16 years of wedding - congratulations, gifts, ideas

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16 years of wedding - congratulations, gifts, ideas
16 years of wedding - congratulations, gifts, ideas

We offer interesting ideas for congratulations and gifts for 16 years of wedding. You can buy them or make them yourself. Find out more about a topaz wedding.

The wedding anniversary of 16 years is called topaz. It is not customary to call a large number of guests for such a date, but it is necessary to celebrate it at least in a narrow family circle.

How to celebrate your 16th wedding anniversary?

This anniversary is called that for a reason. This stone is durable, it enchants with its beauty and tenderness. How difficult it is to break topaz, it is also not easy to destroy the relationship between spouses that has already developed during this time.

It is interesting to know about this stone. After all, it was discovered by seafarers in ancient times. Topaz shades are very beautiful. It is purple, brown, blue, pink, yellow. Moreover, it is clean and transparent. This stone symbolizes honesty, generosity and decency. This is what you need in family life.


They say that topaz prolongs beauty for women and adds wisdom to men. Some believe in such properties of topaz as exposing secret intrigues. Therefore, it is worn by businessmen and diplomats.

The 16th wedding anniversary includes this figure. This number is a symbol of the predominance of the material over the spiritual, since this number contains the number 6. And the unit enhances the control of physical passions over the human spirit. Therefore, it is important this year for a married couple to pay attention to the balance of material and spiritual.

Another theory in numerology shows that 16 is a number that has a cosmic order and is a sign of perfection. A married couple has already passed the full cycle of its development, now it is necessary to wait for the birth of a new beauty.

There are many ways to celebrate 16 years of marriage together. If the spouses are romantics, they can go on a trip together or go to a restaurant with a few friends. If you want noisy fun, then you can invite a large company home or outdoors.

If you wish, remove from the chest the attributes that are dear to you and were at the wedding itself. If these are things, you can put them on, if other items decorate the place of celebration with them.

There are no special requirements for the menu, you can cook whatever you like and what the invitees prefer. You can decorate the salad by laying out the vegetables or writing the number 16 with a thin stream of mayonnaise. This number can also be on the birthday cake. You don't have to bake it yourself. You can buy, for example, a bird's milk cake. Its smooth surface is an excellent field for creativity. You can draw not only the number 16, but also write the names of the heroes of the occasion, as well as a short congratulation. If you have artistic ability, drawing a portrait of a husband and wife is suitable. From jelly or sugar mastic, you can make a kind of topaz. At the same time, if you add food coloring of the desired color, the dessert looks like an almost natural stone.

But the main thing is to get in a great mood and celebrate this event well. If you decide to do it outdoors, then bring along a barbecue kit to cook meat and vegetables on the fire.

Celebrating a topaz wedding

Topaz wedding anniversary 16 years old - what they give

This is an important point, as the gifts will last for a long time. Depending on financial capabilities and preferences, presentations can be completely different. Of course, it is best to give a woman a piece of jewelry that contains a topaz stone. It can be a pendant on a chain, earrings, a ring.

You can beat not only the name of the wedding, but also the number.Waking up in the morning, the spouse will surely be delighted with the 16 balloons that her husband will present to her. If he is sweet, she can give him the same amount of chocolates or miniature chocolates.

Let the guests be smart. After all, 16 years is considered an adulthood. Therefore, they can bring these thoughts into a letter or diploma, which they will present to the spouses.

Girl with topaz jewelry

Guests can donate household appliances, a painting, a topaz box, a mirror decorated in such a way that the frame resembles a set of these stones.

Find out if the spouses have a set of engraved glasses or glasses. If not, then present. You can buy glasses to resemble topaz in color.

Order a pillow with a photo of the spouses. And on the back side you will write congratulations for them.

You can donate a certificate, home textiles. The universal gift is money. Put them in a blue envelope so that this color symbolizes this stone.

DIY gifts for 16 years of wedding

Be smart, make a creative gift. Buy a wooden hanger. The pyrography technique will help you burn the names of the spouses on it. Write, for example: Lena + Igor = 16. Of course, use the names of the heroes of the occasion.

Wooden clothes hanger

Buy or find scraps of fabric at home that resemble topaz. Take one and cut a rectangle out of it. Now fold it in half and sew on both sides on the wrong side. But to prevent the edges from frizzing, it is better to first stitch on the face, then turn it inside out and stitch here.

Now fill the product with holofiber, and sew a zipper on top of this pillowcase.

Two beautiful pillows

Now you know what they give for a 16-year wedding and you can come up with a gift yourself.

Create a frame for your photo, the frame for which will resemble a topaz stone. This is where you can insert a photo of the spouses.

Photo frame with artificial topaz

These artificial stones are inexpensive and can be bought.

