Vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg

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Vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg
Vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg

How to make a vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg at home? A nutritious meal with a low calorie content. Step by step recipe with photo and video recipe.

Ready-made vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg

In summer, when the heat is sultry outside, and our appetite does not show itself in any way, light and fresh salads with vegetables are beyond competition. You can add different products to them and in the most unusual combinations. I propose to prepare a healthy and delicious dinner for the whole family - a vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg. Adding canned fish to a traditional fresh vegetable salad is a delicious combination. Refreshing and bright, this dish allows you to feel good and always stay in good shape.

For the stronger sex, such a salad will complement the side dish, and for women it will become a full-fledged independent dish. Supplemented vegetable salad with canned fish is very unusual and very tasty. It will perfectly fit not only into an everyday lunch, but also for a festive feast. He will definitely surprise everyone at the table with his taste.

Preparing the recipe is elementary and very simple, there is nothing difficult in it. The biggest challenge is getting the poached eggs right. How to do this simply and quickly, I will tell you in a step-by-step recipe below. It should be noted that the dish is very healthy. In addition to all the healing properties of vegetables, salad also contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and healthy omega-3 fats. And all this thanks to the sea fish - mackerel.

  • Caloric content per 100 g - 132 kcal.
  • Servings - 2
  • Cooking time - 15 minutes


  • White cabbage - 200 g
  • Vegetable oil - 3 tablespoons
  • Cucumbers - 1 pc.
  • Radish - 4-5 pcs.
  • Cilantro - small bunch
  • Green onions - small bunch
  • Garlic - 1 clove
  • Canned mackerel - 1 can of 240 g
  • Salt - pinch or to taste
  • Eggs - 2 pcs. (1 pc for one serving)
  • Soy sauce - 1, 5 tablespoons

Step by step preparation of vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg:

Shredded cabbage

1. It is advisable to take early white cabbage for salad, with thin and delicate leaves. Then the salad will be especially tasty. Wash the head of cabbage with cold running water and remove the top leaves, because they are usually dirty and damaged. Shake off the remaining drop from the fork and dry with a paper towel. Cut the necessary part from the head of cabbage and chop it across with thin strips (0.3-1 cm). Then the taste of the salad will be more pronounced, because due to the active release of juice, the dish will acquire additional juiciness.

Mash the chopped cabbage several times with your hands until the first signs of cabbage juice release appear, so that it becomes softer and juicier, and the salad is more tender. But if you will not serve the dish to the table immediately after cooking, then do not do this, otherwise the salad will be very watery by the time it is served.

Cucumbers cut into half rings

2. Rinse fresh cucumbers with running water, dry with a paper towel and cut off the ends on both sides. Cut the fruit into thin half rings or quarter rings.

If the cucumbers are bitter, then first remove the peel from them, because it is in it that bitterness is contained. And if the cucumbers are ripe, it will be even better to peel them of large seeds.

Radish cut into half rings

3. Wash the radish, dry it with a paper towel and cut off the tip on one side and the stalk on the other. Cut it into thin quarter rings, like cucumbers. Although the method of cutting cucumbers and radishes can be any: strips, bars, cubes. The main thing is to cut the vegetables in the same way so that the salad looks beautiful.

The greens are chopped

4. Wash cilantro with running water, washing away well all dust and dirt. Cut off the dense stems and chop the leaves. Finely chop the washed green onions.You can choose any other fresh herbs: dill, parsley, basil, arugula.

Peel the garlic and finely chop with a knife or, if desired, squeeze into the salad through a press directly while mixing all the ingredients.

The fish is cut into pieces

5. Open the tinned fish can and remove the mackerel from it. Dab the slices with a paper towel to remove excess oil and remove the large bones from the fish slices. Then cut it into medium sized pieces.

Mackerel for salad is used canned in oil, but you can take any other type of canned fish (for example, saury, cod, tuna), or use dried or smoked fish.

Salad dressed with butter and soy sauce

6. Combine all products in a deep high capacity.

Oil remains in the tin can containing the canned food. I don't pour it out, and add it to the salad along with soy sauce and vegetable oil. You can add it to your liking. But if there is more liquid in the jar than oil, then it is better not to add it to the salad, otherwise it will simply "float".

If you wish, you can also add French Dijon mustard for dressing, it is not particularly vigorous. Alternatively, pour in some apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. And you can replace vegetable oil with olive oil, it must be Extra Virgin with a rich aroma and taste.

Mixed salad

7. Stir the foods well and taste them. Salt if necessary. But be careful not to overdo it with salt. canned food and soy sauce already contain salt.

Poached egg is cooked in the microwave

8. Send the salad to cool in the refrigerator, while you boil the poached eggs. This can be done in different ways. I prefer to use the microwave more. To do this, take drinking water in a cup or any other convenient container that can be placed in this electrical appliance and add a little salt. Carefully break the eggshells and pour out the contents of one egg to avoid damaging the yolk. Send the egg to the microwave and cook at 850 kW for 1 minute. As soon as the protein coagulates, immediately remove the egg from the microwave. The yolk should remain soft and stringy in the middle. If your appliance power is different, adjust the cooking time so as not to overcook the egg.

You can also cook poached poultry in other convenient ways, for example, on the stove in water, steamed, in a bag, in a double boiler. You can find all these step-by-step recipes on the pages of the site. To do this, use the search string.

Poached egg cooked in the microwave

9. When the poached egg is boiled, drain the hot water, otherwise it will continue to cook further, from which the yolk will become dense.

The salad is laid out on a plate

10. Arrange the salad into portioned plates.

Ready-made vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg

11. Add poached egg to each serving. Serve the vegetable salad with canned mackerel and poached egg. A poached egg with a liquid center will serve as an extra dressing, just cut it open and stir the salad on your plate.

Watch the video recipe on how to make a fresh vegetable salad with canned fish and poached egg

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