Mombin sweet or ambarella

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Mombin sweet or ambarella
Mombin sweet or ambarella

Description of sweet mombin: composition, calorie content and taste. Useful properties of an exotic fruit. Warnings from doctors regarding the possible harm from consuming ambarella. Delicious dishes made from a sounded product. Not every fruit contains such a large amount of elements necessary for the body, as is in sweet mombina. The benefits of ambarella are that all of its components are clearly balanced. The acceleration of metabolism (with the help of this product) helps people not only maintain their beauty, but also stay healthy.

Contraindications and harm of ambarella

Pregnancy as a contraindication to mombin sweet

The described gift of nature has practically no contraindications. However, you should beware of the following points when using it:

  • Individual intolerance to exotic fruits… After eating an apple or pear, many people will not feel any discomfort. Everything that we are accustomed to since childhood rarely causes severe allergic reactions. In the case of exotic fruits, you should be extremely careful when buying them, because the same sweet mombin can provoke hives and even swelling of the throat in a person.
  • Uncontrolled use of ambarella… Any product must be eaten in moderation. Excessive passion for mombin sweet will not cause serious poisoning, but will eventually lead to diarrhea and cramps in the stomach.
  • Pregnancy… Experts have identified the three most dangerous fruits for expectant mothers: pineapple (the threat of pregnancy failure), unripe papaya (toning the uterus) and citrus fruits (the occurrence of allergies in a woman and an already born child). Ambarella is similar to pineapple, so you should not risk your health during gestation.

The harm of sweet mombin in all respects is inferior to its useful qualities. Therefore, you can safely add this product to your diet.

How to eat ambarella

Chopped sweet mombin fruit

As already mentioned, for the first time the population of Oceania turned its attention to this exotic fruit. Then the inhabitants of other tropical countries became interested in him. At the end of the 18th century, mombin sweet, due to its taste, gained popularity in Jamaica, from where it became known to the inhabitants of many islands of the Caribbean Sea, Venezuelans, Brazilians, etc.

And in those distant times, and to this day, the fruit is consumed raw or is the main component for making jellies, juices and marmalade. If you add sugar to the pulp and rub the mombin through a sieve, you get an exquisite sauce for a meat dish. To get a product that looks like apple oil, the juicy contents of the fruit must be preserved along with the cinnamon. The ripe fruit is also prized for making vinegar.

If the fruit is plucked unripe, then it must be extinguished before eating. In addition, this unripe fruit is great for making curries, soups and marinades. However, many countries prefer to do without heat treatment of the product. In its green form, it has a sharp, but quite interesting taste and crunchy flesh.

Before eating ambarella, it must be peeled and sliced. Remember that the fruit contains thorny seeds that you need to get rid of. Otherwise, there is a risk that they get caught between the teeth and seriously damage the gums.

Sweet Mombin Drink Recipes

Ambarella morse

At any time of the year, you can pamper yourself with a delicious fruit drink, cocktail or something stronger. A selection of the best ambarella drinks can be summarized as follows:

  1. Fruit cocktail… Pour 3 tablespoons into a blender. oatmeal and grind. It should also contain the kernels of three walnuts, the pulp of one sweet mombin, 100 g of strawberries, and then chop all the components. The third step in preparing the drink will be adding 300 ml of milk and honey (to taste) to it. After that, the mass is whipped again. The cocktail should be infused for 10 minutes, after which it can be eaten.
  2. Morse… To prepare a liter of such a drink, you need one ambarella and two apples, cut into small pieces. Then the fruit should be placed in boiled water for a couple of hours so that they have time to release their juice. After this time, the fruit drink is filtered and placed in the refrigerator.
  3. Exotic liqueur… For its preparation, four fruits of sweet mombin are cleaned of pits, seeds and peels. Then the resulting pulp is cut into cubes and placed in a glass jar along with 1 vanilla pod, cut into thin slices. The sounded components are poured in 200 g of sugar, mixed thoroughly and poured in 500 ml of rum (you can replace it with brandy or vodka). After closing the jar with a lid, it is placed in a cool place for 6-8 weeks. Having then filtered the hot drink, it can be used both in pure form and as an additive to ice cream or impregnation for confectionery.
  4. Ambarella wine… Sweet mombin (its amount depends on the intended party of the drink) is scalded with boiling water and cleaned of pits and seeds. To make red wine, fruits are passed through a meat grinder. Water and sugar are added to the resulting pulp with juice. To get rid of all kinds of impurities, a thick liquid is passed through cheesecloth and then poured into glass containers. The next step is to add yeast to the container and store the future exquisite drink in a cool place for 6 months. The then filtered wine has a pale pink hue, which can be made more intense with the help of artificial color additives. White wine is made in a slightly different way. The peel is removed from the ambarella, no water is added and the amount of sugar put in the juice with the pulp is reduced. Three months is enough for the fermentation process to complete.