Take your existing photo frame and use a hot gun to glue the stones to it.

Glue pebbles on the frame

If you do not have similar ones, then use the ones that are at hand. But first they will need to be painted blue. To make these items shine better, then cover with two coats of acrylic varnish.

Painting stones on the frame

Another DIY gift will also delight a married couple:

  1. Take the photo frame and remove the base from it. Put a rectangle of padding polyester here, and on top place a piece of blue silk or satin.
  2. Separately, you need to make flowers from satin ribbons. Use pink, yellow, red tones. Glue them onto this base. Wrap the wire with green satin ribbon. In the same way, you need to make several branches and attach them to this trunk.
  3. Cut the leaves out of the green satin. Glue them to the pieces of paper. Make some unblown buds, also glue shiny beads to the base. And such a frame can be made from foam ceiling plinths.
  4. Glue the four pieces together to make a rectangle. To do this, you need to cut their edges at an angle of 45 degrees. Now touch up with blue paint so that this frame resembles a topaz stone.
Painting with a bouquet of roses

Since the topaz is mostly blue, we suggest making flowers of this color. They can be made by the children of a married couple and they will not have a question of what to give for a 16-year wedding.

Basket with blue flowers

See what a cute composition you get. And you can make it from the remnants of materials. If the house has been renovated, pieces of laminate backing or linoleum may have remained. Use them. You will also need:

  • yellow and green corrugated paper;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors;
  • wooden skewers.
Blanks for crafts

If you have a backing with a layer in silver foil, then carefully peel it off. If not, you can use it right away.

If you want to cut several petals at once, roll the backing strip in such a way as to cut out a certain number of flower components at once.

Cut out the petals

In this case, these petals are 7 by 4 cm in size. Now you need to cut off a strip of yellow paper, 6 cm wide. Cut it on one side with a fringe.

Fringed paper

Here's how to make a 16 year wedding gift. Take green paper, cut a strip from it, the width of which is 1 cm. It will also be possible to cut out such leaves from the same material.

Two carved leaves

To pick blue flowers, place a yellow fringed strip on the tip of a wooden skewer. Secure with clear tape.

Fixing the fringed paper

Use it to attach the first petal, then the second and third. Attach two leaves with tape and wrap the prepared green strip of paper around the stem.

Glue the petals on a wooden skewer

You can make a certain number of flowers, then put them in a similar basket. When the children present this masterpiece to their parents, they will surely be delighted.

Blue flowers in a basket

You can also make paper flowers for 16 years of a wedding using the quilling method.

Quilling flowers

To make a picture like this, take:

  • colored paper of blue, white, green;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Cut a 4 mm strip from the blue paper. Start twisting a round workpiece from it in a spiral. If the length of the paper tape is not enough, then glue another one of the same here. When the circle is the right size, you need to glue the cut strip of white paper. Then you also need to wrap this blank with it, and then glue the tip.

Now give this petal an oval shape with your hands. Make some of these petals. And the middle can be created from threads like a pompom. It will be green.

And you will make the stamens from thin strips of white paper by winding them around a pencil. Collect a flower that has two tiers of petals. Cut the leaves out of green paper, bend each in half, then straighten and make veins with a ruler, bending this blank onto it. Tie this bouquet with a ribbon, after gluing thin green strips here, which will become the stems.

Beautiful blue flowers

A charming bouquet for 16 years of a joint wedding is ready. Take blue paper and glue it onto a piece of cardboard equal to the size of the frame. In a similar technique, complete butterflies and glue them here.

Now you will need to enclose this voluminous work in a frame and you can give it to the heroes of the occasion.

We place the product in a frame

If you want to donate artificial, not freshly cut flowers or in a pot, then it is also better to present blue ones. These orchids look great.

Read also about decorating a wedding with flowers

You can turn a white orchid into a blue one in several ways. To do this, the dye is drawn into a syringe and the plant is injected into the peduncle or into the roots.

Painted orchid petals

But it must be borne in mind that if the staining technique is carried out incorrectly, this can harm the flower. Colored plants need especially careful care.

To color the flowers, use food coloring or a special paint for such plants.

Orchid stalks

The most gentle way is through watering. But at the same time, the stems and leaves are also stained. The shade does not persist for a very long time, but on the other hand, you do not bear damage to the plant and you can make a splash when you give a blue flower for a 16-year wedding.

White orchid colored blue

These artificial and natural plants can be used to decorate a place with a celebration, not just a gift. Of course, you need to know what congratulations are appropriate for a 16-year wedding. Then you can please your loved ones with warm words.

The following verses are perfect for this occasion. With them you will congratulate your husband and wife on this wonderful date.

Rewrite the following video selection on a flash drive or disk and show such a congratulation on the anniversary of the wedding for the young.

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