How to choose a gym and what to take there?

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How to choose a gym and what to take there?
How to choose a gym and what to take there?

Haven't chosen a gym yet? Then it's time to decide which one will be best suited for effective training. To do this, read the article in which you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the choice of the hall. In order for sports to be effective, it is necessary to choose the right gym. This is a rather responsible task - the future of a novice athlete depends on it. Exercise requires good special equipment in the gym, and there must also be an appropriate attitude and desire to exercise.

The main criteria for choosing a hall for classes

  1. The room where you intend to exercise should be spacious, but not too large. In a small gym, it is very inconvenient to work out - because of the queues to the simulators, the intensity of the workouts is disrupted. As for a room that is too large, it is psychologically crushing, it is difficult to tune in to fruitful classes.
  2. The gym should have the opportunity for full-fledged exercises with free weights and with exercise machines. There should be a lot of dumbbells. It is important that the degrees of stress are varied with the greatest possible amplitude. For effective workouts, exercise machines must cover all muscle groups.
  3. The gym must have a section of cardiovascular equipment for aerobic exercise.
  4. Some rooms even provide additional services - a swimming pool or a sauna, for example.

Important components when choosing a gym for training

How to choose a gym and what to take there?
  1. Pay attention to the gym inventory.
  2. The distance to the hall is also important - it is not worth spending a lot of time on the way back and forth. More than an hour is already a luxury.
  3. It is important that the gym where you will train has modern and useful equipment.

Mandatory equipment:

  • Olympic barbells
  • Pancakes - burden
  • Racks
  • Benches
  • Cardio equipment

Key Factors for Comfortable Activities

Here, a shower is absolutely necessary, as well as a changing room. In addition, ventilation is important. This makes it much easier to train. Therefore, air conditioning is simply vital.

It is important how many people are involved in the club - the fewer the better. It is impossible for the gym to be overloaded - as a result, training becomes more difficult.

Additional pleasant bonuses in the gym

  1. Some gyms have a free training session for review - anyone who visits the gym for the first time can watch and make a decision.
  2. If there is a website on the Internet, then there you can find out in detail information about the fitness center.
  3. If you have relaxing treatments, such as a solarium or sauna, or maybe a fitness bar, then you can relax after your workout.

If you have decided on the choice of a gym for bodybuilding, then it's time to move on to collecting things for training.

What to take with you to your bodybuilding workout?

How to choose a gym and what to take there?
  1. A bag
  2. Shoes
  3. clothing
  4. Towel on the bench
  5. Gloves
  6. Rod straps
  7. Weightlifting belt
  8. Training diary
  9. Water
  10. Protein shaker

And now about everything in order.

Choosing a bag for classes

It is best to take a gym bag with you to your workout - it is important that it is comfortable for you. It is advisable that the selected model has a comfortable strap - this way you can always hang the bag on your shoulder. Plus side pockets, which are always easy to reach - this is where you keep your water and your diary.

What kind of bath accessories do you need for training?

You will need to wash after class. So, do not forget to take a towel with you - you will use it to wipe yourself off after taking a shower. You will also need soap. You can take the gel with you. Don't forget the washcloth.

Do not forget about bath slippers - they will protect you from fungus or other nuisance that can be infected in a public place.

Choosing shoes for classes

Otomix bodybuilding shoes

In the photo there are special shoes for bodybuilding Otomix, price 120? 145 euros Barefoot training is a taboo in bodybuilding. So, it's time to get sports shoes - it is best that the sole is firm and grooved, with high heels for squats and deadlifts. Comfort for your feet is important here.

Required clothing

If we talk about the standard set for training, then this is a T-shirt and sweatpants. First, you can put on a bike or jacket on top - after the muscles are warmed up, you can take off these clothes. It is important that the clothes chosen for training are not tight, and that they absorb sweat well. It is best if the fabric is cotton. For weight training, you can choose special clothing.

A towel is a necessary attribute during classes

Before you lie down on the bench, put a towel on it. It will help you cope with the sweat that comes out in training.

Essential Leather Gloves

Bodybuilding Leather Gloves

For training, you will need special leather gloves - here the fingers are cut off. With their help, it becomes possible to protect the hands from calluses and prevent the vultures from slipping in the hands. This is an optional attribute, but desirable.

Deadlift straps - are they needed during training?

Rod straps

These are two cuts of leather or other dense fabric, half a meter each. With their help, you can achieve increased grip in traction movements. With the help of such a comfortable thing, you will concentrate on working your back and will not think about the strength of the grip. For back exercises, this is a very useful helper.

Weightlifting belt

Weightlifting belt

It is necessary to fix the back. During traumatic exercises, such a thing is simply irreplaceable.

Workout diary

You will need it for every lesson. It is a great helper for effective workouts.

Do you need water?

During exercise, electrolyte balance needs to be replenished. Therefore, you should have water, 05 × 1 liter will be enough.

Protein in a shaker

An optional attribute, but very desirable - a very useful thing after bodybuilding workouts If you urgently need to replenish the lack of proteins and carbohydrates in the body, then this is simply an irreplaceable assistant. Thus, it is possible to stop the decay processes in the muscles.

Yuri Spasokukotsky's advice on how to choose a gym for bodybuilding:

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