Fats that provide energy for muscle growth in bodybuilding

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Fats that provide energy for muscle growth in bodybuilding
Fats that provide energy for muscle growth in bodybuilding

Attention! The secret is revealed that the set of muscle mass does not only depend on the amount of protein. Find out which fats you need to add to your diet to speed up protein synthesis. The body uses medium chain triglycerides for energy. Food additives containing these substances are called MCT Oil. They should be taken at the same time as food, as digestive tract upset is possible. Adding MCTs to food is an excellent solution to improve nutrient absorption. For now, let's take a closer look at fats that provide energy for muscle growth in bodybuilding.

Weight gain fats

Liquid synthetic MCT
Liquid synthetic MCT

MCT is by far the least well-known of all sports supplements. The substances included in their composition have a large number of positive effects. With Medium Chain Triglycerides, athletes can accelerate weight gain, shed fat and provide the body with an excellent source of energy. These are very useful and necessary supplements for athletes, but, unfortunately, few athletes know about it.

The statement that the less fat a person consumes, the less he will weigh, is true in part. Scientists have proven that some types of fat are very useful and necessary for the body. In the course of numerous studies, clear boundaries have been drawn between the three types of fatty acids: monounsaturated, saturated and polyunsaturated. Fats, like other nutrients, play an important role in the functioning of all body systems. They act as a protective cushion, surrounding internal organs, are a component of tissue and organ cell membranes, increase the absorption of vitamins and are used in the synthesis of hormones.

But, like any substance in large quantities, fats cease to be useful. When processed in the digestive tract, fats do not require high energy consumption and for this reason they quickly accumulate.

But MCTs are different from other types of fats. They are not broken down into fatty acids, but are processed by the liver, where they become a source of energy. For this reason, the body does not “store” MCTs, but receives energy from them.

MCT fats as a fat burner

MCT in a bottle
MCT in a bottle

Today, most of the popular dietary nutrition programs involve a reduction in carbohydrate use. Since this nutrient affects the synthesis of insulin, it leads to the burning of fat. As you know, insulin is the main transport for fatty acids, and at its high concentration, fat stores begin to accumulate. When carbohydrate intake is reduced, the body controls insulin synthesis and the likelihood of creating new fat deposits is minimal.

Thus, low-carb nutrition programs are very effective for burning fat, but they have a negative effect on muscle growth. Glycogen is synthesized from carbohydrates in the body, which is the main source of energy for muscles. With an insufficient amount of carbohydrates from food, the body converts amino acid compounds into glucose, from which glycogen is then obtained.

This is a very ineffective process and it is very difficult to replenish the glycogen stores spent on the lesson with its help. Without a sufficient level of glycogen, the effectiveness of training will be extremely low and this will negatively affect the set of mass. MCTs can solve this problem with low-carb nutrition programs. The metabolism of these substances is similar to carbohydrate and during high-intensity training it is the long-chain triglycerides that will be used as the main source of energy.

Thus, the athlete will be able to increase performance and quickly replenish glycogen stores. To achieve maximum results from the use of MCTs, it is necessary to replace carbohydrates with them, while maintaining the required caloric intake and the amount of protein compounds in the calculation of 2 grams per kilogram of body weight.

It should also be noted that, according to the results of recent studies, MCTs are able to accelerate the secretion of growth hormone. Rich's rate of increase in hormone production was impressive, reaching 900 percent a few hours after using the supplement. Thus, taking MCT significantly increases the anabolic background in the body and with an appropriate nutrition and training program, an athlete using this supplement can gain weight and get rid of excess fat.

Uses of MCT Fats During Competition Preparation

Foods containing essential fats
Foods containing essential fats

The use of MCTs can be very effective during preparation for tournaments, especially during the last seven days before the start. During this period, athletes most often combine carbohydrate depletion and carbohydrate loading to give the muscles a relief.

The theoretical component of such a strategy is quite simple. When the body's supply of carbohydrates is depleted, the body begins to extract energy from glycogen. Once carbohydrates are consumed, glycogen is synthesized in muscle tissue, which leads to a change in the shape and size of the muscles. If everything was done correctly, then the muscles become larger and acquire excellent relief and vascularity.

At the same time, with a deficiency of carbohydrates in the body, the catabolic background can sharply increase. Very often, glycogen stores are insufficient to maintain the performance of all systems at the proper level and the body enters a state of ketosis. During this period, the destruction of muscle tissue occurs in order to provide the body with energy.

Also at this time, unpleasant phenomena often occur, for example, headaches, sleep disturbances, etc. The athlete can be exhausted to such an extent that training is simply not possible. Given that this happens in preparation for the competition, then this condition can be very dangerous for a bodybuilder.

This is where MCT can come to the rescue. Since medium chain triglycerides are absorbed at the same rate as carbohydrates, they have similar properties to glucose. Thanks to this, you will be able to prevent all the negative effects of ketosis, as well as to have a quality final workout before the start of the tournament. You will not only get rid of all the unpleasant moments, you will not lose muscle mass. It should also be remembered that MCTs are not converted into subcutaneous fat deposits and nothing threatens your relief.

When an athlete is at the stage of depletion of carbohydrates, MCTs should be in his diet at half the total daily calories. At the same time, no more than 10 percent carbohydrates should be consumed. It is best to consume low-fat sources of protein compounds during this period, for example, chicken, fish, egg white, etc. There should be at least five meals throughout the day.

During the carbohydrate loading period, instead of MCTs, you should eat foods containing carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, such as pasta or cereals. After that, shortly before the start of the tournament, it remains for the last time to adjust the amount of carbohydrates consumed in accordance with your appearance. If the muscles are not bulky enough, then increase the amount of carbohydrates taken, and if they are excessively filled, decrease it.

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