Sweet mombin recipes

Chutney with ambarella

The sounding fruit perfectly complements many interesting finds in the field of culinary. Among the most successful of them are the following recipes with ambarella:

  • Pineapple salad… To prepare it, the fruit is divided into two halves, and the pulp is carefully cut from them. As a result, two "boats" are obtained, which should be as dry as possible. Then the pulp of pineapple, watermelon (one slice), kiwi, two pieces of mango, two bananas, one ambarella are cut into small cubes. The sonicated components are mixed and sprayed with the juice of one orange. The boats are filled with fruit, sprinkled with coconut and garnished with blueberries.
  • Spicy pasta… Add 0.5 liters of light beer, 0.5 kg of frozen shrimp to salted water and bring the resulting mixture to a boil. After that, put a bunch of dill in the liquid and cook the seafood for another 3 minutes over moderate heat. From two pieces of ambarella, you need to extract the pulp and season it with the juice of one lemon. 200 g of hard cheese must be grated and mixed with shrimp and sweet mombin pulp. Having chopped all the ingredients with a blender, it remains to make the final touch: fill the halves of the fruit with the resulting filling and sprinkle them with 50 g of walnuts.
  • Chutney… The famous Indian sauce is quite simple to prepare. In a saucepan, boil 1 kg of stoned ambarella with two glasses of sugar. In butter, spices should be roasted in the form of 2 tsp for 7-8 minutes. ground red pepper, a pinch of ground cloves, 1 tsp. turmeric, a pinch of ground nutmeg, 1 tsp. ginger and a pinch of coriander seeds.The seasonings are then mixed with the contents of the saucepan and the juice of one lemon.
  • Fish with sauce… 0.5 kg fillet of white fish (can be frozen) cut into slices. A half can of canned pineapple is removed from the liquid and cut into slices. Two ambarellas are also crushed and mixed with the already sounded component. The pineapple liquid is combined with the juice of half a lemon, seasoned with a pinch of salt and black pepper, as well as 0.5 tsp. curry. Fillets are marinated in this spicy composition for half an hour. Fruits are lightly fried in butter, then added to the fish and simmered with 150 ml of cream over low heat until cooked. This dish is best served with a side dish of rice.
  • Meat with sweet mombin… One ambarella is pitted and cut into rings. Pork neck (0.5 kg) is rubbed with salt, hot paprika and infused for an hour. With the help of cloves, sweet and canned pineapple mombin rings are attached to the meat. The pork neck is placed in a baking bag and poured with the juice of one orange. The baking time is 50-60 minutes. Finished meat is garnished with spinach and lingonberries.

Interesting facts about ambarella

Ambarella fruit on the tree

Quite often, the described fruit is confused with a completely different fruit called "Amborella". This misconception is based on the consonance of both names. In fact, Amborella is a fairly primitive plant that is found in New Caledonia (an island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean).

Few people know that sweet mombin leaves can also be beneficial. They are usually prepared to be served with rice and salted fish. An appetizer is also prepared from them, during the creation of which the leaves are cut, and also sprinkled with chili and salt. They also serve as excellent livestock feed and are effective in treating burns, inflammation and even ulcers.

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Mombin sweet (ambarella) is a product that is gaining more and more popularity in many countries. You should take a closer look at this fruit, which has a maximum of positive characteristics and a minimum of side effects.

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