost significantly more than a conventional cable.

That's all! Let it be said very little, but definitely on the case. All you have to do is find out how long this extension cable is needed and go to a specialized store and buy a USB extension cable. Good luck with your choice!

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